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    I am in need of an OKD/Openshift expert who has specific expertise in installation and configuration. Project Timeline: - The project needs to be completed within a short-term timeframe, preferably within a week. Acce...completed within a short-term timeframe, preferably within a week. Access to System: - I will be sharing my screen and the freelancer help me to complete the task. - Or if needed, I'm sharing access and the freelancer needs to do the necessary deployment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in OKD/Openshift installation and configuration. - Operator and Helmchart - Nextcloud and Mariadb - Proficiency in troubleshooting and debugging any issues that may arise during the project. - Expertise in application deployment and scaling on the OKD/Open...

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    We're looking for someone to configure a Microsoft Power Automate operation that does the follow: Operation 1: Logs into a website (if it's not already signed in) Clicks a button Filled out a booking form based on values stored in a MariaDB database Wait for the success message Update our database of successful post Operation 2: Login to the same website Exact data from that page and store it in in our database Operation 3: If data in our database changes: Login to the same site Open a specific URL (stored in the database) Click a couple of buttons and fill out the form. Click Submit. There are a couple of extra steps involved, error handling, checking, validation etc. We're developers, we can help with database query, or an API to format the data as JSON or what ...

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    PHP Script Using Gmail API 4 days left

    I am looking for a skilled PHP developer who can create a script using the Gmail API to receive emails. The script should have the following functionality: - Receive and access emails using the Gmail API - Sort and filter received emails by sender, subject line, and body - Store the email in a MariaDB database. - Move emails to a folder or spam depending on the rules. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in PHP programming - Experience working with APIs, specifically the Gmail API - Knowledge of email handling and filtering - Attention to detail and ability to accurately sort and filter emails - Familiarity with Gmail API's documentation and best practices The end project will have our involvement, once the emails are stored in the database, a cron will run ove...

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    96 bids point to the new server which may take 4-24 hours. - Snapshots of your current VPS will NOT carry over. - All dedicated IPs will be migrated over to the new server. - If you are using custom nameservers, the glue records will need to be updated to match the IPs on the new server. - The main PHP and MySQL/MariaDB versions the websites run on will be updated. Please confirm with your developer that there would not be an issue with newer versions of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB. Please keep in mind that newer operating systems may be limited on what PHP versions are available. - Any modifications done to the server with root access or requested custom configurations will not carry over to the new server. If you need time to work through this with your developer, plea...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a mobile-first webpage ...Verify using compareFaces to see if user photo matches their ID, return an error if it does not. 5. Submit Fail: If face isn’t detected; liveness fails; id isn’t detected and/or text is not found; face/id do not match and/or other errors, return to form w/ validation errors. 6. Submit Succeed: If everything checks out, write the form inputs to database; write what was extracted from the ID to a MariaDB database I assume for demo we won’t want to store the images but in real scenario we might One important one: there are many types of driver's licenses -- we are looking to capture info from the 10-provincial driver licenses, and 50 state driver licenses at least. If we can OCR f...

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    ...objectives: - Set up a NestJS backend to securely interact with a MariaDB database using Prisma ORM. - Implement a login feature in the Angular frontend. - Enable users to create, edit, and email quotes and invoices to clients. - Containerize the entire application using Docker and deploy it on a server. requirements: step1_backend_setup: - Set up a NestJS backend - Use Prisma ORM to establish a secure connection with a MariaDB database - Dockerize the backend and database step2_login_data_management: - Implement a login feature in the Angular frontend - Design a data structure for quotes and invoices using Prisma ORM - Enable users to create and edit quotes - Store this data in the MariaDB database step3_email_functiona...

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    ...existing website, which is primarily based on PHP (procedural) and MySQL. The ideal candidate should also be able to connect the website to chatGPT. Our website has been developed for several years and is used to support surveys, data analysis and report generation. The main tool we use is the WWW using PHP 7.4 and jQuery, and we additionally use the library. Our database is based on MariaDB 10.6. Specific requirements for this project include: 1. We create statistical reports on the website based on the responses of surveyed participants, at this point each report is created separately, we want to create reports automatically based on previously created ones. 2. Combining our reports with chatGPT to create verbal descriptions of statistical data I am open to the possibilit...

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    take the code of an opensource CRM and edit it to add an extra function that would be to create multiple sales channels since it only allows you to create one, the CRM is EspoCRM. This means that there should be new functions for it to be functional such as: 1- graphs per channel (all graphs generated can be filtered by 2- create user groups (already exists but you must be able to add user groups to a channel) 3- edit a channel: currently it is possible to create multiple stages in a channel, that means that each channel should be able to manage the stages and the graphics should be functional from those stages. Technical data Apache, Nginx, or IIS server; with PHP 8.0, 8.1, 8.2; MySQL 5.7 (and later), or MariaDB 10.2.2 (and later), or PostgreSQL 15 (supported experi...

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    I am looking for someone to migrate my mariadb database from its current platform. I have a current backup of the database, which is between 3GB in size. I am seeking someone who is highly experienced with databases to ensure a smooth and successful transition. My current database system is MySQL, but I am open to suggestions should there be a better alternative. I am looking for a quick turnaround, with a smooth and secure transition. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    I am looking for someone who can upgrade my PHP installation to 8.2 / or do the entire WP installation from scratch. --------------------------------------- 1. PHP ( 8.2) 2. latest version of WordPress ( 6.3) on my Linux server. 3. install mariadb ( latest) . 3. The server is running Amazon Linux 2 (EC2) and I have root access. 4. person has to do this via shared screen on zoom meeting -- since SSH credentials sharing is not being allowed by client. 5. Ensure WP basic page comes up without errors.

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    Project Title: Fix Debian / Apache2 / MariaDB freezes I am experiencing freezing and crashing issues with my Debian/Apache2/MariaDB setup. The freezing and crashing appear to be random and not tied to any specific task or action. Just one freeze around 5am is very common, the other one or two over the day seems random. I found one article about MariaDB freezing which exactly describe my problem: Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Debian, Apache2, and MariaDB - Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving freezing and crashing issues - Ability to diagnose and fix issues without error logs or reports - Familiarity with server performance optimization techniques -

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    I reinstall virtuemart and the site is not working Go this on error home page You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND = 1' at line 3 Module refering to virtuemart category not working as well Got some error mess installing virtuemart , see attachment Dedicated server on plesk

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    fix mariadb database server on whm, bad uninstallation of mysql Governor

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    I am looking for an experienced Android developer to fix two bugs in my existing app. (Adding item to the cart) is what we are facing issue in. The app crash if you try to add additional items to the shopping list. I need these bugs fixed within a week. Skills and experience required: -...crash if you try to add additional items to the shopping list. I need these bugs fixed within a week. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of Android development - Experience in debugging and fixing app crashes - Familiarity with different Android versions and devices to ensure compatibility 1) jdk - Version 1.8 2) Eclipse – Version 4.6.3 3) Tomcat – Version 8.0 4) DBMS – MariaDB 10.2.7 5) DataBaseTool – MySQL Workbench 6) ExERD - Ability to work...

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    We are looking an high experienced PHP developper with experience with Cake PHP and familiar with SOAP, WSDL, REST APIs to hire him per hours work (5h per week) and for long duration (more than 1 year). CSS/HTML required. Database (Mysl, MariadB) / server (Linux, Centos7) administration and optimization will be advantage. Having realized integration with mobile operators (airtime top up, USSD) will be excellence. Let us know your Hour Rate and your experience. Thanks.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to upgrade my MariaDB to the latest version. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Requirements: - Experience in upgrading MariaDB - Knowledge of the latest version and its features - Ability to ensure a seamless upgrade process Ideal skills: - Strong understanding of database management systems - Proficiency in MariaDB administration and optimization - Familiarity with data migration and backup procedures Currently it is installed on a Ubuntu server and running cyber panel which hosts a number of Wordpress websites. Please ensure a backup is done of the cyber panel and Wordpress database. Please provide examples of previous MariaDB upgrade projects you have completed successfully.

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    ...performance optimization techniques - Familiarity with object caching and its implementation in WooCommerce - Proficiency in analyzing and optimizing database queries - Experience in improving page render speed for e-commerce websites Some of our server and website stats - We have a high perfomable server running NGINX 1.18.0., PHP 8.1.22, Operating System Linux 5.10.0-21-amd64 x86_64, 10.10.6-MariaDB-1:10.10.6+maria~deb11 more info we can provide in message - Our shop run about 80 plugins which are required - We use WP Rocket cache which delivers average about 0,035s response of cached pages - We need to optimize the response of the server on e.g. ajax queries like product filters which now load in about 2 seconds which is inacceptable for us. For us is ideal under 1 second..e....

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    I am looking for a skilled Laravel developer to migrate the backend of our administrative portal. The current state of the backend is using wordpress and I want to migrate it into Laravel 10.x I am looking for a freelancer who does have following skill: PHP 8.2 Laravel 10.x MariaDB Vue.js The person should have also experienced dealing with linux environment as my application hosted on digitalocean ubuntu image

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    I NEED A TECHNICIAN WHO IS WELL-VERSED IN MYSQL (MariaDb). I have my VPS set up with Centos 7 and Cyberpanel. I believe I may have deleted a root user or revoked some privileges, which currently prevent me from creating new databases. I cannot create new databases either with PhpMYAdmin or with Cyberpanel. It tells me I do not have the privileges to create databases. In my existing databases, I can still create new tables and use them as usual. I do not want to and cannot reinstall Mysql, as Cyberpanel would likely not recognize the new installation. Additionally, I already have tables in other databases that could be lost. I need a technician who is proficient in MYSQL server and can restore the option for me to create databases with PhpMYAdmin as usual. Thank you very much in...

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    I am looking for an experienced Angular Node.js and MariaDB application developer to create an application with user authentication and authorization. The application should have a moderate level of user interaction, and should have a user-friendly design. This application should be able to handle multiple concurrent users and provide real-time data streaming, data visualization and analytics. If you have experience developing similar applications, know how to use a variety of methods, frameworks and platforms, then please submit an offer. Let me know your skills, relevant experience and portfolio. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas and suggestions.

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    I am looking for someone to upgrade my Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 on my virtual server (hosted by Strato in Germany) which is running a Moodle 4.1 and a Joomla 4.3 site. It is important that both the Moodle and Joomla sites will work flawlessly after the update and the downtime is as short as possible. I can provide more specifications of the installations (MariaDB version, PHP version etc.) if needed. Thank you for making a good offer. Let me know if you need more information.

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    Hello World:) I hope you are feeling well. I am contacting you because I need to develop a mobile application that allows me to generate QR codes from a database (MariaDB) and have the application disperse the QR code. The application must be compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Users must be able to log in with a username and password. The code must be 10 numeric digits. The code must be able to be shared from within the app via different media/platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger. From within the application, users must be able to create new users. From within the application, users should be able to create the QR code from a pre-registration form (the code would be customized according to the user, resident or visitor data). I attach a number of r...

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    Project Title: MySQL MariaDB Recovery from FRM and IBD File Description: I am in need of a skilled professional who can assist me with recovering my MySQL MariaDB database from FRM and IBD files. The project details are as follows: File Size: - The FRM and IBD files are less than 1GB in size. Backup Availability: - I have backups of the database, but they are old and may not be up to date. Recovery Timeframe: - I am looking for a short-term recovery process, ideally within a week. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in MySQL and MariaDB database recovery. - Knowledgeable in working with FRM and IBD files. - Experience with restoring databases from old backups. If you have the necessary skills and experience to handle this project, please submit your proposal.

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    - You will get a fresh minimal installation of a dedicated server - you need to make a ftp account on the server, send me the creditals i will upload all files of the project including sql dump file - extract all and check what php/apache version is needed and mysql or mariadb version is needed - you need to install apache or nginx with all needed extensions as the project needs - you need to install mysql or mariadb and a phpmyadmin as the project needs - make the project run again

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    Title: Support Required for DBA, MariaDB, DBeaver, and Windows Task Scheduler Overview: I am seeking a skilled DBA with expertise in MariaDB, DBeaver, and Windows Task Scheduler to provide support for my project. The primary focus will be on set up and configuration. Need to know how to pull the data from snowflake

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    We are migrating websites from one AWS account to a new AWS account. The website content and Mariadb were extracted into AWS S3 buckets using Terraform. The DB was exported in parquet format. I need the sites and teh DB to be restored on the new AWS instance. From a data security perspective I need this work do be done on my PC so in essence I need someone to talk me through the restore process.

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    ...based in the eastern US time zone. Infrastructure details include: 1. Languages a. React b. Nextjs c. Java: core application services d. Perl: middleware e. Javascript: user experience f. PHP: integrations with third party services including WHMCS 2. Dev tools: Vagrant 3. Build tools: Gradle, Maven, Netlify 4. Cloud services: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean 5. Databases: a. PostgreSQL b. MySQL/MariaDB c. Apache Derby d. H2 6. CI/CD: a. Jenkins: orchestration for downstream deployments b. Ansible: configuration management of application in target environments 7. Systems management: Terraform: configuration management for application-support systems 8. Operating systems: CentOS 7+ and Ubuntu Project Management: Assists in planning, coordinating and tracking work to achieve softw...

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    Title: Developer Needed to Resolve Password Reset Bug in MariaDB We are seeking an experienced developer to help us resolve a password reset bug in our MariaDB which is on linux centos Platform: MariaDB Error Messages/Specific Details: Yes pls quote only if you can quick check it now

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    Project Title: Convert Postgre file to Mysql Overview: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to convert a Postgre file to Mysql. The file size is 2MB and I have access to the Postgre file. The file contains text data. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Postgre and Mysql databases - Experience in data conversion and migration - Knowledge of SQL and database management - Ability...The file contains text data. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Postgre and Mysql databases - Experience in data conversion and migration - Knowledge of SQL and database management - Ability to ensure data integrity and accuracy during the conversion process - Attention to detail and the ability to meet project deadlines Database was made on Django and want to migrate to WordPress M...

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    ...installation and compatibility of all server components (Apache, MariaDB, PHP) with PrestaShop requirements. Fine-tune server settings to ensure maximum site performance, including page loading speed and traffic management. Identify potential security issues and strengthen server protection against potential threats. Resolve any reported bugs and errors while implementing measures to prevent their recurrence. Provide guidance on best practices for data backup and recovery to ensure continuous site availability. Technical Requirements: The ideal candidate should have a strong background in the following areas: Administration of Linux servers (DEBIAN) with in-depth knowledge of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP). Proven expertise in managing a Pres...

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    ...server. The specification of both current and new servers are shown below FYI: Current/Old Server =============== (Apache, MySQL and PHP) Version : Apache: 2.2.34 MySQL: 5.0.96-community PHP: 5 Server OS: Need to check Hostname: Server handler ⇾ PHP 5 Handler suphp New Server ========= (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) Version : Apache: Apache/2.4.57 (cPanel MySQL: 10.3.39-MariaDB PHP: PHP 7.4.33 (MulitiPHP version installed on the server) Server OS: CentOS Linux 7 Hostname: Easyapache: 4 Server handler ==> DEFAULT PHP: ea-php74 ea-php54 SAPI: suphp ea-php55 SAPI: suphp ea-php56 SAPI: suphp ea-php74 SAPI: suphp ea-php80 SAPI: suphp ea-php81 SAPI: suphp Requirements: =========== - The project should be completed within 1-5 days maximum. - You will

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    need support for a ETL/SQL Developer. SKILLS: -SQL Server, open source database (MariaDB) -Just need to know how to pull data from Snowflake -Postgres no longer needed, wants strong ETL/ELT to keep continuity of service

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    Hey, we have a backend coded in laravel currently hosted on EU server. On this machine, there is also a MariaDB database. Sever is optimized, same goes to DB, we reach in EU very small latency, as it is goal. Unfortunately, outside EU, we reach much higher, which makes sense. We need our backend with database to be available globally with small latency. Load balancing servers is not an issue, the biggest issue is the database, since it has to be available in every region with super small latency for reading/writing operation. We are looking for somebody who can design or recommend us the possible solution.

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    What happened: Plesk 18 on CentOS 8 was working fine. Tried to update Plesk Plesk Crashed. Error returned: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory systemctl restart mariadb - returns: Job for failed because the control process exited with error code. I cannot provide server access, please only bid if you can help via chat. Any reply without " I am a Plesk expert and I can fix this without accessing the server " will be ignored

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    I have a web based application for tax filing developed in ASP.NET, Front end onAngular, Mariadb as Database and hosted on Azure. I need a developer who can make the tweaks and can manage the application as needed. It will be long time work.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me build a customer service/FAQ portal. The main purpose of this portal is to address common customer inquiries. I would prefer a web-based platform for this portal. Additionally, I would like to include more than 10 categories of questions. Must be php5.6+ compatible and Mariadb 5.6+ Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Web development - User experience design - Knowledge of customer service best practices - Technical writing and editing - Project management skills for timely completion of the project.

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    Project Title: Laravel - MariaDB - Vue.js I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me develop a web application using Laravel, MariaDB, and Vue.js. The desired outcome of the project is to create a fully functional web application. Authentication: - The web application will require authentication, allowing users to securely access their accounts and perform various actions. User Data Storage: - The application will also require the storage of user data, ensuring that all information is securely saved and accessible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Laravel, MariaDB, and Vue.js - Experience in developing web applications with authentication features - Knowledge of secure data storage practices - Familiarity with frontend and backend deve...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to develop an Software regarding Employee engagement and empowerment. The goals of this project are to increase productivity, improve morale and job satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: 1. XAMPP for Windows 7.4.29 2. PHP Version 7.4.29 3. Mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.4.24-MariaDB 4. CodeIgniter version 3.1.5 If you are a skilled and experienced freelancer with a passion for developing innovative solutions for employee engagement, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to set up a MariaDB Cluster Replication for data synchronization between multiple database servers. Requirements: - Experience in setting up MariaDB Cluster Replication - Knowledge of specific configurations provided by the client Optional: - Ability to provide recommendations for specific configurations if the client is unsure - Potential assistance in maintaining the cluster post-setup, depending on future needs.

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    I am searching for a skilled programmer to help me update my PHP code from MySQL 5.7 database to MariaDB 10.6 database. The successful candidate will be able to understand the details I provide and implement the necessary changes quickly and impactfully. I am looking for a programmer with advanced programming skills and experience who can handle this project with care and focus. During the update process, I need specific features and functionalities to be implemented. While I do not have any time constraints on this project, I still prefer to have it done as quickly as possible. Additionally, I need the updated code to be compatible with a specific version I will provide. If you think you’re up for the challenge and have the necessary skills, please apply for this project. ...

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    We need a freelancer who can install a PHP script on our VPS server. We have checked and have installed all required libraries. The ideal candidate should have experience in PHP, VPS Centos, Laravel Framework and PHP script installation. We will provi...on our VPS server. We have checked and have installed all required libraries. The ideal candidate should have experience in PHP, VPS Centos, Laravel Framework and PHP script installation. We will provide the installation document. Requirements: - Install PHP script on VPS Centos server - Setup and configure the script - No ongoing maintenance required, just the initial installation - MySQL/ MariaDB Skills: - Experience in AWS and PHP script installation - Knowledge of server setup and configuration Additional Services: - Non...

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    *** ! NO AUTO BIDDING ! *** UPDATE: I found this github repo which c...points such as the name, title, company, experience (current & previous companies, projects), education, skills, and location. The scraped data should be directly stored in MariaDB/SQL via JPA in a given structure already defined. Although I don't have a specific target industry, I do have a general target audience. Ideally, you have already done it once and we just need to do the integration! Please provide a reference. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Java, Spring Boot 3.1 and Website Parsing using DOM queries etc. - Experience with web scraping (Linkedin) and data extraction - Knowledge of MariaDB/SQL databases & JPA - Ability to work independently and deliver the proj...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me migrate my website from an obsolete Linux server to a new server. I have a backup of the website files and database, and I have access to the new server. The new server is using a different platform or technology from the old server. Skills and experience required: - Experience in website migration and server manageme... Skills and experience required: - Experience in website migration and server management - Proficiency in working with Plesk and Linux servers - Knowledge of different server platforms and technologies - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues during the migration process - Attention to detail to ensure a smooth and successful migration Currently, new server has different version of MariaDB, so knowledge of this is...

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    Engage and Empower Employees Goals: - Increase employee satisfaction - Improve communication within the organization - Enhance employee productivity Methods currently being used to communicate within the organization: - Email & Meetings Number of employees in the organization: - More than 100 Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing employee engagemen...create and implement effective employee satisfaction programs - Familiarity with organizational psychology and employee motivation techniques - Proven track record of successfully increasing productivity in large organizations through employee empowerment - Software Development should be as per below software: 1. XAMPP for Windows 7.4.29 2. PHP Version 7.4.29 3. Mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.4.24-MariaDB 4. CodeIgniter ...

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    I am looking for a MariaDB expert to assist with various tasks related to my database. The ideal candidate should have experience in database design, query optimization, and performance tuning. Specifically, the tasks that I need assistance with include: - Database design: I need help in creating an efficient and well-structured database schema. - Query optimization: I want to improve the performance of my queries and ensure they are executing as fast as possible. - Performance tuning: I need someone who can analyze and optimize the overall performance of my MariaDB database. Requirements: - Proficiency in MariaDB and SQL. - Strong understanding of database design principles. - Experience in query optimization and performance tuning. - Ability to work independently...

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    I have a Wordpress plugin (wpDataTables) that generate som SQL code. But that gives errors. It say something of MariaDB... Need an expert here...

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    We have an auction site that is on a dedicated server. Currently running with php 5.6, mariadb (last version), nginx, apache. It turns out that in 10 hours we will have a big auction and the php performance is not good. At least 500 simultaneous users are expected. Server has spare capacity and we need better configuration for apache, nginx, php and mariadb in some situations. In addition we also need monitoring during the auction which will take place on July 1st from 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM

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    Para proyecto de 4 - 6 meses se requiere desarrollador semi sr con manejo demostrable de - framework Laravel/CI - API - GIT - base de datos Mysql, Mariadb, MSSQL Solo freelancer de latinoamerica, español nativo. Solo se considera los mensajes que comiencen con la respuesta al ejercicio 5000-4000 en numeros romanos Saludos

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