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Add ALT Attribute to images for key terms on 3 sites - Add Amazon Checkout to Existing iOS & Android App -- 2 Add Amazon Checkout to my site - Add Amazon S3 Uploader/Downloader to existing Swift Project Add Amazon s3 Video streaming to exsiting app - Add an accordion to our website Add an activity (use gps to track running distance,speed..) - add an advertising ad - open to bidding Add an advertising page with slideshow banner to an existing web application. Plus some other minor work (see doc) - Add an api to an exisiting trading bot Add an Api to Magento - Add an delete function through external file to user module in modified oscommerce Add an e-cart system to our website - Add an email form to a web page Add an email form to joomla - Add an extension to product pages add an extension to root directory - add an FTP upload page to my wordpress website -- 2 Add an h1 to header on WP blog - Add an image hover caption to my portfolio thumbs in Wordpress Add an image in one of my website's pages. (2 minute job) - Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi Add an Instant Messanger in my web community - Add an Online Database Add an online flight booking system to a current website - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an Option in Wordpress - Add an slider to this page Add an slider to this page - Add an Upload Picture option to my website Add an upload progress meter to existing script - Add and change functionalities in existing Wordpress data Add and Change HTML To Current Theme Of Site - Video Explanation - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaborationes Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaborations - Add and edit Product Descriptions on a website Add and edit simple stuff in iPhone application - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions - add and test 6 aweber lists/paypal process Add and test HTTP posting instructions - Add Angular Internationalization Add Angular Template to Mean stack - Add animation on existing banner Add animation style on WordPress Nav Bar - Add animations and parallax to HTML landing page + fix responsiveness Add animations and special effect to current angularjs Hybrid app - Add another flv to swf file with start buttons Add another gondola in a picture - Add another payment method Add another PHP sort function - Add api and change layout of website add api broker into c# application autobot - Add API keys of Twitter, FB to wordpress plugin Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site - Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. Add apopup to exsiting website - add appnext to android app Add appointment booking plugin & page to Wordpress site - Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - repost Add Apps, Websites, Domains and or Source Codes and sell on my website - Add Architect People from LnkedIn Add architectural events to website - Add around 170 listings Add around 170 listings - Add articles into an online shop ! (Prestashop) Add articles titles and filename to object - Add as2 to the existing flash file ADD AS3 FUNCTION ON Flash Media Server 5.0 - Add Assist Gateway for JoomBri Freelance (CMS Joomla, last version) Add Associated Product In Magento - add attachment form to a php mailer script Add attachment form to group email - Add Attribute to Magento API Add Attribute to Magento API -- 2 - Add Auction Script To Website Add auction to my website - Add Audio Icon To Image And Fix Autoplay Issue for Ipad add audio on answered call - Add audio to a Video Add Audio to AVI File - Add Australia Post Shipping Calculator to my site Add australia post shipping table to magento installation - Add authentication to little webserver Add authentication to RSS template - add on my site ADD AUTHORIZE.NET on weebly platform - add auto copy paste & submit feature to listing page Add Auto Find server to client - Add Auto-Language Translate Function to Wordpress Plugin Add Auto-Language Translate to Wordpress Plugin - Add autocroll (scrollspy) and get back to the top button to website Add autofill to contact form - Add Automatic Vertical Scrolling on School Reading Activity C# Add automatic watermark to conversion in a video website - Add Avatar to users page Add average daily range calculations to EA - Add aweber opt-in form to a banner Add aweber optin code to my html squeeze page.. - Add back, forth and pause buttons to my Swish project Add back-end code to HTML+JS + angularjs site - Add Background and Website Name to Photos add background audio player - Add Background Image to the Title Area of My Wordpress Site Add background image to website - Add Background remove function into my app (solution : Grabcut algorithm) add background sound - Add backlinks to Arabic website (URL) Add Backlinks to PR5 or Better Sites - Add Banner Add Banner & Panel - Add banner on Magento Category page add banner on my opencart website - add banner to wordpress Add banner to Wordpress RSS feed - add banners to my website Add Banners to Nine Wordpress Sites - add barcode scanner to BlackBerry 10 phonegap app Add Barcode Scanning to project - Add Basic Functionality to Multi-Page HTML Form Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it - Add BBCode Controls to Rich Text Area Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum - Add Better image viewer to os commerce Add Biblical scriptures to the second edition of the ebook - Add Birthday Add-on to Sharepoint Online Add birthday field on Register page - add Bitcoin to zencart urgent Add bitcoins deposit and auto / manual withdraw to my bitcoin website - Add blinking Flash stars to a picture Add blinking image to WHMCS ticket notes in WHMCS - repost - add blog feature and store feature to drag and drop website builder Add blog feature to existing property listing custom PHP script, plus minor fixes. - Add blog link to magento website Add blog module for my open cart site, with FB commenting option - Add Blog to Amazon Webstore Add blog to custom website - add blog to magento website add blog to menu - Add Blog to website Add Blog to website - Add blue sky to my images Add blue text box to existing HTML - Add boat search to existing site Add Bocce Court Image to 2 Yard Photos - Add booking tab to my homepage on a child theme for wordpress
Add booking tab to my homepage on child theme for wordpress - Add Bootstrap to 3-5 HTML pages Add Bootstrap to Existing Website - Add BP Group Hierarchy to Custom Buddypress Theme add br to php script - Add Browse Button in Admin add browse buttons in addition to texboxes for html upload - add bulk lister to auction website add bulk lister to site - Add business listings to website Add business location to the google - Add button (image) to CakePHP layout Add button (image,link) to CakePHP layout - add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3- trabajo en ejecuciĆ³n Add button in wordpress page - Add Button To Facebook App Add button to Flash CS4 application - add buttons to "my account" area of premium press theme Add buttons to a wordpress page with a shotcode (Please read the project description before placing a bid.) - Add Buy form to existing shopping cart Add buy it now option similar to Swoopo's - Add cache to Java proxy server Add caching to an existing Android app - Add calendar recurrence of fullCalendar plugin for lukeyan add calendar system and functions to wordpress site - add call statisics to a plugin Add call to action button to header of WP Avada Theme powered website - Add Cannons to Logo Add Canonical URL's + Fix Meta Description - Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. - Add captcha for html contact form for website Add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page - Add Captcha Solving function to Wordpress Backend Add captcha spam blocker to already designed wordpress contact form - Add Captcha to Contact Form Add Captcha to Contact form - Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form & Fix Add captcha to existing sign--up page - Add Captcha to Formmail Add captcha to forms - add captcha to my site Add Captcha to my web-to-support-system-form - repost - Add captcha to this form Add CAPTCHA to two form on Drupal Website - Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page -- 2 - Add car brands into website Add car brands into website - add cart and credit card payment to website Add cart and online quote to existing site - add catagories and product and set the theme with images Add catagories to prestashop + few other things - Add Categories to existing shopify shop Add categories to FAQ system - add category for site Add category images and small description of each category of lingerie prestashop - Add Catergories to my Wordpress template add causes via admin and editable cause text and hyperlink - Add Certificate Breakout to SSL Parser Add certificate to Fiddlercore for injecting JS on HTTPS sites. - add changes to my site add changes to my site - repost - Add Charboost + Admob & Repair Ads Plugin Add Charity icon - 3 areas - Add chat functionality android app + (XMPP server ) add chat and make better design - Add Chat to my Facebook *** for techcity only *** ADD chat to my website - add check in java script to my website add check in jqury to my website - Add Checkboxes Column next to Product Rows - Create a "Run Cleanup Macro" to delete checked products add checkboxes to woocommerce. required user to check at least one checkbox. - add Chinese language functionality on a 5 page static website Add Chinese Language Pack for CRE Loaded B2B Pro template - Add Chronopost official extension to our 1.9.1 Magento Add Chunked Upload Ability to Angular File Uploader (AngularJS Javascript Expert Wanted) - Add City names to Logo Add ckeditor functionality - Add Classified Ads program features to existing web site add classifieds option to my buddypress press site with nice design. - add click through to existing banners Add Click to Call button for Responsive Wordpress site to the Right of Logo for mobile - Add clicking on a website Add clicking on a website - Add Client Quotes to Website Add Client section to website - add cloud data feature in existing Android app Add Cloud Server (Rackspace, windows 2008 R2) to our physical domain. Domain has a Cisco 1841 router, - Add CMS not to the whole website but to certain parts of the site Add CMS or some type of content management to a website - Add CMS to static pages. Add cname and install ssl - add code in my app by teamviewer Add code in orders.php and super_orders.php of Zen cart 1.3.9h - Add code to css/html5 gradient creator so that gradient code for older browsers is also created Add Code to Enable Site to Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test - Add code to my Job manager plugin--2 add code to my private mt4 ea - Add code to the following workbook to import price and description categories from Quickbooks Add code to website - Add codes to user side for url add codes, and modify open source app - Add color and replace object in logo. Add color and sizes - Add Color To Drawing Add color to drawings - Add colors to product spreedsheet Add colors to product spreedsheet - Repost - Add column in db and display the value in JSON Add Column in Products Page in Opencart Admin - Add columns to pdf generate code c# Add columns to PHP file and Create a Color Chart - add commands to chat(repost) Add commas to a Word Doc - Add comments / upload box to an existing web form Add comments about our hotel - Add comments to article in website Add Comments to Code - Add Comodo Trust Logo to WooCommerce's Cart and Checkout pages Add companies and some designed to my website - Add Company to Wikipedia Add Company User Control - Add compression and encryption to this script Add compusory fields to a wordpress contact form - Add configurable products into magento store - repost Add configurable products to Magento Shop - Add Contact Form and Paypal Integration add contact form in prestashop site. and modify couple fields - Add Contact Form to Website add contact form to wordpress multilangual - Add Contact to Database using API -- 2 Add contact to yahoo messenger - Add contenst to an already bulild website. Add Content - Add content and cleanup Joomla website Add content and current wordpress theme. Need completed before April 10th - Add content and images to two wordpress sites Add content and images to website - add content for web site that was sent via email add content form to website - Add content in joomla theme(repost)(repost) Add Content in my Directory, Content will be provided- SEOs - Add content on our job board website Add content on two sites - Add content to a 5 pages website template Add content to a brochure - Add content to a site - 1.Simple HTML 2.Few WP pieces