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    I need someone who has a basic knowlege of database and Excel files interacting with database. I am working with rivers water inflow data and I need to input in my database (MySQL) some data from different sources. So, the job is to create interfaces which can help me to input data in my database as described below: 1. Observed water inflow (RDH)

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    iXbrl / xml data automation 1 day left

    To download ixbrl /xml data into microsoft excel and convert to normal excel file and map data to relevant fields to be be able to produce reports. You are to build a template, so I can update database myself weekly. Please see sample of file [login to view URL]

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    I have a database that is .dll that I need to convert to a Excel format in either .txt or .csv format. The file that is created from the .dll format needs to be compatible for MySQL database entry. The files that I have are too big so I can email them to whoever is willing to take on the project.

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    ...each scanned form Extracted data should be tabulated in the software and an option should be available for convert to excel file. Whenever/if some changing is made to the extracted/tabulated data a log file should be created separately that points to the changed data/columns/rows Process Data The data read/collected from

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    We are having Json File Specially from GSTN web site like GSTR2. we need a Code in VB6 to convert these kind of Json file into Excel and sql Database Table.

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    want to convert voter database to excel file for analysis the voterlist is available on election commissions site

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    Convert a Excel Data (aprox. 225,000 data points in 3 sheets) either in a flat file (csv with a hierarchical structure) or a database format (access, SQL) that can be used within Tableau Software.

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    Im looking for ...I need help with: *Connecting my members area and upsells to Clickbank *Upsell funnel (There are three upsells (thank you pages) *Password database for customers *Take a cryptocurrency excel file and convert it to .php and host in the members area I am looking for an individual, NOT a team or "we can fulfill needs" - Thank you! :)

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    Hi all, you want to convert a .bak (backup from a MS SQL database) to a Excel file. The file size is 1.6 GB I can email the file upon request. Thanks

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    Aim of the project is to convert raw data files to a special taxonmy so that the excel file can be used to update and extend a product database. There is no knowledge needed about the products in detail. Some information is already available in the provided raw data sheets, other information needs to be extracted from the manufacturer websites.

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    We have a website where we want to have a good database of questions related to different competitive exams like Banking (India), Railway (India), Aptitude Questions, Engineering Subjects questions, UPSCE, etc. We would also want you to upload them to our website. The question can be scrapped easily from any websites on to the internet and we will show

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    I have a massive database of about 2.5 million records in an excel file. Since excel does not support editing more than 1.1 million records at a time I have had to convert to multiple text files and edit that way (a nightmare). However, I feel like it would be easy to add data using a simple python script.. Script needs to: add all the data from

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    ...interface, employee login database mysql, database project convert excel mysql, sample project database mysql, project xml file mysql database, project based database type, add link view database mysql search, add information database mysql using csv, mysql net read data type numeric code database, vbnet project adding...

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    25 bids to match and reconcile Accounting Database and bank POS statements. We have a single accounting DB and many bank statements with different formats Once we download all the csv, xls or xlsx files to a folder, the add in will -scan the folder, -import the data from different file formats to a single file (create multiple sheets) -create an autoincrement

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    hi, i'm trying to add cities and regions of some counties in the middle east in a my website database from another file that has the same tables (country,regions,cities) but different colmns and format. you have to put the city# and then the city name in the fallowing format: (511903, 782777, 'Dasman - دسمان', 'dasman', 'KW', 1), (511904, 78277...

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    hi, i'm trying to add cities and regions of some counties in the middle east in a my website database from another file that has the same tables (country,regions,cities) but different colmns and format. you have to put the city# and then the city name in the fallowing format: (511903, 782777, 'Dasman - دسمان', 'dasman', 'KW', 1), (511904, 78277...

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    I need to convert a Forum application from Classic ASP (Access database) to ASP.NET (MSQL database). Rather than a Forum we could talk of a Q&A (Questions and Answers) application, in fact users (Windows Authentication required) based on the Authorization profile (defined in a database table) can post questions and other users have to answer these

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    This project should take about 5-10 minutes. I have a 9-page PDF file that I need converted into an Excel database. I am attaching the actual PDF input file and the Excel output file. I have already started the conversion through cut/paste. A person with database experience can probably parse this data in a very short time.

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    ...and have Excel interface tool that pulls data from this database for all our business activities. We have website in Lavarel that populates MySQL database but we are not connected to database. Website emails us all information in Excel format (as excel file). We copy this info to excel interface and upload client information to MS SQL ...

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    I have data in mdf format I want to extract them to excel sheet

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    Currently have a relatively simple web application that is written in Active Server Pages (with Frontpage) which uses Microsoft Access as the database engine. The project is to convert this application from Access to SQL. The application is for a non profit, charitable organization that collects and distributes Christmas Gifts to needy foster children

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    I need a sample that will convert an excel sheet long datetime to a datetime object using a 3rd party sdk to read the excel file. The CDATA ADO .NET provider reads an excel file like if it was a database. we have a sample Excel file that we will use for some data processing, when you open the file with EXCEL itself you...

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    ...and then save that form data to a Database and convert it to an Excel file which is also stored on the server. We need to add a new form to this system. We currently have the form in Excel format (attached) and need someone to build the HTML version of the form and a script that will save the form and convert it to Excel. We already have a few si...

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    PDF to excel Data Entry services is crucial for data management involving large formats and needs minimization or compression. PDF compression technique is most suitable for documents in file that required to be processed frequently with a concise version in locations with poor internet connectivity that hampers the process of uploading of data in large

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    FILE CONVERSION SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Basic system - requirements Standalone software or script required to convert a list of serial numbers within a text file into an Excel xlsx file. It will need to process multiple files at once (typical batch size can be around 1300 - 1800 files). There will be two types of files, 350 & 1500.  Where

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    65 bids excel,csv,etc -no duplicate contact -continue the last job Working of program will be it will be as follows 1) It will ask you to enter a URL In url have multiple user and page, one proses, and ignore user when already save (after finish,Report how many data save, and how many ignore) 2) start, save all data user in database a)phone

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    ...your home). I created the certificate in photoshop. Basically everytime I get a customer, I have to manually enter their information into my database.. Then manually put their name into the certificate (psd file), then manually email it to them or put it in a dropbox folder (if its over 12 trees) so I can send it to the printing company. As you see

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    Hi, I have a 15 GB excel sheets . many sheets in one folder . all sheets have the same format I need to have desktop script to convert all this files into 1 sql server database . The script MUST remove duplicates the main problem here is the size of data make the computer very slow then hang and get "out of memory" exception i tried

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    Hello. My friends a...We have developed a mock up version of our software in excel and need someone to convert it to a web application for us for a demo we are presenting. As of now, the back-end database will be simple, but will quickly grow if/when we get funding to continue the project. I can email the excel file to those seriously interested.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. do Macros and Create Automated Report Task 1 (33 Marks) 1- Convert the table on the left into a dynamic table (2 Mark) 2- Given this table, insert a cross-tabulated pivot table in a new worksheet, which shows: Gender, Hand, LeftTime and RightTime. You need to decide by yoursel in which Pivot field each of

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    ...was created many years ago in a Word-like program and I have lost the file. I have scanned all 50 pages and need someone to use advanced OCR software to be able to convert into an Excel database. I have included the first scanned page and the corresponding translation into Excel. I just don't have time to do all 50 pages. You'll need a smart OCR prog...

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    Convert to google drive We are a property management company. We currently offer our landlords acces to make a login account for the software we currently use to manager our properties. We love using the software for a management tool but find it's a little embarrassing have the landlord know exactly what software we use to manage the properties.

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    ...develop an Android English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary app. I will provide the data for the app. Data has more than 70,000 entries and it is in an excel file (Please view attached sample file). App will have a simple interface where user can search by typing in English or Typing in Chinese. There should also be voice playback of translated words

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    I need someone to convert one excel file into a MySQL database, its only one spreedshet and must be converted to 7 tables with foreign keys in total the spreedsheet has 4673 rows ans 67 columns.

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    I have an old gdb file which is operating on an old windows xp computer. I need the data converted into excel spreadsheet. Can you help me?

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    Build a few forms, quite a bit of c# programming required, one staff clock in clock out form, one convert excel file to csv and insert data into database along with bulk insert and updating table data

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    I would l...point check list that we currently use and I want this converted to a tablet application. 1) It must write data and save data to database 2) It will need to also convert the data to a printable file format, PDF or Excel doc. I would prefer to have the application built in ionic or some other form of hybrid mobile language. Thanks

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    ...we want to develop android app, that will read data from excel file, convert it into sqllite database and app user can search records from that database. Additionally, we need to send text SMS at a time to all users. Deadline is 24 hours. Apply only: If You can import excel file and convert it to SQLLite If you can send text sms fro...

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    Using SQL database, export product data (stock, UPC, weight, etc.) from our inventory software(Sage Business Works 2017) into an excel file. Convert excel into XML file and upload product data to our web store. This would need to be done daily and fully automated or at very least for most part. Our online store is hosted through Volusion. https://support

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    Hi, This small projects is merely to convert a .bak (backup from a MS SQL database) to a Excel file. The file is 3 MB and should nbe very simple. 1 table with 5-10 rows and not complex in any way. I can email the file upon request. Thanks - and happy bidding!

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    Hi, This small projects is merely to convert a .bak (backup from a MS SQL database) to a Excel file. The file is 3 MB and should nbe very simple. 1 table with 5-10 rows and not complex in any way. I can email the file upon request. Thanks - and happy bidding!

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    Looking for an experienced C# developer for develop a mvc application to convert a phone bill in PDF format to a structured database (mogodb or mysql). The file attached is the sample of a phone bill and excel file is sample of tables of database. This application will be a part part of a bigger project. The source code have to be clean and performatic

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    ...solution to convert a data file. There are two ways you can do this: 1. Through an excel vba script. This is the preffered way 2. A hosted web page with database to execute the script and then download new output file. Attached are two files: 1. [login to view URL] (final output file) 2. [login to view URL] (initial data file) If it

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    I need to convert an excel very simple calculation tool to make it work online. I already realized something by my own but works with html webpage and the excel file hosted on Microsoft OneDrive. See it here: [login to view URL] Now, I don't want to use any cloud service anymore, I want a php web page

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    I need to convert the attached spreadsheet into a simple MS Access 10 database. No executable file, just plain Access. Relationship should be 1toMany. My idea is a main panel where you can chose at least two options: Data entry, Reports. The Form for data entry will offer the ability to add 1 or more "subjects" for each "victim". The reports should

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    Hi, This small projects is merely to convert a .bak (backup from a MS SQL database) to a Excel file. The file is 3 MB and should nbe very simple. 1 table with 5-10 rows and not complex in any way. I can email the file upon request. Thanks - and happy bidding!

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    STUDENT PROJECT - MASTERS PROGRAMME - CONVERT EXCEL SURVEY TO ON-LINE FORMS, DATABASE AND REPORT GENERATION. I have a very long EXCEL questionnaire to collect data from corporate teams. It is also available as Google Forms. I want to build a simple version that can be used on-line and add some scripting to automate workflow. if the tasks cannot

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    I am looking for someone who can decrypt WhatsApp Store data. The data came from an android device . Our file format : whatsapp database file convert to Excel, Html Format

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