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  • artdesignfusion's Profile Picture
    Skilled 3D Rendering Expert
    144 Reviews

    Expert in all types of 3D rendering, 3D visualizations, interior design, architecture, graphic design, web design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D building and AutoCad rendering.

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  • MiniWorld's Profile Picture
    Reputed 3D Rendering Team
    170 Reviews

    Highly reputed team of architects and 3d artist with more than 5 years of experience in 3D rendering. Portfolio includes realistic 3d models, renders and 3D animations.

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  • kingjoon's Profile Picture
    Versatile 3D Rendering Team
    329 Reviews

    Versatile team with over 14 years experience in the field of architectural design and 3D realistic visualization. Services include 3D animation, 3D modeling and 3D rendering.

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  • Lloyd057's Profile Picture
    Skilled 3D Rendering Freelancer
    177 Reviews

    Highly skilled and creative freelancer with skills in3D rendering, concept design, industrial design, 3D modeling, building architecture, 3ds Max, AutoCad and home design.

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  • dreams3ds's Profile Picture
    Specialist In 3D Rendering
    318 Reviews

    Professional visual effects studio specializing in computer graphics, 3D rendering, high fidelity modelling, visualization and rendering in the field of architecture.

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  • volodymyrbystro's Profile Picture
    Leading 3D Rendering Professional
    70 Reviews

    Highly creative and talented professional with skills in concept design, 3D rendering, 3D modeling, industrial design, mechanical engineering, building architecture and 3D Max.

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Finding 3D Rendering Experts on Freelancer

3D rendering is the process of producing two-dimensional animations with three-dimensional attributes from a three-dimensional wire frame using a computer-rendering program. It is commonly used, but not limited, in the design of computer game animation and interior design.

If you are an architect or a computer game expert, for example, you will be well aware of the value of 3D rendering for the success of your product. Computer rendering allows you to display your realistic 3D images in a format that enables your potential clients to visualize the completed project. This will enhance your sales pitch for future contracts and will allow you to show your work rather than just discussing it.

There is no doubt that in an industry that requires 2D images with 3D attributes computer rendering is the best way to achieve the final product but if you are considering completing the work yourself using render online programs that are freely available it may be worth taking into account that there are 3D rendering experts available for hire through Freelancer.com.

A rendered image has some evident characteristics, which an expert will be familiar with. There are differing algorithms and procedures used to produce these images, some of which are used individually and some created using simultaneous techniques.

An example of some techniques used to create a rendered image are:

  • Shading
  • Texture-mapping
  • Shadows
  • Soft shadows
  • Reflection
  • Transparency
  • Translucency
  • Refraction
  • Caustics
  • Depth of field  
  • Motion blur

A variety of different computer rendering techniques can be used to achieve the final result. Someone with experience in 3D rendering will know the best way to achieve the final result that you have stated in your job specification rather than someone without rendering experience who will use trial and error to achieve the desired outcome.

A computer-rendering task can be completed very quickly in a few hours, or larger projects can take up to a few days or weeks to complete depending on their size and nature. By hiring an experienced 3D renderer from Freelancer.com, you eliminate any time taken with trial and error to discover which techniques work together and which work best independently, hiring an expert will save your company money as the job will be completed much sooner.

A computer renderer who is part of the community of thousands at Freelancer.com will get your job done faster and for minimum cost.  You can set your budget in advance, and they will be paid based on their output and successful completion of the project so you will not be faced with any hidden costs at the end of the project. If you have further projects, you can re-hire the computer renderer but if you only have one project to complete you will not be obligated to continue paying them unnecessarily.

A renderer on Freelancer.com will have their portfolio and experience available so you can make sure you're getting the best person for your 3D rendering project. View the wide range of freelancers available online today.