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Create an iPhone/iPad Game - create an itunes cover art image for podcast station - Repost - open to bidding Create an iTunes playlist with 88 songs - Create an logo Animation Create an logo Animation - create an mlm software create an mlm website with different stages - Create an Motion Graphics Video - Character Based Create an motion infographic - Create an mt5 EA based on indicators. Create an multifunctional App - Create an Odoo / OpenERP module Create an Odoo 9 Theme Module from HTML+CSS Design - Create an online admission form Create an online admission portal - Create an Online business a la Create an online Business Dasboard - Create an online course to sell on my website Create an online course to sell on my website - Create an online enrolment form Create an online ERecharge company - create an online guide on how to build a successful online business Create an online Homework, essay, and academic Site! - Create an Online Multiplayer Bingo System Create an online multiplayer card game - Create an online quick quote app Create an Online Quiz - Create an online software por BSC to use like SaaS Create an online software program - Create an online store and logo Create an online store and teach me how to manage and update the content once completed. Requires meeting in person - Create an Online Survey create an online survey 15 questions (demographics included) - Create an online virtual school Create an Online WEB PDF - Voice System for Our Build Website - Create an Opencart Options Add to Cart Mod Create an OpenCart Page - Create an Operating System Create an operation record database - Create an order form for logo design (WP-Site) Create an order form for my Joomla website - Create an Original Print Advertisement for a New Product - 15 hours $50 Create an original small soundtrack for videos about Tennis - Create an outstanding logo for my online store Create an OUTSTANDING professional video to Promote our Product or Website - Create an Product Introduction Animation Create an professional hand drawing Animation - Create an RSA Style Teaser and 5 Minute Videos Create an RSS bot for Telegram - Create An SEO Software that Does Local Directory Submission Create an SEO website! $10-$50! - Create an slide - Crear un slide Create an small Animation - create an stl cad project create an stl file - Create an Uber style app and website Create an uber type app - Create an up to 5 seconds Animation Create an UP TO DATE C-Level Contact List of Finance Directors in LONDON - Create an very basic Amazon Alexa skill Create an very simple 5 basic animation - Create an Web Script Connected to FB Apps Create an Web service to allow XML data (Possibly JSON) - Create an Whiteboard Marker Animation Create an Whiteboard Video OR Sketch Animation - Create an XML parser and edit a sencha touch application Create an XML Scheme - Create and Add 5 Template to my Marketing Lead Plugin create and add a customized Indeed job board to an existing site - Create and analyse two quick cluster analysis in R Create and Android and IOS application for our booking website. - Create and Asterisks PHP Caller Display Dashboard Create and authenticate Django users from remote website - create and code internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics and Create and code MT4 Indicator + much more work later! - create and convert flash GAME (DRIVE CAR) IN HTML5 / JAVASCRIPT Create And Convert PSD to Wordpress theme(repost) - Create and Design a Company/Concept name with tag line/slogan Create and design a corporate identity - create and design a website Create and Design a Website (News Blog)like - Create and design as attached Create and Design Baby Product Packaging - Create and Design Myspace Account/Page Create and design new Escort Site - Create and develop all type website and template Create and Develop an Access database/system to record and store test data - Create and edit a module Create and edit a purchased theme - Create and email newsletter weekly basis Create and email signature - Create and Explain how to prepopulate a form based on URL parameters - Breezingforms Joomla Create And Export Powerpoint Slides Following Our Instructions (Watch Video) - Create and illustrate a cartoon character for our brand Create and illustrate diagram showing manufacturing process - Create and implement themes for e-commerce by Twig framework Create and Implement Wordpress Menu from PSD file - Create and install a pop up box for email subscribers for my website while it's still offline create and install a product design - Create and Install Private Forum on website Create and install script to re-start Apache Solr server for Drupal and add Basic HTTP authetication - Create and integrate bidding engine for website -- 2 Create and integrate blog for our Drupal 7 website, security updates - Create and launch a simple Website Under Redesign webpage for my new web domain Create and launch a simple Wordpress website in 2 days - create and maintain website monthly Create and maintain Weibo account for my business. - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and manage campaign to find live demonstrator leads Create and Manage Campaigns in CPL format - Create and Manage Pinterest Account Create and manage point on google map v3 PHP / MySQL - Create and modern logo design needed for moving company create and modify .crd design - Create and perfect .stl file Create and perform a Facebook ads campaign to drive downloads for our iOS social network app in US market - Create and print brochures. CREATE AND PRINT GRAPHICS FOR CURVED PANEL DISPLAY - Create and publish 8 squidoo lenses Create and publish a Web shop - Create and replace current banner ad on Wordpress Blog Create and Report on my PPC campaign - Create and set account profiles and some content with links for 22 social sharing sites Create and set live Wikipedia Page - create and style - register page (option to use social to login), reset password page and more Create and style a jquery slider calculator for WordPress - Create and test Django models for migration from Drupal website create and track all quotation - create and upload an online shop - repost Create and upload content for our website - Create and write content for new website sections create and write in html 5 different adds (dvds) same subject but diff style for Craig list adds - Create Android - Star Rating View Create android / Ios app - fully mobile / tablet compatible - Create Android and iphone/ipad app Create Android and Iphone/Ipad mobile login application - create android app create android app - Create Android App for Arduiono Bluetooth co2 control create android app for eCommerce Shopping - Create Android App to Bluetooth Control Arduino Script Relays & Logs Create Android App To Capture Images & Videos - Create Android application Create Android application - Create android application to connect via bluetooth to escooter
Create Android Application to get radio informations from layer 3 - Create Android Developer Account Create Android Developer Account - Create Android Junior developer quiz with 40 questions Create Android Launcher for android L. Very Urgent (in 7 days.) - Create Android receipt printer application for Esc/POS epson Create Android ROM for mini pc - Create android web application Create android web application !! - create angular js dashboard Create Angular Material templates - Create Animated Banners Create animated banners - Create Animated Gif Create animated GIF - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 19 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 2 - Create Animated GIFs of Sprites/ Pixel Art Edits and Recolors Create Animated Gifs using PHP - Create Animated paralax effect 2.5d to existing photos Create animated photo gallery with mp3 audio for upload to Youtube - Create animated video Create animated video - Create Animated Website Introduction Video Create Animated WP Background - Create Animation + Music for Kids Nursery rhymes Create Animation - long term project - Create animation for existing logo using Adobe Edge CC Create animation for existing logo using Adobe Edge CC - repost - create animation image cube effect using scripting not flash Create animation in Adobe edge - Create Animation Sprite For 2d Game Create animation Sprites for Videogame 2D - Create Animation Video For Services Explanation Create Animation Video For Services Explanation - Create Animations for an App Create Animations for an HTML5 Application - Create Annotated PDF Create annotation like in iBooks but for PDF - Create another set of email Templates. Create another simple animation. All graphics provided. - Create Aol Email Accounts Create APÄ° from webpage - Create API between veeqo and detrack Create API Bridge - Create API from our checkout solution to integrate with Shopify Create API from public website scraping with node.js - Create Apiary documentation for Nodejs services app (node skills needed) Create Apis for a Mobile App - create app create app - Create App fir iPhone Create App fir iPhone -- 2 - Create app for Iphone and Android create app for iphone and android - Create app icon Create app icon - Create app on mobile phone and link it to website Create app preview video for my mobile app - Create app to login with facebook on website create app to make private folder for MacOS - Create Appbar which moves the taskbar(repost) Create APPC / LU6.2 link, transport data back and forth - Create application for iPhone and Android to place frames to photos and allows you to share them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram Create application for Mac to convert PDF files to HTML file - Create application to communicate via library Create Application to Convert PowerPoint to Word - Create apps create apps - Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech - Create Arduino code for sending/receiving async half-duplex serial Create arduino uno xbee code - Create art work for tshirt printing create art works - Create articles and surveys for our website Create Articles based on Automotive Finance and Best practices - create artwork Create artwork - ongoing work - Create ASP + iframe viewer like W3school has Create ASP .NET Form Designer - Create ASP.NET program for scanning documents Create ASP.NET report templates - copy from 10 Word templates - Create asystem for a website Create at least 200 sex position animations - Create attractive Videos Create attractive Videos -- 2 - Create Audio Beat (AudioJungle) create audio bible app - Create Audio/Video Site Create audiobook - Create Authorization Table using SQL Create checkout process - Create Auto login to a 3rd Party website using jquery or java script Create Auto Menu for presentation - Create AutoCAD design Create AutoCAD design - Create AutoIt macro to perform online emailing task Create Autolike Bot - Create automated tests for Windows C# app create automated timesheets joomla - Create Automation for My Website -- 2 Create Automation frameWork for Online Education Network - Create Avatar After Model Create avatar book cover (jpg) - Create Awesome Banner Create awesome Blog - Create AWS secure streaming plugin for WordPress, or plain PHP Create Awwward winning website (Wordpress) - Create back links for an adult website create back links for website using our SEO tool - Create backend for Profile Directory Website Create Backend for Storefront on Blog - Create backing track create backing tracks by ear for 3 guitar instrumentals (popular love songs) from youtube videos - Create backlinks for casino website - repost 3 Create backlinks for casino website - repost 4 - Create Backlinks with keyword Create backlinks, directory, and social bookmarking accounts - Create Bank Statement Create Bank Statement - Create Bank Statement Template - Repost Create Bank Statement Template - Repost - Create Banner Ads Create Banner Ads - Create banner for Essay contest Create banner for exhibition stand - create banner price Create banner sets for adwords - Create Banners (for Google Adwords Advertisements) Create Banners (PDF + GIF) - Create Banners for Products create banners for promoting my site - Create Barcode Label - Sonate Create Barcode Label - Sonate #1 - Create basic Apigility project Create basic applications involving the use of database management system. - Create Basic Input form from excel example - repost Create Basic Input form from excel example. - create basic photoshop design Create basic powerpoint off of audio lectures - Create basic WiFi captive portal w/ nodejs or similar Create Basic Windows App To Make GET Request to URL Every 60 Minutes - create beat for my song Create Beat for Song - Create Behavioral Health Curriculm for Creative Therapy Group