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Add content into our sites from other sites - Add content pages - HTML/PHP/CSS Add Content Pages in Zen Cart - Add content to a website add content to a website - Add Content to a WordPress template Add content to a wordpress template site - add content to blog Add content to Blog - Add content to existing Drupal site Add Content to Existing iPhone App (1669590) - Add content to health directory website Add content to home page on Wordpress from another site - Add Content to Joomla Site Add content to joomla site - Add content to my magento site from other site Add content to my Magento website - Add Content to new WordPress Website Add Content to New WP website from OLD website - Add Content to Site Add content to site - Add Content to Video Game Site Add content to video game site - Add content to website (i.e. Homepage-add opt-in, social media icons, add a testimonial page and testimonial content, add paypal page. add content to website - wordpress , woo commerce - Add Content to Wordpress site Add content to Wordpress Site - Add content to Wordpress website Add content to wordpress website - Add content, videos, and images to Joomla site - repost Add content/articles to site - Add contents to existing template Add contents to existing website theme - Add contract section to existing script Add Contract template to existing VB6 App - Add controler script subtitles Add controler-script subtitles - Add cookie test and override option to php redirect script. Add cookie to a popup - add cool effect to real estate website Add cool effects and graphics to videos so i can upload to youtube - Add cords to graduation photo add corespotlight search feature to app - add countdown timer to php Add countdown timer to website - Add coupan code in existing perl e-commerce website Add couple features to my wordpress site - Add coupon codes to Wordpress plugin Add coupon discount functionality to my website - Add COWOA mod to Zen Cart 1.3.8 Add COWOA mod to Zen Cart 1.3.8 (revised) - Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment (FOP) Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment in wordpress Wooecommerce store - Add credit card payment to my Joomla website Add credit card payment to our shopping cart - Add CRM API To Website (Replacing Webforms) -- 2 add cron - add crystal report server longin information at runtime C# project Add Crystal Reports functionality to VB.NET app - Add CSS Hover Effects to Wordpress Site ADD CSS Rule to Wordpress MENU - Add CSS to html and asp Add CSS to Joomla Navigation - Add csv file Add csv file 1 - Add curated articles to WP blog site Add curated articles to WP blog site - Add current web content to existing flash fla to create site Add Curved Text to Existing Logo - Add custom class via metabox Add Custom CMS to Online Repository - Add custom decal design to website Add Custom Design Elements and Fine Tune a Wordpress Website - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 2 - Add custom field output to template Add custom field text in products page. Shopify - ADD CUSTOM FIELD VIRTUEMART -- 3 add custom field when add product in new other project - Add custom fields to my website Add custom fields to my website -- 2 - Add custom font to mobile keyboard Add custom font to my Shopify website - Add custom Google Map locations page to existing website Add Custom Hat feature on Shopify powered Template - Add custom JS file to Magento 2 adminhtml catalog/product/edit page. Add custom line in code within wordpress theme - Add custom omniture tracking to a web page. Add custom option - Add custom payment method to opencart urgent Add Custom Photos to a Javascript App - Add Custom Search and Bot Add Custom Search Filters to Crea8Social and Fix Paypal Payment Processing - Add custom text to checkout in prestashop Add custom text to existing website - Add Customer Admin Function to My Database Add customer area to a template and add the ability for customers to submit inventory. Also add auction timer to inventory items that can be started b - Add Customer Store Number Information from MySQL database to Wordpress Welcome Email Add Customer Testimonials To Site - Add customized options to PHP based dating script Chameleon -- 2 Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe) - Add dalpay payment option in my site Add dalpay payment option in my site -- 2 - Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 Add data for .001 per listings -- 7 - Add Data in Wordpress site using Visual Composer Add Data Input & Import function - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3d Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3d -- 2 - add data to a page add data to a shopping cart bigcommerce - add data to my site add data to my site - open to bidding - Add Data to wordpress database directly from CSV file Add Data to Wordpress site & a few modifications - add database functionality in website Add database functionality to existing PHP calculator - Add date and and lot number Add date and time stamp to Adium open source code - Add date to column Add date to column - repost - Add deals and coupons into my website.. YOU NEED AMAZON ACCOUNT Add deals on my website - add delete button to flexi grid + 2 small changes Add delete buttons to an Access application. - Add description and tags to photos across various sites add description box in shopify admin panel - Add design & features to existing website Add design (already prepared) for a joomla website and add content (already prepared) - Add design to HTML game -- 2 Add design to HTML game -- 3 - Add Design, Email Template, & Partial Web Design add design, graphics and colour to my wordpress enabled site - Add details to a contact form in Magento Add Details to Existing 3D Models - Add different payments to my site Add different price options to a website - Add dimensional support to fedex module Add dimensions to images and set tables instead of DIV - Add disclaimer/popup to wordpress website Add Discogs API to existing project - Add discounted price in Virtuemart module Add discription Field - Add div classes via Jquery + Jquery tooltip to a ready made script. Add django token authentication to my API - Add Domain from NameCheap To VPS Add Domain in DirectAdmin - Add dots to microsoft word equations
Add double elimination to tournament script - Add download possibility from email attachment in Android Webview Add download vouchers button to a page (no checkout functionality, simple version)) - Add Driveway Gate add drop down box to my text - Add drop down menu to drupal theme Add drop down menu to existing menu. - Add Drop Down Menus to HTML Page Add Drop Down Menus to Website - Add dropdown box and ''attach files'' box to contact form Add dropdown boxes to CakePHP script populating from MySQL - add dropdowns fro attributes in creloaded 6.4.2 Add Dropdowns to 2 website navigations - Add dynamic careers section to basic html website Add Dynamic Content - add dynamic google tags to magento site for remarketing Add Dynamic JS/DHTML Horizontal Menu to my OSCommerce site - Add e Comerce capability to existing website add e commerce/checkout capability & live chat to website - Add e-commerce to website, html is already done Add E-Commerce tracking code to custom site - Add Easyblog pages to existing website taking data from another website (that I also own) Add eBay and Amazon integration to existing Sales System - Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site Add eCommerce abilities to porn site - Add eCommerce in our current website Add eCommerce options to Drupal website - Add ecommerce to site Add Ecommerce to Website - Add edit profile & account feature to public Github project Add edit profile to front end of Car Dealer Script - Add effects to photos Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video - Add elements to an existing autocad floorplan Add elements to an existing website template - add email alert to forex indicator - Repost Add email alert to Metatrader Ea - Add Email Feature To Existing News System Add email field in registration form and send email for registration complete - Add Email Notification Feature To Wordpress Lead Capture Plugin Add email notification functionality to windows program. - Add Email Sign Up for mobile version of my website. Add email sign up pop up banner to homepage - Add email verification to my website Add Email Verification to preexisting PHP Registration API - Add embadedd code in wordpress - open to bidding Add embed feature for 2 other sites using hwdVideoShare - add empty line after every week in overvieuw of objects add empty line after every week in overview of objects - Add English subtitles to a Lebanese Arabic/French video Add English subtitles to a Youtube Video in Filipino language - Add entries to website Add Entry & Exit Conditions in EA - Add Estimote iBeacon on App Add Ethernet Support For Android App - Add event tracking to a PayPal "buy now" button Add event tracking to wordpress slider links - Add eWay online payment system to existing Xero file Add EWAY payment app to woocommerce word press cart store - Add Exchange Connection to existing mail application Add exchange to NOMP multipool. 100$ Budget - Add existing layout to PHP project(repost) Add existing layout to PHP project(repost)(repost) - add Exit-Popup to my site + instruction Add expanding button functionality to existing application - Add export to csv option to my C# software.. Add Export to Instagram to iphone app - Add Extensions to Opencart store. add extensions to web site - Add extra coupon functionality to existing Wordpress coupon theme Add extra data to Wordpress JSON feeds from related custom post types - Add extra features to Node.js Project add extra Features to open source and change couple things - Add extra fields to prestashop registration form add extra fields to squeez form - Add extra functionality to Big Commerce store add extra functionality to custom plugin - Add extra input field to Magento Onestepcheckout module Add extra menu page in Drupal - Add extra registration fields to usercake - Repost Add extra registration fields to WPDeals - add face book to website Add Facebook "like" -buttons to my page - Add facebook and instagram widget to site Add Facebook and Twiiter to Wordpress - add Facebook apps Add Facebook auth to Coinpunk (node.js app) - Add Facebook Connect and Sharing to Existing Site Add Facebook connect on my website - Add Facebook Fans to a selected Page Add facebook fans to my page - Add Facebook Friends from US to my Profile Add Facebook friends to my account - Add Facebook Group Add Facebook Group Members - Add Facebook Like and Twitter Followus Functionality on Site Add facebook like box at side of website - Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close the popup (in opencart vQmod) Add Facebook like to my blog - Add Facebook Likes to a company profile on Facebook Add Facebook Likes to Two Pages - add facebook login to a website Add facebook login to an existing website - Add Facebook login/GeoLocation Add Facebook Login/Sign Up to PHP Site - Add Facebook post api permission to script Add Facebook Post capability with callback on Success with Ionic Cordova - Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website Add facebook sign up to an already complete project. - Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website Add Facebook, Twitter & Mi Website Icons - Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider -- 2 add fade to image - Add Fans on my facebook Add Fans to a FB page. - Add fans to my facebook page 10k+ Add fans to my - Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) - add fb,twitter API logins to my current website Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page - Add Feature , Fix Defects in Cacke PHP Website add feature and make new desgin for - Add Feature in Existing Android App. Add feature in existing app - Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection - Add Feature to a WordPress Plugin Add Feature to Affiliate Software - Add feature to crawl project Add feature to current map tool project using C++ and Qt framework - Add feature to existing Joomla site Add feature to existing jQuery Datepicker - Add Feature to Javascript Timeline Script Add feature to Jmap - add feature to my PHP/Mysql blog - very easy job add feature to my search engine - Add feature to php site Add Feature to PHP Website - add feature to startftp and make it working add feature to startftp and make it working(repost) - add feature to wordpress site - quick hiring -- 2 Add Feature To Wordpress Theme - Add featured images to Wordpress posts Add featured images to wordpress posts - Add features to existing ASP.NET project mentioned in description Add features to existing project mentioned in description - Add Features & Set up Images Hosting Site