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Add a Chat Box to existing Iphone and Google Play game app - Add a Circling Tool to Adobe Acrobat Add a CK editor to a current plain text description box in script - Add a collapes (show/hide information) facility in my bootstrap table each row Add a collapes (show/hide information) system in my bootstrap table each row - Add A Compiler Add a complement to a software - open to bidding - Add a contact form to my homepage Add a contact form to my site - Add a cookie when user click on close button Add a cornerstone home page to my website - Add a couple of webview activities to my app Add a couple simple features to a cocos2d game - Add a currency to my Shopify Add a custom attribute to Magento PDF invoice. - Add a custom font to a wordpress website Add a custom font to Squarespace (CSS) - Add a custom tab on Prestashop product page Add a custom text field in shipping plugin - Add a datepicker field to Bigcommerce's Checkout page Add a DB column with Entity framework - Add a different date selection option to an excel sheet Add a digital background on a furniture photo - Add a Domain Entry to an Existing server.. Add a domain to our server - Add a drop down menu with blank pages in prestashop Add a drop down selection field to a very basic Joomla module - Add a E-commerce package to a basic web add a e-mail command to send me information - Add a facebook ad Add a facebook and Twitter Fanpage to my SMF without a SMF Mod - Add a FAQ system to our OSCommerce site Add a Favorites feature - Add a feature on Moodle plugin Add a Feature on MYSQL Database - Add a feature to a wordpress site Add a feature to a wordpress site, READ before bidding - Add a feature to an OpenSource Mac OS app : SelfControl Add a feature to boxbilling - Add a Feature to my React-Redux UI Homepage Add a feature to my site - paying around $80 - Add a feature to Wordpress Plugin Add a feature to Wordpress Theme - Add a few extensions to open cart website Add a few extra features to C# Software - Add a few followers Add a few forms and download links - add a few pages to my wordpress Add a few products to joomla ecommerce site (about 10) - Add a field to customer data in woocommerce Add a Field to Dropdown Menu - Add a filter to scraped data. Add a filter to scraped data. - repost - add a floating box on homepage for user to upload cv Add a floating buton on my WP website - Add a form Submit nicely to HTML page Add a Form to a Mobile App - Add a Form to Wordpress Website Add a form upload portal to my website - Add a Forums functionality to my existing PHP, HTML5, CSS3 website - ongoing work Add a fourm to my site using the same look as my site - Add a funcitonal landing page & Some small features to an existing iOS & Android app -- 2 Add a function - Add a function to add date start/end in the existing URL Add a function to allow logged-in users to make a post and embed Youtube videos (post URL) to the Wordpress site - 22/10/2016 18:55 EDT - Add a function to my Wordpress Website Add a Function to mysite - Add a furniture donation page to a non-profit website Add a further gateway in Donate & Download - add a gocardless plugin/addon to whmcs Add a Golf-Swing script/mechanism into an existing Android Mobile App - Add a Guest Counter & install 2-probid pre-written modifications Add a GUI feature to existing website - Add a hotel administration Add a hover effect to Wordpress post thumbnails - Add a Inaktive Button for main prod and a PDF print report of data for main & sub product add a Interactive obituary to my joomla site - Add a Joomla Slider to my website Add a jquery cascading in Magento header and have related products in product listing - Add a killer background music and effects to a clip Add a killer background music and effects to a clip - repost - Add a License Key system to my C# Application Add a light beam to train engine lamp. - Add a link on your Youtube channel and promote my website Add a link quick project - Add a list of referrals (US, Canada and other countries) onto a wordpress site add a list to wp-posts - Add a lock to folder and other features Add a Log Out feature to a web page - Add A Login Function To A Kodi Addon. Add A Login Function To A Kodi Addon. -- 2 - add a logo on 6 clothes Add a logo on a few images - add a logo to some images Add a logo to the background of my website - Add a map to Joomla that pulls data from others sites add a map to our site with different arrows - Add a menu bar to my blog and some links Add a menu option to Flipping Book Content - Add a mobile design to an existing website. Add a Mobile Friendly Page to my Website - add a module position to a joomla template add a module prestashop and some trouble to fix - Add a multi currency management button in PHP/mysql website and Paypal API--2 Add a multi-condition branching logic to survey website - $50 - Add a New Admin Alert on Add a new animation to current website - Add a new element to the Gravity Forms Wordpress Plugin for a three month calendar Add a new event response option to Joomla Event Booking - add a new fee in checkout on OC Add a new field "page link" in edit page on WordPress website - Add a new function to a script. Add a new function to my html5 chat. - Add a new mobile style drop down menu to navbar Add a new MVC theme to my site - Add a new page to Property Management site - Webzin Add a new page to website - Add a new product to a customize Add a new product to an external prestashop module - Zend & DOJO - Add a new tab and a downloads page to my website Add A new template - Add a nice looking blog to custom WordPress theme Add a Nivoslider to an existing site - Add a opt in button to my blog add a option in existing custom joomla module - Add a page in a web Add a page in cs-cart website - Add a page to an existing website Add a page to an existing website. - Add a page to my website add a page to my website - Add a page/section to my Drupal site add a pagination service in php file - add a payment gateway to a specified wordpress theme Add a payment gateway to an auction website - Add a payment page using Stripe API -- 2 Add a Payment Plan Option to My Checkout Page Using OptimizePress/WP/Stripe - add a persian language versian to wordpress site Add a persistent window mode to Ear Trumpet open source software - Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site -- 2 - Add a php template to my hosting account with lite customization add a php upload feature to existing website - Add a plugin on my wordpress website
Add a plugin to myBB Forum - Add a pop up window to the shipping page in shopify website NEED TO KNOW SHOPIFY PANEL WELL Add a pop-under function on my simple site - Add a pre-made banner to Shopify website using HTML Add a preference activity to the previous app created - add a product ADD A PRODUCT CONDITION TO EXISTING OPEN CART WEBSITE - Add a progress bar functionality for File - Uploads Contact Form 7 Add a progress bar to the mp3 player - add a quick estimate form on home page Add a quick footer to a word document ($15) - Add a record to a table using Ninja Forms Add a rectangle for my text with library gd - Add a reporting print all statement to Current Invoice Billing System Add a request a property form - Add a robots.txt file to my wordpress site add a room on a house and modify - Add a save configuration to a Wordpress Plugin Add a Save Feature to my Software - Add a scrolling footer Add a scrolling footer - Add a search field in existing db and homepage. Add a search field on homepage - Add a Second price in article Add a second store to my magento backend (multiple magento stores) - Add a send email function to a .php add a sent box to a members online inbox - Add a shop to a dropdown menu Add a Shop to an Exsisting Wordpress Template - Add a shopping cart to my websites Add a short article to Wikipedia - Add a simple api call to a Laravel 5.2 site and use it in Angular add a simple blog to my current landing page - Add a simple Feature to a Free Wordpress Plugin Add a simple feature to an Existing App in Visual Basic 6 - ADD A SIMPLE JOOMLA PAGE add a simple jquery plugin to my website - add a simple video chat interface from into my website Add a simple wp blog to html website - Add a slider and fix css add a slider in layerslider plugin - Add a small enhancement into existing MS Credential Provider project Add a small favebook like feature to my PHP website. - Add a smile to beer froth picture Add a sms/email alert to a forex indicator - Add a specific redirect to a complicated PHP site Add A Spectrum Analyzer - Add a Store Locator to a website Add a Store Locator to website - Add a subtotal field to my PHP page Add a summary sheet to the Excel - Add a tab bar badge for new rss feed Add a Tab for component on joomla site - add a tagline to our logo Add a tagline to the logo you designed for me. - Add a text/ email alert to a forex indicator on mt4 add a text/javascript code i have - Add a tiny feature to my working C# program Add a title to 2 business cards for me. - Add a train timetable to my website Add a Training Page and a Blog Page to our Website - Add a two field MySQL table to our site . . NOW Add a unified inbox to the RainLoop Webmail - Add a user registration system to my web app. Add a user registration to my web app. - add a video player to my site add a video popup for the site. - Add a video to wordpress site add a video up load to my wordpress website - Add A Web Page to Existing Website Add a web page to my site. - Add a Webview Window to a existent iOS App Add a weight tracker to GETOFFYOURAPP + New Design - add a widget to existing page Add a widget to my navigation bar - Add a word into my logo, using the same font add a word to existing logo 5 min job - Add a Wordpress Directory and Customize It To Work add a wordpress feature - Add a YouTube logo to my website Add a youtube tv script into my avatar chatting script - Add ability to open multiple drawings in gCADPlus Add ability to purchase items to small HTML5 website and change pictures on current site - Add about 200 articles to an invoice Add about 200 articles to an invoice. - Add accordian slider on clikc Mar 04 2013 14:00:31 Add accordion code, Add full screen jQuery code, Create button to spawn DIV, Allow content to be scrollable, Fix hover bug - Add ace editor to one page app add ACF fields in wordpress - Add Activation feature in a WP Plugin add activation requirement to already designed android project - Add Ad space to current design add ad spaces on site - Add additional audio format support for an open source streaming server Add additional button to product display page - Add additional feature to plugin add additional feature to squarespace template - Add additional features to my estore add additional features to my existing site - Add Additional function to Gym Membership System Add additional functionalities to a social site - Add additional images and a zoom on hover to OpenCart Add additional info to Prizm spreadsheet and capture screen images - Add Additional Page to Drupal CMS Add additional page to existing website - opportunity for steady workflow. - Add additional screens to our front-end betting system Add additional search and lising functionality - Add address to PDF document, really easy Add address validation to website ALL CODING IS DONE - add admin function Add admin funtion in escort directory script - Add Admob ads directly to various apk Add Admob ads in Android app (No source code available ) - Add Admob code into existing app and rate option + share button Add Admob code to unity ios app - Add Admob to eclipse project Add AdMob to existing app if iAd fails to fill - Add Ads on Android App Add Ads on Existing Android App - Add Adsense adds to every auto-posted page Add Adsense Ads to my WrodPress website - Add Adsense to Drupal site add adsense to forum site - Add advanced search Add advanced search - repost - Add Advertising Banner to an iPhone app. Add advertising banners to my shopify site - Add adwords conversion tracking code to contact forms Add Adwords tracking code to Joomla Site - add affiliate link into footer of blog pages and post Add Affiliate Links to CSV File - Add affiliates to website Add Affilinet traking to prestashop - Add Airline Frequent Flyer number Add AirPlay icon on volume bar - iOS radio app - Add Ajax Drag-and-Drop Cart Feature to ASP 3.0 Cart Add Ajax editing fields to edit song name, bio, and photo once logged in. - Add AJAX Portfolio Popup to Wordpress Theme (Rather than page reload) Add AJAX Scripts into App elements - Add Ajax/Jquery calls on saving Grade data in an MIS Add Ajax/JQuery functionality to site - add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) Add alert to an MetaTrader indicator - Add alert to Metatrader indicator