Meteorological data platform

by AlexYes

Meteorological data platform that enables near-realtime access to the data about critical weather events like hail, hurricanes, etc.\\n\\nMain features:\\n- realtime import and post-processing of meteorological data, incl. radar data, into PostGIS database (bash, sql)\\n- automatic regular export of data products in most popular spatial formats like ESRI shapefile, GeoJSON, KML (bash , expect, ogr2ogr)\\n- interactive web mapping application with capabilities of GIS application:\\n - toggle layers\\n - color/opacity settings\\n - live data feed for \\\"today\\\" and custom searches in the archives\\n - filtering data by different columns using UI controls like dropdowns, sliders, etc.\\n - demographic and administrative data integration\\n - data export (geographic to KML and tabular to CSV)\\n - search for addresses and places and create user-defined markers\\n - geolocation\\n - measure distance with ruler\\n - all settings are saved for the next usage (with cookies)\\n -ac

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First business needs, then technologies. I have a broad range of them, and up to 5 years of experience in each. My primary areas of interest are GIS, databases, web programming and data science. / Google Maps API / Leaflet / ArcGIS / QGIS / ArcPy / ArcGIS Server / JS API for ArcGIS Server / PostgreSQL / PostGIS / MySQL / MS SQL / MongoDB / Javascript / jQuery / HTML / CSS / web design / R / Python / bash / etc. Please be sure to take a look at the reviews section and passed exams, this tells everything about the quality of service and the skillset.

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