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add icon to product images in a bigcommerce site - add icons to my site, easy!(repost) add icons to theme via workaround or inserting into font - Add if-/else query to give an error message and add two sentences in pdf-output in perlscript add iframe billing to exsisting magento project - Add Image and Teaser test in RSS Fee (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) - add image funtionality Add image gallery for products in custom CMS - Add image scale filter to emulartor Add Image scaler to existing website - Add image to psd file Add image to site - ADD image upload capability to existing form and validate the field. Add Image Upload Feature to Existing Website (lensc) - Add images and copy to existing website Add images and description to 1500 products in magento (Urgent) - Add Images in Shopping Cart Add images into .aep file - Add images to an Apple Motion Template Add images to an existing image remove background from 9 images - Add images to dropdown menu in myshopify store Add images to existing flash fla file - Add images to products in magento (Urgent) Add images to products in Wordpress - Add images to website/set up shopping cart Add images to WikiMedia online manual - Add improvements to the Hotel web app. Add improves to iPhone App - Add In App Chat option to existing iphone and Android mobile app Add in app payment to an iPhone/Android application - Add in display full screen ads Add in email link to javascript code - Add in JQuery Gallery w/ Thumbnails to my HTML/CSS web page Add in magazine - Add in user role to website and login area add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups - add in-app purchase to app add in-app purchase to app again - Add In-App-Purchase for cocos2d-x project Add in-app-purchase to a button where a view will be bought - Add Indexing for U.S. States Add Indian Friends to our Facebook Accounts - Add Infinite Scoll to my Website Add Infinite Scoll to my Website -- 2 - Add infinite-scroll to Responsive Masonry Isotope filter grid add infinity to wordpress site - Add InfoJobs results into my jobs search engine add information (prefix for each network) to twilio price list - Add Information to a website from existing website Add Information to business card - Add Inputs to CSVtoTXT Add ins and minor changes to existing website - repost - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add Interactive DIV layers to a Dynamic Flash website Add interactive feature to website - Add interior and exterior to existing images Add interiors to a 3D house model - add interRapidSSL Intermediate CAs Add Intersitial ad to app - Add Inventory at Size Mod in OSCommerce Add Inventory column to Products Ordered Report In Magento - Add invoice choice to cart checkout Add Invoice Form to Existing Access Database - Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app Add iOS9 support - Add ipad device frame to screenshots Add ipad device frame to screenshots - repost - Add ips to CentOs server Add IPs to Squid server - Add IT Related Articles (Copied and Pasted) and FAQ Add Italian and Spanish to Magento Store - Add Items on shopify website with good title, meta description, URLs, etc Add items on website - Add items to media page and update trade show schedule Add items to my online store - Joomla based with virtue mart - Add items to store Add items to store -- 2 - Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project that has Spring Security Add Jasper Reports and LDAP authentification to Spring Security to an existing Spring Roo project - Add Javascript Behavior to Flash Buttons Add javascript booking widget to resort website - Add JavaScript interaction add javascript into wordpress page - Add javascript to our website Add Javascript to PDF Form to control combo boxes and do Validation - Add Job Apply Page Add job companies, new logo, new background and SEO - add joomla 2.5 " todo list " into this website Add Joomla and VirtueMart - Add Joomla/WP CMS to existing PHP site Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries - add jquery colorpicker - Repost add jquery components to existing rails application - Add jQuery Mambo plugin to my WP theme Add jquery menu plugin for mobiles/tablets to our prestashop site - Add jQuery Slider to Magento Website Add jQuery slider to website - Add jquery-social-stream code to index.php Add JQuery/AJAX Search to my Page - Add JSON markers to Google Driving Directions Page Add JSON row to HTML table with javascript/jquery - Add keyboard accessible pause/play/hide to Revolution Slider (wordpress) Add Keyboard Navigation to AJAX Autosuggest - Add Keywords to Meta Data on News Articles -- 2 add keywords to my website - Add Label to Site Origin Page Builder Add label to the empty bottle ASAP - Add Language Declaration to Website HTML / PHP Pages (CMS) Add language drop-down and other changes to my site - add language to wordpress website Add language translation to joomla module - Add Large Product Range to Prestashop Add Large Product Range to Prestashop commerce - Add layer image to video Add Layer link on Video and image. - Add Lead form and a login button to a site add leadbolt ads to html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK - add left sidebar in blogspot template. Add left sidebar to my woocommerce product page - add licensing info into db for already completed project Add Licesing to a Delphi Application - Add Lightbox Gallery to Website Add Lightbox Image Display to Site - add lighting on 3 d model Add lightning to my hands in the picture - Add LIKES to Facebook site Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - Add link 200x to del.icio.ous from different accounts Add link and pop-up window - Add link to external website and add a line of copy Add Link to Flash (easy project) - Add link to website button when data comes up from MySQL Add link to wordpress form - Add linkes on my website Add linkes on my website - ongoing work - Add links to a section of my site and fix bug Add links to a SVG file - Add links to my joomla site ADD LINKS TO MY SITE - add links to the front-end on my website Add links to URL's - Add list to plugin
add listing - Add listings tab Add listings to a local town discount site - Add listings to Real Estate Website Add listings to website - Add live inventory functionality to my existing website. Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode - Add LiveBackup to servers Add LiveBackup to servers(repost) - Add Local Businesses to new Directory Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - Add location tags to photos Add location tags to photos - Add logic to a script Add logic to a script - abierto a las ofertas - Add logical point system to WordPress Add logical test - Add login functionality and form to email Add Login Functionality to MVC Application - Add Login To Steam through My Wordpress Blog Add login to website - Add login/account functionality to existing PHP script Add Login/Backend to RIngtone Website - Add logo and menu to javascript sticky header Add logo and title (In Hindi) to the image given by me using photoshop - Add Logo to a cart Add logo to a styling photo and add a white border to 16 pictures - Add logo to InDesign files and create PDF's add logo to index picture and main picture - Add logo to Pligg site Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster - Add logo to website + some text. Add logo to wordpress header - Add logos to footer add logos to my website - Add MA Filter in a existent Expert Advisor Add MA strategy to existing EA to make work together - add magento option Add Magento Plugin in WP - Add mail function in coming soon page Add mail Function Urgent - Add MailChimp subscribe feature to my app Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) - Add manufacture information to order email Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart - Add Mapbox map and OpenWeatherMap to GWT project Add Mapbox to PrestaShop - Add marketplace sections on google Add marketplaces to my magneto website. - Add MasterCard's MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) into Convergine's BookingWizz Credit Card Payments modules. Add match keyword and linkend with notification chat - Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - Add me 500 facebook friends -- 2 Add me a million youtube subscribe in short time - add me on skype for your request - open to bidding add me on skype jaysspeedy - Add ads to magento site Add Medical Disclaimer at end of videos to very Short .MP4 files - Add members to fb group Add members to music Facebook group - Add membership option to shopping cart Add membership plugin and have it function on wordpress - Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost)(repost) Add Menu and Options to Unity 2D mobile game - Add menu item to System menu - fix codeproject sample add menu items in wordpress - Add Menus to Outlook (VBA?) Add Menus To WordPress Site - Add Meta Keyword Description Edit Some Txt on Site Add Meta keyword on /search pages - Add Metadata to Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 Add Metadata to Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 - Add Metro Tiles to a website as per design Add mgid code on my site - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality to website Add Mobile game app code to Google Play Store and Apple App Store - Add mobile responsive feature to simple wordpress image plugin / Script Add mobile responsive support to an existing webpage - Add Mod_Rewrite to foum Add modal box into my gallery on AngularJS - add modifications to chat room script Add Modifications to live project - Add module left colunm homepage Add module on joomla 3.x template - Add module to website Add Module- gift certifcate/ Add 1 Customized Product - Add Modules to OsCommerce add modules to oscommerce website - Add Monogramming Feature Add MOOC online course function to existing website - Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database II - Add more devices for a custom iphone add(device provisioning) Add more disk/space to RAID 5 array - Add more features in my Remittance system add more features in old website - Add more features to my program Add more features to my website - Add more function to Affiliate s System Add more function to my Google map - Add more functions to existing website/project management system Add More Functions to My Site - Add more pages in website need to be done in 3 Hours!!! Add more pages to an existing WordPress website - Add more Search functions on my site Add more searched sites for Torrent Site - add more Twitter followers add more txt - Add mouse gestures to manipulate OpenTK objects Add Mouse Over Effect On SVG Image - add mp3 button and player on flashtemplate add mp3 download feature for youtubify script that uses youtube api - add msn contacts Add MSN Contacts to Accounts - Add Multi Language to English Joomla 3.0 website add multi level - Add multi-language - Internationalization feature to Wordpress plugin Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script - add multilanguages on Joomla based site Add multilangual setup - Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. -- 2 Add multiplayer support for my Unity3D Trviva Game - Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 3 Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 4 - Add multiple languages to Wordpress site Add multiple linked Flash files to web page - Add multiple users to a database Add Multiple Users to MU WordPress Sites - Add music feature to website add music in xml mode to a flash xml site - Add music to flash Add music to flash file - Add Music to your Movies/Video Add Music Tracks - add my bank account to paypal Add my banner to my website page - Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. -- 2 - Add my Design to a Model