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    The project is entirely based on Django & uses Django rest Framework to build Rest API

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    Build a website 6 days left

    Ok, the requirements are: As we talked yet, I need the flask and html part of the app you did to me in kivy. I need. - an administrato's page within admin can be able to select one, some, or every user who send photos via app. - selection for region, maybe a point with latitude and longitude, and distance. - one page with the visualization of the positions on the map, or the satellite photos - this time i think will be better you build a docker container/image for the application, instead to use only virtual machine. - I need another docker image, both build under ubuntu 16, this one to run the add you did in my desktop. We can talk about more details I know we did not talked about docker, but a think it will be better to me for installation in my desktop and to install in the amazon cloud. Because of this, I am able to pay $300 for the entire project instead $250 I can do it with docker in $300 (dockerfile for python build and server and docker compose to link with postgres which I will use as db). Can do coordinate based search. Can do map with pins. Don't understand what you mean by select one or some or many users for all, as there is no auth in app so everyone is the same user Don't understand the use case for the other docker image, can you please elaborate? 7:19am 16 January 2018 every use of the app will sent your position, and it need to be showed in a map, I need to select witch of these users I will see on a map each time, another selection is for position on a map The other docker image is for the app you already did. 3:16pm 16 January 2018 Since we don't have any way of identifying a particular user (we dont ask for user name or have any login), will treating 1 IP as one user work? I can try but I cannot promise the other docker image, as its a little too complicated (for the app to build the python code to apk) If that's good enough, you can open the project and I can start working 3:40pm 17 January 2018 For a wile we can th ip number as login, but with the maturing of the project, we will need to change that. There are no problem with the docker image for the app. I will create the project now we can use ip number as identificator

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    Project story: The intent of the project is to build a rich web application to help organisations manage their projects. This is the first phase of the project and the deliverable is a live Minimum Viable Product, for a Proof of concept that will be used in enterprises in a SAAS model. We are looking for a full stack developer with experience in NodeJS and GraphQL to develop an API on top of our Postgres database. The developer mission is to expose the data through a graphQL API and deploy it in docker containers on Amazon AWS. Front end development experience is an asset mostly with React which will be used in the second phase (not in the scope of this job) of the project. Objective/Mandate: Build a back-end for this application and the API to push, pull, update data Expected deliverables: 1 - Connect to a postgresql database 2 - Develop the API: Technical Stack: NodeJS and GraphQL or PostGraphQL (equivalent of 10-12 endpoints) 3 - Commit code to gitlab and program continuous integration and deployment 4 - Build and deploy in Docker Containers 5 - Publish to Amazon AWS EC2 and ECS The following elements will be provided : - AWS access an configuration (EC2, ECS, RDS) - Gitlab access - Postgresql DB is already deployed in AWS RDS - script for local database initial load - Access to Slack for communication with the full team

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    We are looking for OPENSHIFT Senior developer for US client Work Timing(Part Time job) Weekly 5 days - 1~2 hours daily ********Fixed Price : 18000 INR Monthly************************* Please write "Abcd" on top in your proposal otherwise it would not be considered

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    Hello i want the following [url removed, login to view] script to be in docker-compose version 3 or above

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    Hi, We are an Australian based IT company looking into Docker containers for our next generation of applications. As a part of our product development, we will be using container migration tool (eg: CRIU) to migrateclone running containers from one host to another while ensuring they can maintain their working condition on the destination device. We are looking for a professional developer to provide us with working scriptprogramconfiguration satisfying our test cases for our targeted applications. To complete the required tasks, you need have excellent knowledge of: 1. Docker containers 2. CRIU migration 3. X Server 4. Bash scripting 5. Powershell 6. Python 7. Ansible 8. Apache products 9. Networking (basic tasks with a visualized router) 10. Vagrant 11. Documentation skills You should be willing to sign an NDA to be considered for this project. Thanks

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    I have multiple production services written in JavaScript that interact with one another and are experiencing some intermittent issues. Currently for troubleshooting and monitoring I need to review logs in multiple locations - Docker Cloud and [url removed, login to view] - which only retain a few hundred lines of logs making it hard to get an overview of patterns, past issues, etc. What I'm looking for in this project is advice on tracing/logging best practices from JavaScript applications and docker containers as well as pros and cons of various log management platforms (eg, Logstash, Papertrail) for collection and analysis of logs and metrics.

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    I have rails docker development and production stacks using phppgadmin and [url removed, login to view], as noted in this repo: [url removed, login to view] Want to update or change this repo in order to simplify these scripts to do the following: 1. Generate rails docker development and production images, using existing services (REDIS, SIDEKIQ, NGNIX ect), without phppgadmin and [url removed, login to view], 2. Instructions to push image to docker hub or registry 3. Instructions to pull and run images, via docker-compose or Dockerfile

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    I need Help Getting confluence installed completely including postgresql into a docker and I have a backup that I need to restore from if possible.

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    Kafka Expert Needed with knowledge on Kafka Stream and Grafana needed

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    Kafka Expert Needed with knowledge on Kafka Stream and Grafana needed

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    Kafka Expert Needed with knowledge on Kafka Stream and Grafana needed

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    Kafka Expert Needed Ended

    Kafka Expert Needed with knowledge on Kafka Stream and Grafana needed

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    Web/mobile App Ended

    We are looking for a talented Javascript Architect/Web developer who will be responsible for the design, development and deployment of our web and mobile apps (hybrid). Experience with Docker technology is a must. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience launching apps in Digitalocean cloud. Your responsibilities: - Review and perform a technical analysis of requirements - Produce a solid, detailed technical design - Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements - Contribute ideas for making the application(s) better and easier to use Your qualifications: - A work style that is extremely detail oriented Please apply only if you have relevant experience!! Great opportunity for long term project. Only independent consultants! Project Type: Ongoing project You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?

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    Docker Expert Needed Ended

    hi, Use the below example to get logs and send it to Kafka [url removed, login to view] Remove the unnecessary files in this project and use the files that’s needed. Using the above, implement this [url removed, login to view] All the above has to be implemented in aws.

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    I have created load balancers (services) using kubernetes. Load balancer listens on port 80. I need help securing communication with the load balancer so that client can call port 443 for secured communication.

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    Hello developers, I would like to hire a developer with experience in DotNet Core 2.0 and Docker for Windows API. Your compiled deliverable should run in a Windows Server container (microsoft/dotnet:2.0-runtime-nanoserver). Requirements: - Docker Stats API - Gather statistics information of a given Windows Server container - CPU (Current % CPU, Minimum % CPU used, Maximum % CPU used, Average % CPU used, CPU cores, Current % of each core, Total CPU milliseconds) - Memory (Current RAM usage in MB, Minimum RAM usage, Maximum RAM usage, Average RAM usage) - Disk I/O (Current MB/s read, Current MB/s write, Total MB/s read, Total MB/s write) - Network I/O (Current MB/s received, Current MB/s sent, Total MB/s received, Total MB/s sent) - Docker Swarm API - Gather services running in a swarm - Gather information of a Service configured in a swarm - Number of Windows Server instances - The Windows Server containers themselves (with info on which node they run and CPU/memory/disk/network runtime information of each instance) - Up-scale a service by specifying how many instances to add - Down-scale a service by specifying how many instances to remove - Start a swarm service - Stop a swarm service - Docker API Gather information about the Docker host: - When has the Docker host started - How many container are running on the Docker host - CPU usage of the Docker host - Memory usage of the Docker host - Disk usage of the Docker host - Network usage of the Docker host Please develop C# structures to hold the information returned by the Docker APIs. Consume the info via the structs. And perform proper error landling and exception handling. Perform tests by deploying 2 Docker hosts, forming a Swarm, and using an Overlay Network. If needed, I can provide you with these VMs with Docker pre-installed, so that you only configure the Swarm and Overlay network. Deliverables: - Visual Studio solution with the projects source-code - DotNet Core 2.0 Class Library with the functionality to communicate with Docker, exposed as methods - DotNet Core 2.0 Console Application invoking the Class Library methods to test implementation - The compiled binaries and associated files - Some test evidences to show it working Please submit your bids. Regards,

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    Need expert in Docker, Kafka, Grafana for monitoring and Dashboarding. Note : You need to help me to setup the job in my local machine. Only EXPERTS Needed

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    We are looking for a system architect who can help us to design a project plan for our WordPress multisite hosting.

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    Hi, We are an Australian based innovative IT company looking into unikernels as the virtualization technology for our next generation of applications. We are looking for a cutting technology enthusiast to run our desired test applications using unikernels and provide the applied configuration and a playbooks to automate the steps. To complete the required tasks you need have the following knowledge: 1. Xen Hypervisor 2. Unikernel 3. MirageOS 4. Ansible 5. Python 6. OverlayFS 7. Apache products 8. X Server 9. Networking (basic tasks with a visualized router) 10. Docker 11. Vagrant 12. Documentation skills Thanks

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