System for generating Word DOCX from databases of images

Yes, "MailMerge" might be a starting idea,

But I want random image selection.

Let me explain.

Let's say the Sample Word Document has Image-Placeholder A, Image-Placeholder B, Image-Placeholder C. I would like for each one of those image placeholders to be populated with a random picture from 3 different specified folders-- The folder will contain dozen of related mages. And for each folder, I want one random image to be taken from that folder and placed onto the Word Document in the specific placeholder.

I want to be able to generate many versions of such a document in a mailmerge kind of way, and export as PDF or DOCX.

It would be a nice touch also if I can restrict the displace size (width and/or length) of the image. That would free me from having to edit each picture to a specific size.

Add the code: CodeSystem to your bid proposal, and tell me how you'll create the system that can do that.

Skills: Microsoft Office, Software Development, Excel, Word, Data Processing

Project ID: #24105184