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Create a jQuery Mobile web app -- 2 Create a jquery mobile website Create a JQuery plugin from short javascript code Create a jquery product carousel in HTML & Jquery Create a JQuery Report using DataTables Plugin Create a jQuery rollDown menu that match my site design Create a jquery script that can be used from all mobile e tablet devices (web app not mobile app) create a jQuery slider Create a jQuery slider in an existing site Create a jQuery Timer Plugin Create a JQuery-plugin based on already existing JS Create a jquery/bootstrap carousel and add functionality as described Create a jQuery/CSS/HTML5 script Create a jquery/javascript scroll modal set by session cokie Create a JS library of my code for other webmasters (SaaS) CREATE A JS NODE SIMPLE APP Create a JS Script that Gets the Real User IP from WebRTC Create a jscript popup
Create a jscript popup - Repost Create a jscript popup - Repost - open to bidding Create a Jscript timer Create a JSF application demo using Richfaces Create a JSF web page that allows users to obtain a map of any address. Create a jsfiddle prototype to integrate xeditable with chosen (ajax, multiselect). Create a JSON Binary Parser Create a JSON feed Create a JSON file containing song names and lyrics (approx 45 songs) create a json file of questions create a JSON inventory feed plugin for osCommerce Create a JSON object in PHP. Obsfucate it. Save it to the server. Then open it in Javascript and de-obsfucate it. Create a json response with specific format Create a json script to update a database via API Create a JSON webservice for a Codeigniter Project Create a JSON-based video template for Sezion Create a JSP Carousel connected to MySQL