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    I attach a little sopaui project that generate a SOAP request with MTOM attachment. The endpoint adopt the basic preemptive authorization. I have a bash script test_mtom that try to MAKE AN IDENTICAL AN WORKING SOAP request, but goal is to find someone that can make the test_mtom working. Attached files soapui log of a failed request caused by missing "preemptive_authorization" soapui log of a OK request test_mtom the script that generates my request the request attachment the envelop used by test_mtom to create the request SOAPUI project

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    Require assistance on this issue

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    Hello, We are a startup from Israel, searching for a developer for ongoing tasks. An initial integration to WhatsApp API need to be done, Please see a screenshot, it's a simple CURL php request, we need then to make it live run on production, so we need someone who know how to run it on production mode and with approving Facebook app. It's ongoing task that need to be done after the integration. Thank you

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    Saya mempunyai aplikasi di 2 server berbeda. server pertama digunakan aplikasi untuk kirim parameter PHP menggunakan post dengan fungsi Curl penggalan syntaxnya: post = array('trx_id => 'xxxxx', .... ); $url = 'http://server2/register'; $post_string = http_build_query($post); .... curl_setopt($data, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $post_string); curl_setopt($data CURLOPT_URL, $urlserverke2);) $result = curl_exec($curl); .... Server ke 2 sebagai service menggunakan CI untuk menerima parameter POST tersebut $transaction_id = $this->input->post('trx_id'); tetapi post yg di terima pada server ke2 kosong. menggunakan fungsi ini $transaction_id = $this->input->post('trx_id'); Server pertama menggunakan XAMPP 1.7.1 Server kedua ...

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    (1) Why does this command not work? curl -L | tar -zx && sudo mv forge /usr/local/bin/ | chmod +x forge I get the following: 5:46 PM % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0 0 4462k 0 38846 0 0 55528 0 0:01:22 --:--:-- 0:01:22 55528LICENSE: Can't create 'LICENSE' : Can't create '' forge: Can't create 'forge' 100 4462k 100 4462k 0 0 5006k 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 22.6M tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors. thaidi@Dianas-MacBook-Air / % kubectl get pods (2) this command also doesn't work for me: kustomize build | kubectl apply

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    Trophy icon zulf logo brief 5 days left

    A brand for hair extensions, wigs, hair dryers, straighteners, and other hair products. zulf, in the Urdu language, means a curling lock (hanging down upon the temple or over the ear), side-lock, curl, ringlet, lock, tress; tuft; knot; whisker. The logo should be a contemporary fusion of the East and West, and should also reflect the simplistic and practical values of the brand.

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    I need an app that connect to a portal that can control certain electric car. The app should have functions like remote allow access, start the car, close / open windows etc. All of the commands will be given and to connect to the car, a ssh connection would be required (already connect to the server) i.e something like the curl -H "X-SSL-Client-S-CN: <VIN of your car>" http://cid:7654/door_unlock?user_command=true and sample of what could be done would be given in a list like this

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    App for controlling electric car 20 hours left

    I need an app that connect to a portal that can control certain electric car. The app should have functions like remote allow access, start the car, close / open windows etc. All of the commands will be given and to connect to the car, a ssh connection would be required (already connect to the server) i.e something like the curl -H "X-SSL-Client-S-CN: <VIN of your car>" http://cid:7654/door_unlock?user_command=true and sample of what could be done would be given in a list like this http://cid:7654/requestDraw http://cid:7654/requestHeight http://cid:7654/redrawPause http://cid:7654/actionBegin http://cid:7654/actionEnd http://cid:7654/scrollBy User would login with username and password and allow faceid and so Android and apple app needed.

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    For a scraping project I need to run on my Ubuntu server, I am looking for someone who could write and send me a script to fetch the main and subpages from This has to be made with one of the following methods at your choice, to bypass the cloudfare protection: -Python -Php Curl -Phantomjs -Headless Chrome

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    Hello, We want to download images from URL fastest way , currently we are using curl method ( PHP ) . but its taking too much time downloading only 200 images in 1 minute . we need more fastest way to download it. You will have to create small demo for us other implantation we will do our self

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    ...Group and Google Drive. Client Authorization for CME Group must be sent in the form of a POST request as client_id and client_secret fields respectively. Refer to CME Group OAuth 2.0 API Service Adoption Steps: May use any API tool of choice to create and retrieve token, however Wget or cURL is preferred. Google Drive v3 API has already been enable within a project on the cloud platform using Python for a successful handshake passing file for token authentication. API calls for Google Drive v3 in Python only works currently to define files with binary content to be downloaded but will not export. Try to modify get_media method to/or implement the mimeType

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    Local Urgent
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    only php experts i have an api to get userid , i have username variable to get the userid i just need an expert with php and curl to extract variable and save it in php file to be used on another api

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    Create a spring boot application 1. API that accepts an input either cat or dog and depending on that input returns a fact about that animal a) This API is unprotected and should be accessible by anyone b) The response should just be the fact. Do not send an additional image or extra information. c) API's remote h...This API should be protected with some credentials(the token for verification can be hardcoded or generated with some hardcoded credentials) b) The verification/authorization should happen in a filter. Don't do this in the controller. 4. Send the project and steps to run. For example if it is a maven project then the steps might look like a) execute mvn install b) java -jar target/ c) curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8080/facts/dog' BU...

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    Requirements: We have already integrated Google Firebase Notification with PHP CURL and everything work great. What we want is to convert it to a Multi-CURL based PHP calls that is Async for a decent number of calls such as sending 1000 messages every few minutes. We would like someone to use some decent multi-CURL Package already available such as Github etc and write a sample code for us. The reason being the said packages are already addressing memory leak or CPU usage issues etc. Please only respond if you have worked on any multi-CURL packages before.

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    Need to Integrate PHP cURL based API in Wordpress. Total budget is 20 USD only. Website is already hosted.

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    Looking for a php json data pulling script that can access a json url via curl using browser simulation and display the data locally in a php array. To verify manual bid, mention the phrase local. Must be constructed using PHP.

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    Hey, can scrap website data. If site (where data is) have login (post data by form). And site have SSL.. it url start with "https://". is it possible? Can you do this script.

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    We need a PHP / curl script that will export products from into a csv format. CSV fields should correspond to fields in json output from the API. Sample script and API reference attached. Also key for sandbox test attached. Please only bid if you have read the description carefully and can do the job quickly and professionally. All automatic bids will be rejected.

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    I would like to create a script that prompt the user the type of product and the component of it, and as a result he provide the list of commands to use for the troubleshooting I do have already the list of products, components .../tmp/http_$(date +"%Y_%m_%d_%I_%M_%p").log & tcpdump -envvi <wan_interface> -s0 -w /tmp/capture_wan_$(date +"%Y_%m_%d_%I_%M_%p").pcap -b & tcpdump -envvi <local_interface> -s0 -w /tmp/capture_lan_$(date +"%Y_%m_%d_%I_%M_%p").pcap -b & tail -f /var/log/ > /tmp/packetfilter_$(date +"%Y_%m_%d_%I_%M_%p").log jobs kill %1 kill %2 kill %3 kill %4 kill %5 jobs curl --ftp-ssl ftp:// -u <username>:<password> -v -T {/tmp/capture*.pcapng,/tmp/httpd*.log...

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    ...the production of collagen improving wrinkles and sagging skin. Photon LED light therapy- Acne, sun damage, wounds, rejuvenates, heals, kills bateria, regenerates collagen. Reduces inflammation Peptides facials- Improved skin barrier., Reduces wrinkles, Increases Collagen,  plump skin, wrinkles elastic skin,eases inflammation, clears breakouts. Eyelash extensions- used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. ...

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    Good morning, I need to send sms with Filemaker via the software is already made, it has only to write the curl code to send the message via API.

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    I have a PHP script that downloads a somewhat large .XML file (52 MB) and processes it into a database. The script uses CURL to download the .XML file. When I use CURL from the command line to download the .XML file, it's fine, and only takes 5 seconds. But when I execute the script, it seems to get stuck on processing the .XML and the script never finishes executing. I'm looking for someone to help debug this script and figure out why it no longer works. It worked fine on a previous server.

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    Hi Mohammad Faruk M., for Smooth curl label

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    The crawler will need to have a date picker and minimum pictures. There will also be so calculations based on values on the website Minimum data so that it has a fast loading. Please let me know if you have experience in doing this. Thank you

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    ... Fase is the name of the RFID reader. Projectnummer is the information stored on the RFID tag. Rest API of test account Make sure to use variables, so I can change the API key from the test account to the actual account. once the project is awarded, I will send api information of the test account. EXAMPLE REQUEST curl -v -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "records": [ { "fields": { "Fase": "Fase 1", "Projectnummer": "2022326" } }, { "fields": { "Fase": "Fase 5", "Projectnummer": "2022326&qu...

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    ...just cUrl it blindly to the API that is 100% up. Context: I have a WordPress site that sends Gmail email via the Google API. I want to process the email responses on my server. That is, currently when my gmail account receives an email, it ends up in my Gmail inbox. I need those emails in my database on my server somehow. I am a developer, but I do NOT want to learn the Google API. Here is the documentation for PHP: I want a command line tool that fetches new emails from my gmail account. Preferably in PHP, but you can use any language that will run on my AWS Ubuntu server, or on my Kali linux desktop. The output of your tool should go to this API, in JSON, so you can just cUrl from

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    Hi I need someone to provide curl or guzzle code, to automate an application flow. It is few steps, and should not take more than few hours for an experienced developer. Regards

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    1 Php page Posting an 3rd part API Payload I have all details about the API just need the page/script posting the url and payload and probably some headers. Please only responsive Freelancers.

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    I have a website with PHP using cURL and parsing with DOMDocument. In summary, I want to add 1 functionality, fix 1 button that is not working and modify/remove a few elements (inside a ClassName). 1. When loading, there is a button that should open a filter popup and it's not working (maybe there's a curlopt_* missing). 2. I would like to modify all the hrefs of a button (with ClassName). 3. In the map that, if you click a button, it updates it. I would like that if you move on the map, it updates automatically (like pressing the button manually). 4. I would like too add 1 script that changes all the values with a ClassName -X percentage. So, if value is: "150.000 $" and I want to sum -1%, it shows "148.500 €" 5. There is a PopUp with Class...

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    ...side 3D printing business. It's called Glitterdick 3D Printing and I just want to apologise in advance for the colourful descriptors below. I'm after something that looks somewhat phallic but is still dynamic and packs a punch without being too overtly gay because I dont want to scare too many people away. I was thinking of having the G insinuate the head of a penis and the end K having a long curl that looks kind of scrotal (again, apologies for the colourful descriptors). I was also thinking of having a monster claw in there somewhere, possibly grabbing the logo, but thats not absolutely necessary. As for the colour scheme I was thinking Pinks Purples and Teal/Aqua and I was thinking a graffiti/street style or 80s Retrowave with a bit of a gaming twist, if possible....

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    We have a manual method we are currently using to check if yahoo email addresses exist or not. We go to and enter the email address to the input and click continue. Then look for the message to appear that says "Sorry, we don't recognize that email address" or not. Please try it yourself using a random @ email address. We would like to automate this aspect as we have too many to get through manually. You would be required to create a script that does the same thing. We would like to call the script such as @ Your script will then perform the required task and echo in plain-text TRUE if the "Sorry, we don't recognize that email address" message is returned from yahoo. Or FALSE if the message was not found in the response. ----- Please simply send ove...

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    ...script explained in the part `Discover DHCP` 4. Set Root password of router GET VARIABLES In the UCI calls we have some variables. Some are hardcoded. But a few we need to get with a simple post call like below, and store. If post call is not available we should retry a few times, and if still not available sent an other post call and only retry after restarting the modem. Post first time: ``` curl --location -g --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-raw '{ "mac":"Mac-of-router" }' ``` Output (with values variables for UCI): ```` { "COMPANY":"company-z", "WIFIPASS":"yyyccccc" } ``` Post if no is same call with body: ``` { "mac":...

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    i have a curl commands which works fine on my xampp server but when i hosted it on real hosting, such as bluehost or godaddy, the curl returns false it does not all the time, very few times it works well, but the most of the time, it does not work and returns false i need someone fix this issue asap

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    i will provide a mysql table for you to create a php curl post to fetch some records to endpoint

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    php script to send from a query table, 6 value fields, via post from php curl. needed.

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    - Manually create and configure a new Salesforce organization, setting up all needed options for the following steps. - _Very important_: Document or script those setup configuration options, so I can repeat them accurately on other Salesforce organizations - Verify that it is working right, but successfully making the `curl` calls documented in the following two links to show org info and add an account to the org

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    ...think that Codychat is one of the most powerfull php chat system that you can find online. System requirement Codychat have little requirement but those requirement are important to allow the chat to work properly. If your server do not meet requirement please update your server and try intallation after all requirement are meet. Php 5.6x to 7.2x ( 7.4 supported ) Ioncube loader Mysqli library Curl Gd library Php sessions Zip extension Mbstring extension Step 1 - prepare the database From your cpanel or other host management panel you need to create a new database that we will use in step 2 for installing the chat. Click the link bellow to see how to create database from not install boombox in a already existing database that is used by another script you must create a new o...

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    ...these features into usable, web-based features (HTML + PHP). Gift Card API links: Payments API link: I already have a lot of projects that use CURL to connect to and make API Calls and I do a lot of PHP projects based on this. So for example, I might make an AJAX call that posts to an endpoint that gets info from Square. So my goal is for you to figure out how some of these things work - then I'll use them to add features to various PHP projects. I also want to get a Checkout Example up (that's HTML and PHP friendly) of their Web Payments

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    Summary : Storage device Health check , Capacity and replication report Dashboard. Currently we are generating storage reports by running Curl restapi command and saving .json files of multiple storage devices. And running for loop and printing on HTML readable format using python. Our expectation. 1. Python Flask Need to collect Data form all storage and store in to Database. Storage provide data in restapi json format. 2. Python Flash Need to retrieve data from Database and push to AngularJS dashboard. 3. Finally Angular Dashboard will be showing reports. Skill need : Python Flash , DB - Mariadb, AngularJS.

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    Need a script that login to another 3rd party websit Php and curl

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    Hallo, I have a piece of code (written by my own, so incredibly ugly) where I'm webscraping data. In these ~ 300 lines are nested loops and the script takes ~ 3 min to finish the task. Inaceptable. Code is written in PHP only (using cURL). Q1: are you able to work? Q2: are you interested in such a small task? Q3: Do you have time? Best from Germany David

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    We have a Solana validator node and need a couple CURL commands processed. 1. generate an unique deposit address for customer purposes (generate address) 2. check for payments to these addresses (process) 3. redirect payments from these addresses to the validator's main address (withdraw) Only experts wanted who already connected with Solana Mainnet-beta nodes! Link for documentation:

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    foreach array in blade from curl api in controller and adding some pagination to that same page with the design elements included.

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    • Hands-on with Cloud SDK: Azure, AWS & GCP. • Authentication: OAuth, OpenID, or SAML. • Design: REST architectural style, Object-oriented programming, and design patterns. • Development: Python, Web Development, HTML, JavaScript frameworks, Rest Clients (Postman/curl), and Cryptography API or Ansible Playbook Development exp • Understanding of HTTP protocol (method/response codes), REST/RESTful web services. • Understanding of JSON or XML.

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    I need a black silouette of a snake-like dragon graphically drawn on top of file. it should curl around the windows (that are cut out) it should be black and clearly visible. it should take up most of the space. it should obviously a dragon / dragon-like snake on the outside of a wall. Not subtle. Solid black with no shading (i have only 3 colours for the screen printing) Look at my (bad) pencil drawing for examples of what I am looking for Take the attached AI file and add the dragon as a layer. I need it by end of day today

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    Trophy icon Curly Creations Ended

    I am a baker looking to have a logo created for my business. I would like a curl worked into the wording. A cupcake and baker's hat included as well. Maybe the hat sitting on top of the C in Curly. Use a pretzel rod for the "L". Or any sweets you can incorporate as a letter. Possibly have "Curly Creations" sitting on top of a cake as a topper. Thank you.

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    We have an RPC-enabled Solana validator node and need a couple CURL commands processed. 1. generate an unique deposit address for customer purposes 2. check for payments to these addresses 3. redirect payments from these addresses to the validator's main address Only experts wanted who already connected with Solana Mainnet-beta nodes!

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    **Summary** Replace a .net form with a web API that can receive and process CURL data. **Purpose** Process incoming CURL requests on Windows server to initiate changes in server installed program (Windows Unreal Media Player (WUMPS) *Knowledge of Windows Unreal Media Player Server is NOT required. *Knowledge of Live Broadcasts is NOT required. **Required criteria for success** Web API receives CURL input. Preserve the following functions (from original form): - Create new Live Broadcasts in Windows Unreal Media Player Server - Delete new Live Broadcasts in Windows Unreal Media Player Server Source code provided **Desired criteria** SSL security integrated Restricted to specific IP addresses Data sanitisation (*no data base interaction required for this...

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    I need somebody to write me a PHP cURL Script to authenticate on a specific website and display the content of a page, a sample account will be provided.

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    Trophy icon Original Font Ended

    I need an original font that is ocean-themed. I have attached a few files of fonts that I like, but aren't quite what I'm looking for. I love the tails on the capitals in the first image, the open capital O in the second, how the r drops below the next letter, the curl of the letter s, and how the W looks like it's wind-blown in the third. I also like the fonts that look like a paintbrush running out of paint, and I'm not against ocean-themed images being incorporated into the letters. The font set needs to include capitals, lowercase, numbers, and standard symbols and punctuation. Please show all of these in your image. The file needs to be a .ttf, .otf, .pfm, or .pbf so I can load it into Photoshop. Feel free to be creative and come up with something com...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    154 entries

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