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Create a 3d construction app - Create a 3D game for Android and IOS phones and tablets Create a 3D game for Iphone and Ipad - Create a 3D Logo and Banner in different size Create a 3D logo And logo reveal (future work possible) - ongoing work - Create a 3D model figure wearing a full body safety harness to be used in Poser Create a 3D model for 2D box packaging presentation - create a 3D model of a character anime Create a 3D Model of a Crochet Hook in OBJ, STP and IGS formats - Create a 3d model to sell on create a 3D model/picture - Create a 3D pyramid logo for Hologramm Technik Create a 3D relief model from photograph - Create a 3D space fighter for a game Create a 3D Spaceman in Blender - Create a 3D Video animation Create a 3D Video Animation Intro - Create a 3rd Party Login Module based on FOSUserBundle Create a 4 -5 short animations to open the video, end the video and few layers to utilise as name placer, quote placer, text placer... - Create a 404 page create a 404 page for my site - Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template - Create a 5-10min Video Create a 5-7 mins Video - Create a 6 sec. 3D Video Graphics Intro for logo Create a 6 step registration page - Create a 60-sec promo video in flat design for a mobile app Create a 60-sec promo video in flat design for a mobile app - Create a 8 to 10 second intro video for Youtube Channel. League of Legends Theme. Create a 8 Videos about diffrent services - Create a :30s animated video (primarily text) but some images too (very sleek and impressive text animation) Create a <10 Flash animation - convert After Effect into Flash - Create a About Us page for a start-up company - open to bidding Create a Acc+ Html5 Player (jquery) works on Chrome Safari Edge - create a admin panel in php Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes - Create a advance design for my client website!! Create a Advanced Wordpress Functionalilty - Create a AI robot like Tapia Create a AIML application - Create a an exe installer for browser extensions Create a an explainer video - Create a Android App to connect to BLE chip and program the chip CC2541 or other to get information from analog input and digital input Create a Android App with Firebase As backend - Create a animated dashboard Create a Animated Dj Back Drop - Create a animated video Create a Animated Video - Create a Animation Create a Animation - Create a animation video for my mobile game Create a Animation Video for Product - create a App create a app - open to bidding - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app for solely demo purpose Create A APP fro website. - Create a application in AngularJS Node.JS Django AWS Create a application in Jquery mobile and php that displays contact information in a json format - Create a ASPX Template Create a asteroid game - Create a awesome Video Create a Awesome 100 usd worth design - Create a Backend of a construction software Create a Backend script for URL Shortener - Create a Backing track (NO GUITAR SOLO) By Ear for 3 popular love songs : Love story, Concoerto de aranjuez, and johnny guitar Create a Backlink Generation Tool That Automatically Adds A Link to My Site If That Site Creates A Backlink To My Site - Create a Bank Statement Create a banking solution for SkyChores - Create a Banner (for a gaming network) Create a Banner (gif or flash) for a site. - create a banner for facebook ------- in arabic Create a banner for Google DoubleClick - Create a Banner! create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours - Create a Basic Android app Create a basic android app - Create a basic facebook type social website Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent - Create a Basic Mobile Website from Template Create a basic Nintex workflow template for a logic - Create a basic Video/Animated presentation Create a BASIC web canvas game using Google Dart - Create a batch file for router restart Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 - Create a beautiful Highcharts theme Create a beautiful Highcharts theme - Repost - Create a beauty store on amazon Create a beautyful icon for Windows phone app - Create a betting website (sportbook) create a betting website for betting on counter strike game - Create A Bigcommerce public plugin Create a BigCommerce store using an existing Prostores site design & data - Create a Bitcoin Generator! Create a bitcoin index like in Coindesk - create a blast emailer Create a BLE sensor app, limited functions - Create a blog Create a Blog ! - Create a Blog for me Create a blog for me that generate - Create a blog on the new Angular components released in Alfresco community 5.2 create a blog on wordpress website - Create a blog theme Create a Blog to be used with CJ affiliates - Create a Blog/Article Page with interactive ads Create a Blog/Travel Website - Create a Boarding School MS Access Database create a boat classified website - Create a Book Trailer create a book trailer - Create a booklet. Create a booklet/pamphlet (bookfold feature) in MS Word - Create a bootstrap site from existing site Create a Bootstrap Tabs Form Template for Joomla Fabrik Component - Create a bot Create a bot - Create a bot that automatically posts classified ads online Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy - Create a bottle label design for Phi Naturals create a bottle sticker - Create a brand and promo images for the website for the 2 products together with creative writing of the marketing Create a brand and promo images for the website for the 2 products together with creative writing of the marketing -- 2 - Create a Brand Name for Jewelry Create a Brand name for Leather Jackets mainly for motorcycle riders and fashionable youngsters - Create a BRD Create a break-even chart in excel from a variable data range - Create a brochure and business card create a brochure and help with some forum topics for a php complex script - Create a browser detection script. Create a Browser Extension - create a budgeting calculator spreadsheet Create a bug (a short animated video) for a youtube channel + logo - Create a bus arrival time app Create a bus connection website - Create a business card design Create a business card design - repost - Create a Business Introduction Video create a business joomla template - create a business plan create a business plan - Create a business website Create a business website - create a button to print a contract / invoice of the customer php/mysql cms Stivasoft -- 2 Create A Buttons To Move & Copy Data In Excel Sheet - Create a C# code for EXT.Net Calendar
Create a C# code for EXT.Net calendar with DB - Create a C++ Program Create a C++ Program , complete info in description - Create a Cake package, Cookie box, paper bag, paper cup for Patisserie Cake shop Create a Cake PHP social network, basically an Instagram - create a calender for my booking form Create a Calender from an excel spreadsheet - Create a Captivating, Professional Brochure for the Raise Institute Create a captive portal - Create a Caricature for TakeoverBiz Create a Caricature from a photograph - Create a cartoon animation for me 10 seconds Create a cartoon animation video. - Create A Cartoon Logo For Sexy Lil Create a Cartoon looking Habanero Chili Pepper Logo Design - Create a cartoon video with powtoon or similar products for advertise Create A Cartoon Wallpaper - Create a Catalog CD from supplied PDFs Create a Catalog Database - Create a catolog from pictures Create a cattle breeding application for client - Create a Certificate of Completion Template create a certificate of incorporation - Create A Character-art Album Cover Create a Character/Illustration - create a chat bot! Create a chat like website form - Create a cheerful Christmas song with radio hit potential CREATE A CHEESE LABEL GOAT SLICES - Create a child theme for my site Create a child theme for the Zerif Lite theme - Create a christmas background for a website + alternatize a logo Create a Christmas card - Create a chrome extension for auto-like posts on a page -- 2 Create a Chrome Extension for Google Calendar - Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsign Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsigned integer numbers. - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid Create a class for Visual Composer Grid, - create a classified website Create a classified website (kind of like Craglist) - Create a clean and professional TRAVEL magazine Create a Clean Backlink Profile - Create a Click-tracking and Email-open-tracking app Create a clickable classified ad - Create a Clipbucket website which let paid membership. Create a Clipper Card Mobile Application - create a clone of site Create a clone of the following site using pre-design PSDs - Create a cloud page Create a cloud service similar to dropbox for my company - Create a CMS Template (preferably for Contao) -- 2 Create a CMS Templates from HTML, competencies required: XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript - Create a code in MATLAB and generate simulations. Need to be able to read and understand an IEEE paper to do so. Create a code Intuit to Business Catalyst synchronization Quickbooks Online - Create a Collage in BlueJ Create a Collage in BlueJ 2 - Create a comic book , story teller and Animation Create a comic book cover featuring my wife and I as super hero characters as an anniversary present - Create a comment box for my order form page Create a comment form element with jQuery - Create a community Android app Create a community based gallery website - Create a company identity / logo Create a company Linkedin page and get followers - Create a company logo, letterhead, Name card Create a company logo, letterhead, visiting card - Create a Company Promotional Video for Web Home Page Create a company registration and search module. - Create a Comparison Code for a website Create a comparison for large australian online car insurance. - Create a complete HTML website Create a complete IOS communications App. - Create a complex payment system (using credits) Laravel 5.3, Stripe -- 2 Create a complex pricing form that can be changed by excel spreadsheet upload - Create a computerized font from many handwritten letters. Create a concept and design infographics - Create a connect 4 game and AI Create a connection (API) between webshop and wholesaler - Create a Contact Form Create a contact form - Create a Contact of pharmacies in Spain and Portugal Create a contact page on website - Create a content website Create A Content Website (I Have the Content/Template) - Create a Cookie Stuffing Script Create a cookie warning popover to hold info on site cookie use. - Create a Copy for a Web Page Create a copy of a Metatrader Expert Advisor without restrictions (starting from an .ex4 file) - Create a copy of Magento using multistore Create a copy of - Create a Cordova hybrid mobile app for Windows 8.1/10 using SAP UI 5 library Create a cordova plugin for android and ios and integrated it into ionic2 - Create a Corporate Identity - repost create a corporate identity and touch up a logo - Create a corporate video Create a corporate video - Create a counter to display on a Kickofflabs landing page Create a counter using MYSQL and fix a few bugs here and there - Create a coupon Wordpress Template Create a Coupon, Deals Website - create a cover page design Create a cover page for a science fiction novel - Create a creative and easy to navigate company website Create a Creative Animation / Video for my Youtube true view advertisement! - Create a CRM for Wordpress or adjust a existing CRM Create a CRM in php - Create a Cross platform application in Xamarin to create an Excel from a XML file -- 3 Create a Cross platform application in Xamarin to create an Excel from a XML file -- 4 - Create a Crowd Funding website CREATE A CROWDFUNDING - Create a Cryptocurrency create a cryptocurrency coin - Create a CSGO coin flip betting website similar to Create a CSGO coin flip betting website similar to - Create a CSS for an email signature for outlook. The signature has already been designed. Create a CSS for IE8 - Create a CSV file for turbolister eBay Create a csv file for uploading inventory data to Ebay - create a custem twitter tool bar(repost) Create a custom .mbtiles mapbox map - Create a custom app for wordpress create a custom app in - Create a custom category template for WordPress site create a custom chart in c# - Create a custom CSS optin box for new website Create a custom CSS Style Sheet for ACCORD5 Trellis Desk - Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Jewellery Website Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Jewellery Website - Create a custom flow chart illustration Create a custom FLV player to embed youtube videos on our site - Create a Custom Google Search Engine with that would look a Specific Way Create a custom GoToWebinar registration page - Create a Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 Create a Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 - Create a custom media player Create a custom media-rich wordpress site - Create a custom Opencart Theme using my Photoshop PSD's. Experts only, please. Create A Custom OpenCV Class - Create a custom permalink in a Wordpress website besides few other related points Create A Custom Photo Manipulation Program - Create a Custom Prestashop Module Create a custom prestashop module - Create a custom script to import CSV in PrestaShop Create a custom script to migrate content from Drupal to WordPress - Create a custom stamp