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An app like Talabat - An App Made An App made - An app similar to 'Hailo' (taxi app) An app similar to 'Hailo' (taxi app) - repost - An app that can switch out games such as flappy bird, doodle jump, and other games every 2 weeks without needing an ios update An App That Can Take 30-60 Photos Per Second - An App that posts to Facebook an app that receives 25 bytes of data through Bluetooth - An App to be built An app to be built - An App To Help You Cheat On Your Spouse .... An app to insert a csv file into a DBase - an app where a small business can advertise its specific products and its subscribers/users/customers can track the location of the small business' vehicle from their mobile devices. An app where an individual can upload a photo to try different hairstyles. - an app working in ios and android An app. - An application An application - An application for communicaton somewhat like WhatsApp, Telegram with modifications An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An Application for FACEBOOK An application for finding and purchasing repair parts for cars - AN application for website An Application Form and PayPal payment - An application that can be able to connect to Server (Client)/ Start Server (Server) and also share a file blw Client's Folderand Server's Folder.should be able to Send a file and send chat msg An application that can detect if camera or microphone is being accessed. - an application to extract public domain images from search engines An application to manage clients - An application with PHP and MySQL An application with Qr code, like Camcard application - an apps developer An Apps portfolio - an Arabic OCR engine for digital archiving (no Indian plz) an arabic version of foodswitch app - an architect, I live in Canada Ontario an architect/interior designer - An armored model for an RTS An Array of Grades - an article an article - An article about dog abuse in Asia -- 4 an article about dream. - An article about poverty in Lithuania An article about poverty in Lithuania - repost - An article edited. An article for a business magazine - An article of approximately 1,000 words regarding oil subsidies in different countries An Article on "How present corporate corporation are maintaining social responsibility. Discuss the reasons behind corporations behaving responsibly, in term of PR benefit gained and also from a more altruistic stance" - An article on security.... An article on some usefull sport exercises - An Article Submitter Is Needed An article summary - An Article Writer is required URGENTLY An article writer need - An article. An Article..... - An artist for a comic book. An Artist impression of a new building which is currently under construction - An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok - An artist to take my drawing and turn it into my logo. An artist to take my sketched logo design and possibly improve it, while making it digitized. - An artists impression of a restaurant conversion An as built drawing - An ASP.NET, MS-SQL and AJAX web application project An ASP/mySQL script needs fixing - an assignment ( report ) on marketting -- 2 An assignment about Data Management - An assignment on accounting - 1 An assignment on accounting - 1 - repost - An assignment, quite easy An assingment about childhood studies - An Assistant Of Determination An assistant to deal with weekly client enquiries and to manage some simple social media tasks - An attorney An attorney - An Auction Website An Auction Website - An auditor to certify my financial report an auditor's report for my small private company - an auto accept program for appraisals an auto accept program for appraisals - open to bidding - An autocad designer - repost 2 An Autocad designer well versed with the program, and able to it to plan real estate projects and deign work within the real estate industry - An automated SMS website An automated social script - An Automation Bot for a Video Game An automatized Excel Spreadsheet - An AVR programmer - open to bidding An awards ceremony, need shots of award winners and general crowd - An C# based Auto Script which will browse a site and fix the textbox and do the buttn click An camera app which can have location, Comments, Projects Code, Date and Time Stamp - An database-driven information website An design for manufacture and patent. - An E commerce Website An E commerce Website - An E-Commerce Platform for Games An e-commerce platform with distributor login - An e-commerce website for an online pet store An e-commerce website for custom made clothings and accessories - An E-store An e-wallet accepts Libyan issued [credit, debit, ATM] cards - An easy ecommerce website An EASY Essay - An easy job for an experienced Flash Programmer An easy job for an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer - An easy PHP Bug Fix - repost An Easy PHP homework help - only few lines of code needed - An easy task for every ONE An Easy task for php experts | add a report to a script - an easy work for you an easy work for you - An eBay template design An Ebay-like Joomla Component - An eBook based on traditional/ancestral/paleo nutrition an ebook cover - an eBook of 40 pages - open to bidding An ebook on Bruce Lee - An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers - open to bidding - An ecommerce site for home delivery for a restarunt chain An ecommerce site on tictail - An eCommerce website built. An Ecommerce website developer - an Economics project an edit for a fitness video/montage - an editor / writer An editor / writer - An editor that will review my doctoral study proposal an editor to advise on a book on a comparative economic history of Canada & US in 1929 - 1934 - An educational app An educational consultancy services brochure - An Efficient Denoising Architecture for Removal of Impulse noise in images An efficient high dimensional image indexing algorithm for CBIR - an electrical engineer an electrical engineer - An electronic contract An electronic data organizer - An elegant yet simple logo An ELITE DANCE STUDIOS & An ELITE DANCE COMPANY logo. - an email signature slicing work An email signature to match my existing business card - An Emoji icon app for iphone/ipad An Emoji icon app for iphone/ipad and android - An Energy Savings Company Logo An engaging biography/profile for my website - An engineer to evaluate a proposed excavation (driveway) on a neighbouring property
An engineer to look at my 2 car garage - An engineering application An Engineering first year Assignment - An English native speaker is needed An English online teacher looking for students like korean, chinese and japanese - An English-British Speaker is required for recording several short voice-only messages. An English-speaking Arabic-reader to undertake web research on Saudi Arabia - An Entrepreneurship and Innovation assignment. An entry level job vacancy - An error occured during installation An error occurred in BizTalk Server. - An essay about business ethics and society, focusing on CSR An essay about computer system. - An essay about work experience an Essay due tomorrow - an Essay of KSA Motivation An essay of Moore's Law - An essay related to health sciences An Essay Required Urgently! - An Evaluation of Financial and Business Performance of Wal-Mart for the 3 financial year(latest financial statement) An evaluation of risks and benefits of joining international join venture -- a case study on Virgin Atlantic Airways and Delta Airlines - An event plugin customization an event portal, like the application 'all events " in android - An exact site like an exact clone of a mobile application - an excel data entry job an excel data entry job - open to bidding - An excel pro An excel program for manual cash book entry, automatic (ledger entry +trial balance|) - An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs An excel that saves data using bar code scanner - An excellent designer required An excellent English article required 1$/500 words - An exciting and ongoing opportunity for a MySQL developer based in England An Exciting Bespoke Design Website For A Restaurant - Full Brief included. (Urgent) - An executive brief on the subject of franchising as an investment vehicle and career option An executive summary polished - An existing mobile movie trivia game need a fun and cool UI An Existing Real Estate Website - An Experience Blogger An Experience Blogger - repost - An experienced cold caller An experienced communicative Editor to do 2 rounds of editing on a new book about endometriosis of about 20,000 words ASAP please - An Experienced Internet Marketing Writer An experienced java programmer needed - An experienced salesperson who understands prospecting for sales in local schools and other community organizations An experienced screenwriter to write a script for a documentary-type video - An experienced writer is needed for writing SEO articles(repost) An experienced writer is needed for writing SEO articles(repost)(repost) - An Expert E-Commerce Templates Modification Is Required An expert educational technology consultant – must have IT background. - An expert in chat apps needed! An expert in dataming to do test in any robotic dataset - An expert in selling on Amazon An expert in spectrophotometry and laser technology - an expert on photoshop design an expert on Twitter - An expert to fix Joomla Errors An expert to help manage Social Media diverse platform - AN EXPERT WRITER WITH MA OR PHD IN ENGLISH LITERATURE WANTED FOR AN URGENT PROJECT OF 150 PAGES AN EXPERT WRITER WITH MA OR PHD IN ENGLISH LITERATURE WANTED FOR AN URGENT PROJECT OF 150 PAGES - An extension or website like to Joomla 3 An extension that can update prices on Opencart with a csv. - An eye catching logo for an eye clinic (shaarawy eye clinic ) an eye catching simple lacrosse website where you are able to purchase our products. similar to www.houseofmesh - An Good Logo an hardware/ PCB designer - An hour of video to transcribe - open to bidding An hour of your time NOW!! Please - An html template for an existing website. An HTML-to-PDF solution that runs on a Linux box - an icon and a logo An Icon Creation - an idea on skills An Idea or ideas to make money online - An illustrated picture of a cat (from a photo) sitting on a moon AN ILLUSTRATION - an illustration for my business logo An illustration for my web site - an illustration of japan skyline for sushi resturant An illustration of my 2 year old daughter - An illustrator An illustrator - An illustrator competent in drawing in pencil or charcoal An Illustrator file needs very few text changes - An illustrator for a children's book - repost An illustrator for a children's book -- 2 - AN ILLUSTRATOR FOR MY CHILDREN BOOK an illustrator for my children's bok - An illustrator to draw simple, black and white drawings for an advertising school portfolio An illustrator to draw sketches and colored drawings for the Novel I'm writing. - An Illustrator. An illustrator/ digital artist to create beautiful images for print for a luxury scarf brand. - An image for an invitation An image for branding a group of products - An image sample for the 2D animation discussed an image seganography using xbox mapping - An implementation of Dijkstra’s path-finding algorithm An implementation of linear interior point simplex algorithm using MATLAB - an independent cashback website with dynamic CMS admin An Independent Recruitment Agent - An Indian Writer Needed An indicator for MT4 - An infographic an InfoGraphic - An innovative app ideas - repost An innovative camera app - An Instagram bot An instagram bot - An insurance company project an integer number is said to be a perfect number if its factor, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to the number. write a procedure that determine if parameter number is a perfect number. - An intelligent monitoring school attendance system an intelligent monitoring school attendance system - an interactive membership based software program to manage schedules An interactive Modal box - an interactive software An interactive software on powerpoint fot form 2 students - An interesting php project An Interesting Project - An interior design technician An Interior Design Website - An Internal Project for Kenara-June An Internal Project for Kenara-June - an internet spider An Internet-based survey site with extensive ADMIN capabilities - An Intro for a YouTube Gaming Show An intro for my YouTube channel - An Inventory and POS System and Appointment Scheduler an inventory app for recording the condition of the property when moving in and out of the property - An investment presentation An investment presentation -- 2 - An iOS / Android app which resembles an e-store An ios 7 application icon for iPhone with PSD or AI file at 1024px. - an iOS App for a Pizza Shop an iOS App for a Pizza Shop -- 2 - An iOS app to all of existing iPhone types An iOs app to display reports - An ios game An ios game - repost - An iOS Video Poker Game an iOS web browser app that can print the webpage to pdf - An iPad business application An Ipad game made from the speed of your pluse - An iphone and ipad application designed ready for use An Iphone app - an iphone app and android (social media app) Name of the app: Memzi