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The competition is to come up with the best name for a café/restaurant whose main function is live music, day or night. During the day there may be a guitarist or pianist. At night th...

121 $107 USD Dec 4, 2022 5 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

We are currently running a sweepstakes in the United States giving away a $1,000 gas card. We want to see who can add 10,000 real entries of real people into our sweepstakes. Each pe...

11 $50 USD Dec 4, 2022 5 days, 7 hours Post a contest like this

We are currently building the UX and Design for our coming website and Mobile app. We are seeking a talented and valuable addition to our team. The pages we need to be designed for both...

54 $500 USD Dec 3, 2022 1 week Post a contest like this

I need 2 logos designed, one for DFL Concrete ( I want this to look like Concrete) and one for DFL Iron ( Should look like Iron. I am uploading the main DFL logo

528 $100 USD Dec 3, 2022 3 days, 23 hours Post a contest like this

I’m creating a Christian Clothing Company. I want a Logo that is Clean, Bold, Sharp, Strong. Ideally I would like something to do with either a Roman Soldier/warrior wearing his Armour ...

155 $50 CAD Dec 2, 2022 21 hours, 23 mins Post a contest like this

We are in need on an update product card that accompanies a product an contains relevant information, bullet points and stats regarding the product. It should be more modern, fresher....

205 $219 USD Dec 2, 2022 13 hours, 36 mins Post a contest like this

I need an excel spread sheet that can automatically tell me what vans checks have been completed and if they have been completed in a time frame of greater than 10 mins. Needs to be ab...

41 $200 AUD Dec 2, 2022 3 days, 12 hours Post a contest like this

We are looking for 2 versions of Logo for our media company by the name of ONE DOLLAR MEDIA The First version must be a refined and better looking of the current logo (https://4g58b8.p...

414 $120 USD Dec 2, 2022 1 day, 10 hours Post a contest like this