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Create Spry menu using XML data - Create SQL Script Installer .NET Create SQL script that creates 1 new table from 2 existing tables, including all PK, FK, constraints, indexes, etc. - Create Squeeze Pages Create Squeeze/Landing Page with autoresponder integration - Create SSO link on wordpress site with ASMX Create SSRS Orchard Module - Create standard graphic files from existing logo create standard operating procedures - Create static html from psd and existing web html Create static html pages from magenta theme - Create statistics - repost Create statistics - URGENT! - Create still banner and Flash animated Create still image from the flash video - Create store front web site Create store front web site - open to bidding - Create storyboards for animation Create StoryBrancher Article on Stereopticon - Create study guide from written material Create study materials / self study letters for "Excel in managerial accounting" - Create Sub Domains Automatically Create Sub domains load sales pages, 2 to start 70 in total - Create Subdomain Landing Page CREATE SUBDOMAIN on dedicated server - Create Subset of an Access Database Create website using SmartJobBoard software package - Create Sunflower Images Right Now Create sunglass e comerse online store website OPEN CART - create survey create survey - create SVG from scanned images Create SVG Icons - create SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires Create Swing Tag and Neck Label - Create T-Shirt Designs Create T-Shirt Designs for Women - Create table and JSON request Create table and retrieve data from mysql database - Create Table Using Fuel UX DataGrid Create table with preview buttons - Create tables to organize pages of offerings for Art Gallery Create Tables with Dynamic Multiple Field in PHP - create tapestry image Create target list - pregnancy clothing distributors - Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory(repost) - Create technical requirements for web site Create Technical Robot for MT4 - Create Template and Website Create template based on other site and make it working with application - Create template for Joomla 3 Create template for Joomla 3.1 + adsmanager extension - Create Template from Design Already Created Create Template from Existing PSD File - Create template with wordpress Create Template Wordpress - Create Templates, Views and URL Patterns Create - Create test cases in SOAP UI Create Test cases using SOAPUI - Create Tetris game in Flash Action Script 3.0 Create Text (3 words) in 3D - create text-based responsive wordpress theme Create text/web mining application - create thank you page Create Thank You page for contact forms to help in Google AdWords tracking - Create the banner and set up my code Create the base of a web service (SAS) Codeigniter - Create the copy for a website on Australian Bananas 001 Create the copyright and structure of a landing page - Create the game SCORE 4 in Fortran Create the game that will be on everyones phone! - Create the letter R Create the list of doctors - SN - Create the next generation of social media applications Create the next hit iPhone game! - Create the same website and time reporting system 3 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server - Create the theme for php script Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites - create theme Create Theme & Mods to current WeBid Auction Website - Create theme music for a podocast Create theme park style map for wedding of Notre Dame campus - Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare - Create This Simple Graphic Design in Photoshop Create this simple iOS app. - Create three buttons on the top bar of an application Create Three Case Studies - Create Three Reports Using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers Create three rooms with and without furniture - create thumbnail from videos Create Thumbnail Function - Create Ticker and install create ticket and tag image - create timetable in Javascript small work Create Tinder Chat Software - Create tmplate/theme for Quick.Cart software Create TMS Component for Joomla Website - Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) - Create top module position in Joomla 2.5 template Create Top Navigation for Android App - Create track Create tracker for members - create traffic to my site, post on forums and blogs in Australia. Create traffic to my webpage - Create Training Website off of Magento site Create Tranfer System PHP - Create Transparent Background Create Transparent Background - Create Travel Planner with Java Aglets Create Travel Search Engine - Create tripples in triple store and run few queries in SPARQL Create Trivia games for Android - Create Tumblr Theme Create tumblr theme from PSD - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts and application keys -- 2 - Create Twitter Software Create twitter streamer in Python - create two AddressBook objects, one to hold BusinessContact objects, one to hold PersonalContact objects. I want them on java Create two admin reports for Oscommerce - Create Two Boxed Software Images Create two branded signatures for use on all our company outgoing E mails using Outlook - Create two Dreamweaver templates Create two drupal forms - Create two forms. Reservation and Contact. Create two fossil vector art graphics - Create two interface projects for ACESTP Create two IT product explanation videos - Create two multilingual websites from two Drupal templates Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon. - Create two patent drawings create two pdf with excel - Create two scripts to pull down basketball statistics into a database insert query Create two short (1-2 min) Promotional Videos - Create Two Simple Web Pages - Repost Create Two Simple Web Pages - Repost - open to bidding - Create two variations of the mascot created for the contest. Create two VB apps transporting data between a MS-Access and a MySQL database using web services. - create two website graphics/images for our website Create two website reproductions - Create Typo3 Parallax Scrolling Banner Slider Create TYPO3 template based on reference website - Create UI (xaml in Xamarin.Forms ) from psd/sketch222
Create UI - HTML5, CSS3, JS for Mobile Devices -- Tablets & Mobiles (Android, IOS) - Create UK Driver's License create UK eBay seller accounts with paypal x 10 - Create Unbounce Page Create Unboxing Videos for Gadgets - Create Unique Fashion - Repost Create Unique Fashion - Repost - open to bidding - Create Unique Twitter Background Create Unique URL to Direct Users to a Lead Generation Page For Each Product. - Create Unity Animated 3d Models for Game Create unity app game MMORPG - Create unwrapped UV Create up to 10 small line drawn sketches to be used in a printed brochure - Create upload photo feature in the website and login feature for the new users and account creation Create upload progress bar for PHP - Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi Create us a Search Input Field for Relevanssi Plugin - Create User Account in Forums and Paste Sentence - Copy and Paste work - SIMPLE Create User Account in Forums and Paste Sentence - Portuguese - Copy and Paste work - SIMPLE - create user guide ebook about Kindle Fire Create User guide for app and admin - Create User Profile and Form / bound to Oauth ID Create User Profile In Business Catalyst - Create UserForm in Excel Worksheet for Invoice Template Create userinterface (C#) to feed exiting API. - create ustream application for my website create ustream application for my website asap - create validate button Create validate button and forgot password - Create various lead magnets for lead generation create various logo files from .ai file - Create VB.Net Code for Recurring SQL Entries Create VB.NET code to manage PowerPoint files - Create VBA connection via XML to manage Plesk Email Settings create VBA macro for excel sheet - Create Vector Create Vector (.eps) file from .jpg image - Create vector file create vector file - Create vector format of existing design Create Vector Frame Images in Various Invitation Sizes - Create Vector Graphic from Low-Res Logo Create Vector Graphic from PNG - Create Vector Image Create Vector image - Create vector images cheap. Create vector images cheap. -- 2 - Create Vector Logo from JPG Images Create Vector Logo from logo file - Create vector source file and iOS icon files for an existing design by 9pm EST (US) Create Vector Text for Flash File from a Jpeg - Create vectors of those 3 images Create Vectors with 3mm Bleed from .psd Files - Create version 2.0 of gCADPlus Create version mobile of magento website - Create very simple (4 page) website Create very simple 3d Experience in iphone app from product data - Create very simple social platform Create Very Simple To Do List Script - Create Video Create Video - create video create video - create video about my services Create Video about Our Company - Create Video Awareness Create video back test on on expert advisors. - create video Cv to win your dream job or presentation video for companies websites Create video demo for application - create video for game Create video for home electronics product installation- about 2-3 mins - create video for website Create Video for Website - Voiceover will be Provided - create video in After Effects using my template Create video in french - Create video of concert (video cameras provided) Create Video of Design of SolidWorks Vehicle - Create video promos for websites Create Video Promoting Service - Create Video Template For Me Create video template for our weekly top 5: - Create Video Tutorial for Payroll Software Create Video Tutorial on How To Auto Create / Automate Test Cases For Java / Spring + Hibernate + html / jsp + mysql Application - Create Video Virals for your Biz -Reach 1000's Create Video w/Voice over! - Create Videos Create Videos - Long term project - Create Videos For Websites Explainer Type Create videos from 1000s of photos in a dropbox folder - Create Videos(2intro+2tutorial) for a website. Bid only if you can do it at 100$. Create videos, banners, logos and pictures editing - Create Viral Quizzes (BUZZFEED QUIZ STYLE) Create Viral Trump Tee Shirt Campaign - create virtual machines using java Create virtual machines with different mac and ip - Create VisalGDB project for STM32F429I Disco with FreeRTOS and TouchGFX create visicard - Create visual appeal with graphics/ flash/ sliders to website Create Visual Basic Email To Drag and Drop From Microsoft Outlook to Web - Create Visual Studio User Controls or Classes Create Visual Studio.Net COM Addin Setup using Shim Wizard - Create VM's on an OVH Dedicated Server with SolusPanel Create VMware image from FreeBSD 7.0 snapshot - Create volume control for android app - repost Create Volume Visual Basics Program - Create VPN with my SSH Server IP ! Create VPS on dedicated server - Create w3 valid html website from psd file Create w3c compatible small website template - create wave form based on Frequency of the song as image. Similar to soundcloud create wave form based on Frequency of the song as image. Similar to soundcloud - repost - Create Web 2.0 Properties And Write The Articles Create Web 2.0 Resources List - create web application Create Web Application + Additional Modules + GUI Redesign - Create Web Application with GUI Interface for a Security Locking sytem Create Web Application: Trip Finder - Create web based screening and reporting system that can be billed per test securely Create Web Based Software (Word Press) or Adobe Air - Create Web Data Entry System Create Web Demonstration Video - Create web form application Create Web form for e-mailing multiple recipients - Create Web information Page With Link Create Web interface - create web page Create Web Page (HTML/CSS) - $80 - Create web page that will load a webpage, parse a link, load that link. Create web page to accept Cash & Check Payment - Create web portal to find sport partners Create Web Presence - Create Web Service Create web service - Create web site Create web site - Create Web site logo Create web site look-a-like - Create web template from example Create Web Template from PSD - Create Web-based Skills Assessment Tool - repost 2 Create web-based Visio Diagram - Create webbased recruiter portal Create WEBBOT script that automates facebook ads creation - Create Webinar/Powerpoint concerning Fashion Create Webiste - Create webpage code using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript Create webpage design - Create webpage to convert document to pdf, email and store it in a database