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Create/modify a joomla website - Create/Modify Wordpress Theme Create/modify Wordpress theme - Create/SETUP GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS/ campaign or google image ads. sample link is images on right when you search google. check attached image. create/spin words into database specific fields - create3d logo Create: 100 emails, 100 facebook accounts ASAP - Created a "Joomla squad manager" component/extension for my Joomla site. Created a Female Ninja character in 3ds Max - Created from ArchiCAD & 3D visualisation with Lumion of our Resort (Main House, Eco Lodges & Lodges, Store, Ground Plan) Created from ArchiCAD & 3D visualisation with Lumion of our Resort (Main House, Eco Lodges & Lodges, Store, Ground Plan) - Created Video (Approximately 8 Slides under 60 seconds) Created Web Based Application for Managing Backup Reports - CreateProcessAsUser CreateProcessAsUser - Createspace Book Interior Design & Cover Createspace Book Interior Design & Cover - creatin a WP responsive multi purpose theme creatin android odoo9 contact sync - Creating tech specs for a clothing brand Creating the name and logo for a new online business - CREATING .AWD FILE Creating .DST file for embroidery - Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) -- 2 - Creating 2 very simple plugins for Classipress (category icon, and ads upgrade) - start ASAP Creating 2 virtuemart prices for different users - Creating 3 D blocks for Furniture in Autocad Creating 3 Facebook Banners for my page - Creating 3d file from 2d design drawing Creating 3d furniture interiors - creating 4 databases creating 4 databases - Creating 9 subdomains according to our project on our website Creating 90 sec project promo video using ready after-affect - Creating a 3 image GIF with transitional effects - will be awarding within 20 min of posting Creating a 3 minutes Music video “anime” for upcoming artist. - Creating a 5plus button an a wpcasa site for bedrooms Creating a 9 Workflow using Sharepoint 2013... - Creating a Backoffice For Online Courses Creating a band called The Poets - Creating a Beer List Creating a best natural shoe cleaning solution - creating a blog with comments Creating a blog with Magento Wordpress Integration (Fishpig Extension) - Creating a Brand Name Creating a brand name and logo - Creating a calculator survey webpage with Wordpress Creating a Calendar - Creating a class rectangle using a header file! Creating a Classifieds Logo - Creating a company logo creating a company logo - Creating a cooking video Creating a copy of our current flash / php website, replacing english text with german (translation text already done) - Creating a custom basic joomla + cart (virtuemart or open c Creating a custom CMS system - Creating a customer portal using Umbraco 7 and Microsoft CRM Creating a Customer Survey based on a ready made one - Creating a database dynamic driven site with search, checkout, and upload. creating a database for a client - Creating a dating website, need to be creative!(repost) Creating a DeathByCaptcha API based VoteBot - Creating a Document in LaTex Creating a Documentary - Creating a dynamic web site Creating a Dynamic Website - creating a feasibility study about a custom usb device Creating a file converting website - Creating A flavor tag Creating a Flexible Budget and Manufacturing Overhead Budget - Creating a FSA from a Regular Expression Creating a full auto update website - Creating a game similar to the classic "Excite Bike" (8-Bit) Creating a game, similar to games like Tap Titans, Clicker Heroes - creating a header graphic + cover creating a header graphic + cover dvd, cd, book - Creating a intro for my upcoming YouTube channel which is going to be starting this summer Creating a Invoicing and Inventory Software - Creating a Joomla Template with pre-made Design Creating a Joomla Theme - creating a line sheet - open to bidding Creating a link directory - Creating a logo Creating a logo - creating a logo or icon Creating a logo variation (assigned to Kelvin) - Creating a marketing campaign and we need lots of real contacts creating a marketing campaign brief for certain product - creating a mini ebay site using ASP.NET Creating a Mini Site in Wordpress - Creating a mobile version of Creating a mobile website/app and web client for the travel industry - Creating a New Autocad Object Creating a new blog page and functions - Creating a new server and salvaging what you can off my old one Creating a new service In drupal Services module , Integration with java app In desktop. - Creating a new website with a CMS and a webstore based on the excisting site Creating A New Wordpress Website - Creating A Pages Of Website Creating a panel to add products to our website catalog - Creating a photosphere from images, linking to google maps. Creating a PHP + Joomla based webpage for our online service - creating a picture/photoshop expert Creating a Pivot Table - Creating a portfolio creating a POS software - Creating a private PGP network with BlackBerry OS 7 and 10 creating a private project for username sabirmostofa - Creating a Professional Travel Website like,, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, and - creating a professional website Creating a Professional Website like that Sells a type of real estate rather than Travel - repost - Creating a questionairre in PHP Creating a quicktime reference file that points to growing file (during encoding) - Creating a Report for a Wordpress PHP site Creating a Report Module with graphs - Creating a scheduling website Creating a schema in ORM (Object relational mapping) for a specific scenario - Creating a seo friendly url with php Creating a SEO friendly website from a existing website - Creating a similar site Creating a similar site like kickstarter or indiegogo - Creating a simple iPhone application Creating a simple iphone application - creating a simple website Creating a simple Website (PHP and MYSQL) - Creating a small business website Creating a small CMS (50 €) - Creating a Software for Easy hand drawing -3D Creating a Software for Random Number Generation with a particular logic - Creating a Stage6 Alternative 2 Creating a Stage6 Alternative(repost) - Creating a system - VB creating a system for object oriented developing java assignment - Creating a template in Motion Creating a template menu for my restaurant - Creating a traffic sign database Creating a traffic sign database(repost) - Creating a User Guide and a Software Package for A Creating a user interface (GUI) using C# - Creating a Video Creating a Video - creating a video module Creating a Video Sales Letter - Creating a watch need a freelance artist/designer Creating a Web App in C# - Creating a web scraping program fore data collection
Creating a web server - Creating a webshop like Creating a webshop to sell a Customizable Identification Card - creating a website creating a website - Creating a website and data entry and application softwares Creating a website and logo - Creating a website for the company creating a website for upload and download speed test - Creating a website that extracts home appraisal values via API Creating a website to sell a Customizable ID Card - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... -- 3 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT - Creating a Wiki Page Creating a Wiki page for my business - Creating a WordPress Plugin Creating a Wordpress PlugIn - Creating a Wordpress Website using Semplice Labs Template Creating a Wordpress-Website for a Business Site - Creating About Us Company Site Creating Academic Assessment Resources - creating accounts. -- 2 Creating Accs - Creating advanced Android app using a guide with custom viewpager Creating advanced Android app using a guide with custom viewpager - repost - Creating an accessories fair trade brand Creating an accessories fair trade brand - open to bidding - Creating an advanced Grid used for a VB6 application Creating an advanced search function for a website - Creating an animated series based on the popular nintendo game Splatoon Creating an animated short film - creating an app creating an app - Creating an auction site! (have design) Creating an audio delay - Creating an eCommerce site Creating an ecommerce site - Creating an Excel List Creating an Excel list based on a online forum - Creating an Identity for a Mortgage Bank Creating an IG/Photoshop filter similar to .. - Creating an interactive swf format Flash chart with Laszlo (069) Creating an interactive website for luxury site on a budget - Creating an LCA model for your product ‘Simple Shed’ by following the SimaPro7 Woodshed Creating an list of RSS Feeds - Creating an online shop for selling tires Creating an online shop. - Creating an SMTP mail server and then properly sending emails for a new Mail Marketing business Creating an SMTP Server - Creating and Design a web/video Creating and Design a web/video -- - Creating and Integrating a Time-Off Application Creating and integrating psd files and developpement of a search engine - Creating and posting work. Creating and Promoting a site - Creating android dating app with great design(Turn key) Creating android dating app(turn key) - creating anroid applications Creating Antivirus Software with Firewall - creating apps for windows phone Creating Apps for Windows Stores - Creating Audience with Facebook API Creating Audience with Facebook API / scraping - Creating B&S Partner public web Creating B&S Partner public web -- 2 - Creating Banner Designs Creating Banner for Adwords Flash and .jpg - Creating Binary Option EA for Metatrader 4 Creating Bingo website with payment options - Creating Brochure Creating Brochure - Creating CAD model from a technical drawing Creating CAD model from an old technical drawing - Creating Character Animations creating characters for browser based game - Creating clone of Genymotion(experienced freelancer only) for windows Creating clone of nox app player ,genymotion(experienced freelancer only) - Creating complete ETL in Pentaho PDI or Talend Creating complete graphic design for a boardgame - Creating content for our website Creating content for Photoshop course - Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue - creating custom callout in CRM 3.0 creating custom currency at ripple gatewayd - Creating customer japsersoft reports from Creating customer loyalty program APP - Creating database Creating database - Creating demo/presentation for existing software Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website - Creating DNS Server for Hosting Company Creating DNS server forwarder - Creating Dynamic Forms and presenting to client. Creating Dynamic Great Looking Website - Creating eBay Listings based on given collection Creating Ebay Prostores store - Creating emails creating emails - Creating Excel database, data entry Creating Excel database, data entry - Creating FaceBook Accounts creating facebook accounts and logging activity - Creating family blocks in revit facade consulting Creating fancy plots in Matlab from provided spreadsheet - Creating Fireboard skin (Joomla Forum) from .psd Creating first PR series For Derma Logi - Creating food website Creating Footware order system - Creating Forum Profiles Creating forums website in html5 - Creating functions that explore dictionaries and file reading and writing. Creating funny short movies, small game or other viral marketing solutions - creating good looking style sheets for our cricket website creating good quality youtube accounts - Creating Header, Logo and banners for a wordpress website Creating Healthcare Information System Package using Existing Open Source Software - Creating html page Creating HtmL Pages (perfect demo mockups delivered!) - Creating IDs address Creating IDs address - repost - Creating InDesign Files for Planner Creating InDesign Print - Creating Interactive PDF Forms in InDesign 6 Creating interactive transcripts for videos - Creating IT Resume -- 2 Creating IT Skill MCQs - Creating K-12 Mathematics problems database aligned with Common Core State Standards Creating Karaoke - Creating layered PSD files for website Creating layers in Photoshop. - Creating Listing Site Creating Listings for our new search engine (copy & paste) - Creating logo - Insites Agency Creating Logo - open to bidding - Creating macros across multiple excel budgets Creating Macros in Excel - Creating maps with HTMl5 Creating Maps: Google Maps API v3.0 - Creating Mechanical/Air Conditioning Equipement Schedules Creating Medical Instruments from Star Wars in 3D - Creating MLM module and some more features Creating MMORPG in CryENGINE 3 - Creating Models Directory for an adult tube website Creating Models Directory for an adult tube website - Creating monthly press release to go out to online media and US travel related publications