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A - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid A Logo design for my product - A Private Investigator letter head A Project for sethomondi2010 only - A translator - open to bidding - repost A tuned circuit - a "hand drawn" 3D map of a few city blocks A "holiday meal order" website for local pickups - A & A Cleaning Services A & B eDM for lifestyle helmet communicator - A ''2D - 3D'' Program(repost) A ''Fun'' News Ad Page Generator - A 'steak' fancy dress costume A 'theyrule'-like web project - A .dll file to send keyboard keys to a simulator (windows based) that can be callled in lua A .doc file created to display 18 images with basic text - A 01:40 Minute title card for a short film a 1 (or 2) pages website to calculate the results of a boy to a test (against pre-recorded tables) and put it into wiords - A 1 PAGE paper due tonight - open to bidding A 1 PAGE paper due tonight -- 2 - A 10 minute video of myself making a presentation A 10 minutes CSS work - A 10,000 guide about my diet. A 10,000 word e book on romance - A 1000 word essay on communication A 1000 word paper on Integrity... - A 130 second Marketing Animation A 14 animation job - A 1500-words Chinese History Assignment a 15seconds opening (4 shots) - A 2 minutes Html editing A 2 page brochure - one page overview of our company and 1 page FAQ sheet - a 2-3 minute promotional video A 2-3 pages letter to the Parliament - A 20 Pages Report a 20 sec animated commercial - A 2000 word political studies essay A 2000 word research paper on "Commodity Chain Analysis of Chicken Eggs" - A 225 word essay about the Greeks religious beliefs A 24 hour prayer website - A 2D animated short, comedy film A 2D animation - A 2D image being modelled into 3D - open to bidding A 2D model needs recreating - a 3 folded brochure A 3 hrs filming and 30 min editing for an engagement party - a 3 volume graphic novel, original, illustrated a 3 year strategic plan - A 30 minute speech titled "The Long Beach Oil Field, a Primer for Wattenberg" A 30 Page Kindle Book - A 30*30cm PCB with rows of CL6807's or ZXLD1362's 60v A 30-45 minutes animation - a 360 degree virtual tour in flash A 39 Sec Video - A 3D animation of building,human, car for a property problem that i am working on is needed to complete the project A 3D animation of a battle sequence - a 3d character design a 3d character design - open to bidding - a 3D designer and 3D printer - repost A 3d designer and a programmer - A 3D home design using software that a DIYer can afford and use - ongoing work a 3d hotel prototype - A 3d model creating, from which I can produce a rubber mould a 3d model logo - A 3D Model Urgently A 3d model with simple animations from face photo - A 3d render of candle box A 3D render picture - a 3d tech file of a zip pull design so that it can be manufactured - needs to include dimensions etc A 3d vehicle model created in maya 2014 - A 4 minute music animated children's video A 4 minute music animated children's video - open to bidding - A 40 page report on Improving Productivity A 40' - 60' second 2d / white board animation - a 45-60 second company promo video A 4500 Word Book Summary - a 5 page - web portal site coded in Drupal 7 A 5 PAGE BROCHURE STYLE WEBSITE. - A 5*30cm PCB row of CL6807s A 5,000 word research paper on WTO - A 500 words Engineering Assignment a 500-word summary - a 60 second 2D/3D animation work for a short movie A 60 second animated video - a 6502 programmer - repost A 697983011 - A 8-page undergrad research paper A 800-word article analysis - A 9gag website in french A “Database” from Data Structures ( Software Development ) - A Add-on Project (Formatting issue) a add-ons for microsoft live mail 2011 for xp - a affiliate teacher A affiliate website needed just like onfire matrix - A and h project A andrioud App and Mac - a animated music video A animated portfolio website - a app A app designed for my scoftware - A app to deliver the talk time - open to bidding A app to help find a phone - a arte de vender e investir em arte a article about myself. - A audio visual Warehouse Management System A Auto News fetch from News website in my country - A awesome trailer opener for my videos A B C game - a Bachelar degree final report A bachelor's apartment - A background graphic design for vape juice bottles A background Image for our site - A Band Logo A Band Logo - a banner advert for weddings a banner and a 3-d packaging graphics - A Banner for ecommerce site A Banner for ecommerce site - open to bidding - a banner for website A banner needed - A Basic & Small Product Flyer A basic 2D animation - A basic calculator in C# A Basic calculator, that will display fields on numbers - a basic game platform design A basic geographical community site in python/django : similar to - A basic java assignment on inheritance and polymorphism A basic Java or C++ program written/modified - a basic PHP code parser written in QT A basic php set up - A basic sample (inactive) website for a new college, required as part of our registration application A basic service scheduling and payment app for Android - a basic website - open to bidding A basic Website as a platform - A Basic, one Page C Code A Basic, Simple one Page C code - A beat for You're Beautiful A beat looping app similar to the video posted within - A beautiful webpage
A beautiful, mobile and seo friendly website needed with payment and price cost calculation - A beginning of a poker bot! A beginning of a poker bot, - a betfair bot that have three strategies. The lay the draw, the back under 4.5, and the over 0,5 strategy HT/FT - open to bidding A better application of an existing logo - A better Stickie note A better tipping comp - A bid bot on a bid in objective-c - A big housing project design in different states A big interior project - A BigCommerce Expert is needed for theme installation A bike docking system - A Binary option and Forex Live Trading Software Developer a binary options robot created against a set of rules - a BIRT specialist a birthday cake to be made - A bit of CSS and Ajax A bit of custom work to virtuemart - A Bitcoin Exchange Immediately A Bitcoin Exchange Immediately - A black and white illustration - vector for a logo design A black and white line drawing that looks like a woodcut - A blog A blog - A blog based on Wordpress with ad-ons a blog commenter - A blog on personal finance for young people A Blog on Study in Australia - A blog set up similar to Perez Hilton A blog site - A blog writing for my new business A Blog written - A blogger template A blogger that knows about the automotive industry - A blueprint a blueprint of a barbershop and hairsalon along with a logo - A Book A book - a book about starting a business, budget $50 A book about the story of jimmys law in Saskatchewan - A book cover A book cover - A Book Cover in both Kindle (front) and CreateSpace (front, spine, back) formats A book cover revised - A book I finished writting. A book illustrated - A book of 8 XGlossy pages that describes my products, with descriptions and pictues. A book of ghost......please - A book proposal for a talented writer a book publicist - A book trading website A book trailer - A book written about me and my story so far A book written about my "Battle of 415 King St Newtown" A 11 war with council & nieghbours about restoring my property back to it's origina facade 1830s. - A Bookkeeper a bookkeeper - A bootstrap designer is needed for site modification. Designers ONLY pls!!! -- 2 A bootstrap designer is needed for site modification. Designers ONLY pls!!! -- 3 - A bot for multiple file upload to file hosting account A bot for multiple file upload to file hosting account - a bot to strip data from a website and pump the data into mysql db - open to bidding a bot to strip data from a website and pump the data into mysql db -- 2 - A box designed A Box For A WebCam - A Brand by Any Other Name A Brand by Any Other Name - repost - a brand name for a cupcake store A Brand Name for Essential Oils / Aromatherapy - a branding and packaging design A brandname logo design - A brief report on what is needed to enter the UK exhibtion market A brief report writing - a brochure a brochure about travel - a brochure on ayurveda hospital A brochure showing a Mall Kitchen - A bucket of MS Office documents related to legal A budget planner - a built customised software that can generate millions of traffic in several niche within few minutes A built ready game will be uploaded to iTunesConnect With Screenshots - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #10 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #11 - A busineess plan written and a book dictated too.Both of these will be dictated too by Brian Wilson. A business / marketing Plan for "fixed geared / road" bikes - A Business Card Design A Business card Design for import & Export buisiness - A Business desktop Software with cloud SAAS - repost A Business Development Consultant - A business ebook for woman A business flyer - A business logo A business logo - a business logo A Business Logo - A business logo for HUE: Social platform for parents of children with special needs. a business logo for my company - a business partnership with my company in Rwanda A BUSINESS PLAN - a business plan A Business Plan - A Business Plan for frozen chicken business A Business Plan for Media organization - A business plan written up. A business plan/ Technical report for a Toilet roll Manufacturing plant - A business site a business site based off a wp template - A business/self improvement book edited A Bussiness plan - a C program (cache.c) a C program (cache.c) - open to bidding - A C# Program that Integrates an Access database A C# program to generate data file templte - A C++ Data Base Game A C++ Engineer needed! - A C++ program for a student records system A C++ program for bank - a c++ project modification A C++ server able to run Pythone scripts edited on a client application and uploaded to the server. - A Cab hailing app A Cab Rental website design and development - A CAD file that features shirt, pants, and dress specs A CAD project in Java - A Calculator A calculator - A calender , small signage and 3 certificates A Call Center Require - A cam job for you.. A cam job for you.. - open to bidding - a cameraman/woman with their own camera to do a video shoot a camerman/interviewer - A canvas painting A capable Android and iOS developer. - A Car Rental Software/Website A Car Rental Website - A card recording and search project - open to bidding A card that car store cards - A caricature that can be transferred on to t-shirts a caricature-type drawing for t-shirt - A cartoon building 3D model and few props required a cartoon character mascot remake - A cartoon map A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot - a cartoon with animation A cartoon-like map - A Cartoonist for a Female Superhero Comic Book