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The best analytics platforms to track your mobile app’s performance

Do you know how well your app is performing? With analytics software you can monitor how often your app crashes and even how users interact with it.
Jan 17, 2020 • 6 minute read
Updated on Jan 19, 2020 by Ruchi B.
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Monitor your mobile app’s performance with the right analytics platform

Your app is ready!
You’ve finally converted that game-changing idea into a real application. Your dream is completed, and you’ve uploaded it to the app store of your choice. 
Now the only thing left is for users to download and use the app.
You tell your friends and family about it, in the hopes that word-of-mouth catches on. What’s more, you even find people using your app.
But is this where you should stop?
Just building and deploying an app successfully is only half the battle. 
The real tough part begins when you have to track how your app is being used by the people who really matter: your target user set. Which parts of your app do they like? More importantly, which parts don’t they like? How do they interact with your app, and what do they use it for most? When do they use it most? 
These are only some of the multitude of questions that you need to answer with clarity if you want your app to improve. Without knowing how users actually behave while using your app, you can’t hope to better its performance and make sure that it remains relevant.
But how can you do that? You can’t really go about asking everyone personally now, can you?
But what if you actually can get detailed insights about your app usage patterns?
That’s exactly what mobile app analytics platforms offer you.

The importance of app analytics

One of the reasons behind the success of mobile apps is app analytics. App analytics provide developers and app owners with cognizable intelligence about how users are interacting with their apps. 
This naturally allows developers to improve and add upon existing features, making the apps more useful, simpler to use and more attractive.
Currently, there are over 5 million apps in the Android and iOS stores combined. And this number is only going to increase. With such massive numbers to choose from, users are lspoiled for choice. In this scenario, it becomes all the more important to carefully monitor, gather and analyze user data to understand their behavioral patterns and usage habits.
Mobile app analytics platforms offer all the necessary insights in an easy to understand and use format. Such insights help you to take the steps you need to follow in order to reach your app goals.
In this article, we are going to let you know about some of the best analytics platforms that you can utilize to track the success of your mobile app. These are platforms that make it easier for you to evolve your app and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing app ecosystem.


We’ve decided to start off our list with Crashlytics. This platform gives you extremely detailed crash reports; the reports are comprehensive and take into account multiple factors such as device specifications, sensor data, and even power levels and network connectivity. 
Crashlytics thoroughly inspects your crashes and delivers reports that incorporate all the important issues and trends. What’s more, the app is absolutely free and works for both Android and iOS.


Brought to you by Google, Firebase is a mobile analytics platform that allows you to grow your app reach across multiple channels. The platform is diverse enough to give complete reports on all forms of app behavior, ranging from user engagement analysis to crash reports. 
The app also offers features such as A/B testing, funnel visualization, and real-time analytics. The application works with both Android and iOS. With both free and premium plans, this is one of the best analytics apps for mobile applications.


UXCam is a mobile app analytics tool that focuses on the user experience side of things. Primarily created for UX designers, this platform enables app creators to easily identify user experience issues and provide an enhanced app performance. 
UXCam focuses on improving the key performance indicators of your mobile app. Some of the benefits that you see upon using this app are greater user attraction, increased retention rates, and better engagement, just to name a few. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


This is a custom tool that provides app makers insights on in-app events, omnichannel measurement and cost reporting. It even allows you to track your Return-on-Investment (ROI). The app offers support for multiple internal business intelligence systems. 
Appflyer is also available as a mobile app itself, so it’s perfect for mobile professionals who need to work on-the-go. Being an attribution platform as well, the platform provides deeper insights for specific marketing goals such as retargeting and deep linking.


Next up on our list is Localytics, and this diversified app can be your one-stop shop for all analytics requirements. Localytics gives you access to a bevy of interesting features ranging from traditional analytics to automated marketing insights. 
The user interface is clean and simple, and you can take your analytics game to greater levels using this platform.


Available for both Android and iOS, Mixpanel is an event-based analytics platform for mobile applications. The platform has a clean and easily navigable user interface that allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of your app users’ usage patterns.
 The software also makes it easy to create funnels and allows you to see a timeline of every action users take on your app right from the moment of installation. The free version allows you to tackle 25000 data points per month; if you need greater capacity you may opt for the premium version.


Adjust is an analytics tool for collecting app marketing data and presenting it in one unified interface. Using this app, you can follow temporal trends, analyze usage patterns and perform cohort analysis. 
Adjust enables users to track every in-app event that takes place while users interact with your app.
Further, you can also sync the data with your own business intelligence platforms. Analyzing cohorts also allows you to perform user segmentation based on multiple dimensions. It even has a fraud prevention suite that guards you against malicious activity.


If you are keen on leveraging the power of the cloud, then Keen is the best platform for you. Keen is an analytics platform that utilizes the advantages of the cloud to bring you fluid analytics capabilities. The platform allows developers to manipulate multiple in-app events using the same API. 
Using Keen, businesses acquire the capabilities for tracking complex attributions, send out alerts, take advantage of real-time analytics dashboards and much, much more. Keen gives developers the best-in-class flexibility along with customized infrastructure for development; it also provides users top-of-the-line usage experience.


This app-analytics platform allows you to track user acquisition, long-term-value as well as user engagement for your developed apps. Kochava also doubles as an attribution platform and allows you to capture all essential data points and create user cohorts. 
The platform is available on both Android and iOS and follows the freemium business model.  With excellent customer support and affordable subscription rates, this is one software you can’t really go wrong with.


Appsee sets itself apart from other analytics apps in that while others track quantitative metrics, this app allows you to perform a qualitative analysis of your mobile app. In fact, this app can be considered as the pioneer of qualitative analytics. 
Appsee incorporates a number of interesting and useful features, notable among them being User Recordings and Touch Heatmaps. While User Session Recordings provide you with detailed visualizations regarding users’ in-app experience, touch heatmaps provide information on how your users interact with the app interface. The app also gives you the option to create conversion funnels, record crashes, and many other features.


We live in a mobile age, and app usage is only going to increase with time. With users expecting greater fluidity from their mobile applications, developers have to be on top of their game if they plan to remain relevant in these rapidly advancing times.
The task of choosing the right analytics platform for your application can be a tough one; but once you zero in on that perfect analytics suite, then your app development process, post-release performance, and user experience stand to receive exponential gains from the wealth of data that you have on your fingertips.
Not only that, but analytics platforms also endow you with enhanced marketing capabilities, using which you can take your application development and distribution process to greater heights.
So, settle on the perfect analytics platform for your needs, gather the data, and get analyzing! 
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