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Create a report on activity using information from the provided chapter - Create a Reservation Form for a Tour Company Create a reservations and booking platform - Create a responsive CMS page for prestashop, that can email data to the shop email Create a responsive cost calculator for my html website - create a responsive funeral plan provider website Create a responsive grid-styled Wordpress theme - Create a Responsive Joomla Template for a cattery site Create a responsive Joomla template from a design provided. - Create a responsive one page presentation create a responsive one page website - Create A Responsive Web App Create a responsive web app for mobiles iOS, Android, HTML5 etc.. - Create a Responsive website using bootstrap 3.3.2, HTML5, and jQuery Mobile. Create a responsive website using Bootstrap and jQuery. - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a responsive Wordpress theme (WooCommerce) for existing site Create a Responsive Wordpress Theme -- 3 - Create a Rest API in Create a REST API in Magento with Mobile Application usage (Android and iOS) for checkout module - Create a Resume Create a Resume - Create a review module - Prestashop 1.4 Create a Review to my site. - Create a ringtone (iPhone) Create a ringtone piano music for alarm clock app (I will provide you an idea) - create a roku private channel with admin area and users Create a Roku TV App - create a rss feed for my website Create a RSS feed generator - Create a sad music accent one minute lenght Create a Sage 50 sales commissions report (MySQL) - create a sales page using elegant themes convertible or divi theme Create A Sales Page Video For Me (Audio Is Done) paying well - Create a sales/explainer video - Mixed content (animation and live footage) 1min 30seconds long Create a sales/landing page - Create a sample program that uses specified DLL Create a sample project after installing requirejs, angularjs and create a project structure using yeoman - Create a scale drawing in Photoshop using my Paint drawing as a template Create a scale floor diagram from a drawing - Create a scope doc for a scraping tool (no dev required) Create a Scope of Work Document with Flow Chart - Create a scrapper Create a scrapper - Create a screen saver from an animation with a password protect function and ability to load background using this animation Create a screen scraper and do some data analysis - Create a script and scrape emails from the list of websites i have given in excel. Create a Script based on times & days - Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - repost Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - repost 2 - create a script or software to search for duplicate files on cloud accounts plus local hard drives. create a script or software to search for duplicate files. - Create a script that shows membership/sales stats on my site Create a script that will autoclick in a part of the website - Create a script to compare data in emails Create a script to count the number of emails sent from Outlook on a weekly basis - Create a script to modify the HOSTS file under Windows XP, VISTA and Windows7(repost) Create a Script to modify wiki Entires - Create a script to use URL references to open Visual Composer accordion create a script to view software installed - Create a scroll. Create a scroller menu like the google cardboard demo app for launching 360 Videos - Create a search engine Create a Search Engine (814630) - Create a search query on a webpage that automatically accesses databases from 4 other websites Create a search query to search an address from 904625697166532776746648320380374280100293470930272690489102837043110636675 pages - Create a Secondary Joomla Registration Form Create A Secondary Portal - Create a self service software for a digital kiost create a self signed cert for Java applet so users can click to trust and bypass warning messages - Create a Separate Database in PHP/MySQL webapp, each time someone registers on my wordpress page Create a seperate folder - Create a series of images for restaurant site Create a Series of Instructional Videos - Create a Server Based Multi platform App & Website Create a server emulator for a small 2D online game. - create a set of 10 icons Create a set of 125 animations or static images of different sex positions - Create a set of flash cards -- 2 Create a set of forms - Create a setup installation bundle for BIG BLUE BUTTON for windows Create a setup program for existing Outlook Add-In - Create a SharePoint theme to match our website theme Create a SharePoint Workflow process - create a shop in 3d to represent corporate image Create a shop online using wordpress and woocommerce - Create a Shopify site for a food service Create a Shopify store - Create a shopping cart template Create a shopping cart that will integrate with Amazon's shopping cart API - Create a short 10sec animation intro Create a short 2D animated video - Create a short animated video Create a short animated video - Create a short background Video for a website Create a short beautiful powerpoint presentation - Create a short flash demo Create a short fun video - Create a short sales letter/advertorial ~200 words and autoresponder series Create a Short Screencast Demo of Product Features - Create a short video - 30 sec - presentation of event - FUN video Create a short video - open to bidding - Create a short video from video clips Create a short video in existing look and feel - create a showcase site for a company, create a graphical model of a company and finally the last html / css of a model Create a Showreel from images and video footage - Create a Sign-up Flow for Service. Needs to save data to DB at each step and allow reporting. Styles Provided. Create a Signal execution for Binary options . Brokers = Bee options & 24option - Create a similar game in IOS for Ipad and iphone Create a similar game to Flappy Bird - Create a similar site in wordpress with different colors (I can provide mockups) create a similar site like or - Create a similar website Create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR HOUSE CLEANING MAID SERVICE 5 pages! CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR PLUMBING 5 pages! - Create a simple "login-protected" website. Create a simple "quiz game" in an existing Android App - Create a Simple 3 level Membership site Create a Simple 3 level Wordpress Membership site - Create a simple admin backend with information from orderform Create a simple admin site - Create a simple Android App Create a simple Android App - Create a simple animated intro for a youtube video Create a simple animated intro for my logo - Create a simple app + backend functionality CREATE A SIMPLE APP FOR A FREE MAGAZINE - Create a simple application from a given database Create a Simple ASP.NET MVC 5 application in Visual Studio 2013 - Create a simple bitcoin gambling webgame on my website Create a simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel VBA - Create a simple but legitimate looking kenyan bank statement with provided info Create a simple but modern Website using Web2 - Create a Simple Combination Tool Create a simple COMING SOON page - Create A Simple Custom Wordpress Theme Create a simple data driven website /webservice - create a simple design for inside of cafe Menu. Create a simple design mobile responsive - Create a simple error message Create a simple event attendance responsive website - Create a Simple FB php login - nothing more Create a simple file manager - Create a simple form on a webpage create a simple form on wordpress - Create a simple gif animation for Ebay Checkout
Create a simple GIF Mockup - Create a simple HTML Mailer Create a simple html page - Create a simple image recognition app Create a simple image recognition app -- 1 - Create a simple iPhone app skeleton -- 2 Create a simple iPhone app skeleton -- 3 - Create a Simple Java Script And HTML Dropdown Menu create a simple javascript handlebars mustache template - Create a Simple Letter Template Create a simple lighting control app for iPhone - create a simple logo for a website- create a simple logo for a website----- - Create a simple MetaTrader4 Script Create a simple Meteor website for us to use as a minimum viable product - Create a Simple Music Video Create a simple mysql database for an existing java program - Create a simple online photo slideshow web editing function Create a Simple Online Quiz - Create a simple pho mailer form, send email y HTML create a simple photoshop action batch - Create a simple PHP website with a browser Create a simple php-file for me - create a simple poster ------------------- Create a simple poster .......... - Create a simple power point presentation 2 create a simple power point template that can be loaded into the Powerpoint program. - create a simple quotation excel spreadsheet Create a simple Quote Form - Create a simple ror website with multiple databases Create a simple RSS feed - Create a simple site about property investment Create a Simple Site from PSD - create a simple squeeze page Create a simple squeeze page / landing page for me in Wordpress - Create a simple time and expense reporting system. Create a simple time and expense reporting system. -- 2 - Create a simple app that can remove comments from a Facebook Post Create a simple VB6 application to interact with a web calculator - Create a simple WEB App for services. Create a simple web application using Node.JS and MongoDB - Create a simple webpage Create a simple webpage - Create a simple website Create a simple website - create a simple website design from a paint sketch ( psd only) create a simple website design------- - Create A Simple Website Slider Create a simple website template - Create A Simple Widget Create a Simple Widget for WordPress Sidebare - Create a Simple Wordpress Full Responsive Template create a simple wordpress header - Create a Simple WordPress Site ASAP Create a simple wordpress site for musician - create a simple wordpress website create a simple wordpress website - Create a simple, but beautiful animated GIF create a simple, clean and efficient html FORM with the existing CSS - Create a Simulation Model Using Computational Modeling Create a simulator - create a single page Create a single page application in Salesforce - Create a single query to give me some statistics from a mysql table Create a single registration/ sign on (SSO) for two website - Create a Site Create a site - Create a Site for Classified Ads Create a site for gif images - Create a Site like an existing one Create a site like animoto - Create a site making $25 - $50 a day Create a site making $25 - $50 a day - create a site similar to directmirror Create a site similar to - Create a site that looks like this. Create a site that Make $50/day - Create a sitemap Create a sitemap - create a sketchup model from a floorplan Create a SketchUp model of a house - create a slide in revolution slider Create a Slide show - Create a slider using WidgetKit Create a slider with 3 images in the top section of a site - Create a slipstream version of Windows 7 Create a Slogan - Create a Small Androgynous Human Animation Sprite and Pixel Based Create a Small Android App - create a small cartoon animated clip Create A Small Cartoon Episode - Create a small extensible Tkinter program to populate a Neo4j database CREATE A SMALL EXTESION ()IN MY OPENCART - Create a small macro to remove data from excel sheet Create a small macro to remove data from excel sheet - create a small poster ---d create a small poster for facebook - Create a Small Software + DB Create a small SQL COMMAND Script - create a small website create a small website - create a smart phone application create a smart phone version of my website - Create a SMS Spoofing Software or Script to Send Millions of SMS Messages - Repost Create a SMS, Bulk SMS, Text Messaging Service Website to Mobiles - Create a social app which shows graphs of statistics + logo Create a social bookmarking link script - Create a Social Media Site Create a social media site - Create a Social Network Membership Site Create a social network page - Create a social networking site similar to that of or twitter. Create a Social Networking site with Live feeds like twitter and facebook in zambia. - Create a socialmedia/dating wordpress template Create a Sock Template - Create a Software / Bot that uploads keywords to Pay Per Click Accounts Create a Software / Mobile App - Businesscardscanner - Create a software for Palantir PLTR-V12 Create a software for read and analyse packets (for windows) - Create a Software Requirements Specification for Soundboard App - repost Create a software review site - Create a software tool - project management - message system - planning Create a Software Tool using C# - Create a Solidworks model of helmet and accessaries Create a solidworks model of overhead electrical lines and masts - Create a sophisticated website Create a sort of "Intranet", website - Create a Special Effect on a live video Create a special effect on my site - Create A Speed Art in Photoshop. Create a sphere for use in Unity 360° video viewing. - Create a sports logo Create a Sports template for the WorldCup Football - Create a spreadsheet listing all Picture Framing shops in Australia Create a spreadsheet macro/script to change the format of the data - Create a spreasheet with data from a pdf Create a spreasheet with data from a pdf - Create A Squarespace site.... Create a Squarespace Template - Create a stand out logo for one of the best upcoming mma and fitness performance centres Create a STANDALONE application demo using DOJO and JSON - Create a startup services introduction video Create a stastics page in php/mysql - create a statistic for chat users Create a statistic table and change a chart in an existing JAVA project - Create a steam trade bot for raffle site