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    Compile and record employee time and payroll data. May compute employees' time worked, production and tips. May compute and post wages and deductions or prepare paychecks. Essential Functions Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 1. Compile payroll data such as garnishments, vacation time, insurance and 401(k) deductions. 2. Poll electronic time clocks (ERS/FMS) and review the downloaded information for completeness and accuracy. 3. Contact various department supervisors for any missed times. 4. Process weekly transfer of payroll data to ADP. 5. Compile internal management reports from payroll system software. Competencies 1. Human Resources Capacity. 2. Financial Management. 3. Technical Capacity. 4. Communication Proficiency. 5. Ethical Conduct. 6. Time Management. Required Education and Experience 1. Two to three years of ADP experience or other payroll company

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    Full Stack web dev needed to make a new Wordpress Plugin that links to an affiliate marketing’s API, and presents the data clearly for my new business.

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    Data Analytics using python 2 days left

    small project needs a professional expert who is good at python and knows about Clustering in data science. if you are interested, contact me and I will provide more information about this small project

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    We need to correctly parse around 2.2 Million Records. The data might be fuzzy, or presented on different address structure, and needs to be processed, cleansed and exported in a way all the records look standard and readable, and easy to extract, search, match, etc

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    Data quality & master management application will check the data for required values, valid data types, and valid codes. Application will also configure & correct the data by providing default values, formatting numbers and dates, and adding new codes. To apply data quality management to the data loaded into the system, application will configure data quality management rules (or check & validations). Checks & Validations would perform a variety of repair, clean up, and standardization functions on incoming identity data values, such as properly formatting numbers, identifying and correcting clerical or transposition errors, and identifying and correcting intentional inaccuracies. Once the data quality is in place, the data needs to be aggregated & stitched for building a 360 degree customer view that addresses customer needs in the best way possible. Please refer the attachment for more info.

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    We are looking for a reliable person to work with us one day a week on reconciling payments. Can work in own time but has to ensure transactions are reconciled each week.

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    Data Cleanser Ended

    Looking for someone to clean our large database and carry out a continual data cleaning exercise of our data

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    Hi, we had a disgruntled customer post a fake negative review on google maps posted under an 'alias' using an exploding email address. When confronted he admitted to posting the review and being unable to log in and remove it for us now that the issue in regards to payment has been settled between us. The review was posted by a 'Nigel Smith' and our companies name is A1 Flue Canopy Services, Mayfield West NSW 2304 If anyone s able to provide me with a quote and thinks that removing the post is possible please contact me ASAP. Cheers

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    hi , i need to modify the data using r language

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    data forensics Ended

    file analysis and forensics expert needed

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    Power BI Pro Dashboard Architect Searching for an Architect who can create dynamic live dashboards for to C-levels and decision makers, utilizing Power BI Pro and Office 365. Our data is housed within Salesforce, but for this buildout, we will be using a data warehouse. You have experience navigating data warehouses and have excellent communication skills which allow you to provide both data and explanations easy to team members at all levels. We are looking to develop a handful of reports, and we would like to include useful business intelligence. Below are examples a select sample of reports. Background on the Company: We a are a lender to small and medium-sized businesses, clients typically repay us with a small amount daily. Our product's term typically ranges from 2-15 months and payments can be collected on a daily or weekly schedule. The data we collect includes (FiCO Score, Funding Amount, Payback Amount, Balances, Address, Our Proprietary In-house score, Payment Pace, A Proprietary delinquency metric, etc.) Security, reporting, and responsive metrics are a must. Prerequisites: Knowledge of both Microsoft SQL 2012 & Salesforce Object Databases, in-depth understanding of Microsoft Power BI and Office 365, ability to work quickly and iterate rapidly as requirements may change throughout the project. What we will provide: Siloed access to our data warehouse including a completed data dictionary. Access to internal staff for questions and broader discussions on the data, and what we would like to see from it. We are also willing to change the structure and the data available in the silo per request. 1. Geographic Report - featuring a Map and the ability to drill down to states with breaking down industry per State. Additionally, using the drill down functionality, we would like some functionality to compare States by sector directly (see below requirements for Industry). We would like this report also to highlight areas where our poorest performing and our highest performing clients run their businesses. 2. Industry Report - Building upon the previous item, we would like to be able to view in detail stats regarding the performance by Industry. Including Average Factor, default percentage per vertical. Industries are attributed to every deal using a list of 45 general label industries and as well as a SIC code which describes in greater detail the exact nature of the client's business. 3. Accounts Receivable Report - create a dynamic calendar using a table with expected daily cash collections for each day, with a historic addition of the cash we received each day. This doesn't need to be on a Gregorian calendar. 4. Vintages - our contracts range from 2-15 months in duration a vintage represents a class of deal concerning its term. We would like to see performance metrics built out comparing 2,3,4,5,6…etc. month deals. Metrics such as average FICO, term (loan duration), relationship months (number of months we've had the client), zip code, Funded, Payback, Balances, collections) 5. Industry Standard Report - We would like to with the help of outside data, collected from various sources (i.e. US Agencies, Purchased Data Sets, Competitor Statistics) to create a beta (Beta is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole. Beta is used in the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), which calculates the expected return of an asset based on its beta and expected market returns. Beta is also known as the beta coefficient.)

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    Hi, I am looking for an R and RapidMiner Tutor. If you also have some experience in Scrum and Agile design that would be great.

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    SAP implementation expert is needed to fulfill a data mining related work. It is a time-sensitive project - please let me know if it can be done within 1 day. Thanks

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    1. Identify data to be transferred in the legacy system. 2. Extract relevant data and write it to an ASCII file. 3. Convert the data from ASCII format to the object-specific data format required by SAP. 4. Process the converted data file based on BAPI. 5. Run your own check programs (if available) to further examine the results of the data transfer.

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    Online Skype sessions to provide help in creating data cleanse, match and merge plans. The attached data file provides the sample of the data to be used. Advice is also required on templates to capture data requirements.

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    I have a spreadsheet with the following columns (c.900 rows): towns / cities, region, population Some of the population cells have data I would like the population for the town/city quality checked. Some of the population cells don't have data, for those, I would like you to enter the population of the town and city. Town / City Region Population jaipur rajasthan 30730000 bhabua bihar 16260000 adoni bihar agartala tripura 438408

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    Looking for someone that understands the Amazon Brand Registry process for registering Sku's in our brand registry account. I received an error stating that "The ASIN referenced by this SKU is not recognized as part of your brand." We have 480 products that we need to register under our brand. Thsi can be done via a data feed and we will provide all info, you will neeed to massage the data so that all of our sku's are accepted in brand registry.

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    hp simple external memory drive not working when plugged in to computer it is not coming up and no error message it just not showing at all I have tried it on all 3 computers I have

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    Hi, our business would like to automate some processes with one of our suppliers, [url removed, login to view] who have an API service. The API service allows us to import product information. This project is only for stage 1 of a 5 stage full solution we would like to develop later. More details on their API from the supplier: [url removed, login to view] What we would like to do for this project (Stage 1): 1) Using their API service export products to a file such as CSV. 2) Using their API service generate a top ranking report(s) for products, must be exported to excel file. For example Top 100 selling products in the category Electronics 3) Data cleanse any reports, for example removing html tags, prices and certain words from the description fields. IMPORTANT: This project is only for stage 1. However the winning developer in this project will also be consider and favoured as the leading developer for our future full solution projects below: Stage 2 - API service upload orders and monitor tracking Stage 3 - Development for Customer management system Stage 4 - Full solution integration of all 3 systems Stage 5 - Implement same system for our other contracted suppliers With this in consideration please price competitively and provide some background on your experience and how you think you tackle this project. What will your solution look like? We look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Richard Director

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    I need content writer for [url removed, login to view] * Perfect English * You should have good knowledge of data analysis, etl, data warehousing, big data, … * 300 words, with non-copy-written photo content (or custom created graphic) with captivating descriptive text * just before the title, we have the image and the category * when you click on the title, you have the content * 1$ per article Please use "DATA" to start your project estimate. If you do not use this, I will reject your proposal. The first six articles should be on the topic : • Master data management • Data quality • Data modeling • Data transforming • Data cleansing • Data exploration

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 Avg Bid
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