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    I am trying to write a novel, and I’m pretty far into it. But I get distracted by all the things on my computer too easily, and I need a distractions-free writing environment that I can take with me when I travel. I am looking to have an E-Ink smart typewriter. There are a few out there, like the Freewrite and the Pomera DM30, but these are too expensive. I am needing someone to make somethi...

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    I'm developing a website and I need help in editing the wpDataTables plugin. Current website is [login to view URL] Please check in desktop view and also mobile / tablet view. I want the desktop view to be the same like the mobile / tablet view, in that the desktop view also has some columns hidden and only shown when user presses the "+" icon. I want to hide the column "Log...

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    Research Paper 6 days left

    Developmental psychology research paper about how video games and physical activity affect children

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    The title of this project is A Study on Effect of Irresponsible Disposal of Face Mask to The Marine Ecosystem. The objective of this project is to study the effect of irresponsible disposal of face masks to the marine ecosystem and to determine the right way to dispose them. The issues of this topic are : i) The used face masks has become marine debris that could affect the marine ecosystems ii) T...

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    Pl/sql. 5 days left

    1. Write a PL/SQL code that declares variables of types VARCHAR2, CHAR, NUMBER, DATE, BOOLEAN and uses suitable executable section instructions to implement some actions and print some output. ‚Äč 2. Write a PL/SQL code to declare variables of anchored type belonging to type of at least one or two columns of your database. Your code should also read data from the keyboard and include appropriate e...

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    The task is to build a Chrome extension that modifies an Amazon page for a book and a panel of prices. When the book page is loaded (which means the page corresponds to a certain URL pattern) the extension pastes a topbar at the top of the page. The topbar displays our statistics for a book, like average rank, average price. The statistics will be obtained from our API. API endpoint will be provid...

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    We are looking for a talented UI / UX Designer with extensive experience in product design to create amazing user experiences. The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful design, possess superior UI skills and be able to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts, and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces. Creates visu...

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    total field magnetic anomaly profiles can have complex forms which depend on: latitude of observation; geometry of the subsurface source of the anomalous magnetic field; and orientation of the profile. Examine Fig 9.11a in Lillie, which illustrates how a subsurface body magnetized parallel to the geomagnetic field at high latitude produces a symmetric magnetic anomaly which is positive over the b...

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    total field magnetic anomaly profiles can have complex forms which depend on: latitude of observation; geometry of the subsurface source of the anomalous magnetic field; and orientation of the profile. Examine Fig 9.11a in Lillie, which illustrates how a subsurface body magnetized parallel to the geomagnetic field at high latitude produces a symmetric magnetic anomaly which is positive over the b...

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    I need a literature review about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease and SOD1 gene and protein. The literature review must cover the following list (headings). I. SOD1function in the organisms and its relation to ALS - This part must be simple and concise. Explain SOD1 function using primary references. - Show evidence of why SOD1 is related to ALS. II. Structure of the SOD1 mutated p...

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    looking for someone to put together a word doc with what does it do, what is rapsberry pi likely to impact and how will it affect us?

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    HTML A* Path Finding 3 days left

    I have a map and need to find the best path to take with the given coordinates. The map will need: int xCoordinate; int yCoordinate; bool isWalkable; On the map the water is not a walkable tile, the while walls are not walkable. I will need a way to be able to select not walkable tiles so they can be stored so that each time I use the website it already knows which tiles are walkable and not walk...

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    Unity script 2 days left

    2 Unity script I think it have to be write with open cv in unity. It does not have to be open CV, the main think at it can solve this problem. First I am working on a game their using laser pointer mouse cursor. The first script, are finding a TV screens corners. (Scene 1) The Second script are using the TV corner points to find whare the laser pointer XY coordinates are on the TV screen. (Sc...

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    Need Editor 2 days left

    Have page up now that drew banner re inappropriate links, advertisement, etc Need to clean up ALTHO don't see what theyre referring to. Also person referenced in article has info box w pic come up when cursor over his name. Need to update info in that box, or create new one!

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    Social Media Campaign 2 days left

    We are launching a platform for community engagement. We need to attract persons in particular geographic zones to participate in issues that affect their daily lives. Our first geographic target is the country of Nigeria and it's diaspora. The job entails, 1. Identifying social media groups that are made either solely or largely of Nigerians. 2. Identifying topics or online locations...

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    Hi am looking for some who knows about 12 volt wiring on a boat to finish off a job that was started by a company run by phil Astley from pembrokeshire. he has left my boat in a mess and the boat cant be used because the rewiring needs to be completed by someone who is honest and reliable and who has a been trained in 12 volt electrics. i am looking for anyone who would be willing to travel ...

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    We need an experienced WordPress developer to overhaul a multi-page website for a homeschooling group. Must have experience with Paid Memberships Pro plugin, HTML, CSS and Woo Commerce. The website is an old one that is in the middle of being redesigned and rebuilt. The previous web developer has left a real mess that we need a little help to work through. Specifically: - Most of the pages have...

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    I need to write a summary on how the virus affect children's learning

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    Hello! I would like to invite you to participate in the project. I'll tell you a little about us and the game: We create a visual novel with a semantic load on the Ren'Py engine. The script is 90% complete, the arts are 20, the music is 10%. We have implemented the script into the engine. All variables, forks, characters, etc. are present. However, I would like to add various features,...

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    An individual with experience is required to fix issues within google shopping and google shopping ads within the Merchant Centre Retail and deliver the project with issues resolved in a short period of time. Any issues relating to the above must be completed without any adverse affect on the account. Two files are attached which gives a brief overview of the issues. Only individuals with exper...

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    Need a cross-platform Xamarin based app that will communicate via Bluetooth serial SPP to an external device (you may pick any accessible device), get the CR LF appended string via serial port and deposit the string to another 2nd app running in the same ios device. The 1st Comms app will be a background running app, while the 2nd app will stay in the front and wherever the cursor is, the read str...

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    Want to get logo designed with animation plus cursor animation

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    Job description Develop Back-End Solutions for Product using PHP Work closely with the Product Team to understand the features and tasks needed. Ensure internal communications messages are consistent across all platforms and external communication messages. Handle the internal communication response to crisis situations which affect organizational perception and reputation Candidate Requirements...

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    Create json file to cursor using foxpro

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    Compare the character of Abigail to the character of Elizabeth. How are they alike? How are they different? What are they a literary example of? In what way do their decisions affect others?

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    I need a writer who can write article for my new website in easy English language which can help my viewers for more understandable and also check before submitting that there will not mistakes in spelling it will affect my whole website. and need to fix an issue in my site is not showing direct. I’m sharing the link and tell me how to solve this problem in your resume and your charges to f...

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    Hi, for this job you will need to fix an issue with jquery sortable being used with scale. The cursor does not align with the item with drag and drop after scale is applied. Here is a video showing you the issue. You will be provided the files shown in the video, and they are bootstrap 5. [login to view URL] Thank you for your proposals!

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    Significant experience in working in a senior frontend role, ideally with CMS-backed websites Experience working in teams with other developers in a collaborative manner (including peer review of work and Git version control) and in a cross-functional manner, alongside clients, visual designers, UX designers, and testing colleagues Experience working in a commercial or agency environment and desig...

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    Hi..I have this website: [login to view URL] It is using Astra as the theme. I want the posts and page structure to follow [login to view URL] I also want the site structure to follow: [login to view URL] Whatever customization you do must not affect the performance when tested in gtmetrix. Regards, Nazurudeen. J

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    Write an article on "Car Battery Performance" (refer to this link: [login to view URL]) 1. Does extreme tropical heat affect the performance of my battery? 2. Can electrical gadgets that operate when the key is turned off affect the performance of a battery? 3. Are today's smaller batteries as powerful as the older and bigger ones? 4. Do four-cylinder engines require more power to ...

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    Introduction The project is intended to help you to gain insights into how you can become more effective and engaged with what matters most in your professional and even your personal life in order to help you on being a successful entrepreneur. Organizing This is an individual project. Request Please read the following book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey W...

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    Students will be required to complete two Reflection Papers, which must be submitted electronically through Turn-It-In for plagiarism checking. All submissions that do not go through Turn-It-In (e.g., email) will not be accepted and will receive a zero. Please do not copy & paste texts from internet, textbook, or lecture slides. Do paraphrase instead. Content requirements: The purpose of this...

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    I need a youtube channel intro like a sticker affect with my channel name on it pretty simple name of channel JonnydoesFitness

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    Design HTML page(One page only, without header and footer) with CSS & Bootstrap to be exactly the same as the reference page. Reference Page: [login to view URL] Kindly refer to the HTML page from the attachment. *Design one page only. *Without header and footer. *Include mobile version *Working HTML file will be provided after we award the project to you. *Do not affect the function ...

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    I need to get some artwork that I can then use on a cake. I want to show the 30 countries someone has been to using stamps as a patchwork affect. Something similar to the image I’ve attached.

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    I have an Unreal Engine 4 project with a cartoon character, it's all ready for live link. But there are three expressions I can't seem to get from live link. So I need 3 keyboard keys assigned to trigger those expressions. It can be "Y" for super happy, B for super sad, and H for super angry. It must not disconnect the live link when the key is pressed and not affect the head p...

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    Integrate a page without header and footer, into a page with header and footer without affecting the design of the header and footer. Integrate this calculator: [login to view URL] Into This Page [login to view URL] *Do not affect the design of header and footer.

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    i have 3 tables "kriot_ratsif": ============= it holds all readings of water meters the important are : reading date = the exect day and time the water meter quantity was taken water count: the quantity mone: the water meter serial number second table: ============= "kriot_yomi":(sum of daily quantitiws ) it holds the data from "kriot _ratsif" aggregated: for e...

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    I want to create an IDE type of autocompletion in JS. I found an example : [login to view URL] But I'd like to compare what I am typing with an Object containing all the words I'd like to autocomplete. And add some rules : - If nothing is typed before the cursor (' ') I want to suggest only Page names -If there is a Page name + a ('.') typed before the cursor -->...

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    PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE CREATING DROP DOWN MENUS IN WIX WITH DATABASE INTEGRATION AND DASHBOARD CONTROL PANELS. Scope of Work: 1- A website application should be developed with Microsoft SQL Server, not PHP or MySQL. Application: 2- There will be initially 7 separate dropdowns. Each dropdown will have multiple items. Users will be required to choose 1 item from dropdown 1-5, a...

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    Hi bajcepsme, The SMTP issue has become a lot more common for sure. As another option to CF7 with Postman, you could use Formstack instead. Formstack gets around the SMTP issue perfectly, without the need for additional plugins. All forms can have periodic sending issues, which can be super annoying. Formstack has been awesome, but we did encounter a recent issue, which related to a client's...

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    I need you to refactor a small part of code to resolve an issue. Problem: In a dialog window where we take input from user to create cards with minimum and maximum values, when the user type the first or second numbers in the "Minimum balance" field the cursor jumps over to the "Maximum balance" and continue [login to view URL] trying to write more numbers in the "Maximum...

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    I want commercial video edit based on the picture and videos I sent, with some affect added to it from your end, you dont have to use the same sound in the videos i sent you can choose some on your own

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    I wrote and published an ebook using a pen name as an author instead of my real name. I want to keep my real identity secret. But I need a website. I need someone to give me detailed step by step instructions how to build a simple website using either Godaddy or Bluehost. By "detailed" I mean where to point the cursor on the screen, what to click on, should I use left or right mouse butt...

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    A rock sample containing Geikielite (MgTiO3), Pyrophanite (Mn2+TiO3), and Ilmenite (FeTiO3) is ionized by a high-energy laser pulse. Ions flow in a curve vacuum chamber and deflect by a magnetic field. What will be the dimensions of the chamber to separate the Ti2+ or TiO2 using a 5 cm diameter exit? What’s the magnetic field strength? If we raise the total vaporized mass/sec to 20 grams, do...

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    REQUIREMENTS Good day, I have 2 custom features that I want you to develop and to add to my Clients Webflow Ecommerce website. The timeline is 2 weeks for the project. FEATURE 1: [login to view URL] The First feature ia a Locate An Installer feature. The feature will be used is to help customers find decking installers to help them install their decks. The web users will need to insert thei...

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    I Laramie Foster Smith am a veteran of the United States Navy I am service-connected with 100% schizophrenia. To be 100% disabled by VA standards means that you are totally disabled. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has stringent criteria veterans must meet to receive this rating. Schizophrenia involves a range of problems with thinking (cognition), behavior, and emotions. Signs and symptom...

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    Looking for a highly-skilled Social Media & Community Manager to take up the following responsibilities: - Manage the social media editorial calendar and ensure the content is published by the stipulated deadlines - Work with the marketing, creative, and customer experience team to create high quality, engaging, relevant, and timely content - Interact with community members and customers in a...

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    - Windows GUI application. - Ability to Open a file. - Ability to Create a new file. - View the opened file as standard hex view: Address + 16 data-byte columns + ASCII - Navigate using scrollbar - Navigate using cursorkeys (cursor will remain in overwrite mode) - Navigate through GOTO dialog to jump to any address within file. - Select a range of bytes by holding down SHIFT and using cursor navig...

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