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Create a basic educational website Create a basic facebook type social website Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent Create a basic footer in Magento Create a Basic Form which Stores Name, Address and other Personal Details by using MEAN Stack Create a basic framework for an application UI Create a basic game app for mobile devices. create a basic game for android and iphone - open to bidding Create a Basic Game in Java Create a Basic Game of Mancala Create a basic graphic js drawing app exporting valid GrandOrgue console files. create a basic GUI for a java program Create a basic home cleaning business website Create a basic home cleaning business website PROPERLY Create a basic HR Module Create a basic HTML email Create a basic HTML form for contact details Create a Basic HTML Page
Create a basic HTML website from Image or PSD Create a basic illustration in style of previous ones from photo create a basic interface to navigate around a 3D model on a website create a basic inventory system Create a basic iOS app to browse websites with Proxy Create a basic iphone application to identify who is calling create a basic iPhone dictionary style word lookup app from a given word doc Create a basic iPhone/android app, with an associated master control app Create a basic javascript filtering function with dropdown menus and a button create a basic joomla website with modules Create a basic landing page and category page on my existing social network site Create a basic landing page, using our logo, with a message Create a basic matching/pairs card game to play online on our company website. All graphics will be supplied Create a basic Mechanical Turk integration with a WordPress website Create a basic membership plugin on wordpress with search feature on the members Create a basic mobile app with Google map integrated create a basic mobile application