Need A Highly Knowledgeable Java Developer with NetBeans IDE Experience For Desktop Software hat Is 90% Done.

I need a programmer to finish a desktop software that was written in Java (JRE 7) language. It is about 90% done and may only require a few days work. I need this software done right and done quickly and will need support after the software is done to fix bugs that may occur. I need a responsible programmer that is very knowledgeable in Java, NetBeans IDE and desktop softwares and Wordpress to take this job.

Please ONLY respond to this job if you are dedicated to a job and have the previous requirements. Responsive to my questions and have motivation. I need someone who takes their work seriously and is committed to getting the job done.

This is very easy work that needs to be completed and I don't think it should take that long for a highly skilled coder.

So if you are interested in working with me to get this done then please let me know and I will let you see what needs to be done. Thanks.


## Deliverables

I had a another programmer working on this project but was not knowledgeable enough to finish the project. So I will need FULL dedication to finish this software as soon as possible.

He was writing the code in Java (I don't know what version or anything) Think it might have been JRE 7?

Also I know he was using **NetBeans IDE** software while writing it.

Anyways here is what the software is going to have to do:

Basically it is a Wordpress installation software. It uploads and manages people's (paid for and free) theme plugins and other user plugins.

So basically here is a step-by-step layout of how the software works.


The user will enter their domain (that was already manually added as an add-on domain in their hosting account).

Then enter their cPanel login and password info.

Then enter their owner email info.

Then enter their blog title and tagline

Then enter their admin username and password (which will be their login to the wordpress dashboard after installation)


Then they will be able to use the "UPLOAD" feature to add more themes to their software from the computers hard drive.

Then they can chose ONLY 1 theme to use for the installation.


The user will be able to "UPLOAD" plugins from their computer's HD.

The will then be able to "Favorite" certain plugins that they use frequently, by clicking on the "star" icon. This will then automatically "check" the plugin for use and will always be checked and starred for use everytime they open the software to use it for an installation.

The software automatically checks the plugins upon loading the software to see if they are "up-to-date". The user then has the option to "UPDATE" a plugin if it is NOT updated already. To do this they need to "highlight" the plugin(s) then click "UPDATE".

*****NOTE***** The UPDATE feature only updates FREE plugins that are found in the [url removed, login to view] directory. They do not update "PAID" plugins.

To delete the plugin(s), they need to "highlight" each plugin(s) then click the "DELETE" button.

If they wish to use other plugins that are NOT favorited plugins then they just need to check those plugins for use. But these plugins will not stay checked for future use as favorited plugins would.


After the user fills in the required information in the settins tab, picks a theme and chooses their plugins then they will press the install button. The install but logs into their cPanel and uses the WP Installation software "Fantastico" to create the WP database. Then the software logs into their newly installed WP dashboard and uploads, installs and activates the theme and all of the plugins that were selected.


This just directs them to a "tutorial page" on my website if they need help.


Programmer wanted an arm and a leg to make this work so it is not working at the moment. (will need a price for this)

Okay so that's how it works, BUT here are the issues that I have with it right now:

**So here is what I need (In an easy to read format):**

1.) The updating feature needs to be fixed. When it comes to a "PAID" plugin (one that is NOT in the FREE WP plugin directory) it will just skip it. Right now the software gets "hung up" on the paid plugins.

2.) Software opens up the sites WP dashboard so they can start working on it after the software finishes the installation.

3.) Clear the test settings from the setting tab. Then make it so that the software remembers their "previous" used info if they click in the box, kinda like predictive text? I want it so that the software will remember their cPanel information so that they don't have to retype it everytime.

4.) I want a desktop icon. Like the "WP" logo that I will send you.

6.) Also I want it in an .exe file instead of a .jar file. I just want it so the people purchasing the software will "recognize" it as a familiar file extension.

7.) Also I need to see if there is anyway to make the installation process faster. Right now it takes five to ten mins for the installation process. Most of the time was going to the logging in part and using Fantastico.

8.) I need a price on the "Activation" feature.

This is it for right now. This software is supposed be used on Mac. OS X and Windows XP, Vista and 7. The programmer said that with Java it will be fine for all of those and even Linux. I need this verified. I also want you to look over the code and make sure it will be "bug-free" as I will be selling this software.

That's it for now. This project will be a "pay-for-deliverables" project. Most of the things I need fixed are pretty simple. So I look forward to a fast deliverable and quality work.

I would also like to talk about future support and possible future projects in the very near future for a committed responsive and highly knowledgable programmer.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or IM me as I am almost always online.

Thank you.


Skills: Windows Desktop

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