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Create a presance - Create a Presentation PDF for a corporate company - quick turnaround! create a presentation that describe technical processes - Create a Press Wordpress Template for clothing company create a presta or woocommerce template - Create a Prestashop Template and module Create a prestashop template base on mockup - Create a Prezi Video that is in COLOR and Dynamic Create a Prezi Video that is in COLOR and Dynamic. - Create a print driver to print to that will intercept and parse a form to reprint in a different format Create a Print Media AD - Create a Printing Bundle Create a Printing E-commerce website - Create a Pro-Creative Wordpress Template create a procedure - Create a product catalogue with Adobe InDesign Create a product configurator - Create a Product Image Bank 3 Create a product image from photos - Create a Product page with Product slides Create a Product page with Product slides - repost - Create a Product Video Create a product Video - Create a profesional Wordpress site design - open to bidding create a professinal website - Create a Professional Email Marketing template campaign on MailChimp Create a professional English Cover Letter for specific job - Create A Professional Looking Landing Page With My Exact Specifications Create a professional looking logo for an I.T business - Create a Professional Presentation Using Prezi From Content from Word Document 15 pages Create a Professional Presentation Using Prezi From Content from Word Document 15 pages. - Create a professional vector illustration of this face Create a professional video for a website - Create a professional/simple/clean brochure Create a professionally written personal statement for my MA application - Create a Prog That Can Tell Which Keywords Where Used to Find Our Site Create a Program - create a program for me Create a program for NCR and CCR using excel program - Create a program that generates static html pages create a program that helps me find early links and size IDs for products on and other magento sites - Create a Program to do Reposting on Website, Bypass Captcha Create a program to edit pdf files - Create a Program with my Source Code Create a program with python - Create a Project Plan for group of Strategic Management MBA students create a project plan/detailed Requirements for a software engineering project - Create a promo video Create a promo video - Create a promo video, 1 minute based on pictures Create a promo-page - Create a Promotional Video Create a Promotional Video - Create a Promotional Video Create a Promotional Video - Create a promotional video for investment Create a promotional video for LiVES - CREATE A PROMPT VOICE AS PROVIDED IN THE SCRIPT WITH US ACCENT Create a proof of concept Ionic app that connects to Xero API (via oAuth 1.0a) - Create a proposal and email to potential model agencies Create a proposal and qouation on ideas of how to convert a shipping container into an epic audio-visual studio - Create a prototype website + app based on our detailled requirements including visuals create a prototype without the engineering parts, just for show - Create a PSD and ai file from jpeg (Quick and Easy) Create a PSD bean bag mockup template from image - create a PSD to joomla templete Create a PSD to Wordpress Template - Create a Purchase Pixel Web Site Create a Purchase Pixel Web Site(repost) - Create a python model for my spreadsheet in excel Create a python ncurses gui for system admin tasks - Create a QR code generator with customised fields Create a QR code Scanner with a login session - Create a questionaire/self test in wordpress Create a questionarre, that has many options and paths - Create a quick Twitter Posting and Authorization App Create a Quick Video for my Product - Create a quiz-graph results application Create a Quiz-Type Website - Create a Raffle Website Create a raffle website - Create a React mobile app Create a react native component - Create a Real Estate potal website (For Australia) Create a Real estate promotion video - Create a realestate website connected to an external MLS Create a realistic 3-D illustration from simple line drawing - Create A Realty Website (with MLS Database) Create a realty Projext - Create a red-glow show on certain muscle parts for a few seconds Create a redacted video - Create a Referral Tracker, with PHP + Database Create a Regex Dictionary and Color Theme for Python - Create a relational database for a business to manage its data using MS Access. Create a relational database schema in MS Access - Create a repeat pattern (design) for textile printing on illustrator - Repost Create a repeat pattern (design) for textile printing on illustrator - Repost - open to bidding - Create a Report in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) - repost Create a Report in the front-end - Create a resale rights website Create a research document about International Property Buyers around the World - Create a responsive captive portal page Create a Responsive Child Website Template & 14 page site from PSD Files - Create a Responsive Email Template for Campaign Monitor Create a responsive email template for Virtuemart order confirmation + admin confirmation - Create a responsive HTML5/CSS3 layout with a supplied design Create a responsive Image Gallery - Create a responsive mobile friendly website from an existing theme/template Create a Responsive Mobile site from an Existing Web Site - Create a Responsive Slicky Arcade website and some Mobile APP Create a responsive slider for my website - Create a Responsive Website Create a responsive website - Create a responsive Wordpress site from existing PSD-design Create a responsive Wordpress site with WooCommerce - Create a responsive Wordpress Template from my design Create a Responsive Wordpress Template from PSD (2 layouts) - Create a responsive wordpress webpage Create a Responsive Wordpress Website - Create a restaurant website Create a Restaurant Website with online ordering functionality - Create a resume for corporate executive Create a resume for me - Create a revit project from an autocad file Create a REVIT V2014 model from an Autocad 2D architectural project of a 6 story building - Create a Robot spider to extract product informations Create a Robot spider to extract product informations 2 - Create A Romantic Reversed Video For Anniversary Create a Romantic Video - Create a RTSP Live Web Channel and Radio Hybrid Pod Cast on my Server with Custom CMS Create a RTSP Live Web Channel and Radio-PodCast Hybrid- repost - Create a sales ad/flier to be posted on social media, magazine or printed Create a Sales Agreement - Create a sales presentation Create a Sales Presentation and 2 Sales Letters - Create a widget or web-to-lead form on my wix website. Create a Salesforce1 button in my salesforce instance - Create a sample project with frisby.js or protractor and jasmine to test API's. Create a sample randomizer using VBA - Create A Scammer Listing Site Create a scanner Metaxploit Linux Vuln - Create a scope doc for a scraping tool (no dev required) Create a Scope of Work Document with Flow Chart - Create a scrapper Create a scrapper - Create a Screen Recording / Tutorial / Camtasia Video Create a screen recording video using illustrator or photoshop to design a dress (more details below) - Create a script Create a script - Create a Script for me
Create a script for me - Create a Script like, or Create a Script like, or - Repost - Create a script that enable user to stay on current tab, when they click on link which is opening a newt tab Create a script that enable user to stay on current tab, when they click on link which is opening a newt tab -- 2 - Create a script to automatically click Facebook Like button -- 4019 Create a script to automatically click Facebook Like button -- 5 - Create a script to get\/scratch posts from a deals website and insert into a WP DB. create a script to iframe parked domains and ads - Create a script to scrape websites Create a script to scrape websites -- 2 - Create a script/bot for me Create a script/bot for me - Create a Search Bar altering Wordpress Template Create a search bar and redesign index page and some pages - Create a search form with custom settings. I have the plugin just need to set it up. Create a search function for a website - create a seating interactive javascript tool create a second "checkout" for imported sales from a marketplace - Create a secure soap communication in C# create a secure website - Create a Seminar Landing Page for Lead Gen Create a Sencha touch starter project that consumes webmethods - Create a series of 5 emails for an email campaign Create a Series of Animated Actions - Create a series of parametric drawers Create a series of PowerPoint slides following my template and add in some notes. - Create a server ip address on my laptop so that an IP phone can get config files Create a Server Optimized Clone of Sendy Email Software - Create a set of 2d / 3d characters capable to be animated in subsequent production Create a set of 3 Animated Video's - Create a set of Holiday and Seasonal images / illustrations Create a set of html/xml screens - Create a Several Wordpress Templates Create a sewing pattern from a sample - Create a Sharp Favicon from the existing logo Create a SHARP Landing Page - HTML/CSS, Graphic Design, Photoshop - Create a Shop page Create a shop page template - create a shopify scraper - 21/12/2016 19:47 EST create a shopify script - Create a shopping cart Create a shopping cart and download link for a website. - Create a short "intro" video Create a short (10 to 15 seconds) bespoke, animated video outro using our existing logo. - Create a short ad based on a purchased template Create a Short Ad Film / Video - Create a Short Animation Create a short Animation - Create a short clip Create a short clip of 2d Animation, about 3sec. - Create a short intro animation and logo for my Youtube channel Create a short intro sequence video - Create a short simple Gif animation ok kids throwing pass kicking ball amongst one another. Create a short soundtrack - Create a short video - 30 sec - presentation of event - FUN video Create a short video - open to bidding - Create a short video from video clips Create a short video in existing look and feel - Create a Shoutcast Audio Player Create a Shoutcast stream player using NAUDIO - Create a Sign-up Box Create a sign-up calendar and workflow for WordPress site - Create a similar game as Pokemon go Create a similar game in IOS for Ipad and iphone - Create a similar site in WordPress Create a similar site in wordpress with different colors (I can provide mockups) - Create a similar website Create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR PLUMBING 5 pages! CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE LIKE THIS - Create a simple & attractive banner ! CREATE A SIMPLE & COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE - Create a Simple 3 level Wordpress Membership site Create a simple 3 page site using html, css and javascript - Create a Simple Addon For FireFox Create a simple admin backend with information from orderform - Create a simple Android App Create a simple Android App - Create a simple animated logo gif Create A Simple Animated Lyric Video - Create a simple app web and mobile using google spreadsheet Create a simple app + backend functionality - Create a simple art design for packaging purposes Create A Simple Article Spinner Program - Budget Price Only - Create a Simple Betting Site create a simple billing system for a restaurant in VB. - Create a simple but modern Website using Web2 create a simple but working anti-virus - Create a Simple CMS and Convert Static HTML Files Create a simple CMS for a Basic Website (4 Pages) in existing PHP Portal - Create A Simple Custom Animation Create a simple custom invoicing and receipt system with custom reports - Create a simple database with several relationships Create a simple Decision support system(DSS) - create a simple EA based on envelopes indicator Create a simple EA for Metatrader 4 - create a simple facebook Create a Simple Facebook App - Create a simple Flow chart in MS Word RIGHT NOW Create a simple Flow chart in MS Word RIGHT NOW - Create a simple game for Android and iOS devices Create A simple Game for Android Mobile - Create a simple grid of images (£40 budget) Create a Simple Grid! - Create a Simple HTML to Magento Theme-Repost Create a simple HTML Website - create a simple investment site Create a simple Ionic application - Create a simple iPhone application from supplied psd designs Create a simple iPhone application! - Create a simple Joomla 2.5 web site. Create a simple Joomla 3.6 website from provided PSD designs - Create a simple Link to the other product Tab Create a simple LISP console application read description for detailed requirements - create a simple logo for a website----- create a simple logo for a website------- - create a simple messaging mobile app using ionic -- 2 Create a simple MetaTrader4 Script - create a simple multiple choice quiz engine with timer to integrate with Create a simple multiple choice test for our phone staff manual - Create a simple online app Create a simple online card tool - Create a simple PDF with an image on each page Create a simple pencil drawn animation based on my storyboard. - Create a simple PHP script to edit SQL-Datasets Create a simple php script to retrieve a players position in an existing sql leaderboard. - create a simple poster - mockup required create a simple poster --- - create a simple poster----------- from sketch create a simple poster------------ - Create a simple prototype using Axure Create a simple Python complier from a dummy language to Assembly - Create a simple responsive website to calculate some formulas based on the Excel Spreadsheet -- 2 Create a Simple Responsive Wordpress Template for 5 page site - Create a simple share to facebook or twitter addon Create a simple Shopify App which injects live chat code - - Create a simple software for a trucking company Create a simple software module - Create a simple survey / feedback website Create a simple system - Create a simple twitter bot Create a simple twitter bot - repost - Create a simple video animations Create a simple video based on a theme - my budget is limited 10 USD - Create a simple web blog (mini site) Create a simple web client app with background audio capability - create a simple web page