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Write a computer program to conduct a classification of soil as a subgrade from pavements

according to AASHTO. The user needs to enter the grain distribution of the investigated soil

with the laboratory results of the Atterberg limits. The program needs to classify the soil giving

its group and group index. In addition, the program needs to provide a note indicating whether

expected type of the investigated soli and whether it can be considered as a good or bad


Report Format:

A short report should be submitted summarizing the theoretical background behind the project,

the major steps done, the features of the program or specification of the roundabouts, and major

results from validation exercises to be conducted.

Your project report should have the following elements:

o Title page

o Abstract

o Table of contents

o The main text:

• Sections and section headings

• Tables

• Diagrams

• Mathematics

• Quotations

• Citations

o Notes

o Appendices

o Bibliography

Title page

State the title and your name on this unnumbered page. Label the page with other relevant details,

such as the course code and title, your identification number, the examiner's name and the date.


Include an abstract (no more than 200 words) on a separate unnumbered page. You will see

abstracts in almost every academic journal, and you will quickly appreciate the value of an

informative abstract as you survey the journal literature for your own project. Help the reader to

grasp the essentials of your work quickly. Help yourself, by drafting this as soon as you have a

topic and working title, and by refining it as you proceed, until the end. Think of the abstract as

the answer to the question `What's your project about?' You might be asked this question by

relatives, friends, and in your next job interview. Your tutor will ask this question. So will the

examiner. So ask yourself `What's my project about?' Be tough on your answer, and make it

concise. Your final answer is your abstract

Table of contents

Providing a table of contents helps the reader, and designing it helps you to write the project. List

the main sections of the project, with their page numbers and indicate the contents of other sections

such as an appendix. After the main table of contents, include separate lists of tables and diagrams.

Put the table of on pages separate from the main text.

The main text

Plan groups of paragraphs, linked by your overall theme. Explore your initial arrangement, and

expect to re-arrange as you think and write.

Sections and section headings

Taking as understood the normal practice of beginning with an introduction and ending with a

conclusion section, intermediate sections might cover such topics as:

o A review of relevant literature.

o An account of an important theory and its critiques.

o A discussion of public policy aspects of your topic.

o A description of the methodology you employ.

o Notes on data.

o An elaboration or evaluation of your main argument.

Design around your ideas, not around a rigid format. Your teachers are sometimes reluctant to give

you a template to work to, because experience tells them that no particular template will suit all

purposes, and part of the process is to struggle a bit. Don't struggle too much. The positive design

principle is to start somewhere, and refine as you think.



Skills: Civil Engineering, Coding, Programming

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