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Creat website for journal submission - creata an adriod app Creata an eCommerce Website for Designers - Create 2 Minute Video of Website create 2-3 minute slide show videos I have all the material - create a bible marker create a blog to drive traffic to my web page - Create A Listing Create a Logo - Create A Unique Payment Gateway create a version of our own joomla site in drupal - Create an Android application for Product Catalogue Create an Animation small Video - Create Basic Template Create Beauty makeup Tips and Fitness Videos for Upcoming Health Search Engine - Create game apps for Android Create Google Forms survey with 17 questions - create module for phpprobid v7 Create Monkey Character - Create product Thumbnail code in Create product Thumbnail code in -- 2 - Create twitter Backgrounds Create two videos **SOUTH AFRICA VIDEO TEAM NEEDED) - Create WP Photo Blog Template. Customize it Create WP Photo Blog Template. Customize it -- 2 - Create "Match Guarantee" seal Create "Match" logo in vector format - Create & build in Affilinet CPL Addon for Create & build in Points4Download Addon for - Create & Develop a Keylogger - ASAP !! Create & Develop a Mobile App & Site - Create & Launch a Drupal template with our designs! Create & Make Edits to my Website - Create & promotion FB fanpage - need 100k+ fans Create & promotion FB fanpage - need 100k+ fans - repost - Create & manage 2D mobile phone scanner tag in presentation Create & manage a database on LAMP - Create "Skull" Vector Pattern Create "Upload File" ability in Shopify storefront - Create 'Edit product' link on ASP.NET site Create 'Everything Adoption' ios and Android application - Create (3) real estate type sites to compliment each other. Create (3) Slides using Slider Revolution that play video - Create (responsive) OpenCart 2.0 Theme from PSD Create (sister) website in Joomla from psd files - Create - St. Patrick's Day Animation with our logo Create - Terms of Service Agreement - Create .dst file for embroidery - Repost - repost Create .dwg and .dfx files from a PDF blueprint - CREATE .htaccess rule to redirect links create .htaccess rules for document directory - Create .Net App to dynamic change resource (.rc) files Create .NET application named “Automated AP” - Create .png Logo Create .psd & .pnd images - Create / Copy Website - Similar To - Details Inside Create / Copy Website - Similar To - SEE Details Inside: - Create / Edit Wikipedia profile Page Create / Enhance Embarcadero XE10+ X-platform mobile app (android and iOS) for QR Clearing etc - Create / Modify html pages and javascript code Create / Modify Python script - Create 1 animatated SWF file Create 1 apps with icons using Mtune - - Create 1 form and save data in sqlite Create 1 Foundation based HTML / CSS page - Create 1 landing for a Website, i will provide the Design and images / Wordpress Create 1 Landing Page - Create 1 minute video commercial for my game! Create 1 minute video commercial for my game. - create 1 Page HTML template with Timer Create 1 page in bootstrap 3 from psd/ai files + jQuery - Create 1 simple animated Gift Box Create 1 Simple HTML form - Right now - Create 1 Website Favicon, 1 Logo, intro video and outro video Create 1 Websites for a property project - Create 1,581 Subdomain Redirects (51 subdomains x 31 domains) via cPanel Create 1-1,5min 3D Animation in Maya over mocap data provided. (robot style). Tomorrow - Create 10 Adsense Mini-Sites with Simple Admin Interface Create 10 Adsense sites making $25+ a day - Create 10 Corel Draw Templates from images Create 10 cpanel accounts on whm server from - Create 10 HD GIFS - Live wallpapers Create 10 hub pages and 10 squidoo lenses - Create 10 MySQL Databases from UML diagram (Urgent) Create 10 new 'french' brands for skin care. - Create 10 PVAs for me Create 10 Quality Google Approved Back Links - Create 10 size variations of logo from existing Photoshop file Create 10 small fun animations for a character on a hoverboard for use with iOS SpriteKit - Create 10 Web Pages with CSS Create 10 Web Templates for a CMS - Create 100 'how to' fitness animation -- 2 Create 100 + email templates - Create 100 Email Accounts Create 100 email accounts - Create 100 Gmail accounts Create 100 gmail accounts - Create 100 one way links to my web site Create 100 oneway backlinks for 40 URLs over 4 weeks - Create 100 Simple Illustrations that I will use as pictures for a trading card game Create 100 simple wordpress websites in bulk (step by step) - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - Create 100% Clean Google Play Developer Account create 100% identical website - Create 1000 free empty blogs and link them project Create 1000 Gmail accounts - Create 1000 verified apple ID Create 1000 Videos - Create 11 Images for Website(repost) Create 11 landingpages from PSD to websites, WP + SEO addon. - Create 12 Designs for a Sticker create 12 eps icons + fontstyle - Create 120 questions about CSS 3 Create 120 questions about HTML5 - Create 139 HTML files containing different song lyrics, from a given list Create 14 A4 Brochure covers (from samples in PowerPoint) - Create 15 Forum profile, list will be provided create 15 google maps with 15 markers each (226 entries) $15 must be done today - Create 15 users and upload 60 photo's to a wordpress blog Create 15 vector drawings from .step-files. Create smaller 3D-object to the scene and output as vector. - Create 150 youtube accounts Create 150 Youtube Acounts by Hand, New IP per Account - Create 17 HTML pages - mainly cut and paste Create 17 simple banners - Create 1min video for App Promotion Create 1min video spot (beach, nature, sea,...) - create 2 adsense sites to earn $10 to $20 a day Create 2 adsense websites generating 25-30$ per day each - create 2 banner for website Create 2 banner handler in Oscommerce 2.2rc2a - Create 2 Characters in vector graphic and make a vector graphic from an image Create 2 Characters in vector graphic and make a vector graphic from an image - Create 2 database driven web pages - Wordpress CMS Create 2 design jobs - (each 4 pages) - Create 2 Facebook pages & get 200 fans/likes for each one Create 2 Facebook pages & get 300 fans/likes for each one - Create 2 generative art shape Create 2 GIF's one static one animated - Create 2 Html5 animations fastly and cheaply Create 2 html5 Banners - Create 2 Joomla! registration forms with extra new fields Create 2 JPEG images - header and footer - create 2 logos create 2 logos - Create 2 minute YouTube video Create 2 Minutes Book Ad ( Real People needed ) - Create 2 new versions of existing PDF creation scripts
Create 2 New Web Pages From PSD File - create 2 pages landing tab in Facebook create 2 pages landing tab in Facebook2 - create 2 postcards Create 2 Powerpivot Files from MS Access and CSV Files - Create 2 Scripts for Brown Recluse Software Create 2 second animations for a YouTube intro - Create 2 Simple Image Buttons Create 2 simple iPhone applications (No design needed, have our own designer) - Create 2 Squeeze/Landing Pages Create 2 Squeeze/Landing Pages -- 2 - Create 2 Video Advertisements for an I.T based Company Create 2 Video demos for apps - Create 2 webpages Create 2 webpages + 1 Image Slider - Create 2 Wikipedia Pages & Get them Approved Create 2 Wikipedia Pages and Get Them Approved - Create 2 x 500 Word Articles in 48 Hours (D) Create 2 x 500 Word Articles in 48 Hours (H) - create 2-3 articles a week for my webpage Create 2-3 html page templates - create 20 backgrounds for iphone/ipad game Create 20 badges for social website - Create 20 Fiverr gigs for my account Create 20 Flat Concepts - Create 20 page report on Asian Dating journey (indian, pakistani, etc.) Create 20 pages on our wordpress site and make them look good with shortcodes, and good use of header tags - Create 20 usernames/passwords at Create 20 vector portraits of famous persons! - Create 200 Blog titles Create 200 blogs - Create 200 Snapchat accounts Create 200 valid emails - create 20gmail and twitter accounts Create 20k Facebook Accounts Real and Are Verified - Create 25 AdSense Templates Create 25 AdSense Templates - a2 - Create 25-35 Local Directory and/or Social Media Listings for a business with 2 locations Create 250 "professional" look ebay listings - Create 29 second clips of songs Create 2:30 Animation Music Video of Stick Figures. - Create 2D Animation of Yoga man using Adobe Fireworks Create 2D Animation Promotional Video - Create 2D documentation of of a bike done in sketchup Create 2D drawings from 3D files - Create 2D Sprite-based animations for video game Create 2D spritesheets for a few insects - Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist -- 2 - Create 3 architectural renderings with dimensions using Google Sketch-up create 3 articles - Create 3 classes to connect Bitcoin exchange (REST & websockets) -- 2 Create 3 colour schemes for existing design - Create 3 educational Videos Create 3 effects for my website - Create 3 game APPs (Arabic Content) Unique games create 3 Gif animations images in ( Infographic style) - create 3 images/logos and integrate in website Create 3 individual downloadable product links (scripts) between my three Clickbank Thank You page ''download Now!'' buttons and my downloadable products hosted at Products must download correctly to customers. Links will be tested. - Create 3 micro joomla websites Create 3 minigames using Unity3D - create 3 nice forms create 3 nice logos - create 3 png files of simple logo Create 3 Poster ( Chinese and English ) - Create 3 responsive pages from wireframes Create 3 Revolution Sliders - Create 3 Small Web Banners - 220x150 each Create 3 SPSS Table and Figures and Diagrams APA 6th edition - Create 3 versions of simple logo layout for box design Create 3 VERY SIMPLE Low Poly STAR WARS 3D models in 3DS Max in 24hrs - Create 3 websites mockup + 3 images mockups Create 3 Websites Monetized with Google Adsense - Create 3,200 unique product images, by layering 200 different designs on to 16 different product images Create 3-4 3d fantasy Landscapes, 4 dungeons, and 2 PVP areas - Mobile Game - Create 30 Crystal Reports Create 30 Crystal Reports - repost - Create 30 Mailout Messages - Copywriters Required Create 30 morphing flash banners - Create 30 sound clips for videogame Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Create 300 email addresses - Repost Create 300 email addresses - Repost - open to bidding - create 30000 links for me Create 300DPI images from JPGs - Create 32 Side Navigation Bar Images (1 template) for Website Create 32 simple football kit textures - Create 365 pages of 1 page NSFW articles to deliver to online subscribers. Create 37 icons and resize 38 existing images in different formats - Create 3D animation Graphic Create 3D animation in HD - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 7016 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 7030 - Create 3D avatar from detailed measurements - including limited movement Create 3D avatars dynamically from the photos uploaded by the user - Create 3D cartoon character for Crazytalk Animator Create 3D Character - Create 3D digital images from drawings and photos Create 3D ding dong bell animation - Create 3D floorplans Create 3D Floorplans - ongoing. Give me price for 5 plans - Create 3D image from 2D -- 2 Create 3d image from 2d image - Create 3d logo from 2d version Create 3D logo from pre designed vector - Create 3D model characters Create 3D Model Flat in ArchiCad / Atlantis - Create 3d model of 5 basic animal shapes based on picture Create 3d model of 5 basic animal shapes based on picture - Create 3D model of Kiteboard harness Create 3D Model of our Coffee and Bakery Shop - Create 3D Model | From Picture Create 3d model's of a back garden for various swatches of our product - Create 3D models in Solidworks Create 3D Models in Solidworks - Part 2 - Create 3D Photography Lighting Diagrams Create 3d photorealistic images of garden lodges / chalets - create 3d rendering from AI line drawing and photo Create 3D rendering from pictures of USB stick - Create 3D stl file of a Man with long beard ..... Create 3D STP files for parts from 2D paper drawings. - Create 3D view of box package design (based on flat 2D view) Create 3D View of Logo - For Statue Making - Create 4 text file based on actual table in mysql create 4 '' see how it works '' videos for a new job website - Create 4 buttons to match my site design create 4 cartoon characters - Create 4 Forms for me Create 4 forms in MS Access - Create 4 images, pls read carefully before you quote, as 2 freelancers failed to do it Create 4 infographics - Create 4 New Textures for models Create 4 one page full color ads. - Create 4 PSD Logo Interpretations Modeled after the provided image Create 4 Python regexes for the following text string - Create 4 static 3D models and import them into Unity Create 4 static html pages - Create 4 WordPress child themes for our Multi-site WordPress Network. -- 2 Create 4 Wordpress Pages - Create 40 anniversary greeting card messages TO GIRLFRIEND FROM BOYFRIEND Create 40 Articles according to a template - Create 40 Restaurant Website Templates Create 40 retirement card messages - Create 400-500 word SEO pages. has to be sports related create 4000 email accounts with unique IP addresses - Create 450 quiz questions and 300 flashcards from the highlighted content. create 461 invoice just copy and paste in excel - Create 5 Simple Web Services