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Please create a square app icon to be used on the App Store. The logo should incorporate a Vinyl Record in the design. (or a circular design that is reminiscent of a vinyl record). ...

364 £100 GBP Nov 17, 2019 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

Hello, I am a young entrepreneur looking to make a positive difference by manufacturing and selling rice straws in the goal of eliminating single use plastic straws. The straw is call...

198 $80 USD Nov 17, 2019 2 weeks, 4 days Post a contest like this

I need a 3d design for the space clouded in the picture included. This is a house entrance area with a sitting area at the entrance, dining area(which in the picture labeled tv lounge ...

5 $250 USD Nov 15, 2019 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

Create new Japanese hand roll restaurant logo. Name of the restaurant is SELFISH and I like to have fish symbol as well. Modern and simple logo. Please add - SUSHI HAND ROLL- under the ...

2651 $510 USD Nov 13, 2019 22 hours, 48 mins Post a contest like this

We own a mall however the lower basement is not accessible from the street level. We would like to create a stairs + ramp ( wheel chairs ) going from street level to basement (-1) with ...

24 $200 USD Nov 13, 2019 20 hours, 1 min Post a contest like this

I need a brand name ideas for 100% organic juice product. Qualifications- The brand that you pick must be able to register on with the same website name as brand. Please...

93 $75 USD Nov 12, 2019 2 weeks, 6 days Post a contest like this

Hello, after we finished a successful project some days ago, we now again look for a uniqe Bluetooth Speaker design to print it on our 3D Printer. I uploaded two pictures to show ...

49 €150 EUR Nov 9, 2019 4 days, 11 hours Post a contest like this

Design a Logo for our WebApp called ProjectOffice, an application for project management focused on the economic side, managing margins, costs, resources, timesheets, project portfolios...

293 $140 USD Nov 7, 2019 6 days, 18 hours Post a contest like this