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Create Small Joomla Component Witg Drag and Drop and Save Data on DB - Create small SEARCH engine trough PLIST file Create small set of icons - Create small wordpress function Create small Wordpress Plugin - create smarty template create smarty template - Create snake game using java Create Snake venom Database - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts Create Social Bookmarking Accounts - create social media accounts Create social media accounts - fans - CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Create Social Media Marketing Articles - Create Social Media Sites - open to bidding Create social media sites for e-commerce website - Create Social Networking Create Social Networking - Create Social website in Drupal Create Social website using Drupal - Create Software - Web based Create Software scrape and postings - Create software for importing text into mambo Create Software For Instagram Automation - Create Software or System You Know about Traffic Generation: Create software presentation in Flash (ROMANIAN language only) - Create software to create english words from random list Create Software to easily calculate fee's. - Create software with LimeLM configuration (MAC Address detection) Create Software with photo comparison ability and web API - Create solution Create Solution Bot for instant purchases (eCommerce) - Create some 3D models of uman characters for use in SFM Create some 3D product renders from simple 2D DXFs - Create some backgoundimages create some backlinks for my websites - Create some cartoon characters for a book Create some catchy images - Create some dashboard graphs in Power BI service Create some dashboard using tableau - create some fillable Word of pdf forms create some fillable Word of pdf forms - Create some High Quality 3D product images Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT - Create some images (about 4) , Create some images (about 4) , this is urgent project, we should get 1st responses in few hours from you, and should get final images in a day or 2 - Create some lettering around some images for t-shirt graphic and sign create some likes - Create some object and formula field in my project - ongoing work Create some oxwall plugins - Create some product descriptions/Edit others Create some Product Images - Create some scrapping tools Create some screenshots $10 flat - Create some software which will run as a service and will stop users or programs from modifying multiple files within a short space of time Create some SOL query for my Database - Create some web pages from a PSD file Create some web search engine with solr - Create Song Remix/Edit vocals Create sophisticated extra hard android widget. - Create Sound Software Create sound track - Create SparkPost API integration for aMember Create Speach Recognition Software - Create SPF Records Create Spiders to Scrape Websites - Create Sponsorship Letter in InDesign Create Sport community site - create spreadsheet for components in circuit board--2 Create Spreadsheet for equipment repair - Create spreadsheet of products Create spreadsheet style program with excell or others data - Create SQL 2000 Server View Table Create SQL 2000 View that assigns row number to each row - Create SQL server 2005 database from Visio diagram Create Sql Server 2008 R2 Cluster - Create SquidGuard OpenWRT Makefile create squido and hubpages - Create stack of standard website templates Create Stacked Boxes in Perspective View - Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. - Create static pages in Magento Create Static Pages in Rails App. - Create Stats/Graphs from SimpleDB Database Create statystics for "Yet Another Awards System 3.8.4" - Create STL/AutoCAD files for plastic enclosure of an elecntronics board Create STM32F code project specification. - create store procedure create store procedure1 - Create Streaming MP3 Web player create streaming video viewer - Create stunning shopify ecomerce website - tech create stunning slideshow - Create sub template for wordpress create sub-admin option read project details carefully work need start now - Create Subdomains With Keywords Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost) - Create subtitles for video Create subtitles for video - Create Super Wireframe Email Template from HTML Create Superadmin and Admin accounts and dashboards for that calculator site - Create survey on survey monkey create survey on SurveyMonkey based on a questionnaire saved in a Word document - Create swap card animation Create SWC library file from some AS3 classes - Create System Analyst Q&A quiz Create System and Protection Against Unauthorized Use for MT4 - create tab menu, half hour work, php javascript Create Tab Navigation Menu with Ajax - Create table in formiddable pro create table in indesign - Create tables and Write PL /SQL's as per the requirment Create tables from .pdf data - Create tag filtered portfolio on current wordpress theme! Create Tag images - Create Tax Forms in Reporting Software - Repost -- 2 Create Tax Service Web Site - Create Technica Articles Create technical article - Create Template and convert old site content to Joomla Create template and convert site to joomla - Create template for Deal site (provide PSD) create template for design (hhgs) - Create template for shop online Create template for use on an iPad - Create template page for Wordpress Create Template report from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet - Create Templates for web service promotion Create templates from PHP software - Create Test accounts on MY website Create Test Ads in to identify bugs/mistakes - Create testimonial videos Create Testimonials Template Page from Existing Templates - Create text out of colored pixels (div with bg color) Create text sync animation in After Effects - Create textures for a unity3d model Create Textures for Sketchup from Photographs - Create the backend of my online site - repost Create the backend to control my app. - Create the Content for GetRightToGo - repost Create the content of our new web page !!! - Create the Front end web site for my Start-up Create the Front-End of a Videogame Store - Create the layout for the site create the layout online store to sell warehouse equipment - Create the next design for Infographic for 1 year
Create the next generation of social media applications - Create the same website and time reporting system 2 Create the same website and time reporting system 3 - Create the theme for php script Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites - create the xcode (iOS) project for game in cocos2dx v. 2.2.6 create theme - Create theme music for a podocast Create theme park style map for wedding of Notre Dame campus - Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWDvideoshare - Create this simple text into a vector (AI) file in less than 1 hour Create this simple web page according to the attached design - Create three compnenets for Altium library from the datasheets Create three custom headers for a slider - Create three scripts as discussed Create Three Sets Of Accounts At Video Sites - Create thumbnail gallery WP/fix small problems in search Create Thumbnail Image - Create ticket number encoding and decoding programs Create Ticketing Form on Webpage - Create Tiny Amazon Inventory Flat File Create tiny Envato API request page - Create To-Do Lists Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - Create top users sort field in admin create topbanner toggle on a typo3 (SS) - Create tracking code for Google Analytics / Adwords to track conversions by click on button / link Create Tracking Cookie - Create Traffic Website (High Quality Req) (Some API coding maybe needed) CREATE TRAFFICS & MARKET NEW ADULT WEBSITE - Create transcript files for YouTube videos Create Transcript for 4 5 minute videos - Create Transparent Background PNG's - Part 1 Create Transparent Background PNG's - Part 2 - Create Travel Website design in Drupal Create Travel Website design in PHP - Create True Type Font Create True Type font from a psd - Create tutorial iPhone game Create tutorial on effect in Photoshop - Create twelve princesses pictures Create twenty 4-second animations for a language experiment - Create Twitter background/profile template Create Twitter Bio Email Extractor - create twitter/facebook retrieving module create twitter/facebook retrieving module - Create Two Animations/GIFS Create two applications one for iPhone and one for iPad - Create Two characters of chuck norris. Create two checklists based on PDFs (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001) - Create two excel formulas - repost Create two excel formulas - repost - Repost - Create two high-quality renderings Create two HTML ad pages within FCKeditor - Create two logo's Create Two Logos - Create two original "pin-up" girls Create two page "Interest List" website - create two publisher postcard templates create two publisher postcard templates - repost - Create Two similar Widgets Just like Custom Menu widgets Create Two similar Widgets Just like Custom Menu widgets in Wordpress theme - Create two static pages in HTM and PSD Create two static pages with bootstrap - Create two way syncronization between scheduling application and 3rd party application through REST interface Create two web 2.0 style icons for web page (repost) - Create two Wordpress Templates Create Two Yahoo Pipes - Create Uber like app for Android create uber menu in wordpress with tabs function - Create UI Screens for FileMaker Database Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF - Create UML diagrams for iOS Application Create UML diagrams for my MVC structured website - Create Unique Cartoon Character Create unique checkboxes for wordpress theme - Create Unique Social App for us in iOS-Android create unique social media content for a womens hygiene products company - create unity 3d Create unity 3d farm cartoon - Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website Create Universal iPad/iPhone App from Mockup - create updates for our wordpress website (new company photos, content; links etc) Create UPI Android Application to used banking services - Create URL using a date-picker Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet - Create USB-DVD installer for Hardware OS create use case for mobile application - Create User Friendly Dashboard for Van Sales Scorecard Create User Friendly Recording Application for Offices - Create User Management Tool PHP/MySQL Create User Manual - Create User Statistics for Laravel like Youtube Create user stats, search menu - Create Users Manual for Modified osCommerce Site Create users on my clubs webpage using Excel - Create vacation rental ads Create valentine header and logo design for megamindworks - Create various 1 minute tutorial videos for a knowledgebase Create Various Accounts For us - Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost 2 - Create VB6 Wrapper DLL for a C/C++ DLL Create VBA Calculation Script in Excel - Create VCE Exam Simulator Exporter Create vcf contact files from images of business cards - Create Vector Diecut Puzzle Create Vector Drawing - Create Vector files of these 3 images Create Vector Flyer - Create vector graphic from image Create vector graphic from jpg - Create Vector Image Create Vector Image - Create vector images cheap. Create vector images cheap. -- 2 - Create Vector Logo from logo file Create vector logo from our concept - Create Vector Variations of the logo with different colors Create Vector version of a Logo - Create Vectory Battery Icon (Fireworks PNG) create vedio - Create Vertical "Windows" Menu for Joomla Create vertical array in 3 x columns - create very simple android app create very simple android app - Repost - Create very simple webstie and API system to work with Dogecoin wallet Create VERY SIMPLE windows application in Visual Studio - Create Video Create Video - Create video Create video - CReate video Advert Create video advertisement for an web portal - CREATE VIDEO BUILD YOUTUBE CHANNEL create video by taking parts from other videos - Create Video DVD From File Create Video DVD/Streaming... - create video for my company - showcase what we do Create Video for my kick starter project. - create video from mp3 files Create video from photos and audio to android - Create Video From The Given Images with animation programmatically in java