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Create Terms of Use and Privacy - Create test webservice with Basic Authentication and one with Token create testcases - Create text graphics as headlines for Web site Create text into smaller messages and send them as tweets - Create textured and animated 3D models for a game Create textured and animated 3D models for a game -- 2 - Create the architectural 3D (DWG) files for an existing building with 7 appartements, then make interior renderings Create the asked website - Create the Business Plan for Freight Tracking Business - repost create the button and css work - Create the FB business page for the site Create the Feed - Create the imagery for a website advertising Computer Support services create the importer -edit the code of prestashop to import much data into database - Create the mobile version of my website Create the model and optimise the revenue for the plant over ten days WITNESS simulation - create the plugin for my website create the plugin for my website - Create the server-side processing for Paypal Mobile SDK integration in Django Plata shop system Create the Settings pages in Angular for 84sales - Create the very simple excel macro to retrieve the simple web data Create the views only for a Mobile Website using react.js and CSS - Create theme for drupal from a html template Create theme for magento - Create Themed Email Template for use in InBox 25 Create ThemeForest ready, multipurpose theme. - Create this dropdown menu / box Create this exact flyer for me - Create this website for me. Create this website using Django and MySQL - Create three extensions for EspoCRM Create three extensions for EspoCRM - Create three vector logos from photos Create three vector logos from photos - Create thumbnails Create Thumbnails and Place Pictures in Gallery - Create tiled image in 40 different colours Create tiles for a tile-game - create tips screen Create Titanium Android Module that wraps Intercom's API - Create TOC in existing Large PDF Document (Adobe Acrobat Skills Required) Create TOC in existing Large PDF Document (Adobe Acrobat Skills Required) - repost - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - open to bidding Create tool to populate excel spreadsheet with data from XML files - Create topmost button like Assistive Touch Create topography CAD files from scanned contour PDF’s. - Create Tracking Cookie Create Tracking Cookie - open to bidding - Create Traffic Website (High Quality Req) (Some API coding maybe needed) CREATE TRAFFICS & MARKET NEW ADULT WEBSITE - Create transcoding virtual machine Create transcoding virtual machine(repost) - Create transparent background for a number of images Create transparent background on nine photos - Create Travel Template for AuctionPHP site Create travel video files from audio and image files - Create trivia questions Create trivia questions about Hollywood Gossip - Create tumblr theme from PSD Create turism portal / add agregator - create tv show Create TV Shows & Celebrity Wallpapers - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images - create twitter search and send script create twitter search and send script -- 2 - Create two 8 x 10 posters, ready for print Create two additional forms in Virtuemart products - Create two birthday card - Repost - open to bidding Create Two Book Covers - Long Term - Create two different Exception Classes in Java Create two different types of programming conditions using if-else statements and loops. - Create two Flash polling widgets for a children's book site Create two forms with paypal transfer posibility - Create Two Infographics Create two Infographics. - Create two money-making affiliate sites create two more categories - Create Two Parrots taling about Vapor Cigarettes for Vapor Sniper, Create Two Parrots taling about Vapor Cigarettes for Vapor Sniper, - Create two responsive webpages with sliders Create two responsive wordpress page - Create two simple images to be placed next to adsense Create two simple ms word templates - Create Two Three.js Examples Create two trailers for a mobile casino game - create two web templates based on exsiitng code base. Create two webpage with Bootstrap - Create txt file create txt files with "known" doman names - Create Ubuntu VM with Kinect Openni Drivers installed create udemy course - Create UI/UX for a mobile APP Create UI/UX of Android App - Create UML Documentation Create UML Documents - create unique content Create unique content for a new Keratin fibers website - create unique social media content for a womens hygiene products company -- 2 Create Unique Space Fighter based on provided specs - Create unity 3d farm cartoon Create Unity 3d game - Create universal free version from Paid version of app Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website - Create updates for mobile app create updates for our wordpress website (new company photos, content; links etc) - Create URL to Search Results in Spreadshirt's Flash Designer Create URL Tracker Script (PhP/MySQL) - Create USB driver for PIC micro controller Create USB Products - Create User Form - Excel Create user friendly admin pages from exsisting website - Create user login, profiles and members area create user management system in CI - Create User search page Create user section - Create users in AD from csv file Create Users in System - Create v.2 of Existing Android App w/ Updates Create v2 of my software - Create Variation Childs on Amazon for New Listing products Create Variation Website - Job for GWS - Create VB script to monitor folder; when a file is place into it, delete some files Create VB SEO Mods - Create VB6 code to print customer receipts on Epson receipt 3 inch wide paper printers. Create VB6 code to print customer receipts on Epson receipt 3 inch wide paper printers.(repost) - Create vbulletin theme Create Vbulletin Theme to Match Main Website - create vector art in A.I. formats Create Vector Artwork - Create vector file from low res jpg - open to bidding Create VECTOR FILE from low res tiff - Create vector from JPEG Create Vector from jpg - Create vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and create a puppet in Adobe Character Animator CREATE vector ICON for Chinese sign of Dragon for 2012 - Create Vector Image from normal photo Create Vector image from psd or png - Create vector in Adobe Illustrator from simple JPG Create vector letters from pictures of letters - Create Vector of an High Res Scan with Photoshop Create Vector of Existing Logo - Create Vector, PNG, EPS and B/W Files for Existing Logo Design Create vector, psd and png files from existing designs - Create verified .com emails with major sites 3 Create verified account - Create very basic design minimum currency exchange system Create very basic ebay - Create Very Simple Game For iPhone
Create Very simple header for letterhead (based on example) - create vetor of logo Create vex files for IBwave - Create Video Create video - Create Video - 10 numbers of 1 minute videos required Create Video from Audio Recording - create video and make the editing create video and photograph for techonology based project - Create video clip Create video clip - Create video editor plugin for existing app Create Video effects over Video for cycling trail - Create Video for my kick starter project. Create Video for my MLM's Compensation Plan. - create video from mp3 files Create video from photos and audio to android - Create Video Intro (4K Quality) Create Video Intro (4K Quality) -- 2 - CREATE VIDEO ON ADOPE AFTER FX CS4 AND UP--SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS SOFTWARE - ongoing work Create Video on the fly from database (name and image) - Create Video Series Based on hacking with Python Create Video Series Based on iOS hacking - Create video to market services Create Video To Match Audio On Hair Loss - Create Video Tutorials Create Video Tutorials - Create video website using VPS and FTP? Create video website using VPS and FTP? - repost - Create Videos & After Effects templates Create videos (script and format provided) - Create Videos for Youtube Channel create videos for youtube channel - Create Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Other Video Software Create Videos with 3D Models 3D MAX - Create viral group building website Create viral interest and intrigue - CREATE VIRTUAL GAMES FOR LIVE BETTING Create Virtual Gift Icons - Create Virtuamart Theme from PSD file Create Virtue Mart plugin for payment to multi vendor - Create visit card Create visitng cards, letterheads & envolope in coreldraw - Create Visual For An Auto Wreck Create Visual form - from existing dropdown and checkbox form. - Create visuals for a website already online CREATE VISUALS FOR NEW SOCIAL SALON - Create voice-over tutorials for Omnigraffle 7 for MAC -- 2 Create VoiceChat With Login mssql database - Create VPN Create VPN - Create VS.NET 2008 WPF Project/Layout from Graphic Design Create VS.NET C# console project to consume LiveChat JSON API - Create wallpaper for main menu in mobile game Create Wallpaper Graphic from Existing Designs - Create Weapons and Battle Animations Create Weapons Models/Animation with 3DS Max 2012 - Create web API 2 with oAUTH 2 Create Web api for IOS and Android - create web application for generate to ipa and apk to display some url in the web Create web application for hotel using .net or cms skills - create web based api create web based api -- 2 - Create web based Video Conference script Create web based Video Conference script -- 2 - Create web design for Chinese webpage Create web design for home page - Create web form that will submit data via redmine API to a bitnami redmine installation Create Web Form to Email - Create web interface for C# program Create web interface for C# program - repost - Create Web Page describing our Software Product Create Web page design and content - Create Web Page using Bootstrap theme create web page w 5 pages interactive for ordering on line - Create web PSD Create Web Radio Player PHP + JWplayer - Create web service for mobile app Create web service for previous project to allow org chart drill down client side - Create web site from an existing template Create web site templates - Create web site similar to Create WEB SITE STEAM API - Create web templates Create Web templates for - Create web-page on PHP to send e-mail Create web-pages - Create Webcam App to show stream full screen with logo Create Webcam Chatroom - create webiste Create webiste 16 pages - create webpage design and function Create webpage display products stock level from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 upon search - Create Webpage to Sell Digital Product - Clickbank Compatable Create webpage to show data from MySQL database on same server. - Create WebService call Create webservice for calculation of billing - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - create website create website - create website create website - Create website create website - create website (reprogram things on existing site) Create website (responsive)/online platform for prestigious project. - create website - wordpress create Website -- 2 - create website and domain address Create website and e-store - Create website and webshop Create Website Android & IOS app for Radio Station - Create Website based on template design Create Website beach background - Create website content page Create website content related to health and pharmaceutical - Create website design for smartphone app company Create website design for very kind project - create website for adsense create website for advertiser and publisher - Create website for explanations of some uncleared issues create website for farmers - Create website for my business Create website for my business - create website for realestate company Create website for sales and delivery fast-food online - Create Website Form to Query Parse Database and Return Results Create website form, validate submit and email PHPmailer - Create Website from Photoshop design Create website from Photoshop files / Template Monster template - Create Website Functionality Create website functionality and design for wedding gift website - Create Website in Jaipur , Rajasthan ,India Create website in Joomla - Create website like Create website like - repost - Create website like with some changes - Repost