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Change one simple rule in Auction Template to Make it Raffle template - change opencart theme and some editing change opencart theme and some editing - change order of 2 lists to be manual Change order of item display of discount items in a MODX evo website - Change our all our Magento Products Image sort to 0 Change our app to include better user navigation options - change our text logo and install on site Change our underwear size chart into new design - Change over to shopify-998 Change over website to another domain - Change page on my web change page payment - Change Password dialog box - VBScript / .net - repost Change Password dialog box - VBScript / .net -- 2 - Change Payment Gateway Script to work with modified OSCommerce Change payment gateway wordpress template for a form - CHANGE PAYPAL PROCESSOR TO STRIPE CHANGE PAYPAL PROCESSOR TO STRIPE -- 2 - Change PDF to exactly the same format in word - Repost Change PDF to exactly the same format in word - Repost - change permissions on server directory and FTP users Change Permissions on uBuntu Folder - Change phone number on website intially. Further development in 2016. Change phone number on wordpress website. Add phone number on another wordpress website. - Change Photos Background Color Change Photos Background Color - Change php configurator to Change php editbale box to dropdown options from database - Change php script to be compatible with php 5.3 (runs on 5.2) and cakephp 1.3 to 2.x change php script to check login information on a website - Change PHP3 coding to PHP5 on website change phpbb forum to match my main site. - change picture size Change picture size and remove old version of picture - Change plugin return data Change Plugins To Script and fix 1 bug - Change Post Paginaton Buttons Change post upload plugin (Wordpress) - Change prices for me on a platform on daily basis change prices in my webshop - Change Product Color in Photoshop Change Product Color in Photoshop - Change Product Tabs in Wordpress + WooCommerce Website CHANGE PRODUCT VIEW IN MAGENTO - Change publish process on classified ad site (OSClass CMS) Change Purchased Video (HD) - Change Text - Add Music - Change Real Estate IDX Integration Services Change receipt in woocommerce for Wordpress - change registration process in Joomla site + install sugar CRM Change Registration to a ''2 Step Process'' - Change requests Change requests as discussed via email - Change root directory for website Change root from ip to domain for all site and links. - Change script for SEO Url Change script for website - Change Search Crieteria Change Search Design to new design urgently - Change SEO of a Wordpress website. Change serial number on Memory Stick Pro Duo - change shipping to not change Change shirt color - Change sidebar width for wordpress change simple admin panel design. - Change Site design change site design - Change site platform from Joomla to Wordpress Change Site Root - CHANGE SIZE OF A LOGO QUICKLY Change size of a rigged biped character - Change Skin on MAG 250 IPTV box Change Skin on source code and add features IOS AND ANDROID - change small content on a website page Change small design things on my wordpress blog - Change Software Application on Social Business Crusher Change software from trial to fully functioning - Change some code to make a player to work propertly Change some coding to my existing site. - Change some design of theme and plugins WordPress Change some design on my WP canvas theme website! - Change some HTML Templates Change some html5 sprites - change some part of my code of my android app Change some part of template design in joomla - change some stuff on my Shopify Change some style on an existing webpage - change some things on a picture Change some things on my website - Change something on my website's .htaccess Change somethings of the header of my wordpress site - Change Start up logo Android application Change startActivity to startActivityForResult - Change Stripe change stripe addon to inline frame - change styles and css Change Styles in Joomla template - Change t-shirt designs and create new designs Change Tab Headers and Correct Dreamweaver Table - change Template , image creation Change Template / new menu and splice - Change template look, change functions, Change template module positions and style - Change template to blog-style + responsive Change Template to Dating script and affiliate script. - change text and logo on advertising 3 Change TEXT and photo - Change text in an image change text in app share - Change text in PDF file Change text in pdf file MTBMO - Change text on an image. Change Text on an Invite - Change Text On Photshop Minisite Design Change Text on PHP website - Change texture of a rigged character in MayaLT Change Thank you page - Change the background color of the text in a Joomla template Change the background for 5 product photos - Change the background pictures and create a logo Change the background pictures and create a logo - Change the cards Change the category template of my wordpress blog - Change the color of banner Change the color of furniture in an online store - change the colour of a logo and add something to it change the colour of a logo and add something to it -- 2 - Change the css in templatehints Change the CSS of my webpage to make it mobile-friendly - Change the design for the apps Change the design for website and adding certain features to it. - Change the Design of my Customer Panel & Admin Panel. change the design of my homepage-integrate new design - Change the domain name in a typo3 (SG) Change the domain name in a typo3 II (SG) - change the font of a logo Change the font of a product description in woocommerce - Change the h2 tag to h1 in all of the the website titles Change the h2 tag to h1 in all of the the website titles -- 2 - change the image on three domains and adding VAT from fruugy ectension change the image size - Change the layout for a carousel of woocommerce Change the layout for the display of a module (html) - Change the linphone package and details Change the livery on a (Macromedia) Flash Quiz application - Change the look and feel of the currently running website Change the look and feel of the website - Change the lyricsplayer apps
Change the mac address Android device permanently - Change the My Orders description Magento Change the name and details of my existing logo design.eps - Change the Page Name of a Wikipedia Article Change the page number on this one-page PDF - Change the preview picture of my shopify store when the link is posted to Facebook change the price field opencart - change the send message by "SMS API" to Android and I-Phones with "TCP/IP" change the sentence structure - Change the software to allow it to be configured with SSL Change the software's Camera from USB to Ethernet - Change the template of a website change the template of dating site - Change the text on one of my page Change the text within an e-mail variable in magento {{var payment_html}} - Change the title of a header Change the titles of my php - change the way emails are sent from my website - PHP mail function to SMTP - PHPMailer Change the way how the key words can be inserted in all types of contents (books, articles, etc.) in our site in drupal. - Change the words on an Adobe Illustrator file CHANGE THE WORLD - Change theme colour on website Change theme details - wordpress - Change theme of the website such as buttons,text fields,nav bar, header, footer, etc. Change theme of the website such as buttons,text fields,nav bar, header, footer, etc. -- 2 - Change things in the WP code change things on a picture - change thumbnail URL to custom URL in Wordpress Change TightVnc Behaviour to add reverse connection - Change to .Ai Format change to 3 responsive pages - Change to contact form on Concrete5 Change to contact form on Concrete5 - repost - Change to Flash animated logo(repost) Change to Flash header - Change to map Change to markdown wordpress plugin - change to previous project Change to proaff wordpress theme - Change to TemplatreMonster template Change to text on intro - Change to website vincius Change to website. ASAP - change traveler research in sendalert page . Change tree system from Jstree to Fancytree - Change UI design of an existing Android App Change UI for an Android App - Change upload script on my site from tesupload to uber-upload or other that works faster Change upload size UNIX php.ini - Change url structure [ PHP / OOP ] Change URL structure of forum - Change users browser default homepage Change Utahfab Logo - Change vbscript + Create MSSQL DB Change vbulletin forum display - change video player of Change video player on my website - change vmarquee scrollbar colour to grey/black Change Vmware settings - Change web interface change web on mobile to react - Change website Change website - change website color design in few hours[time limited] Change website color scheme from green to red in Photoshop File - Change website from English to Spanish Change website from FTP into wordpres platform - change website layout change website layout - Change website name on backend PHP Skills Change website name on Wordpress and Facebook - change website templete full function Change website Text - change website to wordpress Change Website UI + Develop Additional Features (Smarty PHP) - Change WHMCS template Change Whois Information Manually - Change within our wordpress website change woocomerce bundle products to dropdown option - Change Word In Logo Change word in Logo - Change Wordpress Backend Change Wordpress background depending on time of day - Change wordpress gallery portfolio Change Wordpress Header - Change Wordpress Permalinks Change wordpress plugin - change wordpress tag url change wordpress tasks - Change Wordpress Theme Change Wordpress Theme - Change Wordpress Theme Layout - Page Layout Change wordpress theme look - Change Wordpress Website from Choices-theme to Enfold-theme -- 2 Change Wordpress Website from dynamic to static - Change WP Theme Change WP theme - Change XHTML to HTML 5 Change XHTML to PHP + Add CMS For Small Scale Business Listing Site - Change ~250 product SKU & Add Manufacturers Virtuemart Change ~250 product SKU numbers in Virtuemart - Change/crop image to portrait and compress a bit to keep quality Change/design layout of deal script - Changeable DataTables Project - Phase 2 Changebusters Climate Change HotSpots - CHANGEMENT NOM DE DOMAINE Changement of grafics on the homepage of our 2 apps (Jazz/GENERATIONS)on IOS and Android - Changes #1 Changes #2 for HD - Changes and added functionality to existing SharePoint Online site Changes and adding features in Imagehosting site - changes and fixes to website. Changes and Fixing Buggs In My Ruuning Site - Changes and updates on website Changes and updates on website - Changes at Changes at - Changes for a current backend panel and existing android app Changes for a website - Changes for Php Site changes for postcard - Changes in a WordPress Template Changes in plugin Wordpress when export CSV - changes in a sobi template Changes in a Taxi - Changes in an ex Android application Changes in an excisting dot net nuke 7 site - Changes in file for website Changes in Blog - CHANGES IN CURRENT WORD PRESS SITE.... Changes in custom Joomla Template - changes in existing android applications Changes in existing app - changes in existing website changes in existing website ( Urgent) want it now - Changes in HTML Changes in HTML - Changes in Joomla website Changes in Joomla website - changes in magento theme Changes IN MAGENTO website - Changes in my magento website. Changes in My online Store - Changes in Norwegian Labour Law legislation Changes in old Website - Changes in opencart website