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create sound effects to an android game - Create Spam Filter, Similar to ChoiceMail(repost) Create Spam Patrol Logo - Create specific slideshow conveyor-belt style Create Specific Virtuemart 2.x Report Plugin - Create splat effect sprite sheet for mobile game Create Split payment and complete the website I have - Create spreadsheet & data entry Create spreadsheet > realtor email addresses - Create Spreadsheet of Bitcoin Reporters Create spreadsheet of company directors for 200 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) - Create Sprite image and format on a Wordpress home page Create Sprite Kit 3D Model - create SQL queries Create SQL queries that are date based - Create Squarespace website that is a copy of my website Create Squeez Page for Taxes, Levy Service - Create SSL Server Create SSL server for a linux box designed to handle connections similar to the service ''LogMeIn'' - Create standalone very difficult scraper Create Standard Banners from PSD - create static html and css create static html and css from jpg/psd - create stationery templates CREATE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS REPORT USING EXCEL - MAP ANALYSIS -- SEE SAMPLE - Create sticky bar for website that displays info depending on user's mobile device Create sticky header for menu only - Create Store Address Database Create Store Control and Report According to SQL DATABASE - Create storyboards for 12 minutes of animation (mostly user interface demonstration) Create storyboards for a 3D animation - Create Student Card Template for our College Based On Existing Student Card Create Student Card Template for our College Based On Existing Student Card - ongoing work - Create sub admins with specific permissions Create Sub Categories On Website Using Shopify - create subdomain in ASP.NET Create Subdomain Landing Page - Create Subscription Site create subscription website for video on demand and linear streams - Create Sunflower Images Right Now Create sunglass e comerse online store website OPEN CART - create survey -- 2 create survey -- 3 - Create svg logo from design Create SVG logo from existing jpg - create Symbian class for hybrid pdf files Create Symbolic Links for 8 Web Sites - php/MySQL - create t-shirts of a vintage nature (complex) 5 t-shirts Create T-SQL Database schema for ten+ tables as a Visual Studio project froma specification - create table for report Create table for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping - Create Tableau Public Dashboard Create Tableless 3 Column List of Categories in Wordpress (CSS & XHTML) - create tabs Create tabs block in phpfox3 - Create task for a native English writer: 1000 word article about 3 online dating sites written on base of research create task management SW - Create Team Standings Feed For Major Sports Create teaser video and help video - Create Template Create Template - Create template for animation studio Create Template for Article Website - Create Template for new website Create template for new website based on Joomla - Create template in codeigniter from jpg Create Template in Joomla - create templates Create Templates - CFS & CCG - Create tennis shoe vector Create Terms & Conditions For A Single Product - Create Test Server For Wordpress Site Create test site for zen cart - Create Text File create text file - create texture from text create texture from text - repost - Create the account for every customer of the site. Create the Account part of A Web Application - Create the black and white effect of WinXP when it show the shutdown menu Create the blog section of WP site. - Create the Excel graph with automation Create the Excel graph with automation --2 - Create the HTML/CSS/JS of a website layout. Create the illustration the label image & put it on our bag. - Create the Master Page with Header and Sidebar for Sales Commission Reporting System Create the menu / header of my website (in wordpress) - Create the perfect Name for Classifieds website *URGENT Create the php contact form for a html template. - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 97055 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 9940 - Create the user manual and online help for a SEO software create the user profile page - Create theme for a website html5 Create theme for an android app according to related web site - Create theme/template for website (nopcommerce similar) Create Themed Email Template for use in InBox 25 - Create this dropdown menu / box Create this exact flyer for me - Create this website for another business Create this website for me. - Create three extensions for EspoCRM Create three Front-Page style widget areas for a Genesis WordPress Child Theme - Create three vector logos from photos Create Three View Dimensioned drawings of Sheetmetal Parts - Create Thumbnail When Video Uplaod Create Thumbnails - Create tiled image in 40 different colours Create time and expense system for a small business - Create Titanium Android Module that wraps Intercom's API create Titanium iOS module Microsoft Tag library - Create TOC in existing Large PDF Document (Adobe Acrobat Skills Required) Create TOC in existing Large PDF Document (Adobe Acrobat Skills Required) - repost - Create tool to synchronize db4o table with data from FoxPro Table On A Windows Server create tool to upload an excel file and return selected results. - Create Torrent Files for advertising purposes Create torrent leeching website like zbigz - Create Trademark/Service Mark Create Trading Form (Journal) with Performance Analytics - Create training for financial services information technology domain Create Training Guide - Create Transcription from 5 videos that at 10 minutes each Create transcripts - Create transparent high quality vector image from attached graphic Create transparent images - Create tree data structures with breadth first search and depth first search algorithms Create tree data structures with breadth first search and depth first search algorithms - Create true type font from hand alphabet Create TrueType / Open Type Font With Font Creator - Create tutorial posts and screencast for design and dev site Create tutorial regarding top 10 performance counters for software/hardware/network/web server/SQL database - CREATE TWENTY SAMPLE RESUMES of a Professional Resume Created (original) Create Twiends plugin for WordPress - Create Twitter Bootstrap 1 page by end of today Create twitter bootstrap templates from Wordpress site - create twitter/facebook retrieving module Create two (2) designs for patches - Create two animations in 2D Create Two Animations/GIFS - Create Two Catalogs MVC CakePHP Create Two Characters for an animation movie for Adobe After Effects - Create two excel formulas - repost - Repost Create two excel tools - Create two high quality ico files from existing designs Create two high-quality renderings - Create two logo animation with attached eps file. Create two logo strips - Create two newsletters according to specs.
Create two nice banners - Create two PSD files create two publisher postcard templates - Create Two similar Widgets Just like Custom Menu widgets in Wordpress theme Create two simple 3d STL models for printing - Create two static pages in HTM and PSD Create two static pages with bootstrap - Create two walk Animation Create two way syncronization between scheduling application and 3rd party application through REST interface - Create two wordpress responsive pages Create two wordpress responsive webpages - Create U.I. controls Flash -- 2 Create U.S fiverr account - Create UI for our Vehicle Aggregator application and integrate it with backend that is being developed by our developer Create UI for universal iOS app (To-do & task manager) - Create UML Diagrams Create UML diagrams - Create unique articles Create Unique Blog for Blogger - Create unique product descriptions - add to Magento v1/2 stores Create unique responsive landing pages and themes using bootstrap - Create unique wordpress themes that Create Unique Youtube Videos - Create universal free version from Paid version of app Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website - Create Updater for Access Create updates for mobile app - Create URL using a date-picker Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet - create use case for mobile application Create Use Case, Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams for the Record Grades Event for Cleaver Community College - Create user friendly admin pages from exsisting website Create User Friendly Recording Application for Offices - Create User Manual - "IDIOT PROOF" - repost Create User Manual for iPhone App - create user with role with wp rest api and oauth 2 Create user-friendly front end for Access DB - Create users pages wordpress / profile builder pro Create users, post threads, and comments in a forum that I own. - Create Valid Magento Products Import from provided CSV file and images Create Valid WP Theme from PSD - Create various charts in Google Sheets Create Various Designs for my Webpage - Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost 3 create chat bot astrologer &amp;amp; psychic bots - Create VB6 Wrapper DLL for a C/C++ DLL Create VBA Calculation Script in Excel - Create VCC for me from your Indian Bank Create VCC project from makefile - Create Vector Characters from Images Create Vector Clip Art Drawings - Create Vector files from Photo Examples Create vector files from photos - Create vector from simple image Create vector from simple image - Create vector illustrations for brochure based on competitors illustrations Create Vector Illustrations from Raster Scans - Create vector image of logo Create Vector Image of logo from photo - Create Vector Logo - $30 Create Vector Logo - repost - Create Vector of tatoo script from Image Create vector of this diamond image - Create vectorized images Create Vectorized remotes - >>> MUST READ ALL, and see ALL pictures <<< - Create VERIFIED ebay Seller Account - repost Create VERIFIED ebay seller account - repost - Create Very Easy Quickly Create Very Easy Quickly - Create very simple iOS application Create very simple Mac App - Create vibrant Facebook page to promote concerts Create ViciDial CallCenter Server connect it to our CRM (SQL, AGI, AMI) - Create video Create video - Create Video + Photo Editing (READ REQUIREMENTS) Create Video , Edit Video . - Create Video Animation 2 Minute Song Create Video Animation for a new site - Create Video Company Profile Create video content - Create video for a civil action site/app Create video for a new website - Create Video for our App Promo Create video for product demonstration - Create Video Generator/Manager Create video graphic intro and elements for ongoing series - Create Video like Create video live streaming - Create Video Presentation Create video presentation from existing video clips - create video teaser create video teaser - Create video tutorial and virtual machine Create video tutorial for a website - Create video using .mod files Create video using blue screen - Create videos create videos - Create videos for smart class Create videos for upload to youtube - Create Videos with GoAnimate or Powtoons Create videos with movie stills - Create Viral Marketing Script (PHP/MYSQL)(repost) Create Viral PDF Software - Create Virtual Machine Create Virtual Machine from Linux OS Hard Drive - Create VirtueMart to Fed Ex order module &amp; Cust History Mod CREATE VIRUS AND EXPLOIT - Create Vistaprint designs for upload Create visual ''dashboard'' metrics from data (prefer Excel, but can be it's own app) - Create Visual Studio Custom Forms for SharePoint 2013 Create Visual Studio project file - Create VLC Skin with our Logo ! Produce a .VLT Create VLC Skin with our Logo & Brand - Create VOIP service with messenger / dialler that has unique set up... Create VOIP service with messenger / dialler that has unique set up...2 - Create VPN netowrk connection Create VPN remotely with cmd - Create w Wordpress Plugin Create W-2 Template - Create watermark Create Watermark application for Images and Video - Create Web 2.0 Logo Create Web 2.0 Mock Up Design - Create Web App or Windows App Create Web App that Auto Replies in 1 millisecond to target user's tweets - Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines(repost)(repost) Create Web Application to Scrape Forum Threads - Create web based interactive form from excel template(repost) Create web based inventory module for QB Enterprise 8 - create web crawler / bot create web crawler / bot(repost) - create web font from svg or eps icons create web font from svg or eps icons - Create web gui que look up for astrisk. create web header image - Create Web Page Create web page - Create web page menu and upload of already created pages Create web page programmatically - create web pages to low price Create web pages using tables (not css) - Create Web Scrappers Create Web Scrappers -- 2 - Create web server for iOS app