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Create a promotional video for website - create a property listings website similar to Create a Property Management mobile app and sync it with a Web APP. - Create a prototype - 5408241 Create a Prototype - Repost - Create a proxy server in C language (socket programming) Create a proxy server on my digitalocean account. - create a psd from jpg CREATE A PSD from my DESIGN - create a public campaign on the new product we are launching in the market. Create a public e-commerce website - Create a python script that gets performance counters from vCenter(API) and uploads them in time series database (InfluxDB) Create a Python Action for Odoo V8 - create a Q & A feature Create a Q&A Website ($650 Budget) - Create a query to access to merge some tables. Create a Query/Search form from TXT File. - Create a quick online payment page - php and Create a quick PHP form to fill out data from an API from Kelly Blue Book - Create a quiz on Operation and Supply Chain Management for a National Event Create a Quiz section for my website - Create a radio for my website with mp3 playlist (real radio broadcasting experience) Create a radio jingle - Create a rate my doctor website Create a Rating and Reviews Website - Create a Real Estate Listing Database Create a Real Estate Logo - Create a real time online graph create a real time system using matlabs and live streaming API - Create a really small c# proof of concept Create a realtime dashboard to show data from database - Create a recruitment site using Wordpress Create a recruitment website - Create a Referral Rewards Program for an Online Store Create a Referral Software - Create a Regular + Real Mobile Website (not just compatible) Create a Regular Expression - Create a Reorder Buffer Simulator. Create a repair system on Prestashop website - Create a report from a MySql DB based on dae ranges Create a report from a row in excel and print it. - Create a Requirements Document Create a Requirements Specification Document for a Dynamic Website (using Agile) - Create a responsive Bootstrap site from a PSD. Create a Responsive Bootstrap Theme for Shopware - create a responsive email template create a responsive email template - Create a responsive HTML5 template Create a Responsive HTML5 website - Create a responsive mobile design with our already fluid CSS Create a responsive mobile design with our already fluid CSS -- 2 - Create a responsive site Create a responsive site layout - Create a Responsive Website Create a responsive website - Create a responsive Wordpress site from existing PSD-design Create a responsive Wordpress site with WooCommerce - Create a responsive Wordpress Template from my design Create a Responsive Wordpress Template from PSD (2 layouts) - Create a Responsive Wordpress Website Create a Responsive Wordpress Website - Create a Restaurant Website with online ordering functionality Create a restaurants Database for one city - Create a resume for me Create a resume sorting module for employers in wordpress - Create a REVIT V2014 model from an Autocad 2D architectural project of a 6 story building Create a revolution slider - Create a Robot spider to extract product informations 2 Create a robot that trades binary options on autopilot - Create a Romantic Video Create a romantic village scene that is realistic looking - Create a rubber manufacturing website Create a rubber stamp - Create a sales and marketing database that tracks multiple sales/advertising data. Create a Sales animated Video - Create a Sales Presentation Video from Powerpoint and website Create a sales proposal template - Create a same logo in psd (editable) Create a same looking Website - Create a sample resturant app -- 2 Create a sample that displays a calendar for a date field using Symfony 2.8 framework, - Create a Scenario Create a scenario with Cisco Packet Tracer - Create a scoreboard summary bar similar to's. Create a Scoring Survey - Create a scrapper scrape all businesses from -- 2 Create a scrapper (b o t) to fetch tweets - Create a screen sharing software/website. Create a screencast in french - Create a Script based on times & days Create a script file and local translation in 4 languages - Create a script for scrapping partner website Create a script for scrapping partner website -- 2 - Create a script or macros to auto list products on marketplace by filling form create a script or software - Create a script that runs like Create a script that shows membership/sales stats on my site - Create a script to check websites for their http status (100,000 sites per minute) Create a script to compare data in emails - Create a script to modify the HOSTS file under Windows XP, VISTA and Windows7 Create a script to modify the HOSTS file under Windows XP, VISTA and Windows7 - REPORT#2 - Create a script to use URL references to open a accordion. Create a script to use URL references to open Visual Composer accordion - Create a scroll down floating button Create a scroll. - Create a search engine Create a Search Engine (814630) - Create a search query on a webpage that automatically accesses databases from 4 other websites Create a search query to search an address from 904625697166532776746648320380374280100293470930272690489102837043110636675 pages - Create a Secondary Joomla Registration Form Create a Secondary Joomla Registration Form - Create a Self service portal with drupal for cloud services integrating OpenERP through xml-rpc Create a Self Service SEO Website - Create a SEO Website Create a SEPA money transfer template in OpenOffice Document format - Create a Series of Editable Banner Ad Templates Create a series of facebook ads for our campaign - Create a serious game in Unity3D based on a real place in Greece Create a Sermon Manager as a WordPress Plugin - Create a Service to write to MySQL Database from WP8 Create a Service using PHP. - Create a set of Display Ads for me Create a set of educational videos - Create a Setup File Create a setup file for an educational program. - Create a Sharepoint list and deploy to Quick Launch bar Create a SharePoint online App by retrieving user profile and create data.xml as output - Create a shoe database website Create a shop - Create a Shopify page template NOT a theme Create a Shopify Page- Advent Calendar - create a shopping app CREATE A SHOPPING CART - Create a short Video and animation Create a short "intro" video - Create a short ad based on a purchased template Create a Short Ad Film / Video - Create a Short Animation Create a short Animation - Create a short clip Create a short clip of 2d Animation, about 3sec. - Create a short intro Video Create a Short Intro video 3-5 seconds, templates welcomed. - Create a short Story ( similar to ABOUT US ) for a product label Create A Short Story Minimum 10 - create a short video about an app Create a short video about Freelancer Local - Create a short video intro for a gaming clan
Create a short Video of "how it works" - Create a showreel video for my portfolio Create a showroom configurator for a website - Create a signature logo Create a signature Pad for a mobile phone - create a similar indicator to the enclosed create a similar indicator to the enclosed - open to bidding - create a similar site within 30 days Create a similar text with Photoshop and save as PNG. - Create a similar website create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR SITE LIKE THIS EXAMPLE CREATE A SIMILIAR SITE LIKE THIS ONE - Create a simple .vox C++/OpenGL renderer Create a simple 1 D imagen /Ebooks Covers - Create a simple 30 / 45 second edit Create a simple 3D animation - Create a simple admin where user can modify fields on a form Create a Simple Ads listing Portal like Quickr, OLX, Locanto - Create a simple android app Create a Simple Android App (One Form) - Create a simple animated video to showcase a new mobile phone app Create a simple animateed graphic - Create a simple app for android Create a simple app for both iOS AND Android - Create a simple aspx post email code Create a simple asynchronous client-server UDP Multicast program using ACE Library version 5.5 + 6.0.2 - Create a simple bitcoin wallet service using an API Create a simple Blackberry Order Taking app - Create a simple C# project - repost create a simple C++ application, - Create a simple coming soon website for TickBucks Create a Simple Company Profile Website - Create a simple data driven website /webservice Create a simple data entry form that has integrated webcam for taking picture to attach to data entry - Create a simple design showing a classification of 4 group of items using illustrator create a simple design with C SS/HTML - Create a simple email form on our site to replace current one. Create a simple email submission form - Create a SImple Facebook Canvas page. create a simple facebook header - Create a simple form creator Create a simple form for a current client's website - create a simple game with JavaScript (and jQuery and RaphaĆ«l) Create a simple game with Unreal Development Kit 4 - Create a simple HTML / PHP form Create a simple HTML eBay listing Template - Create a simple icon set create a simple illustrator logo based on my rough sketch - create a simple ios Application for latest goverment jobs Create a simple iOS mobile application - Create a simple Java application Create a Simple Java Application - Random Number Frequency - create a simple label for a package product Create a simple landing page - Create a simple logo Create a simple logo - Create a simple MAC application from an existing PC app. Create a simple macro (automated script) for windows [preferably autohotkey] - Create a simple Mobile Website Create a simple Mobile Website for iPhone with photo-upload, location-check via gps and database connection - Create a simple node.js function framework for Charts / Graphs -- 2 Create a simple Nokia j2me application - Create a simple OSX app with 3 controls Create a simple OSX installer - Create a simple PHP page Create A Simple Php Page to Convert Links Into RSS Feeds - Create a simple plugin Create a simple plugin - create a simple poster in arabic and urdu create a simple poster with some text - Create a simple product catalogue in Microsoft Excel create a simple professional article layout - Create a simple replica of the backend of a CV builder website Create a Simple Reservations System - Create a simple script for AutoTouch - iPhone (Lua language) Create a simple script for wordpress - Create a simple Sitebuilder Create a Simple Slideshow Video - create a simple static html website Create a Simple Static Mobile Landing Page - Create a simple tool for annotating images Create a simple tool that enables/disables a port on my computer - Create a simple VB6 application to interact with a web calculator Create a simple VBA-script with pause between the commands - Create a Simple Web App Create a simple web app - Create a simple web site in joomla from indesign file Create a simple Web site to upload an image or pdf. Scan the the file and r... - Create a simple website Create a simple website - create a simple website design --- create a simple website design ---- - Create a simple website menu system create a simple website psd only - Create a simple webview app in xcode and android studio create a simple webview application - Create a simple wordpress car rental plugin Create a Simple Wordpress Child Theme - Create a Simple WordPress Scarcity Plugin For AWESOMENESS Create a Simple WordPress Site - Create a Simple Wordpress Website Create a simple wordpress website - create a simple youtube video from text i provide Create a simple Youtube video with product images - create a simular script as Create a simular site under wordpress - Create a single mobile page (Code only. No graphic design) Create a single Mobile Web Page - Create a single PDF file with fields from several documents - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE create a single php page - create a siri like automated system Create A Site - Create a site for Adults Create a Site for Classified Ads - Create a Site like an existing one Create a site like animoto - Create a site making $25 - $50 a day Create a site making $25 - $50 a day - Create a site similar to Evite Create a Site Similar to or - Create a Site the earns £20 a day Create a Site to generate "Triggar URL" by User's Demand. - Create a Sitemap for Google with SEO considerations Create a sitemap for MTDb - Movie Database website - create a sketchup model from a floorplan Create a Sketchup model in terrain based on scanned drawings in millimeters. - Create a Slide show Create a slide show style video similar to another video - create a slider with embed code on my website Create a Slider/Carousel for Homepage - Create a Slogan Create a slogan generator and insert on my site - Create a Small Android App Create a small Android App - Create A Small Cartoon Episode Create a Small CARTOON Show 2 Minutes Max - CREATE A SMALL EXTESION ()IN MY OPENCART Create a small Firefox Extension - Create a small math Library in C++/ C# Create a small menu flyer - Create a small plugin for Wordpress create a small poster - Create a small script to verify some info in a external webservice Create a small search engine by crawling multiple sites - Create a small video file , limited budget