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Create 5 different buttons Create 5 different designs and SEO Create 5 different flare / sparkle types Create 5 different Real Estate ADS - DESIGNSUPREME Create 5 different unique logo designs for fast food shop Create 5 different web sites based on open source Create 5 epic designs/illustrations for wall art/wall stickers Create 5 EPN Accounts + Gmails + Paypals Create 5 Excel Spreadsheet Templates Create 5 Excel Spreadsheet Templates Create 5 Explainer Videos Create 5 explainer videos (about 90 seconds each) Create 5 Facebook Account With 5000 Friends Create 5 Facebook Accounts and Add 5,000 Friends To Each Create 5 facebook accounts in 1 hour (not spam+mobile verified) Create 5 Facebook covers for skincare products Create 5 Facebook Pages for Businesses
Create 5 Fact Videos about any random topics (minimum 2min long ) Create 5 flash slides with animated text. Create 5 forms for my website; the submit button must links to paypal to collect payment create 5 forms using contact7 plugin in wordpress Create 5 funnel pages on website, code in pages to Open Cart Create 5 game playing videos Create 5 Good Portfolio Graphics - see examples create 5 gorgeous vector patterns create 5 gorgeous vector patterns - repost Create 5 Graph vectors in AI format Create 5 header images for 5 websites(repost) Create 5 high converting Squeeze Pages Create 5 high quality HTML/CSS from PSD Create 5 high quality image files for poster printing Create 5 high res busts base off photos - 3D Modelling / 3D Printing Create 5 High-Res Textures create 5 home page banners 640x300px