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Create 3 Content Pages Create 3 cPanel Hooks Create 3 crate images (1 hour job) Create 3 Credit Card Icons Based on Existing Icons Create 3 cron jobs on a CentOS 7 server Create 3 CSS scrolling animation from material design guidelines Create 3 CSS/HML webpages from photoshop layout design Create 3 custom Facebook tabs going to 3 urls. Create 3 custom post types from Gravity Forms - with CSS to match my VC templates look and feel. Create 3 custom programs, one to create accounts on a website, 1 to crawl and email and verify, and 1 to check for verification and re-send emails. Create 3 custom templates wordpress Create 3 custom templates wordpress - repost Create 3 custom WordPress sites from PSDs CREATE 3 CUSTOMIZABLE PROPOSALS IN HTML FORMAT TO BE USED WITH Create 3 customized Joomla 3.1 Oculus Template websites including virtuemart. - repost 3 Create 3 D dawings using OpenGL and C# Create 3 data tables in Frontaccounting Create 3 demos and 5 pages
Create 3 designs for newspaper advertisement Create 3 different designs of a memorial site Create 3 different Java Server Faces web pages that allows users to sign and view a guestbook; Search an Addressbook; use map search to obtain any address Create 3 different search fields for TEMPLATIC Create 3 different youtube intros / Fitness & Sports related create 3 differents logos Create 3 Display Online Banners - GIF Format Create 3 DotNetNuke Themes Create 3 EA's for Metatrader 4 Create 3 ebooks from transcriptions and movie files Create 3 editable pdf files from word documents. Create 3 educational Videos Create 3 effects for my website Create 3 Employee Biographies (based on their CV's) Create 3 Entertaining Videos from Scratch Create 3 Explainer Video Create 3 explainer videos (4 minutes each)