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Create 2 Images - Create 2 landing pages for 2 PPC adverts Create 2 landing pages from templates - Create 2 macros in Excel 2010 Create 2 Mail Chimp e-mail templates (from existing templates attached) - Create 2 new books from 2 existing books Create 2 new categories, add 20 new products to Magento Site - create 2 pages and alter one slide Create 2 pages and code them in PHP - database already exists (lead) - Create 2 PDF forms, plus matching FDF Create 2 PDF's for a press/media kit - Create 2 PSD file of jpg logo that i can use to resize Create 2 PSD files - create 2 similar electronic PCB circuit one circular with diameter 3.5cm and second rectangle 3.4*2.8cm, include component and pcb Create 2 similar math tests based on a sample - Create 2 simple sound files Create 2 simple SQL QUERY - Create 2 T-Shirts Create 2 TAP connections in pfSense - Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File. - repost Create 2 Videos for my Binary Options LP - create 2 website template Create 2 Website Templates from PSDs: Valid XHTML / CSS + Jquery Menu with Slider - Create 2 wordpress responsive pages Create 2 wordpress responsive template - Create 2 x Marketing Postcards - repost Create 2 x SEGGER JLink JFlash RAMCode for ARM9 with external NAND Flash - Create 2-page fillable pdf form Create 2-page PDF 'Advert' for brochure - Create 20 business listings with supplied text Create 20 color ways of sunglasses & Export 3 views and OBJ files - Create 20 gmail with each one has one Blogspot account - New freelancer welcome Create 20 personas with real names and emails - Create 20 Photoshop images as background photos to be used in Powerpoint Create 20 polls on current global Issues - Create 20 Video Series, of 3 to 5 min each, on Indian Cooking Create 20 Videos - Create 200 blogs Create 200 Blogs and post an article to each blog - Create 200 Shirt Mockups from My Designs & Template Create 200 skype accounts - create 20000 gmail mail 20000 yahoo mail Create 200k Facebook accounts that look real and are verified. - Create 24 minutes Text Animation Create 24 pages catlogue for travel company - Create 25 Web Hosting Support Training Labs Create 25 Web Hosting Support Training Labs(repost) - Create 27 static HTMLs for email templates in arabic Create 28 Facebook Ad's in 4 Days - Create 2D animation of Hindi Alphabets and deliver in Animated GIF Format Create 2D Animation of Yoga man using Adobe Fireworks - Create 2d explainer Animation video Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) - Create 2nd language for my weebly web site Create 2nd Language in my weebly website ( - Create 3 Advertising Buttons for website Create 3 advertising graphics - Create 3 banners for an insurance and investment website Create 3 banners for cloud computing company website - Create 3 custom programs, one to create accounts on a website, 1 to crawl and email and verify, and 1 to check for verification and re-send emails. Create 3 custom templates wordpress - create 3 fillable pdf forms - for Kotenko Create 3 flash banners 468x60 from ready made PSDs - Create 3 html form for printing purpose Create 3 HTML pages - design will be provided. - Create 3 Level AJAX Drop Down [easy] Create 3 links to my website - Create 3 mostly static page website in ASP.NET (VB.NET) using Web Developer 2008 (GEN)(repost) Create 3 motivational bodybuilding videos - Create 3 Page Mobile Webiste Create 3 Page Responsive Wordpress site - Create 3 Product Images Create 3 product label designs - Create 3 simple database driven sites Create 3 Simple Graphics - Create 3 tables in Excel Create 3 Templates and add products to templates - Create 3 visio pages, from 3 powerpoint pages: graphics w. Create 3 web banner 1350 X 400 - Create 3 WordPress templates Create 3 WordPress templates - Create 3-5 minute videos about League of Legends (youtube as source) Create 3-5 minutes wedding video Trailer - Create 30 email addresses Create 30 Email and 30 Account - Create 30 sayings onto cute cartoon style images Create 30 screencasts in English - Create 30 unique trellis style fabric patterns Create 30 variations of a mascot - Create 300 google account. Create 300 Google Accounts. - Create 301 Redirect code - bbPress to Xenforo Create 301 redirect for pinnacle based shopping site - Create 34+ accounts Create 35 Accounts Video Directory Sites - Create 3D Android Live wallpaper Create 3D animated GIF of Rotating Logo - Create 3D animation video Create 3D Animation video - Create 3D Animation With Sound FX Create 3D animation. - Create 3D Box Art, Image only Create 3d boxes from my 2d layouts - Create 3d characters static jpegs as well as animation CREATE 3D CONFIGURATOR TOOLS - Create 3d fantasy Landscape for my Android game Create 3D file from 2D pdf sketch. - Create 3D Graphic Design For shopping malls Create 3D graphic of airport terminal in Unreal Development environment. - Create 3d iphone video advert Create 3D jewelry - Create 3d model Create 3D model (including Skeletal Rigging/Animation) - Create 3d Model From Pic Create 3D model from supplement label. - Create 3D Model of fragrance bottle Create 3D model of furniture - Create 3D model of the images -- 2 Create 3D model of town - Create 3d models from 2Ddwg within Autocad/export to 3d studio max readable Create 3D models from an image - Create 3D object model for software Create 3D objects for in a iOS Game. (cartoon look) - Create 3d render/animation Create 3d render/animation - repost - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D step file from 2D dwg. - Create 3D view of box package design (based on flat 2D view) Create 3D View of Logo - For Statue Making - Create 4 text file based on actual table in mysql create 4 '' see how it works '' videos for a new job website - Create 4 clickable seat selection charts Create 4 colored concept arts for a western game - Create 4 future sales copy /newsletters to be scheduled based on existing / previous newsletters. Create 4 GIF animations of existing .ai illustrations for Website - create 4 jacket measurement photos create 4 job site crawlers - Create 4 page brochure create 4 page brochure in PDF - create 4 reports in italian language Create 4 Revolution Sliders - Create 4 variations of my landing page using Instapage Create 4 versions of simple logo layout for box design - Create 4 x IOS & Android eCommerce Mobile Applications Create 4 x Unique, Funny, Engaging, Original YouTube Videos for 4 x Different Canadian Website Businesses - about 2 minutes long each - Create 40 farewell greeting card messages Create 40 Father's Day greeting card messages - Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO HUSBAND FROM WIFE
Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO WIFE FROM HUSBAND - Create 42 Web 2.0 Accounts Create 420 accounts on 70 Social Bookmarking Sites - Create 5 .wav or MP3 format sounds Create 5 1-2min. videos and post to YouTube - Create 5 blog posts 2 Create 5 blogging sites. - Create 5 Excel Spreadsheet Templates Create 5 Explainer Videos - Create 5 HTML5 Construct2 Scirra games templates Create 5 Hubpages a week, 1 day using our content - create 5 logos as in the PDF file Create 5 Male & 10 Female unique Elf Names - Create 5 page Wordpress website using theme. Create 5 pages - Create 5 Responsive Optin Templates (very easy) Create 5 RSS feed Blogs - Create 5 Simple, SALES FORCE, email templates Create 5 Sitemaps - Create 5 Vector Illustrations For App Onboarding Create 5 Vector Images for App - Create 5 WordPress themes Create 5 working MySQL queries of your own for the db given following some rules - Create 50 300x250 ads. Job for KZL. Create 50 abstract backgrounds in photoshop. - create 50 facebook account CREATE 50 FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATELY.! Newbies Welcome ! Urgent! Low bidders Preferred! password - Create 50 Inside Pages for VW Site Create 50 Landers (based on a orginal landing page) - Create 50 Resume Examples Create 50 resume' templates in illustrator - Create 50 Wordpress Blogs Create 50 Wordpress BLOGS and Install to Client Servers - Create 500 email Accounts Create 500 email accounts - Create 500 Smartphone Case Designs Create 500 social media links and 1000 social media shares - Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified -- 2 - create 6 content pages Create 6 craigslist accounts - Create 6 Instagram posts Create 6 javascript functions - Create 6 simple icons for "Pain Management Help" section of Create 6 Simple, But Different 300x120 Placeholder/Fallback Ads for New Site - Create 60 Forum Profiles & Make 1 Post Create 60 Forum Profiles & Make 1 Post Each - Create 60-80 sec clip about a new messageboard Create 60-80 sec video for home page - Create 7 drawing using AutoCAD Electric sotware. Complete and submit project via AutoCAD Electrical drawings and files (.dwg). Create 7 excel sheets - Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list - ongoing work - create 8 joomla sub-pages for a url create 8 landing page - Create 8.5 x 11 brochure / double sided Create 80 digital Stickers based on my apps characters - Create 9 ''Dog-Centric'' Holiday Header Graphics Create 9 Banner Ads for my Site - Create 90 Second Animated Commercial Using Flat Elements Create 90 Second Animated Commercial Using Flat Elements -- 2 - Create a 'how it works' video for my billing software Create a 1-3 multimedia Explainer videos on websites such as, or any other - Create a disavow file for google search console Create a Drawing animated Video - Create a membership plan SAAS for my website. CREATE A MOTORCYCLE APP - Create a responsive wordpress theme for DVD store Create a Responsive Wordpress Website - Create a website create a website - Create a "coupon maximum order" field for zencart gift certificate Create a "customer care" page - Create a "Pool your own swimming pool" program Create a "printer" that prints (pdf) to FIXED email address (windows installer) - Create a "Wavy" Spreadsheet from images provided Create a "Website Under Construction" Page - Create a 'mission badge' style logo - with revisions Create a 'Release and Assumption of All Risk Form' - Create a .csv or .txt list of ZIP code divide by zones Create a .dem to .avi application - Create a .pdf business proposal form -- 2 create a .php login page and user profile page with an auto-profile creaton - Create a 1 Flash Game -- 2 Create a 1 Flash Game -- 4 - Create a 1 Minute Powtoon Video Create a 1 minute powtoons like video - Create a 1 page Squeeze page (graphic rich) using HTML (or similar) Create a 1 page template with JQuery - Create a 1-Page Bootstrap website Create a 1-page site for "fomodogo" - Create a 10 second "start" clip to a video Create a 10 second Animation (2d or 3d your choice)for a truck company happy birthday message! - Create a 12 days itinerary for trip including Edinburgh - Skye Island - Dublin Create a 12 minute video from a youtube clip - Create a 15 second animated production of a Steve Waugh talking head Create a 15 second animated production of a Steve Waugh talking head - Create a 1:30 minutes white board animation video Create a 1:30 video for a slideshow. Work for a 5-star freelancer! - Create a 2 min Video for a project presentation Create a 2 min video with voice-over (female) - Create a 2 page Mobile Website Create a 2 page Mockup (PSD) | Urgent in 24 hrs - Create a 2-minute animation - Arabic speakers required Create a 2-minute Animation for a Canadian non-profit - Create a 250 words script for a WhiteBoard animation out of existing data Create a 250gms box type pouch design - Create a 2D Animation (infographics) Video Create a 2D Animation - Music Video/Comedy Project - Create a 2d animation Video Create a 2D animation Video for 4mins + Recording Voice - Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost - open to bidding - Create a 2D Video -- 2 Create a 2d Video animation - Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Drawing) Create a 3 minute explainer video (animated style) - Create a 3-5 minute animated intro video to a new WebSite Create a 3-5 Minute Animation Video for commercial - Create a 30 second animated tv spot create a 30 second animation - Create a 30 seconds Video - template or brand new Create a 30 to 45 Second Holiday Greeting Video - Create a 360 degree Virtual Tour(repost) create a 360 video stitching template - Create a 3D animated video for home based service website Create a 3D animated video for home based service website - Repost - Create a 3D Animation Product Introduction Create a 3D animation using 3ds Max or Maya - Create a 3D character for a logo create a 3D character for Unity 3D - Create a 3D face for an existing MASK Create a 3D file - Create a 3D javascript and HTML cube structure for contents Create a 3d kitchen - Create a 3D Model (Sketchup) of my kitchen - repost 2 Create a 3D Model - Make an animation for fashion photoshoot - create a 3D model of a bird Create a 3D model of a building and deliver it in Zbrush and STL formats - Create a 3D model of the monument Create A 3D Model out of Physical Product - Create a 3D printable file of a simple broken plastic part Create a 3d printable Galaxy Note mobile phone case - Create a 3D Scene Create a 3D scene and place a sofa - deliver 3 colour variations of the scene - Create a 3D surface chart using excel