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Create customised Views of content in Drupal 6 - Create Customized Platform for our Website Create customized product pages for particular catagory - CREATE CUTOMER SIGN UP FORM AND DATA BASE FOR IPAD IOS FOR THE BENTO PLATFORM Create Cutomized Invoice Template in QuickBooks Online - Create Daily Task module create daily template and send through and - Create Data Base of Property Owners Create data Base of tradesmen and send email offer - Create Data Feeds - Admin (PHP) Create Data Feeds - Admin (PHP)!! - Create Data sheet search Create Data sheet search - CREATE DATABASE Create Database - Create database and research project - research Create database and routines needed. - Create Database for iOS application Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format Create database of 750 companies' personal contact emails - Create database of leads from a website Create database of lobbyists - Create Database to Store Leads from Multiple Landing Pages Create database to track location of assets - Create Datadase with Java Create Datadase with Java - Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder Create Dating Profiles - Create DB uding Java Create Db with Rest API access - Create Delivery Date Module Per Product Create delivery system based on Google Maps. - Create Demo of elearning course in Articulate Storyline. Convert from POC Create Demo on Audio Equlizer for IPhone - Create Description/Instruction of Flash Games Create Descriptions and Publish Contents - Create design dashboard from mockup html Create Design Decal for Cardboard Ballot Box - Create Design For Mobile and tablet Version Create design for mobile app - Create Design Logo create design make a website including logo and company id both for online and ofline use alot of input from you needed - Create designs for a gift card Create designs for a product that will be printed - Create desktop jave app to load custom list of files to a USB drive Create desktop knowledge base - Create detailed requirements specification for Mobile App development (iOS and Android – Tablet & Smartphone) Create detailed specifications for PHP based website - Create DHTML menu using Yahoo! UI Library Create Diablo 2 LOD dupe program online - Create dieline for a box Create Diet Evoca Cola 330ml Can Design - create digital copy of company logo from business card Create digital copy of drawing - Create Digital Signature create digital signiture for forms - Create directory on property portal Create Directory restruant app for me please. - Create District Report Create div boxes and send me the code - Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation) Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost) - Create Doctor Database in Excel spread sheet create document - create documents in excel create documents in excel 2 - Create Donation Microsite Create Donation Website for me and my family - Create Dove in illustrator then animate it to fly in after effects. Not high detail work Create dowlaodable PDF report - Create drawing app for Honeycomb tablet Create drawing border template in Autocad - Create Dreamweaver Templates Create Dreamweaver Templates from .psd - Create dropdown menu for wordpress Create dropdown menu for Wordpress site - Create Drupal Events block with views Create Drupal form - Create Drupal Theme Create Drupal Theme - Create DTD file from the xml -- Project for anunair23 Create Dual List File Manager for Mac OSX using Apple Swift 2 - Create DVD and E-Book Covers Create DVD Box cover for Porn Company - Create Dynamic Chart Create Dynamic Charts in Existing PHP/MySQL Software - Create Dynamic Image JPG in Create Dynamic Index For Word Document - create dynamic pojoclass and xml file for hibernate Create Dynamic Power Point Presentation Using VB Script/ASP - Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal Create Dynamic UI for Liferay Portal - repost - Create e book by manually typing Create e book by manually typing -- 2 - Create e-commerce Create E-Commerce and Gallery Site - Create E-Learning Courses Create e-learning excel 2013 course - Create EA - TrivietSales Create EA and Add Protection - Create easy Auto Hot Key Macro Create easy autohotkey script - Create ebay and amazon listings and replying to customer enquiries Create Ebay and Amazon store and list 40 products - Create Ebay Listings Create ebay listings - Create Ebay Store Create eBay Store & Listing Template - Create Ebay Template Based On Html And Css Only Create ebay template form HTML code - Create ebook cover create ebook cover - Create EBook Image Create Ebook landing page - Create eCommerce e-mail PSD and HTML Create ecommerce for groceries like redmart - Create Ecommerce website Create Ecommerce website - Create Ecwid product carousel on website Create Ecwid store stylesheet - Create editable page for registered users. Create editable page for registered users. - repost - Create Editable PDFs Form Create editable replica template for this document - Create Educational Minigames - Food Factory Create Educational Motion Graphics Videos - Create ElasticSearch queries for my data for fuzzy searching Create eLearning (VILT) courses - Create Electronic PDF Forms from Existing Word Forms Create Electronic PullTab Game - create email accounts create email accounts - Create Email Blasts Create Email Bot and bulk email marketing - Create email HTML Create email HTML from Jpg - Create Email Management Software Create Email Marketing AD (HTML) from PSD File - Create email script Create email send php or ajax script - Create Email Template for Django project Create Email Template For Mailchimp - Create emails contact list Create Emails for A/B Testing: Quick Hire + Long-Term - Create emojis like kimoji Create Emoticons - Create ENets Module for Prestashop
Create engaging & fun (medical) infographics - Create English subtitles for Spanish movie -- 2 Create English text to inform users about new version of the product - Create EPS of an old logo from JPG supplied Create EPS Vector out of .PNG File - Create error log for python script -- 2 Create esay admin panel to ready template - Create Evacuation Maps for Apartment Building - Graphics Editing Create Evaluation report - CREATE EVENTS MANAGER & BUSINESS DIRECTORY | FACEBOOK INTEGRATION Create Events Module for PHPFox - Create Excel & PDF Document Create Excel / Google Sheets Formula to calculate turn around time - excluding non working hours or holidays - Create Excel Dashboard Create excel dashboard - Create Excel document Create Excel document - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create Excel File From Website Database Create Excel file of Music Database from - Create Excel Formulas create excel formulas - Create excel macro for simple spreadsheet create excel macro merge data sheets - Create excel makro / spreadsheet copying excel data to another excel format Create Excel Makro or Formula for Content Editting - Create excel sheet for cash flow statement Create Excel Sheet from Dynamic Jtable and update sheet (Netbeans Java) - Create Excel spreadsheet / Data entry Create excel spreadsheet / develop a simple program to display spending - Create Excel Spreadsheet Template for Inventory, sales, pricing - Repost Create Excel Spreadsheet Template for Inventory, sales, pricing - Repost - open to bidding - Create excel Timetable :) Create excel Timetable :) - open to bidding - Create Excel workbook without POI or JXL Create Excel Worksheet - Create exceptional product videos Create Exchange 2003 Calendar to Helpdesk Calender Connector - Create Exe to install file to specific Directory Create exe to load web page in default browser - Create Expert Advisor Create Expert Advisor - Create explainer video for my android tv products create explainer video for my website - Create export to pdf and excel from a php page Create export to pdf and excel functionality from jqgrids and add several other additional reqs(PHP/JQuery) - Create extion for magento Create Extjs 4.2 muti-select tree structure with search keyword option - Create FACEBBOOK and website application Create facebook - Create Facebook Ad and custom audience that converts Create Facebook Ad and get it running - Create Facebook ADS campaigns Create Facebook Ads for a month - Create Facebook APP connected to Amazon API Create Facebook App for Music Site [Just Like SoundCoude] - Create facebook banner - repost Create Facebook banner for my fanpage - Create Facebook Covers and Facebook base image for posts. Create Facebook custom pages - Create Facebook iFrame App to URL with PHP and Javascript Create Facebook images - add watermark and provided quote on a stock image. - Create Facebook page create facebook page - Create Facebook Page(repost) Create Facebook Page(repost)(repost) - Create Facebook Profiles, add content and add friends Create facebook registration apps - Create facebook/twitter/google+ (etc) share functionality on webpage Create faceboook autoposter - Create Family Guy style illustration of a person from a photo Create Family Portrait Using Many Different Digital Images - Create Fashion Ecommerce Website create fashion log book in illustrator quickly professional through teamviewer/mic - Create FB Account 6 Create FB ads and Adword Banner - Create featute option to submit meta tag for each girl and city with different language Create Fed Ex rate parser in ASP - create fetish banner -- 2 Create few additional pages/forms for an existing application - Create Fight Animation 2 minutes long. Create Fight Animation 2 minutes long. - repost - Create Filemaker Database Create Filemaker database - Create Fillable PDF Create Fillable PDF - Create fillable PDF Forms for onscreen filling Create fillable PDF Forms from .docx files - Create filtering and sort-ability on one page of website create filters for osc (fg) - Create finished logo from rough ideas provided Create finite element model - Create First Aid Powerpoint Create First Page Google Adsense Blog Earning $100/Day - Create Five Magento Installation Domains Create five marketing and instructional videos - Create Flash Ads. Create Flash and Animated GIF banner ads - Create Flash banner Create flash banner - Create Flash Demo for Website Tutorial create flash drag and drop online soccer drill tool - Create Flash Intro Create Flash Intro - create flash on website Create flash or gif for website loading icon - Create flash to show moving hilighted text Create Flash training video interface and controls - Create Flashy Data Sheet create flat design / look for existing iOS app - Create Flipbooks on Styleophile -- 2 Create flipkart, amazon, ebay telemarketing leads - Create Flow Chart from Draft document Create flow chart from example - Create flyer for craigslist Create flyer for dance studio - Create Folder in C# Create Folder name as per URL name for crawling data using Apache Nutch - Create font-awesome from a attached images create fonts from image files - Create for Design Ready MVC Web Site -- 2 Create for eBrochure Tourism - Create fork of Ethereum, and add features Create forklift simulator module in Unreal Engine 4 - Create form fields in MS word document Create Form Fill-able PDF that will print to a pre-printed form (attached) - Create FORM IN PHP to add resume/jobs Create form in Word - Create Form w/ pdf upload Create form which collects name/email and then allows access from backend - Create forms for website backend Create forms for word press - Create formula in excel that changes layout of attached doc Create Formula In Php or Python - Create Forum Profiles With Signature Links (1,000+ Forums) Create Forum section for classified listing web site. - Create four small icons for website Create Four Straightforward IQ Tests - Create free e-mail accounts create free email accounts - Create French Content, and edit WP Template Create french id card template - Create from scratch PhoneGap app starting from existing one and using Sencha Create from scratch PhoneGap app starting from existing one and using Sencha Touch - Create front profile of bear head based on side profile image Create Front-end of a mobile website using Jquery Mobile - Create front/back of retail packaging and matching sticker for compact flash memory card