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develop application for android. - open to bidding - Develop Application Using Autoit Develop application using Zoho Creator - Develop Apps to share content Develop apps with Ionic and related technologies - Develop asp .net 3.5 pages develop asp application - 10/04/2017 23:00 EDT - Develop Attendance tracking mobile app with face recognition and integrate with human resource system Develop Attendance tracking mobile app with face recognition and integrate with human resource system - Develop automated program to check competition develop automated report: Word and XLS - Develop Back End System with REST apis Develop back-end for a Custom Web Application - Develop Balloons game for J2ME handsets develop banner for web site - Develop Basic Web Portal with DB, AJAX Develop Basic Website - Develop bingo game in HTML 5 Develop BIRT module for a two column layout - Develop bootstrap-based interface from API - Dashboard Develop Bot for a game - Develop brochure explaining how an online charity advice service works Develop brochure for precision weights product - Develop Business Card Designer Develop Business Cards and Envelopes - Develop business to reflect increase turnover and realise greater profits Develop Business Video for Recruitment - Develop C# test script to test a web application using Selenium Develop C# winform appplication to transform data from an SQL query into a HTML document - Develop Caller Ring Back Tunes for Mobile service Develop CallShop Stand-Aloan windows application - Develop Catalog application for iOS Develop Categorey Sider Bar for Magento. - Develop chat module like freelancerĀ“s chat. Develop chat session in IE7/8 XSS - Develop Chrome Extension Develop Chrome Extension For Switching Between Proxies - Develop client-side only web application Develop Clients Website - Develop code for specific tone and incorporate into android app Develop code for TI MSP430 micro-controller - Develop Common User Profile System and Web Service, XML, ASP.NET, JQuery UI Develop Common User Profile System and Web Service, XML, ASP.NET, JQuery UI- - Develop complete capital Budgeting for a potenital business Develop complete e-commerce system with website and mobile application - Develop concepts for and design all collateral material, including direct mail, ads ,postcards, newsletters flyers, invitations,website,posters, brochures,etc. Creative Thinking and mobile application development Develop concepts for branded entertainment events/consumer activation - Develop content for web site Develop Content Management - develop corporate identity Develop corporate identity - Develop courier tracking Develop course content - Develop cross platform App Develop Cross Platform Online and Offline Mobile Application - Develop Currency Exchange Site Using Open Source Bitcoin Exchange Develop current IOS app in Android - Develop custom codec/software Develop Custom CRM Application with ViciDial as backbone dialer. - Develop Custom MAC Software Develop Custom Made WordPress Plugins - Develop Custom Salesforce Objects & Integrations Develop Custom Sandal Website/ecommerce - Develop Custom Website using Word Press and Flash Develop custom websites using Codeigniter - Develop customized application Visual Basic. NET Database Sql Server Develop customized newsletter system - Develop Data Storage Transformation Report Develop data structure that represents an Othello board - Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS develop databases synchronization program - Develop demo scene on DirectX and C++ Develop demo screens for iPhone IDEAS app - Develop Desktop application for HR, Payroll Develop Desktop CMS Application for a Sports Bar - Develop diploma level ICT units Develop directory - Develop Downloader at WPF. Develop doxygen specification comment and improve sorted array algorithm - Develop Drupal website Develop Drupal website with custom quotation form & Integration into SharePoint Online - Develop e-commerce site Develop e-commerce site - pet products - Develop EA Develop EA for Metatrader - Develop Eclipse Plugin Develop ECOM and Landing site - Develop eCommerce Website develop eCommerce website - Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - smallpox Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - white powder - Develop Email Plug-Ins Develop Email Plug-Ins for Outlook, IE and Firefox - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Employee Based "Affiliate Program" Develop employee workload analysis excel template - Develop EPP Domain Registration Software, must have knowledge of EPP and ZACR Develop EPP server - Develop Excel file for ebay file transfer Develop Excel file for ebay file transfer - repost - Develop Existing Android Application To Requirement Spec Develop existing Auction site - Develop Existing Websites Develop Existing Whatsapp Software or start from scratch - Develop extensions for an Online store Develop extensions for yii2 for conecting API - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop facebook page develop facebook page TracisBeautyStop - Develop Featureds Cake PHP Code Develop features and fix Magento web site - Develop File Manager and MP3 App Develop file transfer system exactly like WeTransfer - Develop Firefox Web Services Extension develop Firefox, Chrome add-on - Develop Flash Based Online Game - Car Modification Game Develop flash card game - Develop flash player to our video site Develop Flash site further (AS3) - develop for me a web based application develop for me a website - Develop forum website Develop foundation for SaaS application - Develop Front End Design and wire frame for iPhone and Android App Develop front end for database entry - Develop Full Flash Website Develop full flash website with interactive elements - Develop funny website from template. Develop further a torrent search engine - Develop game menu based on Scaleform GFX from Adobe Photoshop Develop game quiz like "who wants to be a millionaire" - Develop Genesis Child Theme Develop genetic algorithm for decoding a secret message. Urgently - Develop Google Play API develop google play aso software - develop guesthouse website Develop Gui and Back End Software for BeagleBone - Develop Heart Failure Registry database - repost Develop Heart Failure Registry database 2 - Develop Hive scripts Develop HMI(Human Machine Interface) for Water Distribution System. - Develop HRM and Payroll Database Develop html + javascript apps - Develop HTML Template
Develop html website iD - Develop hybrid mobile app Develop hybrid mobile app using Xamarin - Develop Image Processing Module for Android App Develop image recognition software (similar to facial recognition) preferably using Python, but suggestions are welcome. - Develop Information based website Develop information forms for business card website - Develop interactive info-point with c++ Develop interactive infographic in HTML5 - Develop Intranet Homepage in SharePoint online Develop intranet portal - Develop iOS (Unity) physics Develop iOS + Android App - Develop iOS and Android application Develop iOS and Android application (repost) - Develop iOS App (iPhone) Develop iOS app + Android app (Arabic Language is Must) - Develop iOS Application Develop IOS Application (iphone/ipad) - Develop iOS multi-player strategy game demo Develop iOS Music App - Develop IPAD Application based in an existing Map Framework Develop iPad Application to be used by Pharma Sales Team - Develop iPhone and Android App for eComerce system Develop iphone and android app using phone gap - Develop Iphone app Develop iPhone App - Develop iPhone app for finding new friends Develop iPhone App for iPad - Develop iPhone application Develop iPhone application - Develop iPhone Game NameThatArtist Develop iphone game.. - Develop iphone/ipad app apple sdk Develop iPhone/iPad app game - Develop Java Application Develop Java Applications - Develop javascript pinch zoom Develop javascript slot machine - Develop Joomla based website with data extension Develop Joomla Component - Develop jQuery solution to a php / jQuery combination with jPlayer and troubleshoot an issue with jPlayer Playlist Develop Jquery/PHP/MySQL based UIs - Develop Landing Page in Unbounce Develop Landing page system - Develop library to operate a BLE dongle on Windows Develop LifeRay theme From PSD - DEVELOP LIVE WEBSITE, SEARCH AND SHOPPING CART Develop LMS ( Learning Management Solution ) Portal - Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV Develop Logo and Visual Identity for Online Store - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 14208 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 2 - Develop Mac Application Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting - Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual POS Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual-POS - Develop magneto mobile application Develop Mail Server - Develop marketing strategy and branding position Develop Marketing Strategy for Chartered Accounting Firm (Start up company) - develop matrimony site. develop matrimony site. - open to bidding - Develop Media Journal, Upload and Search Website Develop medical bottle scanner - Develop Messenger service Skype application Develop Metatrader 4 Indicators and Expert Advisor - Develop minimal valuable application Develop Minimum Viable Product - Develop mobile app Develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for iphone Develop mobile app for iPhone / Android - use in NZ - develop mobile app using ionic -- 4 develop mobile app using ionic -- 5 - Develop Mobile Application Android Develop Mobile Application Connecting to Existing Web Site & Database - Develop mobile food ordering APP Develop mobile food ordering APP - repost - Develop mobile version of existing landing page. Develop mobile version of pre-existing landing page - Develop module for prestashop Develop module for PrestaShop (carousel banners) - Develop more pages in a MAC Pages document (Windows Word) Develop Mortgage Calculator App for Android & iPhone - Develop msoffice addin DEVELOP MT4 EA - Develop multiple ipv4 residential proxy list Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet - Develop my business website -- 2 Develop my chat android app from scratch - Develop my idea: HR talent platform Develop my IOS App *Easy Social Media* - develop my Search website better(repost) develop my shopify website - Develop my website develop my website - Develop MySQL "nested stored" procedure using a cursor to loop through a table develop mysql based site - Develop networking site Develop new Android App Screens - Develop new educational games based on existing UNITY template designs and packages. Develop new extensions for "Apache NiFi" (NARs / JAVA) - Develop new information website Develop new interactive Flash/Flex graph for financial site - Develop New Popup plugin for WP ) develop new products like chargers and accessories for phones and tablets - Develop new web based Hotel Online Marketing Automation Suite (SaaS) using PHP/MYSQL Develop new web based service digital marketing automation service website using PHP/MYSQL - Develop New WordPress Theme Develop new wordpress theme and setup in WP admin area - Develop NSTextField subclass specialized for IP Address input/display. Develop NT-service plus front-end control panel to communicate with a cloud service - Develop of plugin software for nopcommerce Develop of Screen Shots and Procedures - Develop One Flash Toy Develop One Flash Toy(repost) - Develop one SQL query in Prestashop to export products Develop one SQL query in Prestashop to export products - repost - Develop online data entry form for customers in / Develop online database on the platform to - Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management System DEVELOP ONLINE PLANT NURSERY SO PEOPLE CAN BUY PLANTS ONLINE - Develop online store functionality Develop online store in magento - Develop OpenCart functionality Develop OpenCart Module - Develop or customise a travel website/search facility Develop or Customize an IT HelpDesk System - Develop OSX 10.5 app. for splitting images and creating HTML/XML files Develop OSX Browser Software - Develop our new Business Management software Develop our new dating platform. - Develop Outlook Plugin Develop Outlook Related Application - Develop Partiall created IT website. Develop partnership scrip for Joomshoping - Develop PAYPAL style frontend system for IKOBO to accept credit card payments + Modernbill & osCommerce Integrations Develop Payroll and Attendance Module for Dolibarr - Develop Perceptual Hash Algorithms in C Develop Perceptual Hash Algorithms in C -- 3 - Develop Phonegap Camera Plugin For Android develop phonegap or hybrid app - Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities(repost) Develop PHP based FV calculator for my website - Develop PHP form