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Change Dropdow Box to Radio Button on Payment Page - change dynamic meta value PHP in woocommerce cart (extra product option)- lopende werkzaamheden Change dynamic output (web) - Change Elastix GEO And Developing Some new reports Change Elegance Moodle Theme - Change EPP Code Change EPP Code - open to bidding - Change existing booking form to a responsive and make it elegant Change existing calendar script - Change existing PDF brochure / Flyer, est. 12 Pages Change existing PDF brochure / Flyer, est. 12 Pages -- 2 - Change Existing video Stream Setting to work in ios nd android -- 2 Change Existing Web Form and Simple join email list - Change expiration dates on an ID Change expired shopping cart for ecommerce website - change facebook group titles Change Facebook like button for wordpress - change farm brochure Change favicon for my site - change few things Change few things in a Magento Shop - Change file format -- 2 Change File Format from .CDR to .AI & .EPS - Change Fireworks layered PNG file to Photoshop format Change firmware of android tv box with permissions for kodi. - Change Flash Header Pictures change flash header to html - Change Flash Website Change Flash Website - Change font color in joomla site Change font color in logo - CHANGE FONT ON ANIMATED RING VIDEOS change font on graphic - Change Font Type & Sizes, As Well As Borders On 11 PDFs (2 pages each) Change Font Type & Sizes, As Well As Borders On 11 PDFs (2 pages each) - change footer and add menus (oscommerce site) change footer and add menus in oscommerce - Change form on landing page to post in to Leadconduit change form results email on criminaldefensemiami(dot)com - Change forms from MS Word to PDF Fillable Change Forms on Drupal Site and add an image under a banner that is responsive for both - Change from Jw Player to Flow Player Change from Old Wordpress Theme to New Wordpress Theme + Quote cart adoption - Change FTP to HTTP Change full-screen gallery to fixed size (Wordpress) - Change Gate2Shop Woocommerce plugin Change Gate2Shop Woocommerce plugin -- 2 - Change google site links for a website change Google sketch-up 3D parking meter - Change graphic user interphase PHP Javascript - Similar - repost change graphic v2 - Change hair color and eye glasses color in AI files Change hair color app - Change header and footer for a wordpress blog Change header and footer look - simple job. - change header magento theme change header of a site, easy task - Change home page Change home page - Change homepage theme Wordpress Change homepage title in magento - Change how notes are handled for WooCommerce order emails Change how pages are ranked - Change html page template to existing home page of php website Change HTML page to CSS - Change HTML5 App to Native App ( IOS ) change html5 player with CSS - CHANGE ID'S & INTERGRATE CHARTBOOST Change ID's on mySQL database (using date) - Change Image Background To PNG 24 Transparent Background Change Image Background to WHITE - Change image names change image names in html emails - Change image sizes magento Change image slide code - Change images Change images - change images in woocommerce Change images into Silhouettes - Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 - Repost - open to bidding Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 - change in ecommerce site Change in existing app and add new feature - change in my existing wp site change in my header slider - Change in the HESK - helpdesk Change in the layout of a php site script - Change information Change information and photo HTML - change invoice + order numbers + add facebook and twitter icons and links change invoice layout for magento - Change iPhone App Design Change iPhone App Design (template is available) - Change Javascript Hashtags for SEO Change javascript output - Change Joomla Template Change Joomla Template - Change jPlayer remaining time to current-play-time Change Jplayer to jwplayer for video site - change language Change language charset in .fla file - Change Layout - Skin/Theme Change layout - videos, menu, forum... - Change Layout of 2 Wordpress Pages - repost Change layout of a catalogue in pdf for digital print - change layout of Users Profile Page Change layout of web application c # to Bootstrap 3.0 - Change Layout, Fix Problems, Add Functions in my Website URGENT Change layout, make it nicer, simple html & php files & create banners - Change link hover color on wordpress site Change Link Image Size and Link! - Change links of compiled executable - repost Change links on flash header - Change location of nextpage navigation Change location of Ubercart downloads file - Change logo Change logo - change logo and name of wordpress android application change logo and name of wordpress android application - change logo colour Change Logo Colour & Make 3D - Change logo image to use as fun car window sticker Change logo in a .SWF file - change logo size on justlanding theme change logo size on justlanding theme -- 2 - Change Logo Wording Change Logo you did for me once - Change look & feel of Wordpress Blog Change Look & Structure of Website | Wordpress + Headway Themes - Change look&feel of menu change looking of calender 100$ - Change Magento Logo To My Own & Some Changes In Front End change magento look and add 20-30 products - Change magento theme design, and setup store Change Magento theme from LTR to RTL - Change Management Change Management - Change management game Change Management in business context - Change maximum size of photo uploads for a classified ads site from 1mb to 5mb per single photo.To an expert this takes just 5 minutes to do.I need it done ASAP. change mayan snake into mayan fish - Change Menu for Indian Restaurant and make takeout menu Change menu for Joomla mobile website - change menu style of my website to the same one than on : Change menu style of the theme - Change mobile look of wordpress website change mobile menu - design - Change Movie Poster 5 Change mp3 player on my website. - Change my 2 android apps to new ICS Holo theme
Change my A4 PSD design to a similar A5 PSD design - Change my contact info Change my cookie - Change my Facebook Fan Page name Change my Facebook fan page name more than 200 likes. - Change my Homepage in 2 hours change my homepage site to material design - change my listing script Change my LIVE WooCommerce Avada Theme Wordpress site to Multisite - Change my Mobile Website with hard code change my name - Change my prezi presentation to a video Change my product list on Wordpress site - Change my site content and optimize for the keywords change my site design and add some features - Change my voice and add vintage radio effect for black-and-white documentary parody. Change my web service become part of windows service start automatically. - Change my website from static to dynamic Change my website from Wix to Wordpress - Change my website wordpress shopping cart/payment to Magento and change shipping policies Change my website's content - Change my wordpress URL Change my wordpress website style using CSS - Change name and person details on Business Card CC Change name and stuff in IOS and Android app - Change name, website and logo on existing marketing materials Change name/color of ebay template and upload 10-20$ - change needed change needed - Change number of "Current Top Sellers" from 5 to 4. Requires coding Change Number of Columns in Woocommerce Products page (custom website) - change of Checkout currency Change of Color and add a photo gallery to a existing website - Change of graphics for wordpress theme(repost) Change of heading in software - change of phpmelody design (template) Change of player - Change of wordpress template Change of WordPress template - Couponpress - Change on the index page (ASP)(repost) Change on Wordpress - change one page design to this change one page design to this -- 2 - Change opencart 2.3 header change Opencart checkout process - Change or upgrade our old MAGENTO web shop and make it multichannel EBAY & AMAZON compatible Change or upgrade our old MAGENTO web shop and make it multichannel EBAY & AMAZON compatible -- 2 - Change OSCommerce Category & Product Layout Change Oscommerce Checkout and integrate API for credit card billing - Change our HTML/Javascript to work on Wordpress CHANGE OUR JPEG INTO AI AND PDF with labels showing pantone colours - Change out image in Flash file. Change out of stock status - Change page 1 display and add graphic to blog Change Page Color in WordPress Site & Other Small HTML tasks - Change pages in mobile site via Swipe Change pages on Website and add some additional pages - Change password scheme for .net Website Change password storing mechanism (from md5 to bcrypt) in an open source social network - Change payment processing api from firstdata linkpoint to firstdata global gateway e4 Change payment processing api from firstdata linkpoint to firstdata global gateway e4 (2) - Change PDF and JPG to Grafic usable data Change PDF background - Change PDF to Good Quality DXF or DWG Change PDF to HTML single webpage. - Change perspective in Illustrator logo change perspective of an image and add another picture on top of image. plus some shadow - Change phone numbers on pages change phone numbers on two wordpress sites - Change Photos Background Color Change Photos Background Color - Change php configurator to Change php editbale box to dropdown options from database - Change php script to be compatible with php 5.3 (runs on 5.2) Change php script to be compatible with php 5.3 (runs on 5.2) - Change php.ini in PLESK on a SSH (vserver) Change PHP/HTML5/Javascript project direction/alignment start from right to left. - Change picture in template flash header Change picture in wordpress based website - Change plug-in / component of current joomla site Change plugin - step between in cloaking plugin - Change position where admin saving images and display in the same place for users Change positioning of background image - Change previous domain references and graphics to the new website name Change previously made logo - Change print on paper Change printer driver setting (before or after install) - Change product listings look. Oscommerce Change product number then create PDFs for the product - Change proxy of site Change proxy server in Netscape - Change quantity of items and recalculate price change query on a file - Change reference style and citations Change reference style and citations - for Debiaus - change req02 change req02 - open to bidding - Change responsive front-end admin template to content of specs - HTML and CSS and JS job Change responsive layout of some pages of website. - Change Ruby settings on ubunto server and setup SSL on Amazon web server Change Ruby WebApp Landing Page - Change Script From Stormpay/Paypal to Alertpay Change script from yahoo api to google - Change search function Change search function on Joomla site - change server ip for backend for iphone app Change Server Paths to New Hosting Company - Change Shopify Buy Button Shopify Cart Position change shopify images and product info - Change simple HTML site in to Joomla site Change simple html site to wordpress - Change Site Domain & Do a 301 re-direct from the old domain to the new site Change Site Domain & Do a 301 re-direct from the old domain to the new site(repost) - Change site structure and maintain existing SEO Change site template without changing the archived post links - Change size of Brochure -- 2 Change size of email field and button - Change Skin on MAG 250 IPTV box Change Skin on source code and add features IOS AND ANDROID - change smail from my wp site -- 2 Change small C program - Change SocialEngine Video player(from flowplayer to html5 video player(viewable in mobile device)) Change socket app to netty - Change some code on website for "flowplayer" live video streaming software Change some code to allow for different profit margins per category - change some dates on email tickets for me. and add couple more flights change some Delphi DB code - Change some functions on my website and fix others Change some graphics - Change some of Coding to an open source Program to Support multiple restaurants Change some option for my web site - Change some settings Change some Settings to a HTML file... - Change some theme features in Wordpress Change Some thing in a Flash WebPage - Change Some Words On A SquareSpace Website. Password Page... Change some words or sentences for only one Java developer resume - Change Spacing Between Nav Links Wordpress change spacing of source code - Change status of a Prestashop order using a php script Change status Page - Change structure, so that, for example,ContactDetails loses named fields like username and nickname. These values should be representiav Change stuff on a wordpress theme - Change styling, fonts etc on single web form. Change Styling/Wording of wordpress blog. - change tabs Change tag line on flash creative x 57 - Change TCP sockets to Bluetooth sockets in Linux daemon