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Add more Search functions on my site - Add more trading pairs and exchange to BitcoinBeeper Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper - Add motion graphics to video Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio - Add moving graphic to website/mobile site. Add Moving Graphics to web site - Add Mp3's to website Add MPESA payment method to Dj Classifieds extension - Add Multi databases to one overall admin login for a Siberian CMS Add Multi databases to one overall admin login for a Siberian CMS -- 2 - Add multi thread to my exists code. Add multi thread to my exists code. -- 2 - Add Multi-Vendor Functionality to Woocommerce Site add multifunctional filtering option - add Multilingual plug-in for WordPress add multimedia blog to existing flash site - Add multiple 'related' or 'featured' posts (with thumbnail) to static homepage add multiple api account on sms php script - Add multiple friends Add multiple image upload in admin web panel so in can interact with the app.. - Add multiple product inquiry function Add multiple product inquiry function (request quote list) to the customized products page - add multipule graphs and feed options in php emoncms system Add MultiThreading for Program , C# - Add Music on two sites add music play and share file option and fragment view to my mp3 downloader - Add Music to My Shopify Homepage add music to my site - Add Music Tracks Add music videos and lyrics to website - add my bank account to paypal Add my banner to my website page - Add my Dating Website business on YOUTUBE Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. - add my links to websites, blogs, free hosts... Add my logo - Add my new logo Add my new products with description for my website - add my shopping cart and check out Add my site on 50 directories - Add my U.S. business to Google Business Add my URL to UIWebView and export an IPA - Add myspace email subs box Add MySpace Friend - Add MySQL database, New Page to Show All User Records, and Copy to Domain B Add MySQL Db Support to a existing app already using MSSQL Dataset/Dataapater (VB.Net ADO.NET) - Add names from a PDF file onto a spreadsheet Add names to a Spreadsheet - Add navigation bar to website - ongoing work Add navigation for products on modified oscommerce - Add new features to site(repost) add new features(images) in android app - Add new api to existing software Add New App Features - Add new category to listings admin Add new changes for an exist POS application (web Applicaiton) - Add new content to website Add new content to WordPress website - Add new design to already existing site Add new design to back end - Add new elements to an existing perl/cgi script Add new email address and IMAP account to debian linux server - add new feature in musicbox add new feature in musicbox(repost) - add new feature to classified script PHP/MYSQL add new feature to EA - add new feature to my website add new feature to my website - Add New Features and Change UI to existing App Add new features and corrections to MVC Application - add new features in opencart Add new features in software (C#/sql server/crystal reports) - Add new features to an existing android app Add New features to an existing audio Flash application - Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website (287597) - Add new features to existing mobile-friendly web app Add new features to existing paint program - Add New Features to Live Website Add new features to me iOS App - Add New Features to Our App Windows Mobile 5 Application in C# Add new features to our existing website - Add new features to the open source java project. -- 4 Add new features to the Ribosome Wordpress theme - Add new field 'size' in woocommerce product page Add new field and one form only with custom texts - Add New Fields to a Payment Module on Interspire Add New Fields to Barcode Program MySQL - Add New Food Menu To Wordpress Site -- 2 Add new form field , send data via API - Add new Function to Agriya Script such as Youtube video, sorting orders Add new function to an Opencart / Bitcoin Extension - add new functionality Add new functionality for the existing project \"Big Ecommerce\" - Add New Functionality To Pre-Existing PHP/MySQL Script Add new functionality to the existing website - Add new functions to a job portal. Add new functions to a website - Add new functions to Wordpress site add new funntion on my flask website - Add new GPS product to main Page & create new details Page Add new graphic in Opencart template - Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral - add new links missing in link market 1 add new links missing in link market 2 - Add new mods to my phpbb forum Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!)(repost) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap) - Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER add new page including photo gallery with updates - Add New Page to Website, plus Add new page to Wordpress that will produce a set of graphs from SQL Server - Add new pages to my PHP website Add new pages to my Wordpress site - Add new payment gateway to wpmu membership pro 2 Add new payment gateways into membership 2 pro plugin - Add new Product - open to bidding - repost Add new Product Attribute to CRE Loaded Cart - Add new products to my website 2 add new products to new website - Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app Add new requirements to an existing website - Add new section to existing Umbraco site add new section to existing website - Add new site to pdf download application in java Add New Slide And Reorder flash movie - add new tabs and updates to opencart Add new tabs to navigation bar(repost) - add new things add new things to my site - Add new users to the back Add new validation types to custom form validation class in ASP.NET C# - Add new Wordpress Blog template to existing site Add New XML Element to XML-Posts Plug-in - Add news Filter to existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot Add news Filter to existing mt4 EA - Add Newsletter functionality to website Add newsletter functionality to website - Add NFC to existing android project - jastp Add NHL Teams to Project - Add nofollow to all External links Add NOINDEX to uncreated pages on MediaWiki - Add Notifications (for Truong) Add Notifications (for Truong) - repost - Add Obfuscation to my VPN app and some other fixes
Add objects (plants) on a single picture - ADD OFFERS TO ADMIN AREA OF PROJECT RAFS SCRIPT Add offline capability to phonegap app with SQL Lite and MySQL sync - Add on a right column with 4 modules in there (2 counter for Funds, 1 gift certificate and 1 for tracking number) - repost Add on a section of our current wordpress website - Add On Feature - Auction website Add on Feature in Shopify Store - Add on for email-ticket system (PHP, MySQL) add on for existing file transfer project - add on for whatsapp Add On Forms For Magento Check out - Add On Module Upload and Configuration to Newly Created ocCommerce Site Add on modules a website - Add on section to my current website add on service - Add on to current Joomla site Add on to current website - Add on to existing website... add on to exitsting project - booking - Add on to Website Add on to website - Add on, to auction software:asp Add ON/OFF hotkey to my program that I can chose and change - Add one element to two python script xml feeds Add one feature for my c# software - Add One In-App in my Android Phonegap app Add one layer for current graphic work - Add one new page to an existing wordpress site Add one new PHP page + SEO optimization - Add One part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS Add One part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS -- 2 - add one video flv to existing swf file Add one word to existing image - Add online ordering to my Pizza Website Add online payment functionality + invoice mgmt to existing php/mysql site - Add online store to existing website and a few other items Add Online Store to my website - Add Ons to a Struts Application(repost) Add ons to existin php site - Add opacity layer to image Add open Card to my website - Add OpenCart to website, html is already done Add OpenCL functionality to an algorithm written for CPU/CUDA - Add option for people to upload a food menu to wordpress website Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. - Add option to members mail Add Option to Multipane Graph - Add options to an existing event ticket (wordpress modified plugin) solution Add options to APP Android - Add Opus audio codec to VoIP application add or change coding of Simple Moving Average EA Stop Loss and Trailing Stop settings - Add order form to our page. Add order form to website - ADD OsCommerce DESCRIPTIONS/URGENT Add OsCommerce Mod - Header Tags / SEO - Add Our Action Video to Amazon Vendor Central Storefront Add our APK to Android ready made Stock rom - add our form on our wordpress website -- 3 Add our frame picture to our website - Add our link your websites!! Add our logo at screen window - Add our site to 50 directories of sweepstakes sites Add our site to major script websites / Data entry! - Add Overide itext Add OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier functionality to existing Google Maps - add P&F stock chart buy and sell signals to PHP program Add p2p Voice over IP to a chat program vb6 - Add page for secure payments to existing site(repost) add page likes for our facebook - Add page to Customer Area of Magento Add page to drop down menu on Joomla website - Add Page to osCommerce Checkout Process Add page to site - Add Page(s) to Website add page, animated gif nav button and text to existing website - Add pages -Website for INSTITUTE Add Pages / Products to Our Blog - WordPress Experts Where are You? - Add pages design to our website (Russian) Add Pages In A Wordpress Theme - add pages to an existing photoshop design Add pages to an existing website - add pages to existing website Add pages to existing website and make minor changes to existing pages - Add pages to my existing webpage or link them without changing the original database much. add pages to my functioning site now, set up email/domain/google SEO stuff - Add pages to Web site inc navigation change add pages to websie - Add pages to WP website Add Pages Website - Pay Today/Fast Job - Add pagination to file sharing database - repost Add Pagination to Isotope Javascript plugin - Add paint splat on image (tutorial included) Add paleo data to spreadsheet - Add parameter form URL to opt in form Add parameter in table adapter - Add particle candy system to Game in Basic Add particle candy system to Game in Basic(repost) - Add password protection to Python program Add password reset to simple content management system - Add Pay processors to my site Add Pay with Amazon and PayPal to PHP cart page - Add payment function to webshop Add payment gatesway to EDD - Add payment gateway and payments for existing website Add Payment Gateway and Restricted Sign Up - Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. (repost) Add payment gateway to existing .net C# module. (repost)(repost) - add payment getway on my existing website Add Payment Integration into Android App. - add payment page option Add payment pages to two websites - Add Payment Providers to Website - For Abhius Add payment solutions and email options + other tweaks - Add paymentsystem to html (no cms) Add Paymentwall payment module to Abledating chameleonsocial script. - Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. - Add Paypal as a checkout option to a functional OsCommerce Website.... Add Paypal as additional payment option to website. - Add paypal buy now code to my HTML page (easy) ADD PAYPAL CARD PAYMENT PAGE TO A WEBSITE - Add PayPal Express Checkout Add PayPal Express Checkout button - Add PayPal IPN to Application Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) - add paypal payment to script add paypal payment to simple website - add paypal subscription payment system to 2 user management scripts Add paypal subscription payments on PHP login - Add PayPal to online game Add PayPal to ordering page - add paypal to website Add paypal to website. - Add PAYZA, VEROTEL, PERFECT MONEY, WESTERN UNION in my magento store DURING THIS WEEKEND add payzippy payment gateway to WP - Add PDF page count code into my existing program (called - vPDFjobs, i.e. my vPDF Server software) Add PDF reader to a Drupal website - ADD PEOPLE IN PICTURE - ongoing work Add people in three 3d renders - Add perfectmoney and bitcoin to a script add perfectmoney payment to a script - Add pets back to game /fix email verifatcarion & property rentals or player partnership Add ph# to asp/html page(s) - ADD PHONE NUMBER TO EXISTING SITE Add Phone Number to header of WordPress website - Add phone numbers and emails - repost 3 add phone numbers and logo into my word press website - Add Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET & Angular JS Website + More future work