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Adding people from the city to city centric FB Group - Adding Photo uploading and ecommerce functionality to my web Adding Photo uploading and ecommerce functionality to my website. - Adding Pickup / Delivery options to Modx shopping cart (shopkeeper) - repost Adding Pickup/Delivery options to Modx shopping cart (shopkeeper) - Adding Plugin to My Magento siet Adding Plugin, SEO keyword phrases, link to facebook and mor - Adding popup window to Flash AS2 XML PayPal cart Adding post to my site. - Adding price comparision plugin to my site. Adding Price Feature - Adding Product images to an X-Cart system (ecommerce site) adding product in oscommerce - Adding product, Category Management, Wbsite mock up design Adding Products - adding products 1 adding products 1 - Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 9 Adding Products for the web site - Adding Products in Magento Adding Products in Magento Store - Adding Products into adding products into magento doesnt work - Adding products on Website ( Magento - eBay ) Adding products to a CSV file and editing that CSV file - Adding Products to E-commerce Store Adding Products to Ebay / Quicksales using wp lister - Adding Products to Magento G Adding Products to Magento Go - Adding products to my website Adding products to my website - Adding products to shopify adding products to shopify - Adding Products to website Inventory Adding Products to website Inventory - repost - Adding Profile Links Adding profile URL for about 1000 records - Adding Proxy to a C# App Adding Proxy to a C# App - open to bidding - adding quantity function to Magento on manage inventory Adding Queries to Existing High Traffic Adult Website - Adding records to database and viewing them Adding recurring payment option to my website ( PAYPAL / Credit Card ) - Adding Reorder feature at openvpn Adding reports to Access Database - Adding rich snippets to website Adding Rich Snippets to wordpress - Adding RSS/XML feed aggregation plus Adding RSS/XML feed to my site, and a blog - Adding script library to an existing framework Adding script to current twitter bootstrap site - Adding search faclility for a static website Adding Search Feature and Other Modifications - Adding Selenium test scripts(repost) Adding Selling Attribute to a Zen cart - Adding shell menu integration and drag-and-drop to Delphi app Adding shell menu integration and drag-and-drop to Delphi app(repost) - Adding side menu to a website adding sidebar to my existing theme - Adding simple products to Magento website Adding simple scrolling capabilities to an MFC CWnd derived class - Adding Skip Feature to first page (Sign in/up page) of a PhoneGap PHP bulit Android & IOS App. - open to bidding adding sleeves - round 3 - adding social login functionality to my php site Adding social media buttons to a joomla site - Adding socks proxy capability to a software Adding solar panels and plants to a roof top image - Adding some features & functions to current php code adding some features (comments, star rating and multi photos) to my php-mysql web sitesite - Adding some features to existing websites Adding some features to GNE4 PTC scrpit - Adding some functionalities in the site Adding some functionalities to an existing website - adding some more features to GUI Adding some new featured to an app made by AppPresser - Adding something extra on one of my scripts... adding something in opencart website (coding required) - Adding Spanish and French translations (uruburos) Adding Spanish to our webite Professionally - Adding SSL to OScomemrce adding SSL to proftpd - adding stuff on some marketplaces Adding stuff to a site - adding subtitles chinese to youtube video Adding subtitles for 90 seconds of video - Adding swipe gesture to xcode project Adding synonyms to French words - Adding template and modifiy dating software adding template to cms - Adding text from one Excel column to another Adding text in Homepage - Adding texts and images to a video adding texture and color to a4 simple image - Adding things on Website Adding things to additional website. - Adding to an existing microsoft database Adding to an existing website - Adding to my program features Adding to My TEAM2 - Adding top10 amazon affiliate links to my websites . Adding touch control, codecs and more to a small Delphi Professional XE3 multimedia program - Adding Twitter functionality with functionality of sharing tweets to facebook and twitter Adding twitter like functionality ''follow'' and ''unfollow'' to existing multiuser web app - Adding unique QR Code and Numbers to existing artwork from an excel spreadsheet Adding unique QR Code and Numbers to existing artwork from an excel spreadsheet - Adding USB Power Switch to Existing PCB Design adding USB&Ethernet to our MQX project - Adding Value Adding value to DiPentene - Adding video conference to wordpress site adding video encoding with jwplayer. - Adding videos as testimonals as light boxed in angularjs and unit testing Adding Videos features into my Wordpress website - adding voice to my ebay auctions Adding Voiceover to Animation (US/CDN/UK) - Adding web 2.0 to social networking sites, and site redesign - site clone Adding Web Content - Adding Widgets to Responsive Templates + Dashboard Framework Changes. adding wiki kind of script in website - Adding Wordpress Blog to existing site Adding wordpress blog to website - Adding WP-Menus to Accordion Plugin by bqworks Adding Writer's to my Team - $1.5/400-500 Word Article - Adding Zip Code/business name search to my google maps Adding Zip uploading capability to a PHP image host - Adding/Upload a short videos on YouTube (free topics, easy job) - repost Adding/Upload a short videos on YouTube (free topics, easy job) - repost - ADDISON Yachts looping video Additi/MySQL updates for silviani - Addition and small changes in an existing CodeIgniter Social Network Addition Census Data - Addition in mysql query Magento Addition job on the form - addition of a new breakpoint on a getskeleton responsive design Addition of a PHP form (AJAX, Jquery) to existing web app - Addition of Column headings to a Usercontrol Addition of content and databases and general testing - Addition of fields in spawned template (pdf) where fields are renamed with random numbers Addition of function to existing ASP Code - Addition of Music Downloads to CD Store Website Addition of Music Downloads to CD Store Website (repost) - Addition of piano for acapella jazz session of 'Summertime' Addition of Plugin in konsort code( PHPfox) - Addition of Twistd Proxy to Existing Python Twistd Server Implementation Addition of two matricies in Assembly language - Addition to ''Shell'' application: Read from CD and store music as WAV format in memory(repost) Addition to .NET Program using Google APIs - Addition to code that was written for new tab to open
Addition To CSS Checker Project - Addition to existing web application Addition to Existing Website - Addition to logo Addition to logo - Addition to OsCommerce Request a Quote Shipping module Addition to other version - Droid App - Addition to Project Instalike addition to scope in existing project - Addition to the existing framework in Community Server 2.1 Addition to the first project - Addition to Website/PHP/MySql Addition to Wesite - Additional fixes for website Additional "Good for One" Pass designs - Additional 3000 followers on Google Plus - ISLAM Additional 3D Images - Additional adjustments to previous Amazon API Bestsellers project Additional adjusts in the website - Additional APIs in spreadsheet Additional App Designs - Additional articles 009-us(repost)(repost) Additional articles 010-pc(repost) (1349994) - Additional Assistance #2 ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE WITH VIEWS PLUGIN - Additional Blog Articles - open to bidding Additional Blog Changes for ZenithTechnoSol - additional c# programming additional c# programming -- 2 - Additional Changes Additional changes - Additional Changes Needed Additional Changes Over the Weekend - Additional Changes to Native iOS and Android App Project Additional changes to old project - Additional changes2. Österlens skafferi Additional changes2. Österlens skafferi. - Additional CMS Additional code for countdown script - Additional Concole mockup drawing Additional contact form - Additional Cruise Lady Tasks Additional CSS - Additional Cypress EZ-Host Functions Additional d3.js work - Additional Demand on the Website Additional Demand on the Website Fast - Additional Design work after the finished project additional designing work - Additional developer to big long-term PHP project needed Additional developer to big long-term PHP project needed - Additional development to C++ budget application Additional development to gCAD+ 3.2 - Additional edits for Magento website,mainly frontend Additional edits for magento, as discussed - additional error reporting for web app Additional Eventro banners - Additional feature bug fixes to exsisting theme Additional Feature Coding into a Existing Site. - Additional features (captcha script, facebook API) for my existing website (PHP/MySQLl) Additional Features (programming) for Joomla Virtuemart Shop - additional features for data mining utility Additional Features for Existing App - Additional Features for PHPbb portal page Additional features for PPS Step 2 - Additional features on Flask / Python Web App additional features on my fl studio - additional features to our student management system additional features to our student management system - Additional fields to a DB and form ADDITIONAL FIELDS TO CMS + OUTPUTS (PHP) - Additional fixes for MN site -- 2 Additional fixes to css / javascript - additional forms and reports for access db(repost) Additional FORMS in our current Website - Additional Function on Flash Additional Function on Web site - Additional functionality added to small VB 6 installer/downloader(repost) Additional functionality for a Wordpress site - Additional functionality of the Case Printing Module Additional Functionality on ASP.NET website - Additional functionality to osCommerce store PLUS a lot more future work Additional functionality to our Wordpress site - additional functions to php website Additional functions to recent project - additional graphics work additional graphics work - open to bidding - Additional Help(repost) Additional High Quality Content Writers Needed - Additional icons in squares to be illustrated Additional Icons required - Additional Images Needed Project # 1680244 Additional Images required - Additional information on previously posted offer - not a new or additional offer Additional Information on Site - Additional Items for Image Project Additional Items for Platform - Additional legal research on 4 countries additional letters for "Bunx" font - Additional logo clean-Up and visualisation for Ekushi Additional Logo Creation off template - Additional logos sent Additional Magento Changes/Fixes - Additional Meta Data Additional midlet testing - Additional Mods Additional Mods to WPFilebase Board Packet Display - Additional object illustrations Additional of a news page to our site - Updatable (CMS) - Additional Page Designs Additional Page Designs - Additional Pages Additional Pages - additional pages needs work additional pages on website - Additional payment Additional payment gateway - Additional PHP Code for existing website additional PHP edits for me - Additional Post Format Additional Powerpoint Data Updates - Additional programming for C++ Additional programming into app - additional project for eyedeahouse Additional project for jonnypwilson only - Keyword research on 1000 topics - Additional project- previous project logo design Additional Projects - Athletix - additional req - avg counts Additional reqs of SFQ - Additional requirements to sourcefq as discussed Additional requiriments - Additional Script support Additional Script Work - Additional seo work and website traffic needed Additional Server - Additional Site Pages -- 2 Additional site services - Additional Styles to Software (For Hun1Ahpu) Additional Sub-page for SSL Certificates - Additional table on top of last poker job Additional tabs on product page - Additional Tasks for Shah Additional tasks to complete website - Additional things needed for a Prestashop website Additional things on a script - additional to questionaire