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    we are looking for somebody who can deal with Arduino, AND Raspberi pi programming and execution

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    I would like to do error detction and correction techniques in verilog and quartus nios ii.

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    I have a smalll task on labview and arduino

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    I need a little update in my Test Program (Labwindows). All code and GUI and all is done, just need program be capable to send email automatically to specified people when yields goes down <97%.

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    $10 - $30
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    ADAPTIVE MODULATION AND CODING REQUIREMENTS: *Bandwidth =20 MHz; *Number of FFT NFFT=64; *Number of Data subcarrier Nd = 48; *Number of pilot Np =4; *Guard Interval = ¼ of symbol period Ts; *OFDM transmission: 52 (i.e Nd+Np) *Pilot data interval = 13 sub-carriers, starting from the 6th; *Indices of the pilot sub-carier = 6th, 19th, 32nd and 45th sub-carrier; * All mandatory and optional data rates: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 54 Mb/s Modulation: * BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM modulations * Forward error correction coding (convolutional; code rates 1/2, 2/3, 3/4) Note the following: { BPSK ½ code rate = 6Mbps} {BPSK 2/3 code rate = 9 Mbps} {QPSK ½ code rate = 12 Mbps} {QPSK 2/3 code rate = 18 Mbps} {16-QAM ½ code rate = 24 Mbps} {16-QAM 2/3 code rate = 36 Mbps} {64QAM 2/3 code rate = 48 Mbps} {64QAM ¾ code rate = 54 Mbps} * OFDM transmission: 52 subcarriers, 4 pilots, 64-pt FFTs, circular prefix * Data interleaving * PLCP preamble (modeled as 2x2 long training sequences) * Receiver equalization * Viterbi decoding * Data rates selectable on-the-fly * Adaptive modulation demo over dispersive multipath fading channel (Rayleigh channel) *Fading mode = flat fading *Max Doppler shift = 10 KHz; *Channel* This component simulates the effects of over-the-air transmission. It degrades the transmitted signal with both phase and frequency offset, a delay to mimic channel delay between transmitter and receiver, and AWGN. The noise level of the AWGN is given in dB. Channel effect with carrier offset with maximum Doppler shift of 10KHz, timing offset, and additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). *The Receiver: Implement a series of components at the receiver, including timing recovery, carrier frequency recovery, channel equalization, and demodulation. *Calculate the system frame error rate (FER) and bit error rate (BER) based on the original payload message in each frame and the bit output from the OFDM Receiver Max SNR = 30 dB; Timing Related Parameters Parameter Value Total subcarriers NST 52 Data subcarriers NSD 48 Pilot subcarriers NSP 4 (subcarriers -21, 7, 7, 21) Subcarrier Frequency Spacing FSP 312.5 KHz (20MHz/64) Symbol Interval Time TSYM 4 us (TGI +TFFT) Data Interval Time TDATA 3.2 us (1/FSP) Guard Interval (GI) Time TGI 0.8 us (TFFT/4) IFFT/FFT Period TFFT 3.2 us (1/FSP) SIGNAL Symbol TIme TSIGNAL 4 us (TGI +TFFT Preamble TPREAMBLE 16 us (TSHORT +TLONG) Short Training Sequence TSHORT 8 us (10xTFFT/4) Long Training Sequence TLONG 8 us (TGI2 + 2xTFFT) Training symbol GI TGI2 1.6 us (TFFT/2) FFT sample size 64 point (1) Develop the project as described above using Object oriented Programming in MATLAB (2) Develop a simulink model to simulate the project as described above. (3). Develop a graphical user interface (GUI) of the adaptive modulation and coding system where a user can vary the modulation and or coding parameters and the result is displayed in a BER vs SNR graph to show the effects of the varied parameter(s) **TRY TO COMMENT THE CODE VERY WELL FOR EASY UNDERSTANDING. Thank you.

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    $162 Avg Bid
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    I want to develop a software for some process and should log all the data and generate report for my machine.

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    Write some LabView Software 1 day left

    I want to develop a software for some process and should log all the data and generate report for my machine.

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    LabVIEW, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Microcontroller, Embedded Software, Software Development, Software Architecture

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    Interfacing the variables of MYRIO to main VI so that these variables can be controlled from Main VI

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    I have Problem in Proteus simulation the LCD NOT WORKING I upload the circuit in Proteus and the code I used in Arduino if any mistakes in Project help me please Thank YOU for Support

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    Verilog and VHDL expert needed

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    1 - Objective Design and implementation of a basic system of acquisition of data in Arduino Uno. 2 - Work Requirements 1. Analyze the amount of available memory on Arduino Uno for data storage. (estimate number of samples). 2. Analyze the type of ADC in Arduino. 3. Analyze maximum sampling frequency (use appropriate range). 4. Use of the trigger button. 3 - Test Requirements 1. Use of a sinusoidal signal of the function generator of appropriate frequency with the designed work. 2. Visualization of the results (measured signal and stored in the Serial Monitor, Excel, or text.

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    I need some help with LabVIEW using IMAQ module. In this code, one need to read raw/column of the Image and do some Image/array element processing. More detail can be provided upon contacting me.

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    r u in and around Bangalore would like to be done from our location due to few contract constrains and issues in providing remote access . we can talk over the phone on the feasibility regards, victor [Removed by admin]

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    Hi, looking for Automation LabVIEW developer with 3-8 yrs of experience. if in synch, you can ping me

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    MatLab expert Ended

    need someone matlab expert who can read and translate my source code to python

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    labview mini project Ended

    The objective of this project is to construct a VI which will display X and Y cursors on a waveform graph and move the X and Y cursors when the mouse is over the plot area of the waveform graph...find more information in the instruction doc

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    Arduino based PLC programmer. Looking for an arduino based PLC programmer . SW design is ready to be implemented. Old code available in VB. PLC will monitor and control various live sensors. ( 50 sensors) NDA will be required before start. Estimated work in total number of hours: 70.

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    design and create functionality of electronic instrumentation

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    I am making a flight control system for a drone, using Matlab(Simulink) and the hardware I am testing it on is a Pixhawk. It's an inertial navigation system, so I am not allowed to use GPS or Opticflow sensors! The Pixhawk has a built in Gyroscopes and Accelerometers to get IMU readings. Using IMU the simulink model will double integrate and find distance and its position relative to home. It has a barometer for altitude. The inertial navigation system should be able to guide the drone with a particular level of accuracy and perform an autonomous mission. There are 2 ways to do this, first method is, changing the code of the pixhawk. That will require an experienced coder. The other simpler approach is to use Simulink. The Simulink models and toolchain is all available, after following the PDF guide you can install and open the model in Simulink. What needs to be done, change the necessary Simulink blocks so that, the Pixhawk calculate its position using IMU readings from the accelerometers. Build and Run the model. Then make it perform an autonomous mission using local coordinates. Once I get the working Simulink model I can test it

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