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Create 15 Wordpress Templates - Create 1500 ebay items on Turbo Lister from a website Create 1500 item descriptions each of 200 words HTML format - Create 18 Adwords Banners Create 18 caricatures - project for Nextgenexperts - Create 2 posters for doublesided A Frame sidewalk board Create 2 QuickTime Media Skins - Create 2 adwords campaigns Create 2 Affililiate Stores , Integrate live feeds - Design needed for 1 - Create 2 Banners Create 2 banners - Create 2 ClickBank Sales Page create 2 CMS page for magento 2 luma theme - Create 2 Designs/WordPress themes + Edit a WP Theme Create 2 Diecut for Display; optional 3D mockup - create 2 ffmpeg presets Create 2 Fill-in form in Wordpress - Create 2 Google Flash Banners Create 2 Graphic Designs - Create 2 Image Processing Filters Create 2 Images - Create 2 landing pages from templates Create 2 landing pages in Pardot (Automotive & CPG Benchmarks) from PSD files - Create 2 Mail Chimp e-mail templates (from existing templates attached) Create 2 mailchimp paterns in my mailchimpaccount - Create 2 new basic websites & amend current one Create 2 new books from 2 existing books - Create 2 pages and code them in PHP - database already exists (lead) Create 2 pages and code them in PHP - database already exists (timlead) - Create 2 Photo Portfolios Create 2 Photo Portfolios using existing Layout - Create 2 Responsive / Mobile Music Project Websites and other changes Create 2 Responsive HTML FORM - create 2 simple ad Create 2 simple Android app from a SWF (flash) file - Create 2 Simple WordPress Based Blogs Create 2 Simple WordPress Blogs - Create 2 User Controls for Editing 2 related MSSQL tables using Telerik ClientDataSource in ASP.NET C# Create 2 User list from Twitter - Create 2 web forms that allow files to be uploaded) Create 2 web pages on Wordpress from PDF Documents - Create 2 websites and 1 business card, and 1 line card Create 2 Websites for a company - Create 2 WP themes from psds Create 2 wp with adsense and amazone ready - Create 2,000 name email list - Repost - open to bidding Create 2,5 D (3D) Game Design (Pirate Game) - Create 20 Animations for app Create 20 Animations for mobile game - Create 20 email accounts Create 20 emails addresses - batch 1 - Create 20 images Create 20 Images - fast, creative and productive - Create 20 seconds animation in Flash Create 20 sets of funny eyes - Create 20-minute video from audio file and script Create 200 'hotmail' accounts for me(simple task!) - Create 200 French sentences with english translations. Create 200 Fresh Gmail Accounts - Create 2000 - 3000 Article in Fitness Niche Create 2000 - 3000 Article in Fitness Niche -- 2 - Create 21st invitation (design provided) Create 22 colorful (24 inch by 36 inch) posters of 22 Spanish speaking countries - Create 25 Email addresses (URGENT : needed in less than 4 hours) Create 25 empty HTML / CSS cores based on wireframes. - Create 250 Pr3+ Approved Comment Backlinks for my Site Create 250 simple and 250 jpeg craigslist ads - Create 2D Angry Birds style game in Unity Create 2D Animated Character for Android Game. - Create 2d animations (Backgrounds and animations characters, no need music, nor scripts) Create 2D Animations Characters - High Qty - Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) -- 2 Create 2d Explainer video - create 2nd "blog page" within Wordpress Create 2nd design for a DNA collection kit box - Create 3 adsense websites generating 25-30$ per day each Create 3 Advertising Buttons for website - Create 3 banners for an insurance and investment website Create 3 banners for cloud computing company website - Create 3 custom programs, one to create accounts on a website, 1 to crawl and email and verify, and 1 to check for verification and re-send emails. Create 3 custom templates wordpress - create 3 fillable pdf forms - for Kotenko Create 3 flash banners 468x60 from ready made PSDs - Create 3 html pages and 5 php pages on Codeigniter using clip2 theme Create 3 HTML pages that feed data to existing php program. - Create 3 lists or info path forms in sharepoint 2010 from Word Documents Create 3 Logo Concepts (LPC) - Create 3 Neto API Scripts Create 3 New eBook Covers for Historical Novel Trilogy - Create 3 Pages for Website Create 3 pages in my website (The budget of this job is only a placeholder) - Create 3 psd files from simple JPEG Create 3 quick plugins - Create 3 simple newsletters in mailchimp Create 3 simple php scripts - Create 3 tshirt designs Create 3 two page product brochures - Create 3 web-responsive pages with Bootstrap Create 3 web-teaser visuals - Create 3 x 700 Word Articles in 24 Hours CREATE 3 x FMS (*.ASC) files - Create 30 Adult Wordpress templates Create 30 animated butterflies, frogs, bees: fun project - Create 30 full resumes Create 30 Geckoboard Dashboards from an Excel sheet containing data Using PHP Scripting - Create 30 second Lip Balm commercial Create 30 second music video - Create 300 accounts on voting site in one day Create 300 accounts to My website - Create 300 Questions with the Answers about Tennis History Create 300 Twitter Accounts - Create 301 www redirect for my site Create 30s promotional Graphics video - Create 36 web pages, writing excellent content (of an adult nature) and integrating the content into the HTML files ready for publication. Create 360 degree panorama capture iOS app - Create 3d animation - drunk running Create 3D Animation 50 seconds - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 3 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 31012 - Create 3d Artcam relief model - open to bidding create 3d assembly from real part - Create 3D canvas to show of mobile phones (files are supplied) Create 3d Car Driving / Parking Game similar to in Unity - create 3D design on catia Create 3D designs of Phone cases - Create 3D floor plans - ONGOING project. 20 Floorplans a month Create 3D floor plans - ONGOING project. 20 Floorplans a month -- 2 - Create 3D image from 2D -- 2 Create 3d image from 2d image - Create 3d logo from 2d version Create 3D logo from pre designed vector - Create 3D Model for 3D Printing of Company Mascot Create 3D Model for a renovate old room to be modern room in hotel. - Create 3d Model of a Galaxy Create 3d model of a gate -- 2 - Create 3D model of Police Car Spaceship Create 3D model of Police Car Spaceship - repost - Create 3D modeling for wood furniture - dressing desk -- 2 Create 3D Modelling and Animation - Create 3D models of eyewear from 2D CAD drawings Create 3D models of eyewear from 2D CAD drawings - Create 3D plan, including pool, garden Create 3D Plans - Create 3D renderings and video animation Create 3D Renderings Of 35 Photo - Create 3D textured character with 3 weights. 2 Create 3D Theme Graphic Loop from EPS logo that pivots - create 3D with animation for alphabet letter names
create 3d world - Create 4 Adsense Wesites generating $25+ per Day Each Create 4 advertising banners - Create 4 CRUDS in PHP MVC CI Create 4 css animations/videos for a site - Create 4 Google Analytics Goals (Event Tracking) Create 4 graphic design in psd for my app Google Play page - Create 4 Kaleidoscope graphics Create 4 landing pages and 1 thank you page. - create 4 page brochure in PDF Create 4 Page Client Brief in Word ($17 Max Budget.) - create 4 reports in italian language Create 4 Revolution Sliders - Create 4 Triggers and 1 View Using the Microsoft AdventureWorks Sample Database Create 4 Tutorial Video - Create 4 Wordpress Widets for AdSense and square up a graphic Create 4 x 1000 Word Articles in 48 Hours - Create 40 Facebook and Hub pages for Pakistani TV Shows Create 40 farewell greeting card messages - Create 40 Valentine's Day greeting card messages Create 40 web pages about Australia - Create 41 Icons for Categories Create 42 Editable Forms from the attached PDF Files. - Create 5 Wordpress websitesalso Need Landing Pages create 5 .csv files for me - Create 5 Blog Posts Create 5 Blog Posts - Read description before bidding ! - Create 5 epic designs/illustrations for wall art/wall stickers Create 5 EPN Accounts + Gmails + Paypals - Create 5 html/css pages from a template today create 5 html5 + css3 pages based on bootstrap3 - Create 5 Linkedin accounts create 5 logos as in the PDF file - Create 5 pages Create 5 pages from data feed - Create 5 RSS feed Blogs Create 5 SAT tests - create 5 small apps with android studio Create 5 small banners to be used as \\\"Discount packages Tabs\\\" for a beauty salon - Create 5 video on Youtube Create 5 video to tell people how to play iphone Minesweeper - Create 5 You Tube videos Create 5 youtube videos - Create 50 Animated GIF Files Create 50 animated GIFs with solid colors - Create 50 free websites/blogs Create 50 Freemail Accounts According to Specification - Create 50 links. requires no special skill Create 50 accounts - Create 50 Social Media Templates & Checklists Create 50 Squidoo Lenses - Create 50 youtube movies Create 50,000 aims or free Accounts - CREATE 500 FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS FOR ME Create 500 FacebookAds account verfied - Create 500 training video clips for diabetes Create 500 Training Videos for EMR product - Create 54 HTML files containing different song lyrics, from a given list Create 55 PR1+ Guest Post Links (We would provide content) - Create 6 different A2 posters. Create 6 Different Sports Arbitrage Videos (with Voice-Over) - Create 6 Original Icons For Windows App Create 6 page Catalogue - Create 6 Static blocks in Magento Create 6 subpages for already exising webpage design - Create 60 Itunes accounts Create 60 keyword lists to a set specification - Create 600 pictures from 12x12x5 different pictures Create 600 Posts In WordPress - Create 7 image ads variants (copy other) Create 7 images - (6 using obj files following a template idea and 7th image is a ratio chart) - Create 75 Banners for Exciting Web Project Create 75 Pages Of Wesite Copy - Create 8 outline icon images Create 8 page Print Catalog/Brochure - Create 80 Mails+Facebook accounts Create 80 PayPal buttons - Create 9 funnel pages on website, code in pages to Open Cart Create 9 game thumbnails - Create 900 forum profile Create 900 listings (adverts) on our new website - Create a 4 page brochure for investors Create a 60 second video quick simple job - create a facebook poster------------------------------------------------ CREATE A FANTASY ART WORK IN VECTOR - create a petition with 100 signatures create a php script to read text file , sort folder and zip up - create a short cartoon comercial create a short cartoon comercial - repost - create a website for Package Forwarding service create a website for Package Forwarding service - repost - Create a "Design your own Jacket" ecommerce website create a "discount" website for cca. 140 USD. - Create a "Product Build" website for jewelry Create a "Product designer" Mobile app for iOS and Android, HTML 5 - Create a "Weekly Sales & Monthly Profit" reporting spreadsheet or database for a small business. -- 2 Create a "WordPress" template - Create a 'Savings Calculator' for a Shopify website Create a 'share' content locker for facebook tab app - Create A .Exe File. Create a .exe program based around existing Excel Sheet, additional logic is needed - Create a .PHP server-side script to recieve the request an iPhone Create a .PHP website for pharmacy - Create a 1 Beautiful and Attractive Landing Page - repost Create a 1 click export to MS Access from MYOB Accountsright plus - Create a 1 minute animation Create a 1 minute animation Like the Video in the Description - Create a 1 Page Overview for my consulting Company Create a 1 page professional CV template. - Create a 1-3 minute 2D animation... Create a 1-3 minute Animation Advertisement (Rotoscope) - Create a 10 sec animation Create a 10 sec animation - Create a 100 articles /500 words article Create a 100 articles /500 words article - Create a 15 sec gameplay video of my game Create a 15 sec motion/3D animation with AFTER EFFECTS like a logo display with couple of lines - Create a 15second Video Advertisement about Gelatin Benefits create a 16 x 1 image in photoshop - Create a 2 min explainer video with voiceover Create a 2 min Google Search Video - Create a 2 page document (small modif of In Design files) Create A 2 Page Drupal 8 Template - Create a 2-3min Video for a chairty Create a 2-4 minutes Video tutorial for a website - Create a 20-30 second commercial to advertise Club Night Create a 20-30 second Video for YouTube advert - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation of 2 minutes Create a 2D Animation of 30-40 seconds - Create a 2d Christmas TV Commercial Create a 2D controller scipt for a ship - Create a 2D short video for youtube (comedy) Create a 2D sketch of home - Create a 3 Min 3d Animation video Create a 3 min Promo Video for an Assitive Speech Device Company - Create a 3 Second Intro Youtube Video For channel Brand Create a 3 skyscraper ads - Create a 30 sec animation video Create a 30 sec Promo Video using my clips & photos (For Instagram) - Create a 30 second Video for a tyre business create a 30 second video for startup company - Create a 30sec. 3D still frame slideshow Video Create a 33 Minute Video / Animation or Whiteboard - Create a 3:20 length dancing cartoon animation to match music