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    I need a power BI expert with deep knowledge of DAX query to help me retrieve specific metrics about product inventory. Key Requirements: -Retrieve product ID, Quantity and Location -Gather specific production data including the production number. Ideal skills: -Proficient in DAX query language -Comprehensive experience with Power Bi -Excellent attention to detail -Previous experience in inventory data management will be a plus. What to do: I need to get a query in DAX (Power Bi) that gives me the same result as what I show in the excel file ( table ( column in yellow)). The excel file was obtained from the attached SQL query () The two screenshots show the power bi tables. I need to get a new column in power bi that shows me the results like in the yellow co...

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    I need a Power BI expert with deep knowledge of DAX query to help me retrieve specific metrics about product inventory. Key Requirements: - Retrieve Product ID, Quantity and Location. - Gather Specific Production Data including the Production number. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in DAX query language - Comprehensive experience with Power BI - Excellent attention to detail - Previous experience in inventory data management will be a plus What to do: I need to get a query in DAX (Power BI) that gives me the same result as what I show in the excel file ( table (column in yellow)). The Excel file was obtained from the attached SQL query ( ) The two screenshots show the Power BI tables. I need to get a new column in Power BI that shows me the results like in the y...

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    ...Management**: This entails handling all incoming emails from customers. The goal is to ensure timely and accurate responses, maintaining high quality customer service standards. - **Data Entry and Organization**: You would be responsible for entering and organizing data within our Shopify platform. This would include product information, customer details, and other pertinent data. - **Customer Query Resolution**: Addressing customer queries in a professional, friendly and efficient manner is crucial. You would need to have good problem-solving skills. **Daily Volume**: The expected volume of emails and queries to be handled on a daily basis typically falls within the range of 50-100. It's important to maintain a quick turnaround time while ensuring accuracy. The ideal ca...

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    ...Management**: This entails handling all incoming emails from customers. The goal is to ensure timely and accurate responses, maintaining high quality customer service standards. - **Data Entry and Organization**: You would be responsible for entering and organizing data within our Shopify platform. This would include product information, customer details, and other pertinent data. - **Customer Query Resolution**: Addressing customer queries in a professional, friendly and efficient manner is crucial. You would need to have good problem-solving skills. **Daily Volume**: The expected volume of emails and queries to be handled on a daily basis typically falls within the range of 50-100. It's important to maintain a quick turnaround time while ensuring accuracy. The ideal ca...

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    I am ...view in lookup field of this virtual entity lookup. I tried it in two different ways but it doesn't work. Method 1: I created fetchXML and link two tables, I get the result but issue is records don't filter in query. I tried this method with advance find as well, and again records don't filter according to criteria for virtual entity. in Advance find, if I try to select the columns from second table then I get error. Methos 2: I tried to create Fetch XML query and use addCustomView method. This method works if filter criteria is small. If I pass filter for say 50 GUIDS then this query does not return any records. I think addCustomView makes rest call and pass all filters in URL. and this URL is too big. Are you able to investigate / fix thi...

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    Python SNMP Developer Needed 6 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer who can handle all aspects of SNMP for my project. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing SNMP query and data retrieval - Efficiently managing SNMP trap handling and notification - Developing a robust SNMP agent Your role will be crucial in ensuring that our system effectively communicates using SNMP across multiple versions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python - Extensive experience with SNMP (versions 1, 2c, and 3) - Strong understanding of network communication - Previous work on SNMP trap handling and agent development is a major plus If you have the right skillset and experience, I look forward to seeing your proposal.

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    I am looking for someone who has worked with Elementor Queries before to write a query that does the following ... Our posts have an ACF field called prsona, which is shared with the posts. When posts are created they are created with that ACF field of the creator. Now we want to display posts where the posts prsona field matches the users prsona field.

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    I am looking for a professional with proficiency in Power Query and PowerBI. The key objectives are: - Data Transformation: The expert is expected to possess the skills to thoroughly transform operational data since this is primarily what's going to be handled. - Excel Proficiency: Once transformed, the data should be presented in an Excel file. A good command of Excel functionality is important. - PowerBI Reporting: The transformed data needs to be applied in creating interactive reports. Mastery of PowerBI tools is a prerequisite. - Visual Dashboard Creation: A visually engaging dashboard should be created in PowerBI. Practical knowledge of industry practices in dashboard creation is a plus. Prior experience in handling and transforming operational data and carrying out dat...

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    ...as well as vector databases to store the index. All ingested documentation is cleaned up and divided into smaller chunks and labeled by source. We then use the GPT embedding API to generate a vector representation of each chunk and store it in the vector db index. When a user asks a question, we convert it to an embedding, and perform an advanced semantic search for closest matches to the user's query. Then we take the most relevant chunks, included them as context along with the original question, and use the ChatGPT API to generate a response in markdown format that we then convert to HTML and display to the user. This is from website. They provide a similarity percentage from the sources they use for the generated answer, we can use that similarity percentage for the r...

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    Urgent NDA
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    I am seeking a WordPress developer who can make specific modifications to a custom query that uses Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). The project involves: - Changing the query parameters - Adding additional query conditions - Sorting the query results The purpose of these modifications is to: - Display specific custom fields - Customize the order of displayed posts In particular, the modified query should display the 'Subfield Date' (from a repeater field) in the query results. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in WordPress development - Extensive experience with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) - Expertise in modifying and customizing WordPress queries - Thorough understanding of PHP and MySQL Please provide ex...

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    I'm in need of a publishing expert in book publishing services, specifically for non-fiction genres. I have a fully-completed manuscript and I'm looking for someone to critically fine-tune my query letter and book proposal. Your role would involve: - Review and edit query letter and book proposal for UK and US agents - Offer constructive feedback and direction on improving the overall readability and marketability of the book proposal and letter Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in non-fiction book publishing with traditional publishers - Significant experience in the book proposal process - Solid understanding of what works in non-fiction book proposals to secure a literary agent Overall, your expertise will play a pivotal role in the overall su...

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    It is necessary finish a project managemet application made in laravel. The change are: - make some change regard the flow, the links, the design, the ecommerce and report; - It is necessary experience in query, report charts, pivot builder and Business intelligence to change the reports that must have good design, many filter and cross. the charts must have drill down. Please answer only if have experiences in project management software and pivot-query-busienss intellegence. And show my the url of similar job made.

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    I'm in need of an experienced Vue.js developer to assist with front-end development and implementing dynamic components. The project specifically involves working with Vue 2 and does not require integration with external APIs. Key Responsibilities: - Front-end Development: You'll be tasked with designing and developing the user-facing aspects of the application. - Dynamic Components: Implementing dynamic components to enhance user experience and application functionality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Vue.js: Extensive experience with Vue 2 is a must. - Front-end Expertise: Strong background in front-end development, with a focus on user interface design and development. - Dynamic Component Implementation: Proven experience in implementing dynamic components in V...

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    ...that the specific table causing the error was not identified. Your expertise in this area will be crucial. I am using Magento 2.4.6-p4 CE and I get the following error after every order. The job indexer_update_all_views scheduled at 2024-04-15 10:31:03 failed with the following error message: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'entity_id' in where clause is ambiguous, query was: SELECT `o`.`entity_id`, `o`.`increment_id`, `o`.`customer_id`, `o`.`billing_address_id`, `o`.`customer_email`, `o`.`customer_firstname`, `o`.`customer_lastname`, `o`.`status`, `o`.`created_at`, GROUP_CONCAT(oi.product_id) AS `products`, `billing_address`.`city` AS `billing_city`, `billing_address`.`company` AS `billing_company`, `billing_address`.`postcode` AS `billin...

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    ... Ideal skills and experience for this assignment include: - Expertise in Laravel & MySQL - Experience with high load applications - In-depth understanding of database performance optimization - Experience with online poll/voting systems The specific tasks I need assistance with are: 1. Addressing a database connection error which has arisen due to intense continuous voting. 2. Tackling the query performance problems coming up in our online polling setup. 3. Addressing the data inconsistency issues that have cropped up due to dynamic vote tallying. The votes are expected to be collected as per IP, hence, experience with IP-specific data handling is highly desirable. In summary, I need a Laravel and MySQL expert to revamp our online voting architecture for seamless perfo...

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    ...A data archive is expected to allow users to have a space where they can share data privately to facilitate collaboration prior to publication. Such private enclaves must only last for a defined period of time before that data set is shared with the rest of the data archive will provide an interface that is accessible to anyone with a web browser. A data archive will make appropriate query tools and summary data easily will want to analyze and/or use visualization tools to interact with the data without downloading any data.A data archive is strongly encouraged to use cloud storage and computing possible, a data archive is expected to use existing infrastructures and standards. These could include persistent identifiers such as Digital Object Identifiers

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    ...as peer the dashboard screen provided in figma file. The dashboard and others menus must be created in dynamic way as its menus items and widget in dashboards are different according with the user profile. - Menus and Submenus: The SaaS web app has about 18 screens that allow user to interact with some operations like add a new financial product, query data in tables or grids, update and delete data. All this screen must have filters for query and pagination capabilities. - Data Analytics and Reporting: It's essential that the platform has the capability to collect and analyze data, and present these insights in a user-friendly manner. Further details: - The design of the application should be sleek, intuitive, and responsive and must follow the figma design that...

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    I'm in search of an experienced MS SQL professional who can provide online training that covers from intermediate to advanced concepts. This will focus particularly on, but not limited to: - Database Administration - Query Optimization - Stored Procedures Ideal Qualifications: - Proficient with MS SQL - Previous experience in teaching or training - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, understandable manner - Capable of tailoring the lessons to my specific needs No preference on the tools or software versions for the training as the focus is more on learning the subjects rather than mastering specific tools. Feel free to propose the platform or versions you are most comfortable teaching with.

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    Seeking a SQL specialist (4-5 hr/day part time remote job) excelling in data partitioning, indexing, complex query calculations, and impeccable SQL design. Here's a snapshot of what my project entails: - Enhancement of a medium-scale database (1,000 - 10,000 records) using best practices - Expertise in SQL Design for efficient data management - Aptitude for complex query calculation to enhance speed and accuracy - Proficiency in data partitioning and indexing - Equally prioritizing both query optimization and database design - Excellent communication skills for steady project updates Ideal candidates must have a knack for balancing database design and query optimization. Let's push the boundaries of what SQL databases can achieve together!

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    write a query in the attached database that copies the last record created in the customer table and copies it to the merge table overwriting any record that exists in the merge table. There should only ever be one record in the merge table. Return the testdb access database to me with the query that performs the above action. Piece of cake for access DB guru

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    I am seeking a skilled programming expert, proficient in either Ruby or Python, with intermediate-level ElasticSearch querying capabilities. The primary task involves intelligently executing aggregations and nested queries in ElasticSearch, extracting data, in JSON format, and then transposing it into Excel or CSV format. I'm open to whichever format you are more comfortable with, so long as it is either of the two mentioned. In addition to this, having familiarity with job automation via GitHub is critical for this project role. This background should include understanding how to automate and schedule tasks to regularly extract, convert, and save this data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Ruby or Python - Intermediate level ElasticSearch querying - Experience with JSON to Excel/CSV...

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    ...improvements to my existing Laravel application. The selected freelancer will be responsible for: - Backend Development: Your skills should allow you to work efficiently on my application's backend, ensuring all new integrations are seamless. - Database Optimization: I am specifically looking for you to boost the performance of my existing application by optimizing the database, which includes indexing, query optimization, and normalization wherever necessary. - API Integration: Your experience integrating APIs will be crucial, as a key part of this project will involve utilizing various APIs to extend the functionality of the application. - User Interface Improvement: The right candidate will not solely focus on the technical side, they must also be able to make necessa...

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    We're developing a scanner app coupled with an query response system. Seeking a Flutter expert with Django knowledge for UI and backend development, respectively. The ideal candidate will excel in Flutter UI design and possess the skills to manage data storage in Django backend, along with handling API integrations seamlessly.

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    Create a database and CREATE TABLE statements for all tables in your ERD (Part A) including primary and foreign keys. 2. INSERT INTO statements for populating the database i. Insert five rows of (made-up) data into each table. Make sure that the data you enter in these tables should be sufficient to return at least one row for each query in Task 3. AL should hold at least 5 bottles of Penfold Grange 2010 in some branch or other

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    ...require: Features: - User Registration and Authentication: Proficiency in handling user data securely and maintaining user privacy is necessary. - Search Functionality: The website should include essential features such as Full-Text Search, Faceted Search, and Auto-complete/Suggestions powered through Elastic Search. The capacity to execute comprehensive indexation, accurate retrieval, and fast query processing is crucial. - Responsive Design: The site must be mobile-friendly and capable of rearranging its layout based on the user device screen size. Design Style: - Modern: The web design should align with the modern style. Minimalism, adaptive grids, and scalable graphics are what I'm looking for. The design should be functional yet aesthetically pleasing and user-friend...

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    ...scheduler on my website. Your mission will be to set up API calls to request data specifically for certain resources. Key Skills/Knowledge required: - Familiarity with API integration - Experience working with DevExtreme scheduler - Strong understanding of data request and retrieval The job requirements are as follows: - To be able to query the api for scheduler data and present it. The API is already available and I can modify it at any time. I simply need to query it and present the 3 consts (tasks, appointments and assignees). Kindly note, the type of data to be retrieved and the presentation style for this data in the scheduler are yet to be defined. Your input and suggestions during this phase would be highly appreciated. Please place your bid and let's di...

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    ...data, which can then be analyzed and displayed on the charts. - API integration - Database (Supabase) Integration Ideal Skills and Experience: - Django backend and React JS frontend - Web development experience, particularly in creating data visualization platforms. - Proficiency in real-time data integration. - Database integration - API integration - Search Engine Optimization - Query Optimization - Postgre Notes: - We have a website template that includes code for both the backend and frontend. You would just need to customize it. This is what the template looks like: - Although the template at the link looks like html, we have paid for and downloaded the django code - We have provided two screenshots

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    I need an EXPERIENCED Javascript developer to write me a custom React fetching mechanism. Use the Tanstack library to write me a custom hook that can fetch data and cache it too. These features should be implemented: - Assume API call always returns an array of data. - I can pass a modifiedFrom query param which is just a string ISO date. 1. Fetch the data using the cached lastFetched date for that key/api call 2. Mutate the result in the stored cache and updated the lastFetched date in cache 3. Allow data to be cleared from cache after an x time

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    I'm currently using Oracle and MySQL database management systems and I'm in urgent need of a dedicated database administrator who can expertl...robust backup and recovery strategies, thus to ensure database availability and consistency at all times. - Security Management: Protection of data is paramount, and as such, I require a comprehensive security configuration to guard against unauthorized access or data breaches. - Database Optimization: I'm looking to increase the efficiency of my current database setup. It involves improving query performance and optimizing database storage with a focus on increasing system scalability. It would be best if the candidate is proficient in Oracle and MySQL and has hands-on experience dealing with performance issues, backups, s...

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    ...queries involving multiple tables. The project entails: - Diagnosing the cause of the slow performance. - Improving the efficiency and speed of these 5 stored procedures, aiming to achieve at least a 50% increase in speed. - Decreasing high memory usage of a sql server instance Ideal skills and qualifications: - Proficiency in SQL Server and complex JOIN operations. - Proven experience in SQL query optimization and performance improvement. - Understanding of advanced aspects of SQL Server performance tuning. - Excellent debugging and diagnostic skills. - Familiarity with procedures handling multi-table JOIN queries. GetInvKardexPorLote rows : 10924, max : 96'' GetKardexInventario rows : 4931, max : 72'' GetLibroAuxiliar rows : 3007, max : 94' Ge...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned PHP and MySQL programmer to establish the architecture of a ranking system for my multiplayer gaming site. Tasks will include but are not limited to: - Database design - Data modeling - Query optimization The ranking system will make use of user ratings, vote counts, and engagement metrics. The ideal freelancer for this project should have ample experience with ranking systems and must exhibit prowess in PHP and MySQL, with a keen understanding of database design, data modeling, and query optimization. Familiarity with gaming sites is a plus. Let’s build a competitive gaming environment together.

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    ...I can fix this for myself so I don't run into this problem again. • If you have a knack for teaching complex concepts in a simplified manner, you are the perfect fit. I wish to understand this aspect deeply, hence it'll be a bonus if you can assist in creating a workflow that I can follow to understand and execute similar tasks in the future on my own. Let's enhance my Fusion 360 skills one query at a time....

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    ...create Rcv1Doc objects. Define a class Rcv1Doc with attributes like docID, terms (a dictionary of terms and their frequencies), and doc_len. Tokenize text, remove stop words, and apply stemming using the Porter2 algorithm. Define methods like getDocId() and get_term_list(). Task 1.2: Define a query parsing function Create a function parse_query(query0, stop_words) to parse a query string. Tokenize the query, remove stop words, and apply stemming. Return a dictionary of terms with their frequencies in the query. Task 1.3: Define a main function Implement a main function to test parse_rcv1v2() and parse_query(). Print document details (docID, term count, doc_len), sorted terms, and save output to a text file. Task 2.1: Calculate document-frequency (df) Cr...

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    I have a VBScript page that uses Classic ASP to query an SQL database with over 4000 entries. This is now causing loading issue due to the number of entries loaded into the web page. I require this page to be converted to JSON and save as a text file. The saved text file should then be loaded using AJAX and using JavaScript formatted for using Data Tables. I am also open to other ways that this can be achieved BUT DataTables is a MUST as all entries need to be loaded on the page and it MUST be written in VBScript. The current web page formatting and design details MUST remain the same. A copy of the page will be sent to the ideal candidate. No other data will be supplied. I'm looking for someone that has very good understanding of VBScript, Classic ASP, JSON and JavaScript i...

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    I'm looking for someone to help me enhance the search capabilities & UI on a recovery web site. As you will see at the link above, the home page features a dual drop down search bar in the middle of the home page. In addition to that, I'd like to also add a search by US map where people can click on a state and get the database query results for that state. I don't think we need it down to the city level at this point but that could be a Phase 2 project. For now I just need to improve the search capabilities for my client. WordPress admin and cPanel access will be provided to the winning developer but I'm not in a position to be able to provide that up front for bidding purposes. I'm sorry. I am open to any thoughts and proposals. Please do not bi...

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    As a rapidly growing business, we are now experiencing some difficulties with our large MS SQL database system. The system comprises of multiple databases, which includes complex relationships and transactions. The primary task we need to carry out is Query Optimization and Performance Tuning. Our large infrastructure could use the expertise of a professional who can recognize inefficiencies and have them fixed. The ideal candidate will have: - Extensive experience with MS SQL , especially Stored Procedure - Proven expertise in query optimization and performance tuning - Experience with large databases, managing complex relationships and transactions. Your aim will be to help us optimize our system and ensure smoother operation of our database infrastructure. Looking...

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    I'm in need of a talented professional who can help me fix an issue with my Python Telegram bot. The project is currently set on github and the developer can view the current code. He will need to work closely with me so I can explain to his what the issue is and how the code structure currently works. You will need to know how to work with python decorators and troubleshoot an issue with the way conversations are handled. To those who will contact me interested in this quick project I will send the GitHub URL through PM to check and see if they are interested in working with me on my bot. If I find someone who will be able to fix this issue I am sure I will be using them in the future to work on my python projects.

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    To create a Lisp extension for AutoCAD that facilitates the division of areas into rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, and other areas, you will need to focus on a few key functionalities. This Lisp program should allow the user to specify the number of divisions and the areas of each division, and it should query whether each area receives natural lighting. Below is a general outline of how you could approach writing this Lisp program for AutoCAD: Interface for User Input: Create a simple interface (dialog boxes or command-line prompts) that asks the user for the number of divisions and for details about each division (type of room, area, and whether it has natural lighting). Data Storage: Use data structures to store the user's inputs. This...

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    ...telethon Import TelegramClient from Import functions from # Create Telegram client with your API ID and API hash api_id = 'Your API_ID' api_hash = 'YOUR_API_HASH' Client = TelegramClient('session_name', api_id, api_hash) Asynchronous def send_dice(chat_id, dice_face): Asynchronously with client: result=awaitClient(( peer = chat id, Query id=0, id='robot command', silence=false, Scheduled Date = None, background=false, cleardraft=false, hide_via=true, selected=[dice_face] # 1-6 are ordinary dice )) print(result) # Fill in your account mobile phone number and password here Phone = "YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER" password='your password' # Log in to Telegram group (phone, password) # Fill in the chat ID that sends the dice and the

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    It is necessary finish a project managemet application made in laravel. The change are: - make some change regard the flow, the links, the design, the ecommerce and report; - It is necessary experience in query, report charts, pivot builder and Business intelligence to change the reports that must have good design, many filter and cross. the charts must have drill down. Please answer only if have experiences in project management software and pivot-query-busienss intellegence. And show my the url of similar job made.

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    I need a seasoned tax professional capable of resolving tax-related queries at the Bangalore Central GST office. This one-time assistance will specifically deal with GST filing and claims. Having a comprehensive knowledge of Bangalore Central GST office procedures and excellent communication skills is highly advantageous. The professional should ideally have a proven track record of handling, resolving, and negotiating GST issues effectively. This one time job requires precision, expertise, and thorough understanding of tax-related legalities.

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    I'd like to create a quote for "To debug 70 line file containing form to send query to openAI and get response back in chrome dev tools. My quote is USD 35.

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    The local MySQL server engine suddenly shut down due to a power failure. This caused an error in storage or a memory error that led to corruption when the storage engine is writing data to the table. Attempting to fix it, I manipulated the LOGS files (transaction logs, etc.) and managed to connect to the database, query data, and export some of it, and the data was exported perfectly. That's why I know the data is intact. Unfortunately, I didn't think to export all the data because I thought the error had been fixed. However, the next day, the error returned, and I couldn't fix it. Here is a link that explains that it is a common problem in my situation: We are using, XAMPP, MYSQL and Maria

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    I'm seeking an experienced Microsoft Access specialist to perform a three-fold task for my project. Key Responsibilities: - Creating tables and relationships to ensure smooth data management. - Designing complex queries to facilitate high-level data analysis. - Establishing user-friendly forms and reports, ensuring an intuitive interface for end users. Your Skills and Experience: Candidates should have considerable experience in Microsoft Access, particularly with similar tasks. Please highlight any relevant experiences you've had in your proposal, as this will demonstrate your proficiency in this area and enhance your application. Unfortunately, it's unclear from the original client brief whether you will be only providing designs or if you're expected to implement...

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    I'm in search for an expert web developer capable of setting up SEO strategies for my website from scratch. This task involves: - Executing keyword research and optimization tailored to the specificity of my brand. - On-page optimization ensuring pages are well-indexed, friendly to search engines, and relevant to searcher's query. - Off-page optimization by building high-quality and relevant links. The main goal for this project revolves around driving organic traffic to my website, improving my search engine rankings and generating valuable leads and conversions. A deep understanding of how SEO works in line with these goals is crucial. Please note there are currently no SEO strategies in place, so you would be starting from ground zero. Proven experience with similar...

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    I urgently require someone with database expertise to assist me in sorting out an issue with a MySQL query. Please note that I use an old version.

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    I'm in dire need of an individual who can proficiently lend a hand in some aspects of my Computer Science course, specifically labs and exams that utilize Excel and Microsoft Access. Here's what I'm grappling with: - Database design, query writing, and forms and reports design. - Comprehending lab instructions. - Applying theoretical knowledge in practical tests. - Interpreting results accurately. Although I possess intermediate knowledge about Microsoft Excel and Access, these topics are giving me a hard time. The ideal person for this role would be someone who can expertly guide me to enhance my understanding and application of these areas. You would need strong, practical experience in Excel and Microsoft Access, including proficiency in database, forms and repor...

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    ...similar tasks will be highly appreciated. - The creation of a functionality allowing another set of users (user B) to reshare this content on other social media platforms. Prior experience with established social media APIs (e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or other content sharing platforms is beneficial. - Implement a way to fetch audio and video files into our system. Deep knowledge in media query technology and secure database management is required. - Inclusion of a feature for unique visitors to be redirected to the 3rd party social app after clicking. The reward mechanism for resharing content has already been set up, so no input is needed in that aspect. Overall, I'm looking for individuals with experience in API development and integration, particularly when d...

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    I'm constructing a robust real estate scoring model, and need a skillful database engineer proficient in Google Big Query. The project involves: 1. ETL Development: Your main task is to develop an ETL process. You should have experience managing CSV files and integrating APIs. 2. Data Management: The data to handle includes property addresses, sale price history, property characteristics, and people details related to properties. The expert should know how to organize and manage this huge amount of data effectively. 3. Real-Time Updates: Due to the volatile nature of the real estate market, the ability to integrate real-time updates is an asset. An expert in Google Big Query, effective in handling CSV files, and capable of seamless API integration would make the best f...

    $25 - $50 / hr
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    $25 - $50 / hr
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    I am seeking an advanced-level SQL Query and Reports developer with a strong background in Microsoft SQL. Your expertise will be leveraged to create detailed operational reports. Key Responsibilities: - Design, develop, and maintain SQL queries for data analysis and extraction. - Create and maintain complex reports in Microsoft SQL. - Interpret data and analyze results using statistical techniques. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as an advanced-level SQL Developer. - Ability to write complex SQL queries is a requirement. - High proficiency in Microsoft SQL. - Experience in creating operational reports. - Strong statistical analysis skills.

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    $50 / hr Avg Bid
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