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Add new feature to existing iOS Applicatioon - Add new feature to SelfControl Add new feature to site - add new features and fixes to jquery/php/ajax chat script Add new features and functionality to blank WordPress theme - add new features on my site Add new features to a auction software / PERL and Template Design - add new features to an existing IOS game Add new features to an existing wordpress theme and other edits - Add new features to Drupal Ubercart module Add new features to existent web help desk/trouble ticket system written in ASP(repost) - Add New Features to Existing uBot Source Code add new features to existing VB software - Add new features to Musicbox latest version Add new features to Musicbox version 2.3.4 - Add new features to purchased script Add new features to registration form + make tweaks to existing form - Add new features to website - php mysql add new features to website .net/ c# - Add new field to dantocart/opencart checkout page add new field to existing calendar project - Add new fields to wordpress jobroller template Add new files to my VPS! - Add new friends to myspace account Add new front end features to existing template - Add new function to my website (Wordpress) Add new functional to working website - Add new functionality to an android code Add new functionality to C# Winform App - Add new functions Add new functions and design to an existing project #C - Add new functions to my app Add new functions to my exiting iPhone app 2 - Add New future on online php software (No Indian) Add New future on php oline software - Add new html page to existing site and fix bugs and make sure site is fully functional Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site - Add New language on website Add new Language to Drupal Website - Add new logo Add new logo to my current flash website - Add New Module based on existing modules. -- 2 Add new module for NAB payment in Open Cart - add new option in music script Add new option to my website - Add new page to book templates Add new page to exist website - Add new pages and associated features to my existing website Add new pages and insert youtube videos Joomla site - Add New payment feature to website Add New payment feature website - Add new phpBB style and minor design implementation. Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL - Add new products for website - data entry Add New Products to a Woocommerce Site from Another Website - Add New Project Task function in workflow when project task is completed. Add new quoting, sign up and payment system to 2 accountancy websites - Add new seaction Add New Search Criteria - PHP - add new server a my script xvideosharing - open to bidding add new shiping address in joomla virtumart - add new tab page Add new tab to link dialog of CKEditor 4 - Add new theme instead default in Presta Shop Add new theme to current wordpress site - Add new url to multiple pages on wordpress Add new user class/group on existing site - Add new website pages for eng and chi Add new website visuals to couponic - Add news feed widget Add news feeds and comment/rate function to basic HTML site. - Add Newsgroup (NNTP) Server Add Newsletter to website - Add NFC / NDEF capabilities to our app - ongoing work Add NFC feature to existing Android project - Add Nochex to website Add Node CCK node reference to 3 Teasers + Simple Side block - Add Notification Feature to Existing Wordpress Site Add notification function and message seen function into a PHP Website. - Add oauth for linkedin and upload photo functionality to app Add OAUTH services to an ASP.NET/SQL2008 portal - Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) - repost - Repost Add offer to installer - add on a logo add on a product category that are not affected by blackout dates - Add on database to existing webpage Add on EA 30 - Add on for Bus Reservation System Add on for crawling project Feb 19 2012 13:45:52 - Add on for website for Risalat1 add on for whatsapp - Add On Module for CS Cart 2.2.1 Add on module for Magento Cart System - Add on script to track stock selection game Add on secret deal icon + pop up form - Add on to convert manual wheelchair to a powered wheelchair Add on to current - Add on to existing website and cms - basic work Add on to existing website... - Add on to vp-asp shopping cart Add on to Website - Add on works on the existing php websites. F'Lancer's with strong php coding understanding only need to apply ! Add on, to auction software:asp - Add one element to two python script xml feeds Add one feature for my c# software - Add one level of options to HTML list add one line - Add one new php/js function to an existing project Add one new slide to HTML image carousel - Add one point to Android application add one product for purchase, on 2 pages - Add online authentication (Mysql) to a program someone made Add Online Booking into my website - Add online payment process in an existing process Add online payment to my opencard web [visa, mastercard, paypal, ...] - Add Online web design features Add onload event and javascript to single joomla page - add ons to indexu database Add ons to Listing Manager - Web Programming - Add open predictive search field to form Add open project, delete project and save project functionality to current project - Add OPOS printer support(repost) Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You to Place (Aweber Code) - add option to atribute Add option to change colour of objects in mt4 indicator - add option to upload more picture to a website Add Optional Attachment Fields to Existing PHP Form - add options to my website add options to my website - repost - Add or Modified Liquid coding Add or modify existing features Iphone and Andriod Apps based on Edirectory - Add ordernumber and total price excl. shipping variables (Magento) Add orthopedic products to shopping cart - Add osnap functionality to gCADPlus Add other language to website - Add our company to Wikipedia Add our company to Wikipedia - Add our link in your websites! -- 2 Add our link in your websites!! - Add Our Made Wufoo Form To Our GoDaddy Website Add our name to a current stl - Add Outlooks "invites" to existing forms Add output file splitting to rtmpdump - Add Owl Carousel to Shopify site Add Own Cloud to exisitng Linux Server - Add page and replace logo MBS
Add page content to new design - Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. - Add Page to Magento Catalog Add page to my PHP CodeIgnighter site - add page to WordPress Add Page To Wordpress site - Add pages Add pages - Add pages and Images to WordPress site - according to Wynn Theme Add pages and Images to WordPress site - according to Wynn Theme -- 2 - add pages to a flash template Add Pages to a Website - Add Pages to existing English Website and convert it all into a German Website Add pages to existing mobile site using AngularJs and RatchetJs - Add pages to inside of Joomla website Add pages to Joomla property website - Add pages to pixel site Add pages to Ruby on Rails website - Add Pages to Wordpress Add Pages To Wordpress Site - Add pagination to a CakePHP view Add Pagination to a website - Add PagueSeguro as an alternative payment solution to our CMS Add PagueSeguro as an alternative payment solution to our CMS. - Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla -- 3 - Add Parse to my mobile application -- 2 Add Push SDK to Html5 Website to Android Apk code - Add password protection for Admin section in Add password protection option to buddypress group creation - Add Pause Interval To An Existing App Add Pay Pal integration - 2 forms - Add Payment Checkout To Website Add payment feature to school management system - Add Payment gateway - WP ADD payment gateway /FIX some bugs PHP Script - add payment gateway to angular app Add payment gateway to classipress - Add payment gateway to Xfilesharing Pro script Add payment gateway; Login/signup to my website - Add Payment Option for Credit Cards to Allow Store Owner to Receive (Order # + Credit Card #) Safely Using Encryption Add Payment Option To Interpsire Shopping Cart - Add Payment Processors & Wallet System Add Payment Processors To A Website - add paymentprocessor to my option in codeignitor Add payments gateway on opencart website its---/urgent - Add Paypal Adaptive Payment to my site. Add Paypal Adaptive Payments and Facebook and Twitter Login - Add Paypal API to a existing page in .NET Add Paypal API to Wordpress Sitemile Theme - Add Paypal Buttons/Mailing List Add Paypal buy button to website and send shipping information to DVD fulfillment site - Add paypal donation form to Wordpress site add paypal express and fix bug - Add paypal interegation to my website Add PayPal IPN handler to website - Add Paypal payment link on website add paypal payment option to my website - Add PayPal Shopping Cart to Web Site(repost) Add PayPal subscription payment option to my site - add paypal to my website ADD PAYPAL to Myspace Page - Add paypal to website add paypal to website - Add PAYZA, VEROTEL, PERFECT MONEY, WESTERN UNION in my magento store DURING THIS WEEKEND add payzippy payment gateway to WP - Add PDF page count code into my existing program (called - vPDFjobs, i.e. my vPDF Server software) Add PDF reader to a Drupal website - Add people on facebook page Add people on Linkedin - Add Permissions to PHPBB Add persistent checkboxes to HTML pages - Add phone number and email to website header Add phone number field in LP - Add Phone Number to Website Headers Add Phone Number To Wordpress Theme css - Add phonegap to gwtp project Add PhoneRTC and signup/login system to existing Ionic, NodeJS , Socket.IO Chat app - add photo effects to iphone app Add photo feature to existing mobile website - Add photo repository to open Add Photo Section in my Android Apps - Add Photon turn-based multi-player to a project Add Photos - Add photos to android game, spot differences like Add Photos to Flash File - Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) - repost - Add php code to Existing Theme (WORDPRESS) Add php code to my pre-existing contact-us form - Add PHP Function to UX Script Add PHP Functionality to my project - Add PHP query, order, admins and poll form to sample website Add php script for comments and fix responsive on 3 web pages - Add PHP Website Feature Add PHP Zip Archive Script - Add Physical Therapy Products to ProductCart Shopping Cart Add Physics Engine to Existing Game - add picture on Flash web site(repost) Add picture preview - Add picture/pdf function in News & Announcement Add Picturebox and Text at runtime - Add Pictures To Homepage on my Open Cart home.tpl File With Responsive Code Add pictures to iPhone Quiz App - Add pictures to website Add pictures via serial print function into WORD - add pinterest pins of our products to our pintrest account add Pinterset followers, likes - add player xfilesharing pro 1.7 add playing mp3 not in chat room script - Add plug-ins and features to my website add plug-ins to my Wordpress website and edit - Add plugin to WordPress site and update data Add Plugin to Xinha (Open Source Online HTML Editor) - Add point of sales features to my CakePHP portal Add Point system for Joomla EasyDiscuss - add polyvore button / wanelo button make it work woo-commerce add pooshwoosh to my iphone&android - Add Pop-up box to BigCommerce Website Add pop-up call-me and login forms on the site with css - Add popup on wordpress site Add popup plugin with Facebook Like button to my website (very simple!) - Add portfolio plugin to my WordPress website with categories & show 8 projects on homepage Add Portfolio section to existing site - Add post code search to home page Add post data to MySQL and configure server - Add postal feature to website plus modification to an icon. - open to bidding Add postback system for HasOffers & Cake Marketing On AlstraSoft Affiliate Software - add poster needed - open to bidding Add Poster Needed Craigslist - Add posting Add posting - add posting Add Posting - add posting and data entry specialist add posting and data form filling - Add posting on classified websites Add posting on Criaglist & backpage - Add Posting work (Online) Add Posting work (Online) - add potion to admin panel Add Powered by to Video Intro - Add preloader
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