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Code Tetris Simply Code that allows someone to add comments to an iWeb website Code that calls for user valid or not Code that Combines Images into Collage Code that crawls through different articles and tell the sentiment; positive, neutral or negative Code that emulates Excel functions PRICE / YIELD Code that facilitates communication between 2 servers code that finds, tests & changes proxy code that generate bridges in stencils (svg) java or php Code that hides child process from Task Manager and similar in Windows7/8 Code that need to test on an robot platform Code that Tracks the Network Marketers Pay Line Code the ability to add a free gift a checkout in my bigcommerce store Code the ability to listen to a wav file then download to an existing web site Code the ability to listen to a wav file then download to an existing web site -- 2 Code the Animations and Transitions (Material Design) for an App (PSD PROVIDED) code the arduino and mpu6050 Code the backend panel
Code the billing module of a mini-ERP webapp Code the buying and payment process for an ecommerce site Code the buying process for ecommerce site Code the design to viewable on PC, tablet and mobile using Joomla/wp. Code the football game I envision Code the Front-End for a Demo GUI of an AltCoin Wallet Application (eQualityCoin) Code the Guts of my website. Code the homepage of a website Code the homepage of my website Code the html page and make it functioning by connecting database Code the HTML/CSS/JS responsive version of the site code the logic of two games using matlab Code the minimum and maximum order limit into my shopify site Code the most basic Wordpress theme from my designs Code the new homepage design and the new website header. code the one page checkout page Code the pages as instructed