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Adapt or create a User Verification Wordpress Plugin -- 2 - Adapt our Logo to a square icon for use in Appstores, in our aplication and Favicon ADAPT OUR LOGO TO ARAB - adapt php script Adapt PHP script to my current template. - Adapt provided CSS template to a rails application Adapt PSD Logo to different background colors - Adapt SCM Player to Wordpress site with other media adapt screen fit an web mobile browser - Adapt sketch ESP8266 to javascript Adapt slides to colour pallet and add a master, budget appx. $20 - Adapt Template for Kayako, other software adapt template for my needs - Adapt the PARTIES section of a contract to include several freelancers Adapt the resolution of the pictures in the portfolio. - Adapt TrueSkill algorithm to Delphi Adapt TrueSkill algorithm to Delphi - Adapt WeBid Script Adapt Webpage and design from Joomla 1.5 to 3.x - Adapt wordpress blog to a new wordpress theme adapt wordpress bootstrap theme - Adapt wordpress theme for our Zen Cart website Adapt wordpress theme for our Zencart website - Adapt Zencart Module from 1.2x to Adapt/build Websites & SEO - Adaptação de aplicativo SOLVE360 - Adaptação de código Fortran - Adaptação de templates html para 6 sites Adaptação de templates html para 6 sites - 79512 - Adaptación de Layouts en Android para todas las resoluciones de pantalla. Adaptación y redacción de artículos - Adaptación de contenido ebook a Articulate Storyline. - 77954 Adaptación de Contenido en HTML5 para APK - Adaptación de pantallas para Android Adaptación de plantilla con pasarela de pagos - Adaptación de Tienda Prestashop , Taller Serigrafia Adaptación de un algoritmo para una tarjeta gráfica - Adaptación mapa 3D Adaptación mobile e-commerce - Adaptación template OPENCART Adaptación textos SEO alemán - Adaptacion cartel publicitario Adaptacion clone script - adaptacion de plantilla de wordpress Adaptacion de plantilla Wordpress por comprar en envatomarket . - Adaptacion, configuracion y mantenimiento de modulo Virtuemart a plantilla en joomla para una tienda online Adaptaciones Back y Front End para Joomla - Adaptar accountlab plus Adaptar adivinanzas con emoticones a Mexico - Adaptar contenido redactado a plantilla powerpoint Adaptar contenido Scorm para wordpress wplms - Adaptar diseño tema Prestashop Adaptar diseño y poner en marcha una tienda de Shopify - Adaptar layout de site para Wordpress Adaptar layout Wordpress para meu site institucional - Adaptar moodle Adaptar Moodle 3.0 a los requisitos necesarios para la teleformación exigidos por el SEPE - Adaptar plantilla y editar script Adaptar plantilla y editar script - Adaptar sistema de anuncios para ciertos requisitos Adaptar site - Gestão de escritório jurídico - Adaptar template para WordPress adaptar templete amis datos y subirlo a la web - Adaptar um Texto para Ser Lido por um Locutor Adaptar uma imagem, de uma tatuagem para que sejam feitos retoques. - Adaptar una pantalla html Adaptar una plantilla a una web de proyectos - Adaptar web a dispositivos móviles. Responsive design adaptar web a nuevo theme - Adaptar/modificar módulo Paypal para Prestashop Adaptar/Modificar un template web Open source para un proyecto de préstamos peer to peer - Adaptation Google maps into Leaflet maps on azurewebsites Adaptation Google maps PHP scripts for display of GPS data from GPS tracker - adaptation of a php file that reads from a text file Adaptation of a PrestaShop template - Adaptation of existing Design to 2 other portals Adaptation of existing Joomla Template - Adaptation of Online Assignment for Moodle 1.9+ Module Adaptation of our Iphone and Android Application to Blackberry - Adaptation of WordPress theme with some new design specs Adaptation pour Smart TV - Adaptations in customized osCommerce shop Adaptations in osCommerce ecommerce - php&json - Adapter board Adapter board For LCD - Adapter un logiciel linux vers windows ou android Adapter un plugin pour Wordpress - Adapting a directory WP theme - mainly CSS + some development Adapting a first draft of a fiction book into a second draft - adapting coding to new skin + upgrades Adapting ConsoleCubic spline to new computer. - Adapting of existing 1 PSD-file (not creating); Ongoing Project Adapting of Flash for Banner - Adapting text to SEO Adapting text to SEO - open to bidding - Adaption of CSS in Existing Website Adaption of Flash movie - Adaptions and bug fixing on my magento onlineshop Adaptions on an app - adaptive clothing adaptive clustering based segmentation for image classification -- 2 - ADAPTIVE FILTER IN HEARING AID SYSTEM FOR IMPAIRED PEOPLE Adaptive filter in hearing aid system for impaired people... - adaptive modulation and coding for ofdma adaptive modulation and coding for ofdma -- 2 - Adaptive payments for paypal - open to bidding Adaptive Payments in WordPress - adaptive spectral through wavelength based on color image compression Adaptive speech noise reduction filter software - adasdasdasd... adasdasdasdas - Adattamento template WP per sito web multilingue Adattare alcune Immagini per la slideshow in home page - Adault website adava template woocommerce configuration - AdBlock App AdBlock Application for iOS - Adblock using Webbrowser Control in VB.NET AdBlocker Bypass - AdBrite Clone AdBrite Clone - Adbrite Website clone Adbrite website created with ads for high earnings. - ADC - Interrupt technique ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi - ADC10 usage of MSP430F2274 and interfaced with a LCD Display adcademic assignment - IT security managment - Adcionar função de tela cheia num player de video chat Adclas Design - Add "Like/Share button" for facebook and "Google +1" to my oscommerce Categories pages. add 'tagline' to logo - add currency filter add currency filter - Add image/file links at the bottom of a PHP page add in to the team - Add page in a website add php.ini file to public_html folder - Add theme and set up Add Video Cutter Functionaliy in Wordpress Website - add "Contact us" banner to existing website Add "Contact Us" Page based on the home page, plus checkboxes - Add "load more" like YouTube HomePage Add "local" page to skyfall - Add "Register" and "Login" section. EASY WORK Add "Related products" to product info page - WooCommerce based (WordPress) - Add "tabs" to a page Add "trace driveway" feature into my mobile application with cost estimation. - Add $10 to : URGENT add $37 funds for smmshop - add & modify php pages including CMS ) Arabic & English language
Add & Remove Content on Existing Static Website - Add "desi" images to Hot or Not site Add "don't publish" tick to my facebook app - Add "MySpace" like features to PHPBB Profile Add "MySpace" type Social Networking Profile to PHPBB Forums - Add ''ccbill'' gateway to existing website Add ''Confirm Email Address'' Field to PHP Contact Form - Add ''workbooks'' and ''tests'' to my OsCommerce site Add ''Zones'' to my advertising script - Add 'Email to a colleague' link and 'Call our #' static text to Flash main page swf file Add 'Featured Image' to my wordpress site - Add 'static page' content management to my e-commerce software Add 'table maker' option to online WYSIWYG Editor - add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql - Repost - открыт для заявок Add (Google Adsense Toolbar with firefox)To install with my Software. - add +500 votes Add +61 to phone numbers on my excel sheet - Add .gifv and .webm support for Wordpress Theme Add .mp3 player to filesharing script (Not xfilesharing pro) - Add .WMA Audio Streaming Capability to Iphone App Add .XSD to a given XML - Add / Photoshop Products in Magento Add / Remove / Sort Fields On the fly - Add 1 Feature to Existing iOS App add 1 feature to flex and java chat project - add 1 new feature and 8 fixes to php/mysql/jquery/ajax chat room script Add 1 new feature in already built Android App - add 1 php page to custom download system Add 1 png banner to my website must be responsive - Add 1 word to HTML Files Add 1 word to HTML Files and upload to server - add 1,500 products to oscommerce store front 2 Add 1,500 twitter followers to our account - Add 10 pages into existing Joomla website(repost) Add 10 pages of text to my template within 24 hours - Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page - Add 10,0000+ Fans to our Facebook Page Add 10.000 Google+ users in my circles - Add 100 high powered reciprocating relevent links to my website! reciprocating add 100 images - Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fields Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fiels - Add 100 Products To Our Amazon Store Add 100 products to Shopify... TODAY - Add 100,000 youtube hits + 100 likes + 200 subscribers Add 100-500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Monthly from the USA - Add 1000 google map points Add 1000 google map points (phoca map joomla) - Add 1000 Products to Amazon Add 1000 Products to Amazon - Add 1000 real Malaysian Facebook fan Add 1000 Real US-based Profiles to my Social Network Website - Add 1000-+ Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000-1500 Likes from real profiles to a facebook fanpage, gradually during next week - Add 100k facebook fans to my page Add 100k fan to my fanpage - Add 10K fans to my fanpage. Add 10k YouTube Subs for in 7-10 days for 70$ - Add 120 images to Drupal categories Add 120 Images to the categories section on my site - Add 141 Posts To WordPress Blog add 15 (or so) basic geo-targeted pages to my website - Add 150 friends to a Facebook account Add 150 Games to My Game Website - Add 1500 posts to a textfile. Add 154 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document - Add 1:st page image to 50 documents(repost) Add 1k Fans to Facebook Fanpage - add 2 banners to website. Add 2 boxe to a Flash-PHP form - Add 2 Coming Soon Pages Add 2 contribs to a modded osC - Add 2 features (posts-based single Map and live-update refine-search), to a WordPress-based website add 2 features and 2 small fixes - Add 2 fields on registration form Add 2 fields to a spreadsheet - add 2 images to web page Add 2 important modules to LAMP CMS - Core Login and Programming. - 3 weeks max - Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account -- 2 - Add 2 new features to koken Add 2 New Files - Add 2 pages + complete modifications - wordpress website Add 2 Pages 2 Website - Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal - ADULT - Add 2 simple additions to Oscommerce site Add 2 simple functions and 2 features to DB - Add 2 upsell images and links to 2 checkout pages Add 2 views to existing iOS application - Add 2-image codes Add 2-way video chat to website - Add 20 Zen Cart Product Fields Add 20,000 Canada Facebook Friends in Less than 40 Days - Add 200 followers to our account Add 200 food items to a WordPress Site - add 200 products on a wp website - open to bidding Add 200 products on my shopify site - Add 200 Real Facebook Friends from Targeted City Add 200 Restaurant Menus into Opencart store - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $15 Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee - Add 2000 words to my research proposal add 2000+ products to a zencart website - Add 24winner + rollover into AutoBot add into my binary options robot - Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Repost - Add 29 Back links to 2 websites- total 58 Backlinks Add 2column info(meta) block in WordPress Single Post - Add 3 Characters to an Existing TTF Font Add 3 Charts to Excel File - Simple Project - Add 3 features to our PHP website Add 3 features to our SMS softwar - Add 3 Function into My Android Sources Add 3 Function into My Android Sources -- 2 - Add 3 Layer Filtering Functionality to Yahoo Store add 3 letters to premade logo. - Add 3 new pages to YooChew editor functionality ADD 3 NEW PAGES, CREATE 3 BANNERS AND CORRECT WEB PAGE LAYOUT - Add 3 Paypal Merchant Links Add 3 Permanent links to Video/Audio related site/Blog..., PR3+ - Add 3 Video Players into Template Add 3 WordPress Posts to my homepage (screenshot included) - Add 30 New Threads a Day (1,500 a month) to Forum Add 30 posts to site *content already has been written for u - Add 300 leads to our list of music blogs add 300 posts to wordpress (posts are already written) - add 3000 like Add 3000 mysql databases and upload 3000 wordpress blogs. - Add 32 products ecommerce site Add 332 domains to Google - Add 3D pop-up to default Magento checkout Add 3D Secure to my existing API credentials - Add 4 columns to customer page in Oscommerce Admin Add 4 columns to OEIC extract - Add 4 items to existing php order form add 4 language ME SITE WEB - Add 4 pages to several word documents and a header and page numbers Add 4 pages to several word documents and a header and page numbers - Add 40 portfolio items to Wordpress site add 40 products to magento store - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #122 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #129 - Add 450 real estate agents info to an online form. Add 4500 members to my facebook group! - add 498 posts (that are already written) to wordpress