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Creating android package for Science Text Book - Creating API apps Creating API for a game-bot by reading 3rd party game-memory (or open for discussion) - creating Arabic recruitment site - repost 2 Creating architectural plans - Creating auto forwarding mail program Creating auto forwarding mail program google script - Creating Back Links Creating Back links to a site - Creating banner widget Creating Banners - Creating blog and blog design for my website Creating Blog and Podcast - Creating brochures in HTML and tpl Creating brochures, flyer, and other graphic design works - Creating CAD model from an old technical drawing Creating CAD plan/drawings for Asbestos surveys of buildings - creating characters for browser based game creating characters for browser based game - repost - Creating clone of Genymotion(experienced freelancer only) for windows Creating clone of nox app player ,genymotion(experienced freelancer only) - Creating complete ETL in Pentaho PDI or Talend Creating complete graphic design for a boardgame - Creating content for Photoshop course Creating Content For Teaching Engineering Level Physics - Creating Craiglist Ads Creating Craiglist Ads - open to bidding - Creating custom fashion apparel design Creating custom fields on woocommerce shop page - Creating Customizable E-Commerces website for customers Creating Customizable E-Commerces website for customers - repost - Creating database java+mysql creating database of 7000 UK companies with email contacts - REAL ESTATE - Creating design from existing draft Creating design in PSD and HTML for Online ERP Website - Creating documents Creating Docushare custom collection object using VB and client SDK - Creating dynamic poll pages from templates under my domain creating dynamic tabs using JS/AJAX/YUI - Creating ecommerce for supermarket Creating Ecommerce Site - Creating employer/employee contracts for a digital agency Creating empty mp3 files and numbering them - Creating Excel database, data entry Creating Excel Files For Each Contact - Creating Facebook Ads Creating Facebook Ads for me - Creating fantastic photoshopped photos Creating Fantasy Esports website - Creating Five Great Tumblr Themes creating five links in premade flash template - Creating Footware order system CREATING FOREX MT4 EXPERT ADVISOR - Creating Forum Profiles Creating forums website in html5 - Creating functions in SQL -- 2 Creating functions that explore dictionaries and file reading and writing. - creating good quality youtube accounts creating google ad gadget - Creating Header, Logo and banners for a wordpress website Creating Healthcare Information System Package using Existing Open Source Software - Creating html page Creating HtmL Pages (perfect demo mockups delivered!) - Creating IDs & filling forms Creating IDs address - Creating in depth form using Gravity Form Plug in Creating in javascript for mobile or Pda, which suit the website to PDA/mobile size. - Creating interactive Flash charts using Laszlo (063) Creating Interactive Joomla Website - Creating ISO - open to bidding Creating ISO - open to bidding -- 2 - Creating jpg image
creating jpg images from main image to Blank item image - Creating landing pages with search results from a mongodb database. Creating laravel package - Creating linux shell scripts creating list of email addresses from this website - creating logo creating logo - Creating Lyrics Videos Creating Mac OSX desktop software - creating malayalam images - open to bidding CREATING MANY LANDING PAGES - Creating maths contents for Gr.6 to Gr.10. Creating maths contents for Gr.6 to Gr.10. - repost - Creating Microsoft Excel Macros Creating Microsoft Excel Macros - ongoing work - Creating Mobile Template creating mobile version of website - Creating Mp3 search engine with combining and own database Creating MS Access Database - Creating My Bussiness Identity on Googlemaps and YELP Creating my e-commerce site w/ joomla - Creating new Courses page (B&S Project #3) Creating New Demo Directory Sites Plus Training - creating new tabs in my ktools photostore Creating new template for PowerPoint - Creating NxtCoins -- 3 Creating Obj files from a 2d picture - Creating of product video Creating of Profiles for a dating site - Creating Ongoing Series of 'Quote' Images Creating online accounts - Indians only - Creating orders in Webshop Creating Original Art Collage - creating parking system Creating partial payment extenstion in Magento - creating perfect WebSite 2.0 Creating Perfect White Borders - Creating PHP Website and an Application with C++ or Java Work Creating PHPbb Forum Theme - creating porn movies creating porn movies - open to bidding - Creating Prestashop Template based on Screendesigns Creating Prestashop Template based on Screendesigns - repost - Creating products for BigCommerce Creating products for BigCommerce - Creating Proposals Creating Proposals - Creating Quickbooks IIF import file for eCommerce orders Creating Quickbooks IIF import file for eCommerce orders(repost) - Creating resources for a high school english tutoring business in Australia (NSW) Creating responsive animated piecharts for websites - creating RTL for an existing web site creating RTL for an existing web site - creating SDK for android Creating Seamless Textures - creating shop cms Creating Shopping basket, login, and other touches to work in PHP and MYSQL - Creating Simple CSS For An Existing Website Creating simple Database in Access or in MySql - Creating simple WP site based on Image Creating simulation code, generate data and analyzing data - Creating small database for posting property listings creating small game projet with c - creating software to download dedicated security reports(repost) Creating software, video conference. For use on website and all mobile devices. Html5 - Creating Spirograph HTML creating spread sheets using macros - Creating sticker / carton box cover Creating Sticker for Cat character - creating subliminal with logic pro or so creating subliminal with logic pro or so - Creating TecDoc module for Open Cart or Magento Creating tech packs for luxury clothing - Creating the Big Data Strategy Creating the Bossy But Classy logo - creating the XML tool for copyedited document Creating theme banners with different festive occasion - CREATING track Creating Trading Strategies in Wealth Lab via WealthScript - creating two html pages below requirements (required in 12 to 15 hours of hours time) creating two images - Creating User interface in Python Creating user manual - Creating video ads - 15 and 30 sec Creating video and slideshow - Creating Videos - open to bidding Creating Videos about WordPress - Creating Web 2.0 accounts,submitting & link articles in them Creating Web 2.0 accounts,submitting & link articles to them - Creating Web Services For Android App Creating Web Services from Java Classes Using Metro Infrastructure . - Creating Webshop Creating webshop including user data export function - Creating website for a Thai takeaway / restaurant Creating website for jewelery - Creating website version of my VBA project Creating website which earn 2$ per day - Creating wireframe of UBER APP . Total 10 screens. Creating wisetrails - Creating WordPress Theme Creating Wordpress Theme - Creating XSLT from RSS Feeds Creating yahoo emails Account - creating/designing/coding a simple app Creating/Editing a Fourms - creation (conception et developpement) site "market place" Creation (new) housestyle - Creation and design of a site similar to Creation and design of an iPhone app (For Ashwanii only) - Creation and management of fb and twitter Creation and management of fb and twitter - repost - creation d'un application mobile creation d'un bot scrapper - Creation d'un site SEO de qualite (10 pages) Creation d'un site web - Creation de plateforme de reservation et commande aupres des restaurants Creation de plusieurs bannières - Creation for Website Creation Form for Grouped Product Type insert into cart creation email of order confirmed - Creation Logo IT Creation Mac plugin - Creation of .net screen shots creation of 1 banner - Creation of 14 websites network Creation of 15 different logo designs for various clients. - creation of 2 youtube videos ( animation) one 2 minutes and the second 3 minutes. Creation of 2.0 sites complete with graphics, profile, About, and contact page - Creation of 3 x Slides and 4 Icons, Some changes to Wordpress Forms Creation of 3 XHTML web site pages from photoshop design - Creation of 5 articles on various topics Creation Of 5 E-book Covers - Creation of 7 banners Creation of 7 banners - repost - creation of a bete version of an app to show the functions needed Creation of a big music label. (Need entrepreneurs/investors) - Creation of a commercial video Creation of a Commodities Sale/Trade Website - Creation of a dating website in 2 tongues + pics contest Creation of a debian based distro (with the extras) - Creation of a forum creation of a free advertising site / Free Classifieds - creation of a html5 video streaming player page based on wowza server Creation of a index web page - menu and form - Creation of a logo Creation of a logo - Creation of a logo for brand/ clothing line