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Howdy! I'm looking for a writer to write a silly erotic fiction short story based on the below synopsis. Must be at least 20 pages long and not miss any plot points, feel free to add any imaginative content you want though. Definitely looking for a writer who wants to have fun with it. :) I can pay up to $70. Make me an offer!

Here's the plot:

An 80s Wall Street business setting. Two attractive career traders Bob Crusher and his busty former secretly Adrianna Rocket are both going after the same promotion at their company. They're both trying to screw the other over any way they can. Bob goes down to the company's forgotten R&D department and gets his hands on a forgotten shrink/growth raygun prototype that was invented but forgotten about in the 50s. It only works on flesh for some reason. He grows his dick bigger for fun and starts shrinking and growing people for fun. He loves shrinking random women out of their clothes. He hires a prostitute and shrinks her against her will to 3 feet tall and forces himself on her. Afterwards she threatens to tell the cops so he shrinks her to half an inch tall and crushes her with his dick. He continues to use the gun for evil sexual purposes. At work he zaps Adrianna's breasts ballooning them to a monstrous size in order to make the men of the company take her less seriously. She loses the promotion and is furious. She eventually tricks him somehow and gets her hands on the gun and zaps him down to the size of a child which loses him the promotion. He tries to find a way to get the gun back but fails and she keeps shrinking him smaller and smaller losing him more and more respect at the office. She abuses him sexually and eventually shrinks him to the size of a mouse and keeps him as a prisoner in her huge fleshy creamy cleavage gloating that she beat him. He calls her the c-word which pisses her off for the last time and she slowly presses her enlarged boobs together till the pressure pops the tiny awful man like a grape.

Skills: Creative Writing

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Hello! I'm very interested in your project, it's fun! I read the main idea and I can think of several ideas of how the story can be.

$70 USD in 3 days
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