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Start an exciting career with, a data-driven and product-focused technology company where every employee directly influences, impacts, and builds the business.

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Our people are the best in the world and are at the centre of building and growing our marketplace. We come from a range of backgrounds, we have a range of skills, we work on big problems and small ones, and we work with a range of programming languages, platforms, and technologies. We are a meritocracy where initiative, innovation, and results are respected

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  • Continually Improve
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Love your job

People work with us for different reasons - not just the usual tech company perks. People work with us for the challenge, our scale, our open-source technology, the push to constantly up-skill, and the direct impact you will have on our business and its products.

Working as a Freelancer

This won't be your typical cog-in-the-machine type of job. You will be exposed to the fast pace of a rapidly growing global technology company. If you're a high achiever with talent, looking for something more than a boring job in corporate, want to work with the best and brightest, don't need to be handheld, and want to be in at ground zero with a company that has a shot at being one of the biggest sites on the Internet, then please join us.

Get awesome perks

  • Open Dashboard

    Our Dashboard contains over 5,000 graphs and we give access to every employee. You see what the CEO sees.

  • Cutting Edge Tech

    Learn the latest tech, push back to the community, and talk about it all in our regular meetups.

  • Zero Bureaucracy

    You won't need to fill out forms, argue with legal, or sit around doing nothing because you're waiting for approval from management.

  • Hackathons

    Quarterly hackathons allow you to build a team and hack through really exciting projects. You can work on whatever you want.

  • Life Changing Products

    Freelancer is the primary source of income for millions of people around the world. We really do change lives and you can help us build products that leave a lasting impact on our users.

  • Open Communication

    At Freelancer you have 100% visibility from day one. We communicate openly, with daily stat reports from our data scientists, weekly product reports and town hall presentations where you can ask the CEO anything.

  • Office

    Fully stocked bar, pool and ping pong, games consoles, fully stocked kitchens, open desk seating, small product teams, 3d printers, robots, drones, TV studio used for live broadcasts, as many monitors as you want, the list goes on...

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