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Create Simple Youtube Video With Sliding Photos - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Window phone Create simulator of light interference in crystal - Create single page responsive bootstrap based on provided page. -- 2 Create single page website - CREATE SITE CREATE SITE - Create site for Web design and Web Development Company. Create site for a security cloud service - Create Site in Wordpress Create Site Intro, Flash Animation, Video File - Create Site Page Template Create Site Patterns for Full-text RSS script - Create site with an existing white label software Create site with an existing white label software - repost - Create sitemap, geoRSS and KLM google geocode create sitemap, rewrite dynamic url and minor tasks - create SketchUp model of 3D plastic bottle w/label Create sketchup model of my product - Create Slider from Classifeds Create slider from psd (weekly) - create slideshow of 98 home page images Create Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website - Create small affiliate website(repost) Create small affiliate website(repostt) - Create Small C# Classes to shrink SQL DB within Csharp existing code Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB - Create small house level from 3ds Create small HTML / JavaScript site - Create small PHP/MySQL/AJAX&JQuery web application and complimentary mobile app. Create Small Platform for Online Experiments (3 pages; php, mySQL, javascript) - Create small website and setup advertisement for payment create small website fast (3 days ) - Create Smart Society Create smart Wordpress site - Create SMS Mobile Marketing System Create SMS notifications and chat rooms using Twilio - Create SOAP client with MTOM support for an existing SOAP service. Create SOAP Layer for Legacy Java System - Create Social login functions (Facebook/Twitter) create social login in magento - CREATE social media crawlers to create Database Create Social Media Dataset - Create social media profiles Create Social Media Profiles - 1 Person, 25 Sites - create social network for people meeting criteria Create social network in Wordpress - Create social referral program for my website after certain actions Create social referral program on my website after certain actions - Create Software Create Software - Create software company website URGENT Create software for .net Android and io5 - create software in c++ Create Software learning videos - Create software that plays a MMORPG Create software that responds to any MIDI digital piano. - Create Software Training/ Demonstration Videos (live screen captures) Create Software Tutorial Videos - Create SolidWorks CAD drawings of product using some existing CAD files and physical components for which no CAD drawings currently exist Create Solidworks Model from Scanned Drawing - Create some 2d game character with gif animation / sprite sheets Create some 2d sprite sheets for game character - create some API (in java and php), and website integration website Create Some Api for prestashop - Create some bespoke coloured door images - photoshop - open to bidding Create Some Blog Posts 3 - create some creative slideshow for store online Create some CSS & Javascript animation for my website - create some facebook covers create some facebook covers - Repost - Create some Graphic Designs Create some graphics - Create some Images Create some images (about 4) , - Create some landing pages Create some lettering around some images for t-shirt graphic and sign - Create some object and formula field in my project Create some object and formula field in my project - ongoing work - Create some posters for trade show Create some presentation mock up images of my approved logo - Create some scrapping tools Create some screenshots $10 flat - Create some SOL query for my Database create some special amazon xml feed - Create some web search engine with solr create some web template - create sort / search algorithm Create Sort Logic, Search Logic - Create sound track -- 2 Create soundalike/karaoke/instrumental tracks of popular music - Create spec sheets from web pages, for antenna cables create special .ttf font - Create Spin in Germane Create spin ready article - CREATE SPORTS BETTING SITE
Create Sports Database - create spreadsheet for RC retaining wall design to Eurocode Create Spreadsheet for Tracking & Statistics - Create spreadsheet using SOME of the data from a PDF Create spreadsheet with data - Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service -- 2 - Create SQL Server Audio / Video Training Material Create SQL Server db with VB and export / import to / from access - Create Squidoo Lens Create Squidoo Lens pages - Create stage & dev env on railsplayground hosting Create staging site - Create State by State Map Gallery create state chart on visio - Create Static site/ layout provided Create static web banners - Create Step by step guide Create step by step questions/ work process in Sugarcrm - Create stock chart picture from mysql data create stock chart program algorithm - Create Stored Procedure create stored procedure - Create Strip poker game Create stripe managed account - Create Style guide and Website Sliders Create style guides - Create sub-nav in html and css, fix mozilla and opera css Create Sub-Page from Existing Homepage - Create Submission Form Webpage Create Submittal software with selectable items, design interactive switches from existing images - Create Successful Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing to produce leads & sales for Wedding & Bridal Shop Create Successful Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing to produce leads & sales for Wedding & Bridal Shop - Create Supplement Packaging Designs and 3D rendering Create support desk sytem - Create SVG from *small* jpg Create SVG from a Logo - create swf file for an online magazine leader ad (two images and logo rotating) Create SWF or Flash File Quickly - Create T-Shirt Copy, Funny lines and slogans Create t-shirt creation system - Create Table Create TABLE - Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - repost 2 Create Table on Hosting Site - Create tables in SQL and execute the values in tables Create tables in Tablepress plugin on Wordpress - Create Taobao Application Create Tapestry Designs - Mandala Tapestry - Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory(repost) - Create Technical Robot for MT4 create technical spec for website + app (for mobile & app) - Create template based on other site and make it working with application Create Template based on our Cycling Club Jersey - Create Template for joomla and modify existing logo for page head. Create template for Joomla Mobile - Create Template From Existing Site Using php Create template from existing WebSite - Create template Wordpress Create Template, mail merge data and email out - Create Ten (10) MSFN.ORG Forum Accounts with Unique IPs and Backing Emails Create Ten 125 to 150 word ''mini - articles / email follow ups'' - Long term work - Create test orders on website Create Test Plan and Test Strategy - create text and email alerts for existing site Create text and page for proofreader's marks - Create textfile with instructions to install Apache, PHP 5.2.17 and MySQL 5.1.60 on Ubuntu create Textile Design trend reports - based on current Catwalks/Runway's & high street fashion - Create the "dots and boxes" game in Java Create The "Up In The Air Life" - 1 minute Trip Announcement Video - Create The Best Dating Website similar to - Create the best social media ever! - Create the db structure, upload data and display it Create The Design & CMS System For A Website - Create the GUI of 3 tabs Create the Highest Degree of Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional Website on the Market - Create the LOGO for Yuppala Create the Logo of the next iTunes - Create the next website design for Finz Restaurant Create the orgchart using my orgchart software to connect to the HR Oracle database - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 5 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 6 - Create the UI front end for a live streaming app Create the ultimate Facebook (like) campaign image / cartoon - Create theme for a website Create theme for a website -- 2 - create theme w/ logo psd file for new website create theme, mock up design for website - create this design in photoshop create this design in photoshop - repost - create this website design psd only no codng Create this website for another business - Create three extensions for EspoCRM Create three extensions for EspoCRM - Create three vector logos from photos Create three vector logos from photos - Create Thumbnail When Video Uplaod Create Thumbnails - Create tiles for a tile-game Create time and expense system for a small business - create Titanium iOS module Microsoft Tag library Create Titanium module to expose iOS7 Multipeer Framework - Create Toggle (expand/collapse) table row create toile test garments and produce tech pack details/info for selection of womens clothing - Create Toolbar for Internet Explorer Create toolbar on my website - Create torrent leeching website like zbigz Create torrent website that looks like Read carefully or be reported - Create trading website Create Trading website using Steam API - Create Training Guide Create Training Guide, Quick Start Guide and User Manual - Create transcripts from audio recordings Create Transcripts from Interview recordings - Create Transparent Logos Create transparent looking buttons for keypad and html - Create tree on jQuery create tree view - Create Trust Rank - Build Links in Hungary Create trustful links to client name - Create tutorial video content for my YouTube Channel (approx 50 videos screencast) Create Tutorial Videos - Create Twilio Client IOS and Android App Create Twilio Provider for Vtiger 5.3.0 SMS Notifier - Create Twitter Count Visualization Widget create twitter follow bot - Create TWO 1mn 30 s motion graphic, one in french and one in english Create two 2 page flyers - Create Two Asp .Net Web Form with Search Create two awards sticker - Create two courses on Udemy Create two courses on Udemy - repost - Create two fancybox responsive popups Create two fantastic looking flyers - Create two illustrations featuring characters from our upcoming video game! Create two Illustrator files - Create two magneto global home page using phtml Create two MailChimp templates with perfect compatibility with all browsers and softwares (specifically Office) - Create Two Pages by Modelling Existing Page: Content Provided(repost) Create Two Pages by Modelling Existing Page: Content Provided(repost)(repost) - Create two responsive webpages Create two responsive webpages with sliders - Create two simple images to be placed next to adsense Create two simple ms word templates - create two simple webpages