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C - C # - Line / Bar / Pie chart code C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED - C # Re factoring codes and unit testing C # Shopping Cart Program - C ++ Add Functions to existing Project c ++ assigmnent - c ++ programming and solutions for the problems C ++ programming assignment - C - Simple sum program. C - Translating a transcript and subtitles to 8 min video from English to Hebrew and encoding the subtitles on the video - C 2 C chat with Skype C 7/07 - c and sparc assembly project C and Unix project: file I/O and pointers - C assignment C assignment - C Blackjack Program C bot beeing detcted, possible to avoid this? - C Code C code - C code for micro-controller C code for MPLAB C18 project - c code to c++ C code to Java Conversion - C coding needs to be done C Coding or correcting a program - C developers needed to work on several ongoing projects C development - C Expert Needed to develop Client / Server application C EXPERT needed URGENT - C graphics C graphics and graphics design for 2 providers - C implementation of the BLAST algorithm C implementation using files - C L POSTER NEEDED C L poster needed - C language c language - C Language Implementation C language in Unix environment - C level programming to interface android programming and IP camera C level programming to interface android programming and IP camera - C microcontroler programming C microcontroller firmware - C or C++ code to create a secure TCP connection C or C++ console application. - C parallel programming task..very urgent C parallel programming task..very urgent - open to bidding - C Prog Exercise C Prog Sudoku - c program c program - C program - Moving files C program - Multiply matrices using loops only (no arrays) - open to bidding - C program code c program code - C program for round robin scheduler - open to bidding C Program for round robin scheduling - C Program Needed Urgently(repost)(repost) c program needs to calculate the filesize of a file about to generated - C Program Samples C program scheduling - C Program to implement router c program to implement trees - C program, running and explaining code C Program, Utilizing CLI. - c programing c programing - C programmer C programmer - C programmer for embedded systems C programmer for Minix OS - C programmer required to custom software development C programmer required to implement licensing module to apllication - C PROGRAMMING C PROGRAMMING - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - C Programming exercises ( Urgent) C programming ( NAME) - C programming + microcontroller C Programming + Multithreading - c programming - open to bidding c programming - open to bidding - C Programming _Project C programming a TI Microcontroller connected to SPOT Connect - C Programming Assignment C Programming Assignment - C Programming Assignment for Engineers (2138-1) C Programming Assignment for Microcontroller - C programming code not working C Programming code reviewer and tutor - C programming for emedded systems to design a network C programming for FASTCGI on Nginx and freebsd os. - C Programming Help Required - Deadline in 24 hours C programming help to done in linux - C programming jobs C programming l AVR l Atmel Studio environment. - C programming number 8 C programming of embeded system - C Programming project C Programming project - C programming Project - Graph with packaging C programming project -1 - C Programming Project11 C Programming Project12 - C Programming question C Programming question - C programming task C programming task - C programming Tutor c programming tutor and a physics tutor - C Programming with persistent data - borland compiler preferably C Programming with Structures, Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocations - C programming- GCC C Programming- Simple program - C programmong on a Unix platform C programms - c project (scheduling specific) C Project , Easy $50 - C project on virtually accessing disk information c project page - C r a i g s l i s t live ad poster needed! Urgent!!! C r a i g s l i s t partner needed -- 2 - c sharp .net free lancer. C sharp / project - C Sharp driving distance calculator C sharp expert - C sharp Project C Sharp Project Chart interface - C Simulation c small project - C source for a JPG viewer C source to .net - C to Java Convert C TO L posting - C Work - A Game With Simple Requirements C Work - Automation - c# - multiple USB camera surveillance software.
C# - PDFAPP (search and sort) application minor fix - C# Parser and some Jquery Use c# program - C# & VB Coder Needed For Forex Indicators C# & VB Coder Needed For Trading System - C# , .Net , Software Architecture C# , Analytics API expert wanted for a small project - C# - Access Database Compare & Update Program C# - Access timestamp issue. - C# - Develop Form class C# - Display Stock Levels Application - C# - NSort, Nperf - Sorting Algorithms with Performance Benchmarks. C# - NUnit Expert Required to convert Microsoft Test to NUnit - C# - Windows Form Application C# - Work with me to create an ePub Conversion/Management Tool - C# .net C# .NET Tution or tutor Weekly Basis - C# .net application development C# .NET Application source code review - c# .net developer for application that uploads videos using httpwebrequests -- 2 C# .NET Developer for existing project mobile back end - C# .net Financial Research Application - repost C# .net Financial Research Application - repost w/o odesk - C# .Net Paypal, Facebook and Twitter integration C# .NET Photo Mosaic Generator - C# .NET to Silverlight Class C# .NET Upgrade of an ASP based PayPal Products Section - C# .NET Windows Desktop Developer (Thailand) -- 2 C# .NET Windows Desktop Developer - Monthly ongoing contract - c# / .Net USB memory card insert detection Object C# / ASP .NET Drag-and-Drop Project - C# / MSSQL Developer - Long term outsourcing business partner sought. C# / MSSQL, PHP / MySQL : Part time, Fixed monthly salary - C# 2.0 ASP.Net Paypal integration C# 2.0 ASP.NET Website with CMS & webshop for Art Gallery - C# 2.0/SQL Server 2005 Development Project C# 2005 developer & database administrator - C# : http POST / GET data... C# : Limit the number of application instances a user can run - c# accounting system using MYSQL w/ source code, user guide C# Active Directory Debugging Help - C# and crystal reports(repost) C# and crystal reports(repost)(repost) - C# and C++ projects C# and C++ projects - C# and MS SQL Back end updates c# and MS SQL developers - c# Animoto (Revised) c# Animoto (Revised)(repost) - C# App // Retrieve Data from Google Analytics API C# app bug fixes and programming - C# App To Control another app C# app to display reports - C# application C# application - C# Application Developer needed C# Application Development Assistance Start Sunday - C# Application needs bug fixes C# Application Real-Time Data - C# application to print (repost) C# application to query Joomla 3.2 website for user groups - C# Article Spinner without Spintax C# as discussed - C# ASP.NET Application C# ASP.NET Application Framework - C# ASP.NET Motivated and Dedicated Website Developer Needed C# ASP.NET MVC - C# MVC Razor app C# ASP.Net MVC Sql Server EF Guy - C# ASP.Net Tuition over Skype C# ASP.NET User Information Input Form With Filters - C# Assessment Test C# Assets Developer SDK - C# assignment 2 c# assignment 2 - C# AutoComplete dropdown box pop by SQL C# Automated Bot - C# basic assignment 3 and a quiz C# Basic Authentication Server - .net 3.5 Beta - C# Bot C# Bot - Experienced Bot Programmers Only - C# cAlgo cBot coding. C# call mtmanapi.dll - c# chrome selenium) get html table and send a button click C# Chromium Javascript speech demo - C# Class Library to Generate Image C# class need to be done for my C# project - C# class to manage Remote Desktop settings on client compute C# Class to Manipulate Image files - C# Client (Outlook Extension) for Rest API implementation C# client app to Microsoft Dynamics NAV - C# code for data scraping website with javascript C# Code for Depth of Market (DOM)/Price Ladder - C# Code Snippet to Switch Keyboard Language in ASP.NET Web Page C# Code Snippet, Math, Calculate Out Measuring Values - C# Code to migrate from exchange server 2007 to exchange server 2010 C# code to Monitor Internet Traffic on a Windows System - C# Coder for WarGame C# coder is needed for multiple projects - c# coding fixing some nagging small bugs C# coding for a function to code powerspectrum output - c# command line tool to submit articles to C# command line utility: listrras.exe - c# console app c# console app - find file by guid and rename to CSV value - C# console program - open to bidding C# Console Quiz - c# coupon creator c# course work - C# Custom ASP.NET web form application -2 C# custom class with databinding - C# data entry app for SQL C# Data Extraction from Excel to XML - C# DataGridView - quick question C# datagridview data table with foreign key - C# Design Pattern Project C# Design Patterns Proof of Concept - C# Desktop-Anwendung (Wie abgemacht) C# Dev wanted - C# developer C# developer - C# Developer for Windows Visual Studio or Xamarin for Apple -- 2 C# developer for Xamarin - c# developer needed from pakistan c# developer needed from Pakistan for work - C# developer to help me develop at C# developer to integrate API to PHP site - C# developers needed for a website C# developers needed for a website - C# Development Project - repost C# Development Software Engineer (6 Month Contract) - c# DLL file c# dll for cad importer - C# download/// C# Downloader - C# Email (Send, Bulk Send and Receive) C# Email Application - C# Example Using AlchemyAPI ( c# Excel - C# Expert Needed C# Expert needed - C# Expert to customize Web scrapping Tool - Urgent C# expert to make some modifications - C# facebook tag page on photo C# facebook web bot - c# ffmpeg software tweeks