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Develop E-Mails LIsts - Develop Ebay Listing Template Develop Ebay Store & listing template design - Develop ecommerce site similar to Develop Ecommerce Store Builder Site - Develop eLearning courses in Lectora Develop Elearning Driver Education Computer Base Training Site - Develop email plug ins for browsers Develop Email Plug ins for IE, Firefox, Chrome for web email - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Emoji Keyboard Application Develop Employee Affairs system Using SQL - Develop EPP server develop equipment rental site with quote form - Develop Excel Macro for Spreadsheet Develop Excel Macro for Spreadsheet - Develop existing javascript image gallery Develop Existing Joomla Website - Develop Exit Pop Script for Wordpress and HTML sites Develop Search Box - Html & CSS - Develop face detection Develop Facebook & Dating Apps for Computer & Mobile Devices - Develop facebook canvas application Develop Facebook Chrome Extension - Develop Family Tree Develop Fantasy Cricket league site - Develop few screens for an Android App Develop FFMPEG program to switch channels and streaming it - Develop Fingerprint API (to enroll and Verify) using Verifinger SDK to use in jsp/J2EE -- 2 Develop Firebase chat for iOS chat with desktop message viewer - Develop Flash and HTML5 Video Player with VAST and VPAID Compliant Develop flash animation - Develop Flash Module for DNN 6 with given Design Develop Flash Modules for DNN 6 with given Design - develop for me a web based application develop for me a website - Develop four banners Develop four powerpoint presentations - Develop Front End of the Website Develop front end only in HTML 5 using Angular/EmberJS and Foundation - Develop full website Develop full website (+php development) - Develop game Develop game - develop games develop games - Develop global shopping cart in php develop Gmail addon for mail merge and schedule Google Sheet - Develop Graph Develop graphic logo for dating website - Develop health and security policy for small company Develop Health App with AI - Develop Highcharts5 Data Charting for Website Develop higly convertible landing page budget max 600 inr - Develop html + javascript apps Develop HTML / CSS for a project - Develop HTML5 Ad Templates Develop HTML5 Mobile App - Then Convert to iOS, Android - Develop Icon (42 x 42 pixel) Graphics (150 pcs) Develop Icon For Clothing Brand - Develop In Ninja Trader Develop in PHP a method to extract data using Inspect Element XPATH calls - Develop Installer for Smarty PHP based fully functional and working project Develop installers for Ubuntu platforms - Develop interim timesheet solution Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - develop ios Develop IOS & Android App - Develop iOS and Android app for an existing website, React Native preferred Develop iOS and Android app for an existing website, React Native preferred - Develop iOS app Develop iOs App - Develop iOS Application Develop IOS Application (iphone/ipad) - Develop iOS Music App Develop iOS Music Player App - Develop iPad/iPhone app Develop iPad/iPhone Application - Develop iphone and android application for restaurant Develop Iphone and android applicaton - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app which can play MMS video stream Develop iPhone App with Animation - Develop Iphone Application using XCODE Develop iPhone Application with GEO Location and Push Notifications - Existing API & Responsive Website - Develop iPhone&android Native app for a car service with gps DEVELOP IPHONE, IPAD AND ANDROID APPLICATIONS - Develop IT security software for consumers. develop Jaegers Tabs application - Develop Java web services Develop Java web services - Develop Joomla based website with data extension Develop Joomla Component - Develop jrxml for iReport 2.0. The same report must replicate in one page Develop JS Tax Calculator - Develop LARAVEL FRAMEWORK-powered website Develop Large Scale Massings of Urban Centre in SKETCHUP - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Work Now - develop location based reminder for android Develop Location Finder Feature - DEVELOP LOGO FOR LED BALLOONS - open to bidding Develop logo for Naughty Gnomes & Web Design on Ebay Store - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration & integrate with the program Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost - Develop Macro to Find Duplicates Which May or May Not Be Exact Matches Develop Macro to Find Duplicates Which May or May Not Be Exact Matches - Develop Magento Theme Develop Magento Theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials - Develop mathematical puzzles Develop Mathematical Tasks - Develop me an IOS and Android Application Develop me an IOS and Android Social Application - Develop Messanger develop messenger application for ios and android - Develop Mine Tracka app Develop mini ground vehicle with compact chassis - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop mobile app for Maptags using Phonegap. Develop mobile app for Maptags using Phonegap/Ionic - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop Mobile application(s) Develop mobile applications - develop mobile header image and create blog category menu Develop mobile optimized theme for my wordpress site - Develop mock prescription editor android pages Develop Modbus RTU datalogger under openAT - Develop Modules in JSP Develop Modules in PHP - develop MS access software Develop MS Access software - Develop multiple image uploader & some fixes / Laravel / MySql Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet - Develop My Company Website Develop my company website - Develop my mobile game Develop my mobile game for both ios and android - Develop my Unreal Engine 4 Game from the start Develop my Web app and Data entry DTP - Develop my website i need a wordpress, multivendor and multisite expert Develop My Website Look on Mobile Phones and Tablets - Develop native application for Odoo on ios and android platforms. Develop native IOS and android mobile application (PHP + MYSQL) - Develop new company name
Develop New Consumer Electronic Device - Develop new functionalities for one our games in Windows Phone Develop new functions to prestashop. - Develop new navigation menu for brilliantdirectories website Develop New Online Sport Betting Website - Develop new theme using adaptive theme based on brief and designs provided Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure - Develop new website using the some of the concepts from an existing website Develop new website with affiliates and Adsense - Develop Noom like application for Andorid Develop notification tool for third party website - Develop of plugin for nopcommerce integration with Bling ERP Develop of plugin software for nopcommerce - Develop One Flash Toy(repost) Develop one HTML web page from this design - Develop one Web application: an E-commerce site that sells Items develop one website like - Develop online exam software. Develop Online Farm Management Software Development with Partner Android App - Develop Online Questionnaire for Market Research Develop online queuing system - Develop online training materials Develop online training website: portal, LMS, and Virtual Classroom - Develop Opencv application for SIFT and SURF Develop OpenCV code that reliably identifies the area within the teeth in a smile photo - Develop Oracle Apex Application Develop oracle database application for Mall management - Develop our CRM re-sellers network in Australia Develop our custom built online CRM - develop out a wireless network simulator using html/javascript/canvas Develop out an existing Wordpress template to match design - Develop parental mobile monitoring software Develop Parking Permit System - Develop Payroll and Attendance Module for Dolibarr Develop Payroll Module - Develop personal DNS server for streaming from Aus to NY. Develop personal LinkedIn profile to attract job recruiters - Develop photobook web app for Wordpress Develop Photography logo, flyer, and price sheet - Develop PHP form, Develop PHP Forms - No Design - Develop Php-based Image-Gallery software Develop PHP-based Reports for a PHP Website - Develop Plug Ins for Jomres in Joomla 2.5 Develop plug-in for IM Clients (Trillian, Adium, Pidgin, AIM, MSN, etc) - Develop plugins for Joomla and WordPress amd Drupal Develop plugins for wordpress/appointment+ - Develop Powerpoint Add-In Develop PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn charts - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop module - Develop Product Data Feed CSV Import Script Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - Develop proposal for a research project Develop proposal for Automobile Safety Devices - Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL - open to bidding Develop Python code using Rest API's to stream into Initial state , need help in code. - Develop query for PostgreSQL/PostGIS Develop query in Microsoft Access that selects X number of random records per Y variable. - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 - Develop rebranding website Develop Recipe Discovery iPhone App - DEVELOP REPORT - open to bidding Develop Report for Oracle/Micros Opera PMS (Hospitality) - Develop Responsive E-commerce Website Develop responsive HTML email template - Develop Restaurant Website and Need Wordpress Customization develop restaurent billing software - Develop Roku Channel Application Develop Roku Channel Application - Develop sales for a women's boutique develop sales lead database via linkedin - develop schematics Develop school management software - Develop Script for NS2 based on topology Develop Script For Produced Video Commercial - Develop search form web site Develop Search in my existing website - Develop SEO software Develop SEO stategy - for new Web Site Platform - Develop several OpenSIS parts - repost Develop several simple websites - Develop Shopify App with User and Membership Management Develop Shopify Payment App / Plugin - develop simple .AVI file of race track Develop simple 3 screens app (camera) - Develop simple application based on freelancer API. Develop simple application for my website - Develop simple game using 3D Unity FrameWork Develop simple game using Unity Framework - Develop simple javaScript Game Develop Simple Joomla Sobi2 Module - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling only Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling only(repost) - Develop simple UI - integrate API (exchange cryptocurrencies) Develop simple user directory application on EC2 and S3 - develop single page for wordpress site Develop single page responsive HTML based user Interface for iPad camera feed like application. - Develop site module DEVELOP SITE NOW - develop small business develop small database... - Develop SMPP java application using openSMPP Develop SMS (Text Message) PHP web app for Twilio or Nexmo API - develop social media Develop social media app - Develop social networking site Develop social networking site - develop software develop software - Develop Software for a gym acces Develop software for a keyless entry system - Develop software for restaurant (Sales and Inventory) develop software for smart health card - Develop software screen shots for sales pitch and company strategy documents Develop Software Similar to CustomInk - Develop software to remove folders Develop software to set multiple images in single layout - Develop some functionalitites to our existing website Develop some Hotel Software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some Software - Develop specific code for a web application Develop specific code for Wordpress (BuddyPress) - Develop Srib like Joomla / Magento Website Develop SSO with openfire spark client - develop stock scanner, analyzer Develop Stock System Using Visual Basic - Develop Supersite 2 theme Develop supplement product label and box design - Develop system similar to Ebay (not so complex) Develop system that allows users to download NNTP (News Server) files and Rapidshare (and similar) files to our server. The user then downloads from our server using HTTP(repost) - Develop team work or clients Project Management Software Develop Teamdesk/DBFlex database applications - Develop Templates Selling Site Develop Temporary Landing Page for Game Website - Develop the AngularJS+Bootstrap Hybrid App Front End of a new App Develop the App - Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant Develop the designed badges - Develop the log in of my webstie Develop the MapReduce program - Develop the site Imgur Clone Develop the site Imgur Clone. - develop the sportsbook betting website for me