write a program / application. - 29/04/2018 12:45 EDT

Login system

write a program / application.

Where a administrative user can create or delete members ( you may use a web-page system.

Or it can be done via port access /home/user dir etc) When the user is created a

number of files and folders are copied to the home dir of the user. i will supply this to you

the user will have access to a page that allows manipulation of a file (.ini) with a number of settable parameters most are just true or false 4 are needed by default to be set on first use by the user, 3 of these are not true or false 1 is .

After this the rest are optional a users right to change

each should be settable by the admin. a elevation of privileges.

On and each elevation of use of the ini file should be recorded (maybe different user levels)

further the copied folder contains a number of log documents all of which must go to a web-page(s) with a readable output please, these pages should be accessible only by that user and admin (admin should be able to stop access to any one of the log files , in the sense of stopping it going to a web-page)

Each member will be able to execute a bash script that will control a start-stop script within the init.d folder.

you must write this file and say where it is to be located in the system if not the created user folder.

The members must not have root privileges or exec with sudo

when complete this should be a installable script before you are paid i must be able to install it on a server and use it so record all file and folder perms and also i want the source code as well, as the scripts

Skills: C# Programming, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture

Project ID: #16824430