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I am currently looking for a partner/developer to assist me in building a business model as stated. The partner’s job functions would be in development of the website. The opportunity is for a 50/50 split of any money earned by this business.


The website/graphic design business is huge in the United States. It can provide a person with a very good income either part time or full time. With the right business model and some good marketing this industry can make someone very wealthy. As a web designer I made a decent amount of money by offering web services to companies. I found that unless I reach a really high number of clients or charged a high fee for my services it did not make the money I wanted to make for the work involved. And after I reached a high number of clients I suffered in customer service due to constantly trying to update sites and find new clients. Also smaller business clients, example would be a local bicycle store simply could not afford the prices I wanted to charge for the work involved. Website templates helped me cut my design time down significantly and therefore cut my prices to affordable levels. But then I found myself with over 300 websites to maintain and the nightmare of updating these sites for prices that consumers did not want to pay and the inability to go after new customers because I was tied up updating sites everyday. There had to be a better way for me as an individual to offer great prices, great services and products and still not lose my head.

One problem I ran into was that no central place online gave me the ability to host, learn, buy templates, get printing services and shop for freelance work to assist me in development projects.

That gave me an idea! Why not develop a website that offers all these services for graphic/website designers and developers. It can be a place where a website designer can set up a Web Host Manager Account and set up their clients websites for web hosting, purchase a template, get freelance work assistance, read and order books on FTP or MySQL or upload a design and order business cards or flyers for their customers. When I used to sell customers a website, I would also very effectively sell them some new business cards and flyers to promote their new website. It was an easy way for me to generate some more money off one customer.

So with that brief intro in mind let’s get to the opportunity available.

The partner that goes into business with me will help me make this marketplace for web, development, hosting and printing services. The target consumer will be graphic and web designers who need services like the one described below. How we will charge the client we will still discuss and finalize. Let’s give an example of services that can be sold through our website.

Bob is a website designer in school still. He is an excellent designer but has no technical experience in networking setup or database driven web development. He wants to start making money by designing websites for business and individuals in his area. He finds our site and purchases a WHM account ($35/month) to host websites. While at the site he likes a website template and purchases one for $40. He then registers a domain name for a client he has ($7). The website he is making requires some database design and he goes to the freelance part of the website and gets this done ($200). Bob then has the website complete and sells print business cards and flyers to his client ($299). His client also inquires about updating his website frequently but has a limited budget, so Bob refers him to the [url removed, login to view] application available at our site where we charge a monthly fee or one time usage fee to use.

Bob also likes to keep updating his knowledge in web design, networking, database management etc…On our site we can have a knowledge forum for designers and developers to interact and buy books and manuals on subjects like MySQL or concentrated subjects like a how to tutorial on editing a web template.


- Website Templates for purchase

- Website hosting solutions for web designers (sell them WHM access)

- Domain Name registration services

- A freelance market for designers or consumers

- Beginners manual tutorial on using WHM, FTP, MySQL, PHP, Web Template Design etc...

- Print Templates and discounted printing services

- A web editor application like [url removed, login to view] for consumers

Our website is to service designers and developers to provide them with the tools necessary to maintain their own website design and graphics business.

Providing excellent low cost services will be the key to acquiring and keeping customers. By making it easier for them to run their business they can then offer great services to their customers and improve sales in all areas of the website.


First off we need to develop a website that can produce the services requested.

Second we need to figure out the vendors and services we will use. (Who we will use for our main server hosting, or will we maintain our own servers, printing re-sellers and such)

Third- Get a website up and working that provides these services. Test the site for potential bugs and security holes.

Fourth- We need to decide on how we will process payments on site.

Fifth- Set up legal company structure and account for company deposits.

Six- Begin testing service in concentrated area. Example-I will personally invest in marketing/advertising and contact current designers and design schools about this service. I will drive and have free seminars at design schools about our service. I will also pay for advertising in specialty magazines to also promote website.

The only thing I need is to have developers make a functional website to these specs. No money investment is needed from you except your knowledge, time and dedication to this project is needed.

I believe in this project enough to provide the money and time to market this opportunity.

If you are up to the challenge and would like to start up a REAL company and potentially make a good amount of money in the future then work with me. Send me a brief resume and accomplishments of work you have done and your capabilities. If you are a team of individuals then that is fine also.

People I am looking for- I am looking for a development team or person that can provide expert technical setup and suggestions and good graphic design skills. If you are not interested in partnership then PM me a more detailed price outlook of project.

Skills: PHP, Project Management, System Admin, Website Design

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